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A literal 2-car pile-up

No one was injured, but this two-vehicle crash left an odd scene around lunchtime Tuesday in the parking lot adjacent to the Fayetteville Krystal restaurant. The collision forced the minivan to nearly rollover before it came to rest against the hood of the sport utility vehicle. The occupants of the minivan, including several children, were able to escape on their own before ambulances arrived. Photo/John Munford.



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can sometimes be unsafe.

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This is the parking lot everyone drives through to get to Jeff Davis and avoid GA 85. I'm surprised there aren't more accidents there because it's virtually a road. The problem is the shopping center management doesn't want it to be a road and has parking stripes (which some unknowingly actually park in) right in the middle of "the road." I remember some years ago they tried to put concrete barriers to keep people from driving there but all the concrete barriers ended up bashed in from people who inexplicably didn't see them. After that they put in speed bumps. I say, embrace the road and put in proper road signage to stop the accidents. Yes, I know it's private property and, by rights, a parking lot. But Fayettevillians have deemed it a road. And so it is.

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The city of Newnan received a disaster reimbursement grant of $34,634.65 for cleanup and recovery costs associated with the ice storm that hit the city in mid-February 2014.

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Residents of Brooks on Aug. 29 held a grand opening for the town’s newly renovated 22,000 sq. ft. library. Pictured from left are Jake Kunz, Lewis Harper and Mayor Dan Langford.