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Diva marathon event picks PTC for race

When you think of Peachtree City and “Diva,” your mind automatically runs to the city’s association with hosting the Drop Dead Diva television show, which is recorded on soundstages at Falcon Field Airport.

But the city is going to get a new set of Divas next year: more than 4,000 of them as a matter of fact. The Divas Half Marathon and 5K event will be hosted in Peachtree City the weekend of Sept. 7-8, 2014.

Robert Pozo, the founder of race production company Continental Event and Sports Management Group, said the Divas Half Marathon and 5K events have become a sports-travel “vacation” for women who not just come to cities to run, but they shop a significant amount as well.

The Divas races are a series of events that this year are slated for San Francisco, DC’s Wine Country, Myrtle Beach, Puerto Rico and southern California. Pozo, who has been working with the Peachtree City Convention and Visitors Bureau on the project, wants to take advantage of the city’s pro-running atmosphere.

Pozo told the City Council last week that the event has been welcomed with open arms by the Peachtree City Running Club, which will be very helpful.

Pozo also shared statistics from surveys sent out to each runner at each event. Last year’s Divas event at North Myrtle Beach featured 4,419 racers and an estimated number of hotel room nights at 7,038 with a direct economic impact of $4.3 million.

The number of runners in Myrtle Beach at the start line stretched out for a mile, Pozo noted.

Judging by the company’s website, the Divas race will be a bit of a joyous spectacle, as some entrants dress up, many in teams, to enjoy the races. Each participant also gets a special medal and a goody bag as well, Pozo said.

Participants can also track their finish and results in a race app for their smartphones, Pozo added.


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