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PTC to seek extra $434K from new sales tax plan

Taking a lead from Mayor Don Haddix, the Peachtree City Council wants to see if it can eke out a bit more from the proposed two-year sales tax pitched by the Fayette County Commission.

Under the current scenario, the city is expected to receive about $12.8 million in proceeds, but Haddix pointed out that if the pot is split by population, the city’s take could rise by another $434,000.

Several council members thanked Haddix for pointing out the matter, and City Manager Jim Pennington said he would broach the subject with the other government executives in the county including County Administrator Steve Rapson.

“I would love to have another $434,000 if that makes sense,” said Councilmember Kim Learnard.

“That’s a very large negotiating card you found,” said Councilmember George Dienhart.

Haddix noted that the city could realize the increase by simply not agreeing to a sales tax distribution formula with the county, which would then enact the use of each jurisdiction’s population to divvy out the funds. Council hesitated, however, and decided it was better to take the issue to the negotiating table instead.

The city is planning to use its sales tax proceeds for road and cart path projects, though a final list has not yet been voted on, and its possible the funds could be stretched out for a number of years to handle just repaving and maintenance projects in lieu of new paths, for example.

The sales tax will be on the ballot this November during the municipal elections, and since it is an off year for county elections, a special election will be necessary so voters in the unincorporated county can weigh in also.

The use of a population formula to divvy up the sales tax proceeds would increase the city of Fayetteville’s take by $735,000 and also increase the funds for Tyrone by $352,000.



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Live free or die!

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Live free or die!

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