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Chatt Hills gets charter school

“It’s huge. It’s awesome.” Those were the words of Chattahoochee Hills Mayor Tom Reed in describing the approval by Fulton County for the creation of the Chattahoochee Hills Charter School expected to open in August 2013.

The news of the approval was something the residents of Chatt Hills will cherish for years to come. It is something they have been wanting even before the city came into existence in late 2007.

The school is expected to begin operations for grades K-5 with the idea of eventually expanding to accommodate grades K-8.

Unlike traditional schools and school buildings, the charter school as envisioned will not have a main building. Instead, the campus will feature a total of 18 pods that will accommodate three classrooms each, Reed said.

“The small classroom buildings will be scattered on the property instead of having one building. The idea is for the kids to be in contact with nature,” Reed said. “Being outside is a big part of the curriculum.”

As for the attitude and outlook planned for the new school, the mission statement says it best. It is one that incorporates the well-established worldview that is embodied in so many aspects of the Chatt Hills community:

“Our mission is to inspire all of our children to the highest levels of academic achievement through a rigorous curriculum that integrates the wonders of the natural world. Our goal is for our students to cultivate the capacity to achieve a meaningful, healthy, flourishing life that embodies responsibility, stewardship and experimental engagement with the arts, agriculture and environment in informed, imaginative and rigorous ways.”

Reed said the location of the school is expected to be on property within the Serenbe community on the city’s south side. Funding for the school is expected to come from some of the city’s large landowners and grants, Reed added.

“We feel confident that we can get it done,” Reed said of the plans to open the school in August 2013.

The Chatt Hills Charter School will be open to children residing anywhere in Fulton County.


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