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Fire probe underway at Kedron Fieldhouse

Updated story on arrest made in connection with this case:

Peachtree City officials are investigating two suspicious small fires at the Kedron Fieldhouse sometime between midnight and 8 a.m. this morning.

Although the sprinkler system and emergency light system were activated, it does not appear that an automatic fire alarm went out, according to police Capt. Rosanna Dove. The pools and fieldhouse will remain closed for the time being while the investigation and cleanup occurs.

The incident wasn’t discovered until pool and recreation office workers came in this morning, and the quantity of water on the ground indicated the sprinklers had been going for some length of time, Dove said.

One of the fires was behind the information desk inside the building, and the other was started at a rollup door on the exterior that leads to a storage area where televisions and other equipment are kept, Dove said. The sprinkler system flooded the gym area and it also went off in the storage area.

In addition to the fires, a number of office desks inside the building had an unidentified liquid poured on them, Dove noted. No fire occurred on any of those desks, Dove said.

As of 10 a.m. police are still working to determine the point of entry into the building as it was not immediately discernable.

The fires are being classified as “suspicious” and not arson at this point, but the city’s arson investigator is on the scene working with police as part of the probe into the bizarre incident, Dove said.

The fieldhouse houses the city's recreation department staff following the closing last year of the city's former recreation administration building off McIntosh Trail. In addition, the fieldhouse includes a gymnasium and several meeting rooms available for rental to the public for events such as meetings and birthday parties.

The fire investigation is being conducted jointly by the city police and fire departments.



ptctaxpayer's picture

Look for Dar to make the City a quick, down and dirty offer on the whole complex.

NUK_1's picture

When he signs the deal to buy Kedron, will the gasoline fumes still be on his hands? :)

It would be difficult to burn an ice rink.

the sense of humor...I was wondering why I wasn't questioned immediately.

the sense of humor...I was wondering why I wasn't questioned immediately.

the sense of humor...I was wondering why I wasn't questioned immediately.

Haha..great sense of humor..What a terrible thing to happen but when it comes down to it a laugh and a smile make the world a brighter place.

Dar, I finally stopped laughing and was able to get off the floor, YOU are just HILARIOUS. I think there's another word for you though.....AssClown. :)

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