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PTC to seek extra $434K from new sales tax plan

Taking a lead from Mayor Don Haddix, the Peachtree City Council wants to see if it can eke out a bit more from the proposed two-year sales tax pitched by the Fayette County Commission.

Under the current scenario, the city is expected to receive about $12.8 million in proceeds, but Haddix pointed out that if the pot is split by population, the city’s take could rise by another $434,000.

Several council members thanked Haddix for pointing out the matter, and City Manager Jim Pennington said he would broach the subject with the other government executives in the county including County Administrator Steve Rapson.

“I would love to have another $434,000 if that makes sense,” said Councilmember Kim Learnard.

“That’s a very large negotiating card you found,” said Councilmember George Dienhart.

Haddix noted that the city could realize the increase by simply not agreeing to a sales tax distribution formula with the county, which would then enact the use of each jurisdiction’s population to divvy out the funds. Council hesitated, however, and decided it was better to take the issue to the negotiating table instead.

The city is planning to use its sales tax proceeds for road and cart path projects, though a final list has not yet been voted on, and its possible the funds could be stretched out for a number of years to handle just repaving and maintenance projects in lieu of new paths, for example.

The sales tax will be on the ballot this November during the municipal elections, and since it is an off year for county elections, a special election will be necessary so voters in the unincorporated county can weigh in also.

The use of a population formula to divvy up the sales tax proceeds would increase the city of Fayetteville’s take by $735,000 and also increase the funds for Tyrone by $352,000.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

If this is true, Haddix has earned his keep for the year. Good job.

It does however make one wonder why this same technique wasn't used back in the bad old days when then mayor Steve Brown was drawing great disrespect from then Fayette County chair Greg Dunn. As I recall, Dunn openly shortchanged PTC on the sales tax back then and openly bragged about doing because he didn't like Brown. Naturally that wasn't a good reason, but I don't recall Brown or his Dream Team doing anything about it except writing a letter to the editor. So what gives? Brown didn't know about this provision? Or maybe its something new?
Is it too late to ask for a do-over? And why would anyone even consider distributing sales tax any way other than population?

Live free or die!

Do you really think he came up with this himself? Don't you think someone like Pennington put the birdy in his ear so he wouldn't have to be the bad guy when it came to negotiating with Rapson?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

On the other hand he can't produce a simple letter that he knew was going to be discussed and approved on the traffic study without one of the ladies asking him to do it. Wonder how many posts (mini-letters) he made on here during the weeks of waiting for Thursday's big meeting. Who asked him for them? I'm sort of the opinion that when you are mayor, you should have the gumption to be a self-starter and set an example rather than leading from behind and criticizing those that are actually trying to do something. Maybe he's just following the Obama templet for leadership.

I still hate the idea of another light and I certainly am against the council micromanaging this parcel of land. There is something very unhealthy about why they are so interested in helping this developer and I doubt it is just their love of buying greens at Publix. Clean sweep of the ladies is called for in November. I wish George would stay put and not give up his seat just to come in second in the mayor's race, but maybe he wants out.
Think it through, George - Haddix will be gone and most likely the ladies, Logsdon will be mayor, overall a 1000% improvement to the maturity level of the meetings. They may even pray before meetings and serve cocktails afterwards.
I know you were the first to announce and your goal was to defeat Haddix, but that defeat will happen anyway, so stick around and work with the new guys.

Live free or die!

Don Haddix's picture

Both require the County and governments representing 50% or more of the municipal populations to sign off on. That means County and PTC in Fayette.

On the SPLOST law the County cannot force an intergovernmental as it can on the LOST. If the County calls for the SPLOST, which only they can do, and there is no Intergovernmental Agreement, it is by population, period. The County has no recourse.

So, actually the Councilmembers talking about negotiating is a political move.

Remember, Dienhart claimed using the LOST numbers was via negotiations that he took part in? That if false. There were no negotiations but Dienhart, Learnard and Imker did meet with Chairman Brown. Fleisch and I didn't. The County proposed using the LOST numbers and they went along with it, I didn't.

I cannot answer your questions on why it went the way it did in the past. You would have to ask Dunn or Brown.

Since the Brown, Rapson, Jim and I have met on a number of issues. Things have gone much smoother doing it the right way.

As for Husband's challenge, it was my work. I passed it along to the City Manager.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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