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We can afford $9 a month; raise PTC taxes

I sent the following letter to the mayor and city council members of Peachtree City. Like anyone else, I prefer to spend my money on entertainment, but residents of a community need to pay for services that they enjoy and need.

I read an article in The Citizen this weekend concerning a 1.25-mill increase in property taxes. According to the math in the article, if I owned a house valued at $272,000, I would have to pay another $108 a year in property taxes.

Of course, that $108 could be used as a tax deduction on my income tax return so part of it would be subsidized.

The article indicates that cutting $3.6 million from the budget would mean avoidance of the property tax increase and the elimination of funding of the entire recreation department, the Kedron Center, the Gathering Place, and the library.

I would think that most people with a home valued at $272,000, could afford an extra $9 a month to avoid the elimination of funding of the entire recreation department, the Kedron Center, the Gathering Place, and the library.

I spend more than that on lotto tickets each month, and my house is valued at about $183,000, and I’m retired.

Pass the property tax increase. Who cannot afford an increase of 1.25 mills?

According to a 2007 estimate, the median income for a household in the city was $84,339, and the median income for a family was $96,880. No one is going to need food stamps if you increase the property tax by 1.25 mills.

Fred Sprickman

Peachtree City, Ga.



A couple observations if you please.

The $108 increase is for only the 1 mil. The extra .25 will cost an extra $27. So the total mil rate change will cost the average home owner of a $272,000 home $135. I still agree this is not so much to pay for all we receive. Besides, we've been on borrowed time not having to pay this increase since previous councils failed to raise taxes when they increased services.

Now the other side of the equation which makes this tax interesting. Since the average $272,000 home will have their taxes reduced because of the average 4% fair market value going down, this equates to a reduction of about $175!!! The net effect will be to actually lower the average person's home owner's tax by about $46. (Reference last budget workshop at city hall.) Therefore the question becomes, can you afford a $4 less per month? Of course.

If taxes have to be raised this is the year to do it. Some on council seems to know this and are raising the mil rate at the right time. If you paid $3,500 in property tax last November 2009, you'll pay $3,454 this November 2010! It's true. (This is for average homes only. Not all homes will be the same.)

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As you agree to pay the extra nine bucks a month for next year, have you considered what it will be for the out years. Just in case you didn't know, Peachtree City has a debt of $19 million. These nine bucks are going to pay for those extra city staffers that suplement those that are employed, but seemingly have so much on their plates that they are overwhelmed by their own self importance.

There are those in our town that would like to have a policeman on every driveway to begin to feel secure. These folks are never going to be satisfied. Should you be one, realize that life simply is not fair.

Have a little common sense, balance the damn budget with an effort to eliminate this debt. No one has ever petitioned to eliminate all of recreation, but taking a ten to fifteen percent reduction in payroll across the board does not mean elimination of all programs nor does it necessarily mean a 10-15 per cent reduction in services.

Tell me, should the city go bankrupt like the state of California would those at the Georgia State House pay for all of the amenities afforded us in Peachtree City?

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The actual average value dropped from $272.00 to $259.00, so at 1.25 Mills that is a $130.00 increase. Just setting the record straight.

That model also reflects additional increases in the outlying years. So, it isn't just 1.25.

The other factor that has to be considered is the impact on attracting jobs.

The County will probably be raising taxes next year as well.

Our concern is PTC, not the whole of all the County taxes.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite> favor of more taxes now and maybe forever more!

Did you know that a grown person can drown in a pool with an average depth of 2"? That assumes of course that half of the pool is only wet on the bottom and half is also much deeper.

An average $280,000 house means that many , many are under that and many, many are over that.
I calculate that about 40% of those homeowners can't really afford any increase in taxes. Some even in the $5-600,000 range are in debt so far they can't pay now what they owe!

Anyway as some have already said they will be back next year and for years thereafter for more increases unless the spending is cut!

Quit dreaming about the 80s Reagan, 90s Bush, and 2000s Bush; we are going to suffer for that overspending a long time.

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"Quit dreaming about the 80s Reagan, 90s Bush, and 2000s Bush; we are going to suffer for that overspending a long time."

Don't you know that congress decides and votes upon where all the money is spent? what kind of banker doesn't know that? Congress-largely controlled by the democrats during those years--overspent, there chief. Some other guy named wsbanker seems to know this already, because he posted the following today:

"President's do not make loans to anyone. He can ask congress to do so!"

Maybe you should be spooning with that wsbanker, he seems to know what is going on. Of course they are both you and you are both bonkers


We will all be better off in the long run if we see the city takes this opportunity to prioritize. Generally, I have no objection to the tax rate for living in the city. However, when the mayor wants to pay $100,000.00 to the development authority to add a director, I say the budget must still be too fat. There is already a well-funded dev authority in fayette county. There also are plenty of opportunities for existing city staff to man a tourism desk and at the same time answer the phone for the PTCDA. The most expensive option considered should be to either partner with the FCDA or to simply pump up the resources of existing staff with marketing materials for the Tourism Assoc as well as those who already pursue leads on businesses wanting to locate here. Businesses with empty commercial space in PTC are already pursuing opportunities around the world. We do not need to pretend we can do it better by hiring a stand alone, overpaid, single individual to do more of the same. I thought the city would have learned a lesson with the last hire for the Tourism Association, wasting 300K on an individual that accomplished nothing.

you are exactly right on your is the best time to raise the milage. with a milage increase accompanied by an assest decrease in home values the "net" results will be no added cost the tax payers.

Fred,the fact you buy lotto tickets each month pretty much tells me I don't need you financial advice. Hey guy, why don't you get a second mortgage on your home and go to Vegas and see if you can bring home enough winnings to pay the taxes for us?

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Read about Haddix Turn Down of Local Potential for Millions of Dollars
They don't get it! SENIORS ARE THE FUTURE OF FAYETTE COUNTY> He's elderly prejudice due to tax funding!!! Read about his Senior Complex Turn down!!

I don't live in a mansion. My taxes are $7500/year. They go up about $500 each year. I can't retire in my house because property taxes will be my biggest expense. Who wants to buy an average house that has a $1000/month property tax bill. I'll be moving soon to somewhere that won't tax me to death. So any tax increase is a huge deal to me.

When will the taxes stop? Where is all this money going? Let's keep businesses out of Peachtree City so residents can pay higher taxes!!

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