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Fayette schools show decreased numbers of discipline issues

The Fayette County School System does not have the types of serious disruptions and crimes found in many public school settings across the state and nation.

That said, the Fayette County Board of Education on June 7 got a look at the top five offenses across the school system this year, all of which decreased from the previous year. Topping the list was tardiness at high schools, inappropriate behavior at middle schools and physical aggression at elementary schools.

School system Safety, Discipline and Athletics Director C.W. Campbell at the meeting provided the top five offenses at each of the settings for the 2010-2011 school year and compared them to the previous year.

A total of 8,696 offenses were tracked at high schools for the year that just ended. That count included 2,734 fewer incidents than in 2009-2010.

Topping the high school list were 2,914 incidents of students being tardy to school, followed by 848 relating to electronic communications devices, 556 dress code violations, 436 occasions of violating teacher detention and 353 occasions of not following instructions.

Campbell noted in the presentation that high schools were seeing a decline in the use of electronic devices, with “not as many disciplinary issues as we had four years ago.”

The system’s middle schools tallied 3,823 offenses during the past year, down 397 from the previous year.

The top five offenses in middle schools during 2010-2011 were 472 instances of inappropriate behavior, 299 disruptions, 221 cases of physical aggression, 221 instances of violating teacher detention and 199 occasions of not following instructions.

And at elementary schools there were 1,368 offenses noted. That compares to 1,757 last year.

Making the top five list were 307 instances of physical aggression, 247 occasions of inappropriate behavior, 98 where the student was disrespectful or rude, 97 occasions of disruptive behavior and 80 occasions where behavior was threatening or intimidating.



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to and from school each day which adds too much time to the child's day and exposes them to too many other unsupervised activities.

With the exception of the high school student's most of whom no longer ride the bus to school and are simply learning the responsibilities that come with dressing and driving themselves and coordinating their own schedules.

Wouldn't you agree hutch?


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This is just another ludicrous opinion of yours. Of course I expected nothing better from you.

I yam what I yam

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Don't treat me so bad.

I was just being nice and inviting you into the discussion.


Really enjoyed several of your earlier posts but now you sound like some of the others on here who can only beat a dead horse.

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trigger some entertaining discussions.

I will try to improve as time goes by.


Quite meaningless data--and what does it have to do with Hutch/ Just can't let it go,canyou.

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What would be interesting is how many and which of these offenses were repeats by the same students.

Then compare how long these offending students had to sit on the bus each morning as compared to no offending students along with any other potential contributing factors.

I was only trying to be nice and reach out to hutch666 for comment on my opinion.

I've asked him to show more respect but he chooses to continue the insults each time he comments.

So it's hard to resist baiting him afterwards.


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You asked my opinion, I gave it to you, you don't like it, don't ask. It's funny how you think anyone who gets in trouble at school rides the bus. Let's break down the High School offenses ...

"Topping the high school list were 2,914 incidents of students being tardy to school, followed by 848 relating to electronic communications devices, 556 dress code violations, 436 occasions of violating teacher detention and 353 occasions of not following instructions."

Over a third of the offenses were tardy's, hate to tell you this, if the bus is late, students aren't counted tardy, around 10% were phone or ipod offenses, I guess only bus riders own those. Why bother, your theory is stupid, and you're some kind of elitist orifice who will gladly mouth off from the security of a keyboard, but is too scared to say it face to face. Like I said before get back to me when you grow a pair.

I yam what I yam

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ride the bus, but have already been conditioned to their bad behavior by that age after having to ride the bus for so many years before.

The ones that do still ride the bus are the ones the younger children are picking up things from that they shouldn't yet know or be exposed to.

I discounted most of their offenses as just the typical irresponsibility of teens, but since you mentioned it, there could be some correlation.

If you were to follow the offenders all the way through from K-12 and compare that to how long each one had to ride on the bus each morning you might be surprised by the findings.

For all you know these offenses may be due harassment by the other kids on the bus for the offender's parents having taken jobs as a walking sign or something similar like a/c repairman instead of doctor.

It would be interesting to say the least.

As far as growing a pair, I never rode the bus, so I'm not sure what you mean. Probably something vulgar you learned from the high school students you rode the bus with as a younger child.

I do sense that you would like to kick my butt though.

My response to that would be that;

If you think kicking my butt will make you more of a man then jump on it, because if that's what you think it takes to be more of a man then I can probably take you quickly and easily.

I'm not hard to find.


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While I'm sure you don't know what a pair is, I've never said I would like to physically touch you. I did invite you to talk about my family to my face though, and you seem to have declined. But rest assured, the invitation still stands.

You've made your assumption about the kids on the bus, my advice to you is to prove it, until then it's just another piece of your BS.

I yam what I yam

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The only thing I could say about your family at this point is that I'm sure they must be every bit as refined as you are yourself.


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Seriously the bus system is probably the most practical and cost effective method of getting the children to and from school.

Aside from the facts about the rising cost of fuel burned that's paid for by those tax payers who receive no benefit from these buses that have no positive influence on the children's education at all.

I have very real concerns about the lack of adult supervision while mixing children of all ages on the buses and the extended hours it creates for some children's day.

Some of these concerns could actually contribute to the types and numbers of offenses mentioned relating to the younger students.

The high school offenses are just so typical of teens and rather trivial.

There is also a real issue about the manor that schools will refuse to discipline and in some cases supervise the children in any real and effective way, but would rather spend countless resources toward disciplining the parents.

And hutch, you are just so much fun, it's hard to resist poking at you.


They have fewer students every year and enough empty seats for 5,000 rear ends. You'd hope to have fewer problems under those conditions.

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