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Fayette BOE forum a one-man show for incumbent Todd

It was supposed to be a forum between challenger Charlie Cave and Fayette County School Board District 4 Post incumbent Bob Todd.

But instead, the event June 17 at Christ’s Church at Whitewater was a one-man show, with Todd making his case for re-election and fielding questions from the audience of about 60 people while Cave was home sick after eating lunch at a local restaurant.

“This election is the most significant since I’ve been here. If you are happy with the last eight or nine years, you need to vote for my opponent,” Todd said, in a reference to the election of Terri Smith and Janet Smola to school board in 2001 and Lee Wright in 2003.

“But if you want an open board that’s responsive and accountable, I hope you will vote for me.”

As is now a customary format for candidate forums sponsored by the Fayette County Tea Party and the Coweta-Fayette 912 Patriots, Todd was given several minutes to make his position known. What followed were questions from the audience.

Todd referenced the many accomplishments of the Fayette County School System, then went on to say that the issue behind the July 20 primary election would center on one thing.

“The quality (of the school system) is here. The support is here. It’s the money, and nothing else, that’s going to be the issue,” Todd said.

Todd noted the poor financial planning by the school board, where land was purchased though not needed and where it will take millions of dollars to operate schools that “We don’t need until our enrollment grows to the point where we can pay for it. More than that, we are forced into the position of maintaining quality at the same time we have to operate and pay for excess capacity.”

Specific to his platform, Todd said he had always believed in public education and quality teachers, adding that he knows maintaining that quality takes money.

That said, Todd turned his attention to the school system’s lack of maintaining an established reserve account. As opposed to a fund balance in the general fund, Todd has stated at a number of school board meetings that the school system should establish a reserve account that would require board action and approval prior to spending those funds.

“I’m here to tell you that I know the difference between a fund balance and a reserve account,” Todd added, apparently in reference to a number of discussions on that topic that have in school board meetings. “A fund balance is nothing in the world but carrying money in your checking account that you can spend as you choose.”

On another issue, Todd said the school system should be aware that future cuts from the state are likely coming. And when they do we have to be smart enough to know what to cut to avoid damaging teachers and students, he said.

Todd also said the school system does not have a sufficient handle on its inventory, adding that he would like to see the development and implementation of a plan that would let the school system manage all its assets.

Yet another issue, said Todd, was the need for the school system to develop a customer service attitude towards the community, one that acts responsively when a citizen requests information.

Questions from the audience included those such as increases in school system spending, under capacity schools, the need to post the entire budget online and the potential for re-instating the employees’ 4.5 percent pay cut.

Of that, Todd said he had no problem with giving the pay reduction back with the understanding that the school system amass sufficient money to prevent having to take it back again later if the economy does not turn around.

A former teacher and administrator, Todd served from 1995-1998 and returned to the board for the 2007-2010 term.

As for Cave’s absence, the candidate sent an email to event organizer Jim Richter at 4:24 p.m. on the day of the forum.

“This afternoon I attended a board of directors meeting for a local non-profit group that served us lunch at a local restaurant. Before leaving the restaurant I became very sick. I have just been able to return home and am heading to bed. Please be informed that I will NOT be able to attend this evening’s forum due to being extremely sick. I am happy to reschedule this event if you care to postpone it until a later date,” Cave said.

Regarding Cave’s email, Richter said he received the email near 4:30 p.m., less than three hours before the forum was scheduled to take place. Richter said he was sorry to hear that Cave had taken ill, adding that the forum, scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., could not be postponed at the last minute since the announcements had been made and the room was in process of being set up for the event.

Though Cave was not at the forum, some of those attending had questions they would have asked. Among those were questions about his relationship with either Smola or Smith, his thoughts on reorganizing the central office to make it more efficient, his position on budgeting and why he decided to run for the school board.

A video recording of the forum is available in the Board of Education section at



I do not mean to interrupt your tea party, but I feel as though there are certain truths about Mr. Bob Todd that have not been brought out into the open. Of course, this could be due to a certain individual whose devout reporting has so conveniently served as an election billboard for Mr. Todd. I am a retired office worker from the Fayette County Board of Education, and have had the opportunity to witness such "responsive" and "accountable" behavior from Mr. Todd throughout my years as an employee. It should come as no surprise that Mr. Bob Todd is a man trapped in the past. He is a man whose antiquated policies and everyday opinions are not in the best interest of our public schools. If he is elected this year, we all need to get down on our hands and knees ...and pray.

In case no one already knows, Bob Todd was demoted from the county office, to the Principal of the Alternative School, because he spent most of his time causing trouble, instead of actually doing his job. And because Bob Todd really enjoys his vacation time-- he never came back to work! That is, until Mr. John Decotis did both his job and Bob Todd’s job, and finished the work in one month, what Bob Todd hadn’t done in three years!

Other than being blatantly incompetent, Bob Todd is also a hypocrite who contradicts himself. He consistently accuses the School Board of spending too much money while inadequately supporting schools. However, he voted against redistributing Assistant Principals because he wanted those positions eliminated. He later voted to eliminate 157 staff positions in the schools, but allowed central office reductions through attrition (and not filing them as they became vacant). Also, he voted for FY 2008 and FY 2009 budgets, but accused the system of mismanaging resources. Numerous times, he has accused others of trying to use school system resources to benefit their friends. But, low and behold, Bob Todd tried to get the school system to buy land adjacent to an elementary school that belonged to one of his friends. This was because his friend was tired of managing of his rental properties.

Make no mistake. For too long Bob Todd has hidden behind a veil of lies and deception held up by his supporters and this very newspaper. The evidence is everywhere--but the truth is seldom told. If we vote for Bob Todd we vote for a man who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions, while he accuses others of avoiding accountability. We vote for hypocrite who bangs his fist on the table when he disagrees with people, and who refuses to listen to other board members. Ultimately, We vote for a power-hungry advocate of outdated principles regarding the way we run our public school system.

Nice try....I'm voting today...for Dr. Todd.

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The problem for you is, we have heard Dr Todd speak.

You are so intimidated by him, you will NEVER let your little lap dog sit next to Dr Todd and answer questions. The only way you'd be confortable with that is if you sat in the middle and interpreted Cave's answers for the audience!

We know special interest have a lot of money riding on who controls the BOE, just like we know special interest has a lot of money riding on who controls the county commissioners.

Cave's very large, expensive signs, just like Maxwells, that have to be delivered by large trucks, speaks volumes about who is supporting both.

You mentioned the BOE office, we have noticed there have been good people passed over for those jobs. Perhaps the real kennell is down there!

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I don't want to vote for anyone that has any ties to developer banks. Not saying Mr Cave would do anything, but I feel much more comfortable with someone who is there because he puts our children first~

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Why have you just now joined in on the conversations about the Board Of Education? The discord concerning the BOE has been on going for years. It seems to me that if you really had the welfare of our kids at heart, you would have jumped in way before now.

Dr. Bob is a good man who cares about our children and their education. Dr. Bob is a well educated man who knows our BOE like the back of his own hand. He truly wants to protect our school system and the BOE from slipping into the traps other systems and Boards have fallen into.

LadyShark, the facts don't lie. The people of this county have watched as our BOE skirted many many controversial decisions with a 3 to 2 vote. Those 3 to 2 votes have gotten this Board into a river of hot water. We are now supporting half empty and practically empty schools just because they were built along a developer's highway. It has been said that the BOE and our Board of Commissioners have absolutely nothing to do with each other. That, very clearly, is NOT true. River's Elementary School sits upon donated land surrounded by hundreds of acres of developer land. An extremely controversial road runs along side River's School and through the middle of almost 2000 acres of developer land. The BOE's chairman is married to a developer. The BOE's chair conveniently forgot about $12.5 million worth of property when she filed her financial disclosure statement. The absolute truth will come out some day, LadyShark. The question is, will we discover the truth before our school system and our children's educations are ruined? Will the truth come out before the good name of the Fayette County school system be forever besmirched beyond repair?

Dr. Bob is out there trying. We've all been to and heard about the deplorable bullying that has gone on at the BOE meetings. We've all seen and heard about the 3 to 2 votes. We all know that Mr. Cave sits in the back pockets of two BOE members. We all know you want to carry on the 3 to 2 votes.

I worked in the Fayette County School System for over 30 years, many of them while Dr. Todd was there. And let me tell you, the ONLY person he puts first is himself. He doesn't care about the students, the teachers,the administration,or the parents(unless you are voting for him). He's just a bitter old man because of he was passed over for promotions and wants to show everyone what he can do. Parents, Todd has been out of the classroom more years than some of your whole lives. Do you really think he's up to date on what's going on in today's classrooms, in the technology labs, in the outside influences in students' lives and more. Bob Todd may hold his doctorate, but he's still out of touch with today! And remember, he's criticizing our current board, but he's been a part of it. As a former teacher, I am looking for someone that is involved in the schools as a parent, not some old man on a mission. Parents, grandparents, and interested community members, be careful, very careful what you wish for. Vote for someone that cares about your children, your schools, and not about himself.

Someone who cares? You mean Charlie Cave, who couldn't be bothered to show up? Charlie Cave, who has never offered an opinion on BOE issues? Please! Charlie Cave didn't show because Smola and Smith wouldn't be there to hold his hand. They're not fooling anybody. They've lied and mismanaged and are now looking to hold onto power, using a puppet who hasn't got a clue. I bet Cave never planned on showing up at that meeting. He's like a kid trying to get out of a test he didn't study for.

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If there were any honesty involved, Cave, would debate Dr Todd and answer questions from the public.

He has already told several people what a great job he thinks Smith and Smola are doing. People are repeating this in amazement and laughing their butts off!

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Aren't you the person that didn't think there was anything wrong with WORKING for and BOE and being ON the Board of Education?

In the Post 5 race, candidate Kay Seabolt was also voted ineligible by the elections board based on the fact that she still works for the school board, Watts said. Seabolt said she works as a fill-in assistant principal at Peeples Elementary and as a substitute teacher. Your are funny!

"Don't you folks think you are being just a bit nit-picky. I mean Ms. Seabolt is only a substitute assistant principal now and that's only til the end of this month. Frankly, I look at it as one more way that makes her highly qualified for the Post 5 school board seat she is seeking. Wouldn't you rather have an official that knows the school system and what's happening in it right now! I certainly hope this lady appeals the ruling so we have an opportunity to elect her to the school board.

Loowanda's blog "

Ladyshark, Janet or whoever you actually are, you are not fooling the voters of Fayette County with your accusations and untruths. You are as full of it as a fresh meadow muffin.

We citizens are now going to take back our Board of Education and return the Fayette County School System to the openiness and high quality of education our children deserve. We have paid our taxes to insure the quality of life here in Fayette County. We will accept nothing less.

Dr Bob Todd is a good and honest thirty year Fayette educator who has done an admirable job on the Board of Education under trying circumstances. He deserves our vote.

The triumphant days of Smola and Smith and their heavy handed tactics are drawing to a close. We will eliminate their three party consortium on July 20 and will remove Smola and Smith in the 1012 Elections.

Have a nice day.

I understand that you are upset and utterly shocked that people like myself do not support Mr. Bob Todd--I know, it´s sacrilege! Ginga141, you have a point.. since you joined this conversation 2 years ago yourself? A true veteran of the

At any rate, it is truly laughable at this point to argue that he has our student´s best interest in mind.. in fact, if it was not for your support, he would have been gone a long time ago. He really owes you people one! So here are the facts:

When asked why Bob Todd was running for office he replied:

"Dramatic cuts in state funding for FY 2010-2011 require that board members have intimate knowledge of all aspects of system operations so that reductions are carefully made. My education and work experience will enable me to make and support reductions that do not negatively affect the classroom instruction. My priorities will be to protect students and their teachers from further reductions and to provide a higher quality instructional program in the Fayette County Schools."

----However, this is the root of his ineffectiveness as a board member. He is truly unable to differentiate his role as a board member from his role as an administrator. Bob Todd has always wanted to do the Superintendent’s job. Please do not forget, he was run out of his job as an administrator before 1995. His experience is obsolete. He was run out of office as a board member after one term! Remember that Greg Powers defeated him after one term in office by a landslide of over 70%.

When asked, "How do you plan to provide a quality education to your county’s students in the wake of severe budget cuts?" He replied:

"Public schools originally began with one teacher, a group of students, and a classroom. Everything added since (administration, student services, maintenance and operation, transportation etc) is ancillary. I will examine all these areas for reductions or elimination in order to protect students, teachers, and instruction."

---What is this, the 1800s? Does someone need to tell Mr. Todd we are living in the 21st century? Someone has been reading a little too many Laura Ingalls Wilder books.. All these services he calls “ancillary” are necessary when you have anything bigger than a one room- school house. Fayette County has over 22,000 students!! This isn´t Walnut Grove from Little House on the Prairie. Does he expect students to attend buildings that aren’t maintained? Does he expect an educated society without providing transportation to students? This is completely ridiculous. Children cannot learn, even in a one-room schoolhouse. But you must forgive him, that was back when he was in school....

When asked "Over the last few years, a number of traditional courses have been significantly reduced or eliminated (foreign language, music, art, recess, Physical education), as a result of budget cuts and increased state core curriculum requirements. What is your view on these changes? What, if anything, would you do differently?"

Todd replied:

"Elementary School- Art, Music, P.E, in some instances, may need reducing not eliminating. I would examine new models for delivering these services. High School-An examination of "The Occupational Outlook Handbook" clearly shows many jobs that do not require four years of math or science. I would return the general High School diploma with seals of endorsement to show the expertise of individual students, and allow the students, their parents, and school staff to determine the course of study."

---Are you serious?? Is this where education is heading?? He does not REALLY support art and music or even p.e. He would reduce or eliminate those programs, water down the math and science curriculum to better prepare students for vocational and technical careers than for college...! But it really does not matter because, Graduation requirements are set by the STATE, not the local school boards. His opposition is irrelevant. Georgia has increased its standards in all subjects. Dr. Todd is supporting a lowering of standards. He evidently does not understand or believe that students from this century will be expected to live and work in a global society! He is saying he wants graduation requirements to be decided locally? That is remarkable – We can go back to the time when a diploma did not mean you could read or write! As long as graduation rates are measured, school systems would have a greater incentive to pass out diplomas than ensure that the students were actually educated.

So no.... to answer your question, Mr. Bob Todd does not have our children´s best interests in mind--and it would be a tragedy on account of our children´s education if he is elected.

When asked why Charlie Cave was running for office he replied:

"Having served on various school system committees and advisory counsels and having faithfully attended school board meetings for several years, I decided it was time to have a decision making voice in the process. I also have a grandchild in the school system."

When asked, "How do you plan to provide a quality education to your county’s students in the wake of severe budget cuts?"

He replied:
"Fayette County Schools enjoy high levels of student achievement because of the many classroom programs offered that are not offered in other school systems. I intend to focus on maintaining those programs because I believe they directly contribute to our students' success. I will focus our expenditures on direct classroom support."

When asked "Over the last few years, a number of traditional courses have been significantly reduced or eliminated (foreign language, music, art, recess, Physical education), as a result of budget cuts and increased state core curriculum requirements. What is your view on these changes? What, if anything, would you do differently?"

Cave replied:
"I believe removal of these programs negatively impacts student achievement and that those systems who have removed them are beginning to see evidence of that. I do not support elimination of these special programs."

QUESTIONS FOR MR. CAVE (originally posted 3 days ago):
1. What specific school system committees were you on? Who were the other members of said committee? When did you all meet? What issues did you resolve?

2. What specific programs, that we offer, are NOT offered in other counties? I will assume that you will compare Fayette county with other counties that are similar in demographics, age and socioeconomic standings.

3. Which systems have eliminated foreign language, music, art, recess and PE? What is the evidence, you refer to, that shows the removal of said programs has created a negative impact?

4. How can your experience of working at a bank that is in federal receivership benefit the students of Fayette County?

5. If/when the state cuts more money from the local school systems, what is your plan?

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You put it in writing that Todd does not want our children to read or write, have him sign it and I will not vote for him. I will be interviewing him and go over with him your hysterical accusations. If unfounded then I'll let you respond. See the trailers of the two films exposing the Teachers Unions and the BOE of their real AGENDA. -Watch "Waiting For Superman: An Inconvenient Truth"
and the new documentary revealing the school corruption in : Cartel

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I just read the last of your tirade...there is no truth to it.

Your canidate will not debate Dr Todd, because he can't answer hard questions like, what color is the sky, how many fingers do you have on each hand, how many can you use at one time, given help...

Now speaking of sad truth and bad jokes... after high school...what college did old Charlie get his degree from?

Oh he didn't get a degree?
I'm sure those parents in the multi million dollar neighborhoods you sent those emails to this week, giving them the inside scoop feel so enlightened!

You have made fools of them all! Something they are not use to, nor will take lightly! Got any running shoes?

suggarfoot's picture


The cat is out of the bag! This is the only way...YOU... could speak for your lap dog!

You knew Charlie Cave couldn't debate Dr Todd or answer questions!

The most fundamental question like "What is your college degree in" would knock him out of the water! He graduated from High School! End of story!

Now we know how you expected to win and never let your lap dog speak… smear tactics…what a surprise coming from you!

You state Dr Todd was ineffective. 3 TO 2! When there is a block vote how do you go around that?

What really got you was Dr Todd stated in the paper that he hadn’t planned to run for re election because of the block vote,

BUT, found Lee Wright was pulling out


Hope to make a difference, hope to do something for the kids.

What a joke you are!

Unless Charlie Cave had open heart surgery the other nite there is no excuse that an illness kept him away.I guess every time a headache came up he would stay away from the BOE meetings.

Vote for candidate Kay Seabolt. Write her name in
She is the best for Fayette County Schools.
Watts pushed her out last school board election.

Suggarfoot, Bob Todd, whoever you really are... I'm sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately I am not the Nom de Plume for Janet Smola. --I know, you thought you caught her red handed.. but I am certain she would not waste her time arguing with someone like youself. I know I just joined this network, but just how many times a day do you check these message boards? You are everywhere! Is there an iphone application for Bob Todd & The Citizen?

It has come to my attention that supporters are in denial about the fact that their precious candidate is in fact, a bully, and.... if I do say so myself, a bit senile. He is not competent for the responsibility this job entails, and furthermore, his policies and opinions about our school system predates the Roman Empire. Suggarfoot, have you ever gotten into an argument with Bob Todd? Do you know anyone personally that has? Well, be prepared for him to refer to you as, "Missy," or tell you to not "let your girdle get into a bunch." I think my great grandmother was the last woman in my blood line to wear a girdle.....

At any rate, the amount of libel and slander that has been running wild over the internet about Terri Smith and Janet Smola really does get my metaphorical girdle into a bunch. You people think you know the truth, but the truth is, you have never stepped foot into the BOE, and actually gotten to personally know the real people behind the campaigns. But this is the Fayette Citizen ad-selling agency, I mean..."newspaper",and any gossip is up for grabs, no matter how many lies are sprinkled into it. It is no coincidence that these fabricated stories conveniently align with the opinions of the already biased reporters and readers...

If you vote for Bob Todd, you might as well be voting for Ripvanwinkle.

And would you quit accusing Mr. Cave for skipping out on the meeting? He had food poisoning!

suggarfoot's picture

There is nothing senile about him.

Is Charlie Cave's 70th birthday this month?

Maybe you are confusing Dr Todd's graciousness at board meetings of overlooking unpleasantness and going forward. He, is about the children you see and never loses sight of what he is there for.

I do recall someone being called "Missy" on the pod cast, but what would you like to be referred to as? Maybe it was an endearment.

When Cave stood everyone up at the last minute the other night, Dr Todd stated he would never discuss his opponent in his absence. The gentleman as always, he took the high road and talked about the schools. He is fascinating to listen to. Did you know he was one of the first student counselors in Georgia.

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You're quite the name caller: Bully,senile, on and on, blah blah. What's your point? Is the BOE about to be exposed for the treasure robbers they are and are top heavy with money for administration, empty built schools and tied to developers. Todd is trying to point you pinheads in the right direction and you just call him names. Cave was a no show and he'll be a no show at the voting booth if eats from the school buffet of bull and grits.

Charlie Cave pulled the oldest trick in the book and faked illness as an excuse to cancel 2.5 hours before an event that had been in the works for weeks. An event that many people worked on, and he expected them to reschedule? With less than three hours notice? Please. I don't believe he had food poisoning. Just like I don't believe Terri Smith didn't know about the $12 mill and that she was secretary of her husband's business. She had to sign a notorized document for that. Did she somehow not know what she was signing? She's either criminally stupid or just a criminal. Either way, she's got no business handling my tax dollars. Charlie Cave is stupid if he thinks people will believe him when he rudely cancels at the last minute because he has an upset tummy.

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I just spent the last two hours with Dr. Bob Todd, and I can say, without any reservations, the man isn't senile and he isn't a bully. He is grace personified. He has a great deal of courage to stand up to the abuse he has taken from other BOE members. The courage he has displayed over the years proves to me that he has our county, the school system and our children as his number one priority. He certainly would not take that kind of verbal abuse if he didn't have the welfare of our children and their education as his highest priority.

People who stoop to calling folks names do nothing but display where they are lacking as a person. Adults are supposed to set the example for our children to follow. What kind of example is it setting for our young people to display a complete lack of respect for another human being? Is it any wonder so many children are confronted with bullies in the schools when adults are stooping to childish way and calling other adults hurtful names.

Children have taken their own lives because of other children calling them names and making fun of them. Ladyshark, I think you should seriously consider seeking help in the form of anger management or psychological counseling. Think about what kind of example you are setting for young people.

If I was supporting Bob Todd and spent my time "name calling" Mr. Cave, all of you people would be the first to stand up, give me a high five, and sing my praises. But because I oppose him, I am "progressive?"--Talk about name calling! I was at the meeting, Suggarfoot.. and trust me, I was not too impressed.

Ginga.. I do not care if you and Bob Todd have lunch together, or if you go grocery shopping together, or if he attended your child´s baptism.. it does not change my mind that he is an unethical board member who has no business in this position of power. Just an example of his lack of leadership, he consistently abstains from votes in an effort to not be held accountable for his positions. At his first meeting, he abstained from voting for the vice-chair, and then abstained from the vote to put a SPLOST referendum on the November 2008 ballot. He claimed he did not support a SPLOST, but did not want to stand in the way of the voters getting to decide.. If you are such a pod cast follower, than you should know he can barely keep up with the meetings.. He frequently asks questions after they have already been answered, while also frequently being unprepared. It is plain as day he rarely reads his support materials.

suggarfoot's picture

you are stooping so low, I don't care to follow. You are sad.

You can't let your buddy debate Dr Todd, because he doesn't have the intelligence, nor the background. You have planned on getting him elected then telling him how to vote.

Your problem now is to keep him from opening his mouth before the elections.

You've put a donkey in a race against a thoroughbred and even you know it. That is why you won't let him debate Dr Todd. If he is embarrassed, it is your fault for putting him in over his head.

Thank you, Ladyshark, for not being afraid to speak about the real work that Bob Todd does over at the BOE. It is quite refreshing to finally hear a different voice on these message boards. I have been stomaching sugarfoot´s comments for quite sometime until I wanted to get in on the conversation as well. Although I may not agree with your comment about him being senile, the other things said are accurate from what I have heard.

When you say "from what I have heard", you're telling us you have no personal knowledge of his actual performance but have made your decision based on hearsay--not too convincing.

NUK_1's picture enemy of my enemy is my friend and anyone that Janet Smola and Smith are behind is not going to cut it with me. They have been terrible and while Todd has many shortcomings himself, no way am I getting on the Cave-train, especially after his no-show the other night when he had a great chance to show he's more than just a stooge for a couple of terrible board members who have run the BOE into the dirt, while also driving up everyone's taxes at the same time. LOSE.

Mr. Cave having food poisoning was probably a very frustrating occurance for himself as an opponent. If he had been in good health, there is no doubt that he would have been there to answer questions about the issues of Fayette County schools. It is a fact he had food poisoning; he was not purposefully a no-show, so please, get your facts straight. I'm sure you would have rather had him vomiting next to Bob Todd.

NUK_1's picture

He was long-scheduled and canceled 3 hours before the event...those are the only "facts" that are known at this point to the general population. UNless you want to produce a medical report about Mr. Cave having food poisoning, maybe you ought to learn about what "facts" are and what "heresay" and "opinions" are.

suggarfoot's picture

The deal is, you don't know it Dr Todd felt sick, or had sickness in his family. The deal is, he showed. He is dependable and honest and loves our kids.

DBarlow's picture

My wife and I recently moved to Fayetteville from MS. As a Certified Legal Video Specialist I always volunteer to videotape local events. Video displayed to a Jury needs no explanation. "The video speaks for itself", is the comment made by the Judge prior to the showing of the video evidence.

I videotaped Dr. Bob Todd at the recent one man forum and posted the video on our website for all to see. You may also view the County Commission forum if you wish.

My wife and I totally agree with Ginga1414's comments: "I just spent the last two hours with Dr. Bob Todd, and I can say, without any reservations, the man isn't senile and he isn't a bully. He is grace personified. He has a great deal of courage to stand up to the abuse he has taken from other BOE members. The courage he has displayed over the years proves to me that he has our county, the school system and our children as his number one priority. He certainly would not take that kind of verbal abuse if he didn't have the welfare of our children and their education as his highest priority."

Proud Citizen of Fayette County, Tyrone, Georgia. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..John 3:16

It's a sad day when Dr. Todd's opposition has stooped so low that all it can do is submit baseless attacks against him. It appears that Mr. Cave got "roped in" to running against him in an effort by Smola and Smith to maintain their 3-2 controlling vote. It would be more supportive of the process if they would list Mr. Cave's education, experience, and accomplishments in the educational field, and then show how they believe he is better quailfied for the BOE position than Dr. Todd is. Come on, us how we will be better off with Charlie Cave.

I will be the first to refute the fact that revealing truths about Bob Todd's true behavior as a BOE official is "stooping low." And I would hardly call the facts "baseless." For the record, while Bob Todd has his Ph-D in administration, remember there are also Gubernatorial candidates running who do not have a college degree. Anyway, financial courses obtained through one’s career are usually more relevant, especially when they are more recent than when Todd obtained his degree about 30 years ago...

Why is Charlie Cave qualified for this position?... Because Charlie Cave is an avid community supporter. Our paths have crossed many times over these past years. I first met Charlie when I was at a Kiwanis Club meeting. My first impression of him was that he was one of the clubs most involved members. Charlie went on to become the Kiwanian of the year that year and I have to say, I was not surprised. Charlie is the epitome of volunteerism serving on the United Way Board of Directors, The Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador (attaining their highest honor this past year), The Fayette Senior Services as an Advocate for the Elderly and dedicates countless hours to making our community a better place to live. Charlie’s activities with these organizations is as a work horse. He is not a figurehead representative--but a tireless worker.

Charlie has also provided much needed man hours to our school system having been instrumental in assisting getting the E-SPLOST passed as a member of that committee, who knows where our school system would be if that had not been successful! I’m eternally grateful to citizens like Charlie, who become part of the solution. Charlie also dedicates time to being a member of The Fayetteville Intermediate School Advisory Council, so he is keenly aware of what schools need to be successful and works towards providing those tools. He also serves on the External Construction Committee.. so he is well versed in our facility issues.

Overall.. Mr. Cave has proven to be a well rounded candidate with a business background and a fresh and positive attitude. He is a proven consensus builder and works well with others, unlike Bob Todd who is notorious for his many fits in board meetings. I have to say, everyone loves seeing Charlie approach them, because you can be sure he’s going to make you feel like he is glad to see you.

[quote]He is a proven consensus builder and works well with others, unlike Bob Todd who is notorious for his many fits in board meetings.[quote]

I guess it's Dr. Todd behaving badly in this board meeting, caught on film.
Oh wait, that's Janet Smola!

Was it Dr. Todd who called teachers who might not want what turned out to be an unnecessary pay cut jerks? During a board meeting no less? No? I think it starts with Sm... Hmmm.

There are two rotten apples on the BOE, and they are Terri Smith and Janet Smola. Google Janet Smola and that youtube video comes up on the first page. She thinks she can smear Bob Todd and no one will notice that she and Terri Smith are the ones with a history of bullying and unethical behavior. She doesn't seem to realize that it has been caught on tape and can be easily accessed on the internet. They can lie and attack all they like but the tapes don't lie! Good try!

suggarfoot's picture

Ok, you have your gopher you've always waited for....he did the leg work to get your E-SPOST that you have been after for more than 10 years. That only proves what all have been saying..he is your lap dog..

It is nice to reward your dog. But, do it with your own bone and not our children's future.

Lets look at ..REAL qualifications. The things that would advance our kids..remember them? (The helpless little things with the big eyes that depend on us to make the right decisons for them?)

That is what the rest of us care about, not your power trip. No doubt it has been exciting for you to rub shoulders with people out of your league, you don't want to give that up. But.. this is about the children!

Charlies qualifications.




so far, I get why he is your pick all the way.


One of the 1st student councilors in the state

State President of Administrators for Exceptional Children

State President and Director of Curriculum and Instruction

State Vice President of Georgia School Counselors


Distinguished service for exceptional children

Distinguished service for curriculum and instruction

go to the pod cast of the event you guys no showed

he list his college degrees, his masters, his double masters


While your little butterfly was flitting around, Dr Todd was working toward a goal. The betterment of children. His life record speaks of that!

and yours?

... speaks of what YOU have always wanted, someone uneducated, who will not talk back to you, or question you, and realises his only contribution is knowing his place! as in step and fetch! No doubt you will be devastated if you loose this one. He is perfect for you!

ginga1414's picture

It is clear to me that Dr. Bob lives by his convictions. He votes by his convictions and that is exactly what we all should do.

The man is a gift to this county. If all voters would watch the video of the Tea Party's Board of Education Candidate Forum at, they could see and hear for themselves exactly what Dr. Bob Todd is all about. The Tea Party has done this community a great service. They have hosted two Candidate Forums and they made both meetings available to the public. When you have reached the "tbfaco" website just click on the "BRD of EDU" button in the top right corner and scroll down to the videos.

So, folks, it isn't necessary for Ladyshark to continue to bad mouth Dr. Bob Todd. We can all see for ourselves that the man is sharp a a tack. You will see him speak intelligently on the budget, a technilogical management process for the school system and you will hear him answer question after question with knowledge, compassion and respect.

Ladyshark, you are way out of line when it comes to Dr. Bob. There might be snow on the roof but there is a raging fire in the furnace. Dr. Bob is far better qualified to run our school system than anyone I can think of. And, that is the reason other Board members have resorted to calling him names and belittling him. They are so determined to keep control of the power they wield that they feel threatened by someone who is more knowledgeable. Some school board members are in way over their heads. The purchase of excess property and the building of too many empty and half empty schools just proves that some of our school board members are in way over their heads. The problem is that even though those school board members are personally drowning, they are also pulling our school system and our children's future down with them. Our school system will literally drown under the leadership of some of our present school board members. Dr. Bob Todd has shown great courage in the face of much adversity, and the remarkable thing about it is that he keeps getting nocked down but he keeps getting back up to fight another day for our kids. I HAVE ALREADY VOTED FOR DR. BOB TODD!

grassroots's picture

Not to worry Ginga. She only gets one vote. What a country!

grassroots's picture

Cave a no show . Todd still standing. Brand new: voting poll between Todd and Cave. Let's get 100 votes in by 19th of July and we'll be accurate polling. Go and vote now for BOE or County Commissioner. Lady Shark, you only get one vote. OUCH!
Steve Smith leading by 61%
Maxwell farther behind.

What a country indeed! Thank goodness for the 1st amendment and our right to a vote. If it was not for that, this country would still be run by Republicans. You think you are so clever with your attacks on my lawful rights to exercise my freedom, when you all are doing the exact same thing? Suggarfoot, have you ever stopped to think about the comments you make? I am positive you have your own suggarfoot stuck so far up Bob Todd´s gluteus maximus, that you have completely lost sight of everything. I would recommend taking a deep breath, and walking a few laps around your house, because you are entirely too abrasive. And I would like to thank you kindly on behalf of all those who have been made fun of by you and your middle school attempt at clever puns. But you know, ´bottomfeeder´is actually quite suitable for me, because the bottomfeeder happens to be one of the most important group of animals in our food chain. And therefore, my lap dog would have nothing to eat! You have taken far too many sips from Bob Todd´s spiked kool-aid, which is why you run around squabbling complete falsehoods on account of your own personal vendettas. I´m beginning to feel as though you do not have interests in our children, as much as your own selfish interest to prove yourself to be right all the time. I have been around a while, and I have come across people like you my whole life. You do not listen to anyone but yourself, unless they are people who blindly agree with you. Would you please take the time to listen to other´s comments instead of deafening yourself with your own self righteous crusade?

Moving on... Yes, I am aware Charlie Cave was a no-show, and I know you all love that ammunition so much, and I´m going to be really sad for you when he gets better. As a human being, I actually have empathy for him. Mainly because I know this to be fact, not opinion, not hearsay that he is ill!--I can actually differentiate the two. Why would a man running for public office not show up unless something is terribly wrong? But I see that it is safer and easier for your arguments to claim it is a conspiracy. Imagine his family and friends and the concern they have for his health--have some understanding.

An article written to The Citizen, that was saturated with inaccuracy, which I feel deserves some sort of rebuttal was written by a person I will leave anonymous. There are certain claims that seemed off.

"For those of you who don’t keep up with the newspapers, you need to know that the BOE incumbent running for re-election, Bob Todd, has been on the right side of the issues. Dr. Todd has challenged Terri Smith’s positions but lost in a series of 3-2 votes."
---My question is, where are they getting all these 3-2 votes?? And please, clue me in on the entire series of them. I would like to point out that Bob Todd voted to support much of what he is criticizing now..

"Chairman Terri Smith has yelled at people who speak at meetings. Some of those exchanges are on"
--Well let´s see a specific video where she is yelling. Youtube is a pretty vast community, I typed into youtube, "Terri Smith Yelling," "Terri Smith Being Crazy," "I Hate Terri Smith," and found absolutely nothing, it´s strange...

"The BOE terminated some of the teachers and para-pros working with our children and cut the pay of the remaining teachers, but top administrators and the superintendent all got nice pay raises."
--This claim is also absolutely false. The truth is that teacher allotments were reduced because of the decline in enrollment. The school system kept all the para pros who work with children. The central office administrators including the Superintendent all took the same 4.5% pay cut and furlough days as the rest of the employees. Additionally, 88% of the administrators took FIVE voluntary furlough days during the previous year.

The excellence of our children´s education means the world to me. If it did not, I would vote for Bob Todd´s primitive ways of running our children´s school system. He is not up-to-date because he is living in the past. His lack of faith in the abilities of our students is apparent when he wishes to provide more opportunities for them to pursue a vocational career, water down the math and science curriculum, and reduce our art, music, and physical education programs. Creative programs are the basis of societies innovative thinkers--if we want our students to reach for the stars, why must we hold them back from their potential? This is all very problematic--a step backwards! It is essential that students receive a well-rounded education to prepare them for jobs within a globalized society. Our children´s future depends on leadership that promotes greatness--not mediocrity. As a parent, and retired employee in the school system, I happen to have certain insight about our BOE officials. The board members such as Terri Smith and Janet Smola walk into work everyday with the optimism and fresh knowledge it takes to not be outsmarted.. Terri Smith is smart as a whip--a board member whose zealous enthusiasm and diplomatic leadership is unprecedented, and often gets misinterpreted as combative. This is usually by people who are threatened by a contemporary, eager woman with ambitious opinions. That is really the bottom line.

I think, ladyshark, that the real bottom line is that a position on the BOE is supposed to be one of honor; it is a very important position that impacts the kids, our county, and the value of our homes which, for most of us, is our second biggest investment (our kids being our first). A BOE member should not make/receive personal gains by holding this position. One should not put oneself in a position where it even looks like one is making some type of personal gain. That is, unfortunately, how it looks for some of our current board members. It very much looks like they made decisions based on how it would benefit themselves and not the public at large. Personally, I can't seem to get past how it "looks." I see our county falling apart. The value of our homes is declining. It makes me angry. You may be 100% correct when you imply that not one of our current, or past, board members has ever made a dime from being on the BOE, but it sure doesn't look that way. It doesn't look that way at all.

suggarfoot's picture

we do agree on one thing... board members Terri Smith and Janet Smola wake up everyday and feel they won't be outsmarted..!

OK, Lady us what Charlie Cave has in the way of credentials for this important job. After his speech at the PTC Rotary Club last night, I wasn't impressed. I can now understand why he doesn't want to face Dr. Todd on the issues.

ginga1414's picture

As I write this, I know that I am running the risk of much criticism but here goes anyway. Just think about where we all would be without the vocational expertise of plumbers, electricians, appliance repair folks, etc. Personally, whenever my washing machine is spewing out soapy water all over my laundry room floor, I am extremely thankful someone decided to become an appliance repair man. When my water pipes have burst in the dead of winter, I am very thankful someone has decided to become a plumber. When lightning struck my house and all the wiring in my house was fouled up, I was extremely thankful for electricians and the air conditioning people who came out and saw to it that it was no longer 95 degrees in my house. At this very moment, my husband is in the basement fussing his head off about the fact that all the plumbers we have called are busy and the soonest anyone can get here is tomorrow. It seems that our water pump has gone awry and everything in the basement is sitting in two inches of water. My husband is not a plumber and at this very moment, we desperately need a plumber?

We have been in similar circumstances before and I can assure you that before this day is over, my husband will have spent more and endured more than if we had been able to get a plumber here today.

So, it seems to me that Dr. Bob is right on the money, if he sees fit to provide vocational opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing a career in those fields. Right this minute, I would be extremely grateful if just one other young person had decided to become a plumber or electrician or appliance repair person so they could come out here and fix our water pump in the basement. My husband has many talents but right this minute, we need an expert in water pumps.

Dr. Bob absolutely does not "lack faith in the abilities of our students." He is a wise man. He knows that some of our students need and want to pursue careers in fields that will keep our households running smoothly. He knows that some students will drop out of school because they are not provided with instruction in the vocational fields. It is a fact of life that we all need the skills of our vocational experts. It is a fact of life that some folks aren't happy sitting behind a desk or standing before a classroom. It is a fact of life that some folks are happy fixing water pumps and my husband isn't happy TRYING to fix a water pump.

It is quite apparent that Dr. Bob wants to make sure that no student is left out when it comes to an education. ME TOO! be writing blogs about the upcoming election of a new BOE board member. I've really tried to trudge through each of her posts, but it's about as simple,enlightening, and interesting as reading through something Terri Smith might say. She also writes as someone who might have been in direct conflict with Bob Todd in the past. I don't know much about Dr. Todd and even less about Charlie Cave, but I will most assuredly vote AGAINST anyone who is a yes-man for Smith and Smola.

suggarfoot's picture

I have only one regret, with all his credentials, I wish Dr Todd, would have been the next superintendent of Education.

Terri Smith and Janet Smola are terrified of losing power over the BOE and have no problem bullying and threatening people, like Bob Todd, who stand in between them and complete control over the BOE. I ask voters to consider this: if you're happy with the way the BOE has handled your money and the livelihoods of your children's teachers, vote Charlie Cave. Smola and Smith have been behind every decision made by this board and they love Charlie Cave because they know he will never go against them.

Face it ladies, people are on to you and it doesn't matter how many online personas you use to try to bully us into silence. We're not going away and we'll be here to refute your lies when you run for reelection. You think if you lie loud enough and long enough, people will start to believe you. Guess again.

Smith and Smola started this smear campaign when they realized that Dr. Todd was not going to roll over and go away. They pretended to consider filing an ethics complaint against Dr. Todd in order to silence him and his supporters. I don't think they're dumb enough to actually file a complaint because they have to know it would have been immediately thrown out. Terri Smith should be more concerned with her own unethical, dishonest nonsense. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't start investigating her for her $12.2 mill "oops." I hope they look into whether or not her business is profiting from the construction of half-empty schools. She might be looking at more than an ethics violation.

me.and_the_sea's picture

I respect Dr Todd. I'm so grateful he ran again. He is something money can't buy.

It seems to me that Todd came right out and said it at the Rotary forum the other night... he believes there are too many schools and he’s going to fix that. How would you fix that? By closing down facilities and redistricting. Now Smith and Smola have been strong opponents to further redistricting, that you can see by that notorious youtube you keep flashing up here. In fact, what I heard Smola doing there was convincing her fellow board members that moving fewer kids around was better. Get ready, because if Todd has his way you’ll see older smaller schools close and kids consolidated into larger facilities that ultimately will end up overcrowded. Parents will just love that! And you can kiss the small neighborhood schools goodbye for good.

Ask yourself this question, if Todd disapproved of land acquisition he now claims is unnecessary, why did he vote to approve it?...and why did he vote to approve all of the contracts to build Rivers Elementary. Check his record, it’s right there for the asking. You will also find that he also blocked the sale of surplus property. But Todd would say and I am quoting “I was given bad information by the other board members”. Why wasn’t he doing his own homework like they were. Here’s Todd’s rationale... Fewer Schools = Redistricting. Although he won’t come right out and say the hated “R” word, I can’t think of any other way to eliminate the use of facilities.

I have to say Wildcat for a group of bloggers who print statements that can be 100% refuted by public records (if only you’d actually go look at them) it surprised me when you admitted I might “be 100% correct when you imply that not one of our current, or past, board members has ever made a dime from being on the BOE, but it sure doesn't look that way. It doesn't look that way at all.” I guess you have to ask yourself; if the truth is important to you why don’t you seek it. Give the school system a call and ask them or ask the Citizen newspaper why they didn’t accept Terri Smith’s invitation to investigate these claims when she provided them with the title documentation herself. Why? Because even they knew none of this is true. But that wouldn’t sell newspapers would it? My mama always told me to “consider the source.” You should consider the source yourselves as you go around quoting The Citizen and Steve Brown.

Why did you vote to build Rivers Elementary, Terri? What developers benefited from those contracts? How many students are at Rivers, less than 100? What should be done with this colossal money pit? How can you justify such a waste of funds? You spent and spent and spent, and it didn't benefit the community or students one bit. It benefited developers. And teachers and tax payers paid for it. You took money out of the pockets of the people who educate our children, and called them jerks while you did it. When you were called out for the name calling, you turned around and played the victim, claiming it was only a rumor. How dare you? It was on tape. You said it 1/5/09. It's there and it reveals your true character. Whenever you're called out for your pathetic behavior, you try to lie your way out. If you'll lie about something on tape, what won't you lie about, Terri? You took money from teachers, and it turned out you didn't need to. When are you going to give it back, Terri? The system boasts about its great teachers, and then treats them like garbage. You treated them like garbage. And we will all suffer because of it. They will leave, because they have to earn a living and other communities will pay them a decent wage. You and Janet Smola are running the system into the ground, and Charlie Cave won't stop you. That's why you're desperate to get him onto the board. You wouldn't be fighting so hard against Bob Todd if you weren't afraid he might stand between you and total control of the board.

suggarfoot's picture

Why did we have to build it? Who got the contracts should be public record, but was it then subcontracted out to other people? If it was, there would be no public record. There were a lot of white trucks with no signs on their doors on site. Quite a few people rode by and saw the same thing and were quite puzzled because they had never seen a company not put their name on their trucks.


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