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Brown has facts on his side

When I moved to PTC in 2003, Mayor Brown was running for a second term. The letters in the paper from the developer crowd made me think he was not a very capable mayor, and did little right. Boy, was I wrong!

The special interest group prevailed, the mayor lost, and the city continues to suffer from it. Going forward I personally will form my own opinion by checking each candidate for their honesty and principles. Say what you mean and do what you say. The election for commissioner gives each of us a chance to check out each candidate and draw our own conclusion.

Check this out:

1. Incumbent Jack Smith says taxes were lower during the Mayor Logsdon’s term than when Brown was mayor. Not true, and you can call the city to verify. Not only did the taxes go up under Logsdon, but so did all the city’s fees.

2. Smith says Brown lost millions in sales tax. Not true, call the city finance office; the sales tax revenue increased every year in the decade except for 2009 and most likely 2010.

3. Smith and Maxwell say the West Bypass is a mandate, a must do, no other choice. Not true, and the people don’t want our money wasted on a road to nowhere. They CHOSE the “road to nowhere” over a list of other unfunded SPLOST projects. The developers win; we lose.

4. Then Smith and Maxwell said that projects could be changed but only county to county, not county to city or city to county. This can be verified by and viewing the video of the forum.

The problem is they are being misleading and I asked Commissioner Maxwell to stop the bypass and give part of the SPLOST money to the cities. He said that could not be done and he had gotten a legal opinion concerning this matter. I called the county for a copy of the legal opinion and was unable to receive one because none exists.

The cities in Walton County returned SPLOST money to the county to aid in paying down debt service, not building roads, not bridges but debt service. (“SPLOST funds to be returned to county” The Walton Tribune, Jan. 17, 2010; Google it).

The county and cities in Walton were talking to each other and did exactly what needed to be done. This proves what Commissioner Maxwell said is wrong and that the funds from the West Fayetteville Bypass can be used for other purposes, even city SPLOST projects.

Honesty is not a half truth; representing the people should not be just a phrase. It’s time to get Brown and McCarty in there working for you the people with honesty and principles and not serve the special interest groups. Please vote, it is important, but regardless of whom you vote for, check them out.

Ray Watt

Peachtree City, Ga.



I bought all the Logsdon hype too. I went one of his fundraisers at the PTC airport and he personally told some of us he could cut the budget no problem. He told us what a financial genius he was. I was stupid enough to believe the babbling fool.

There's no way taxes were lower when Logsdon was mayor ... I'm talking no chance!!!

Many of us were snookered by the logsdon camp. We were then sold down the line time and again. I am now on the right side of the learning curve. Brown consistently uncovers the truth and fights for the people. GO BROWN!!

Harold Logsdon was wide-eyed and naive about political things in general. He did his best and didn't run for a second term.

I saw where you blistered Mike King for making accusations without proof. Talking about a babbling fool.

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I have observed that the folks who oppose Steve Brown stay away from certain letters pertaining to the facts. I think it is because they just don't have any information they could use to oppose the facts.

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At last, we have someone else who believes in facts. At one time in my life, I allowed myself to be led along like another lamb to the slaughter. However, it only took one conversation with Eric Maxwell and Jack Smith to enlighten me. I tried to have a serious intelligent conversation with both of these men (one in person, one by email). I was treated as if I were nothing. They were smug and condescending. I was not disrespectful to them in any manner. However, I wasn't shown any respect.

I had been invited, along with many other homeowners, to an Open House meeting concerning the West Fayetteville Bypass. Eric Maxwell along with Herb Frady and consultants were there answering questions about the West Fayetteville Bypass. I showed Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Frady and the consultants where my home and property was situated along the Bypass. I showed them that the Bypass was designed to separate my well from my home and I asked them, "What will happen in a case like that?" Mr. Maxwell's reply was, "Well, Lady, I guess you'll just have to be real careful crossing that road with your water bucket!" At that point, those words found a permanent place within my being. Mr. Frady just stood there without saying a word.

I sent an email to Jack Smith, asking him for some information. He replied to me by email that if I wanted to know what was going on in the County, I "should attend the Commission meetings." I had attended the commission meetings and had not found the information I was seeking. Not finding the information at the commission meetings or in the commission meeting minutes, I asked Jack Smith for the information.

Those are facts.

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I truly admire you for having the courage to say, "I made a mistake." I, too, have made those mistakes. However, I have also learned from my mistakes. What gets me is those folks who just can't say that they've made a mistake and learn from it.

Steve Brown stood up and said, I made a mistake. When a person can admit that they've made a mistake, that is an honest person. That is someone who will tell you the truth. I have far more confidence in someone who can admit their shortcomings than someone who tries to appear as though they are perfect.

There is a whole lot of controversy surrounding the West Fayetteville Bypass issue and our county officials have not been forthcoming or truthful about the facts. One of the most recent facts our officials have not seen fit to make public concerns the 404 Permit Application they sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As recently as yesterday, we spoke with Mr. Joe Rivera who is the Corps' Agent in charge of the WFB case. Mr. Rivera said that they have to weigh each and every piece of information they receive in opposition to all projects. He said that they have literally hundreds of documents showing opposition to the West Fayetteville Bypass. In addition to that, the County did not provide all of the required justification when they submitted the application. However, Mr. Jack Smith nor any of our other public officials have seen fit to address that issue with the citizens of Fayette County. The WFB is just one issue where our officials don't see fit to address it head-on.

Tied into the West Fayetteville Bypass is Mr. Smith's position on the Board of Directors at the Bank of Georgia. Mr. Smith took that position a year after he became our County Commissioner. Why would he do such a thing? It really looks bad. If you look at a map of the WFB, it clearly shows almost two thousand acres owned by developers that stretches the length of the Bypass. We have observed that one of those developers is a supporter of Jack Smith's campaign. There is definitely a conflict of interest there. No matter how many times Mr. Smith tries to explain away his reasoning by saying he excuses himself from the board room whenever a controversial issue arises, the conflict of interest is still there. Mr. Smith has publicly stated that the BOG is not a developer's bank. However, the bank's own president has publicly stated that, from the inception, the bank's business has been geared toward loans to builders and developers. Mr. Smith said that there are only two (2) Board members involved in development. On the other hand, it has been discovered through research into records housed with the Ga. Secretary of State's office that there are nine (9) board members (including Mr. Smith who is in charge of development within Fayette County) involved in construction/real estate development.

We also have the question of Mass Transit in Fayette County. The public was told by Mr. Smith that he was opposed to Mass Transit in Fayette County, but then it was discovered that he actually voted in favor of Mass Transit in Fayette County at the same time he was telling us that he was opposed to it. I hardly think that someone from the Atlanta Regional Commission Transportation Board was holding a gun to Mr. Smith's head and threatening his life if he didn't vote in favor of Mass Transit in Fayette County.

The list of controversial issues, surrounding this election, goes on and on. Like yourselves, I have been looking for answers because I did not want to make another mistake when it comes to my vote. I have to say that I have been doing my homework for the last two years in preparation for this election and I made my decision several months ago. I have already voted for Steve Brown because I did my homework and found that he and he alone was telling me the truth.

I can't tell you how much I admire your candor and truthfulness. This world would be a much better place if we had more folks like you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us. Your experiences provide a lot of perspective for other voters.

One thing I've always admired about Steve Brown is that he is a great writer. His newspaper articles have always been well documented, and he never makes heresay statements. I have been following Steve Brown for some time, and I don't think you can find a fellow who is more fair in telling the whole truth. It bothers me to see his opposition deliberately distort the truth as was case with the TDK Extension. Once he had received information that TDK would create a traffic problem, Steve Brown immediately opposed it. I'm sure any other person would have granted an initial approval based upon the facts that were available at the time. For Commissioner Maxwell to state at Christ's Church that he had a document with Steve Brown's signature approving TDK was a half truth if there ever was one, since he did not offer to tell the whole story.

What the people of Fayette County need to see:
A debate on current county issues between Steve Brown and Jack Smith

What the people of Fayette County will never see:
A debate on current county issues between Steve Brown and Jack Smith.

signed by Brown approving the TDK extension then that is not a half truth, that is one truth. If your saying he signed it with out knowing the rest of the story then that is another, seperate truth. One that does not shine the best light on Brown. People in office should be careful what they sign.

There is NO other way to put it. It was not stopped until he left office...there is NO other way to put it. You may not like said facts, they are just that, facts. They aren't "spinnable" to your tastes.

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They are too deep in the mudslinging that they supposedly don't like.

I have yet to hear one of the Browniacs defend all of his "I changed my mind" on every major issue like TDK(twice), Westside Annexation(twice), District Voting, SPLOST 2004, and his grand plan for rezoning the Lutheran Church at 54/Parkway into a 24hr drug store that fortunately was defeated by every other Councilmember

Browniacs love all the sins of Smith yet fail to acknowledge any in their messiah who can do no wrong, despite having a track record that to me(and most voters) was pretty lousy. It was lousy enough to get him trounced by Logsdon and then buried by Ramsey. I guess people have very short memories of the days of total character assassination by Brown and how that lead to him being unelectable. I don't think he's learned his lesson enough yet to get even 25% of the vote in Fayette, even against a very weak opponent in Smith.

At this point, it's laughable.

I've tried to get him to address problems, I've tried above, we'll see what we get in response.

He was for TDK, he changed his mind, like EVERYONE else did, what's so bad about that? Politically, one could not be for TDK and survive...yet, he claims he saved us from this horror of a road.

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I save that for Smith/Smola...but I am upset over the bypass. I feel that our taxes have been used to build something for developers. If they want to develop their land, that is ok (if they build their own roads and donate land, and a sizable chunk of change toward a school). But that isn't what has been happening. WE, YOU AND ME, have unwilling paid for the bypass/schools, and we will get nothing out of them.

We, you and me, that lived here 1st have been thrown under the buss. The water bucket story has made the rounds and it is ugly and shows how little Maxwell and Smith think of us (we the taxpayers.

You guys say Brown changes his tune. What I get from the same info is, he is paying attention to the taxpayer. He doesn't have his own agenda. He has ours. Smith, Maxwell and Smith/Smola, all seem to have their own and do not change their course for the taxpayers. That is a big difference. What was good 10 years ago may not be what is best for us today.

I like a person that has no ties to developers. That, and the fact that Steve Brown hears us, looks at what we want, make him my choice.

Won't you think about it voting for Brown? I promise he is not going to put a developer in front of you. I know you say you are gonna vote for bugs bunny or someone, but our vote is about the only thing we have left and the lobbiest are trying hard to fix even that. Won't you please reconsider? I respect you, I always have.

not what he used to be for and it now against.

It would be better for these blogs to move in that direction in my humble opinion.

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Just sling some "stuff" against the wall and what sticks and "seems popular" is what he's for. At least for that moment.

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Actually, see my post above, Bob Lenox claimed I saved you from the TDK Extension, and Lee Hearn and others. Of course, at the time, they still had the public convinced the road project was all about "traffic relief" and we know that was not true.

When the public was still snookered, I was against it. When the public saw the light, YOU SAY I was for it all along. Keep trying I guess ... someone might believe you eventually.

Back to the real issues, are you for the West Fayetteville Bypass, mass transit in Fayette and more ridiculous SPLOST requests? I oppose them. Incumbent Commissioner Jack Smith is in favor of all three.

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As long as we can vote on SPLOST's what's it matter if there is a request, or are you saying you will make the decision whether or not we get to vote on something? Is voting on something wrong for the county?

Just so I understand, are you saying that the GRTA can come in here and impose mass transit on us against our will? It's always been my understanding that for MARTA to come in that we had to vote in a 1 cent sales tax to support it, am I wrong? Since you seem to only respond to PTC residents on here, is that what we can expect from you after the election?

Just so you know where I'm coming from, I'm not for Smith either, I don't believe either of you deserve to be in office, and this is from someone who voted for you once.
So once again I say to the people, Voice your displeasure with our choices here in Fayette, VOTE CYCLIST FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER, WRITE IN THE CYCLIST.

I yam what I yam

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As you noted, it appears that candidate Brown will only respond to PTC residents only.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I'm over the TDK changed your mind, like 99% of us did..if you would just admit it, I could take you a lot more seriously.

Honestly, Fayette Countians have serious traffic issues getting into and out of Coweta County, along with getting on and off of I-85 (which I fully realize is NOT in the County). Any idea as to what we could do to help somewhat with these strangleholds?

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Ok people, show your discontent with our choices for commissioner, write in Cy, that's CYCLIST. Granted, he won't serve, but if he did, we would never find a more compassionate, learned, respectful, and better person for the position. I've known ol'Cy for four years now, sweated beside him working for our kids, fretted beside him hoping for our kids, and have enjoyed his company without reservation. He would be the ideal candidate, but alas, all we get are Smith and Brown, worse and worser. VOTE FOR CYCLIST, HE'S OUR MAN. MAKE YOUR DISPLEASURE KNOWN. Signs will go up soon.

I yam what I yam

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Hutch, I'll put up a few signs myself, let me know when and where. Cy would be 'the man' for the job.

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Good to see you back on the "C". Since your boss is at his "ranch" I guess you are in now charge. Give yourself a raise and take the rest of the day and tomorrow off. We'll talk later about them signs.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Boss has left the ranch and headed to Montana, gosh how do we keep this place together when he's gone!

You or Hutch need to get those signs to me soon, as I will be going to the beach and want to have signs posted in my yard before I go.

Have a good day.

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The beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I guess you too will have a sand-between-the-toes moment. Please enjoy and don't tell the boss.

Oh. about those signs, since I did not get my stimulus payment from the President or his little merry band of clowns (or is it thieves?) I'm afraid you'll have to roll your own. Remember it's "Bald Cyclist" that way there is a first and last name.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I'll do my own signs - will be in my yard this afternoon.

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

While the cause is noble,I don't think the timing is right. Let's face it, at some point Cy would have to break cover and I don't think he wants to do that just yet. And a write in as "Cy Clist", or "The Cyclist" or "Cyclist" won't pass the smell test at the elections office. Besides, I hear he wants more than LeBron James to justcompete!

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Try "Bald Cyclist". Heck we had a few write in "git real" for DA during the last election.

I miss "git".

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Yeah Cy, I would also like to know where Git has disappeared to--one more common sense voice gone in my view--not to mention someone with real business experience that most don't have.

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He at his ranch in Oklahoma and has taken some time out from The "C". I think he'll be back. I sure hope so.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

He are? Time out at a ranch?
We need more here who have something to say about what needs said. Git fits that OK.

Hi Hutch and Cyclist good luck with the campaign for commissioner.

You got my vote.

Hope all is well with you guys.


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Good to hear from you!!!!!! I hope everything going well for you guys. I think about you all.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Thanks for asking.

Linda is doing really well and Lisa and I are expecting a new little one in Dec.

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Typical Brown campaign of going after everyone else has being idiots and everything Brown is against instead of what he might be FOR. I can't blame him for that because his track record is so awful. Here was his big campaign blurbs before:

a) Hate TDK. Flip-flopped like crazy on that.
b) Hate Westside Annexation. Went as far as trying to get around his own rezoning moratorium by talking to Weiland as Citizen Steve Brown, not Mayor Steve Brown. Puhhleaze.
c) LOVE that Land Use Plan, as long as we can rezone a church into a 24hr drug store.
d) Everyone is likely a developer and also a criminal. Busting up the Development Authority and turning the Tennis Ctr and Amphitheater over to the city itself and the new "Tourism Authority" was a total disaster.
e) After being elected, blasted the FC commissioners for not having district voting. Obviously, Brown's principles extend only to saying whatever he thinks might get him elected as he has done a 180 on this issue too.

Brown is a bomb-thrower who loves to get his name in The Citizen by writing numerous whiny letters criticizing others when he has no plan at all himself. As a leader, he was an enormous failure and proved that it doesn't make much to sit on the outside whining and being critical but it does take something to lead. He didn't have it then and his whole campaign of "Jack Smith is really bad" is hardly a change for a guy who should have wised up years ago.

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Here's one of my most fierce political adversaries, Bob Lenox on October 12, 2005:

"For the next two years Steve Brown personally stonewalled this project. You don’t have to take my word for this. Pick up your telephone and call Greg Dunn, Fayette County Commission chairman, or any member of the Fayette County Commission. Call Ken Steele, mayor of Fayetteville, or any member of his council. Call Mitch Seabaugh, our state senator at the time. Call Lynn Westmoreland, then our state representative, now our representative to the U.S. Congress. Call the chairman or any member of the Coweta County Commission.

Ladies and gentlemen, building a road nowadays is an arduous and complicated undertaking that can easily take many years. Getting it done means that many good people must stay the course over many years.

Unfortunately for us it also means that stopping it requires only one bad or incompetent person who fails to do the job when necessary.

It is not often in government that you can clearly find the culprit when things go wrong, but in this case every one of us who has worked for years to make TDK Boulevard a reality knows that Steve Brown stopped it."

Steve Brown's picture

Here is what Lee Hearn had to say:

"But blame for the delay in acquiring that right of way, say Hearn and others, remains with Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown.
"He's never supported it," said Hearn. "Mr. Dunn (County Commission Chairman Greg Dunn) wants me there turning dirt as soon as I can."
Brown hasn't been quiet about his opposition to the extension, arguing that it will dump unwanted traffic onto already crowded two-lane Ga. Highway 74 South." - <cite>The Citizen, County grumbles about TDK, Hwy. 54 delays, by J. FRANK LYNCH, Sept. 24, 2003.</cite>

I have quotes from around 15-20 elected officials of the day all saying I was killing the TDK Extension. All that being said, what did you think about Commissioner Smith handing over the multi-million dollar, multi-year tax abatements and then receiving a very high dollar international excursion for free?

You don't seem to want to. How do you propose to help access across Line Creek for both Fayette County residents and Coweta residents alike? It's beyond obvious something needs to be done...yet, we get crickets when it comes up.

And are you going to honestly say that you were never for TDK? That is just laughable...

All that said, let's hear some answers on some of our current traffic problems for a change of pace on these blogs.

Before we were ruined by the current depression (and another coming)
most folks didn't care how many roads were built to Coweta County nor how many thousand houses were to be built there. Walgreens will now be located across the street from the Luthern Church, what was that hub-bub all about---maybe didn't want the Lutherns having that many millions?
Who will get the contract to build Walgreens?
The County didn't want hundreds of old folks homes near the hospital so they built them in Henry County, but now we can suddenly allow them also to be built behind Target!!! Guess old folks don't pay enough taxes and fill hospitals full of government insurance!!

This crap sounds a lot like the argument you groupies of Rush, Hannity and Paul make about the depression, the tar balls and the wars being caused by President Obama.

Good to see you are still kicking...

Steve Brown's picture

Your question is clearly answered in the letter.

just like talking in the wind, when you take what he says and try to find any fact in it. Just not there. Whoosh....

I expect more from you for some reason. Neither candidate is perfect, that's for sure.

I've been trying since this race started to get SB to address particular traffic problems that we all face on a daily basis, he's either clueless to the issues, or just obstinate. I'm leaning to the latter.

I'll let you judge by his own words if he was ever in favor of TDK or not.

“Most of my current City Council took office in January 2002. My two concerns were the priority of widening Ga. Highway 74 and the significant budget problems that we had inherited. ‘Mayor Brown introduced the next related item, saying he initially had concerns about TDK Boulevard because he did not want to supersede the emphasis on widening Hwy. 74 South, which was still important. Brown said that there had been significant progress on Hwy. 74 South, with cooperation from state representatives to local representatives, leading to some major breakthroughs. Barring anything happening to delay Hwy. 74, Brown said he had no problem with the TDK Boulevard project. Brown also expressed appreciation for Coweta County’s support of the project. He said funding for the project was the number one concern, and Peachtree City’s budget was very lean. A balancing act would be needed to prioritize the projects,’ (Council Minutes, Sept. 5, 2002).

“Our current council was the only one that actually programmed funds in the city’s budget for TDK. ‘Rapson said he had always been in favor of TDK, but highways 54 and 74 took precedence. No funds were committed to TDK Extension until this Council approved the 2003 budget, which included capital funding for FY 2004 (October 2003), bringing the total to $825,000 on the table. Brown said there was not a person on Council against TDK,’ (Council Minutes, Jan. 2, 2003).

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There are the FACTS whether those in total denial want to acknowledge them or not.

Gina, hope you had a good Fourth. You are the matriarch of the WFB, and I understand. I agree with you that the bad comment that Maxwell made was very inappropriate.
However, on the Corp of Engineers they are not a panel that makes decisions based on citizen complaints, they are a fact based group Government Agency. Look at what happen at the PSC plant on the Fayette/Fulton county line they stayed to the facts. I think for example it they received a lot of letters, that where for the bypass that would not change there mind. The permit is a permit if it meets the requirements it will pass.
Now on Smith with the ARC transportation vote. I think that information that the Brown camp is putting out has a lot of holes. Yes he voted for a Metro Regional Transportation plan. It included different ideas for transportation in and around our county. Lets be real that just because Smith voted yes for the plan does not mean busses will come to Fayette County, I think the Brown group are crying Chicken Little. Be real, the other Commissioners would have to vote yes to have bus in the county and then have a way to fund it. Are you purposing that the money from the bypass to be used on busses? I don’t think so but some people may think that. If you remember that ARC wanted to have GRETA here in Fayette but it was turned down because of money and the past and present board of Commissioner did not want it to happen.
Now if I was one of the land owners, you call them (developers) why can’t they be able to do something with there own land. It’s almost like you are the one telling the land owners what they can and cannot do with there own land.

Steve Brown's picture

The same excuse that was used for the TDK Extension is also being used for the West Fayetteville Bypass: We need to build it because its been in the plan for ..."

The same excuse will be used for the mass transit buses.

The twist is with the buses is they are creating a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and we will have absolutely no control over it. They will implement the plan and when we complain they will say "you voted for it every time, so it's not our fault." Truly, it will be difficult to dispute that unless we act very quickly.

GRTA assists 13 counties that have been designated nonattainment for ozone and particulate matter under the Federal Clean Air Act standards. That jurisdiction may be extended to other counties in the region that have also been designated nonattainment.
Cherokee DeKalb Forsyth Henry
Clayton Douglas Fulton Paulding
Cobb Fayette Gwinnett Rockdale

Brown you are wrong again. Here is some information on RTA’s web site.
You make it sound like Ken Steel and Smith have sold out Fayette County.
Well they have not. GRTA only operates Ctran in Clayton Co. that is now shut down. And their coach buses, that do not operate in Fayette Co. and will never operate in Fayette Co. “They” as you say can not force anything on the County that the County does not want. You keep forgetting that there are 5 county commissioners and all 5 have said they are not for any type of buses service in Fayette co.
So why do keep saying that the 5 commissioners want Buses. Brown if you read the ATR’s web site it does not say anything about making counties have bus service. The County’s that have elected to join have received funding for road improvements from the state and federal dollars. The WFB is being built buy local money only. Originally the GDOT was going to provide matching funds but they ran out of money. You keep tell half truths.
The votes Smith and Steel have made are for being involved in the transportation plan. Not for buses. I will say it again, the 5 county commissioners for this county have to agree to say YES we want buses in this county and again they have all said NO to any type of buses service. Quit telling half truths.

ginga1414's picture

Save, in my opinion, we have indeed been "sold out" by our Fayette County officials. It is a very simple concept. Mr. Ken Steele and Mr. Jack Smith are our duly elected REPRESENTATIVES. They have the POWER to speak on behalf of Fayette County citizens.

As Mr. Steele said in another publication on Thursday, June 17, 2010, "The people of Fayette County are overwhelmingly opposed to transit." Assuming that is the case and assuming our duly elected REPRESENTATIVES accept that fact, why would our REPRESENTATIVES vote in favor of a PLAN they know the citizens do not want? They could have chosen to vote against the PLAN but they chose to vote in favor of the PLAN. They are our REPRESENTATIVES and they voted against the citizens. Plain and simple, we've been sold out by our own REPRESENTATIVES. If they didn't want the PLAN to be implemented, why did they vote in favor of it?

I'm going to tell Ken and Jack just the way Jack and Eric told homeowners looking for answers regarding the West Fayetteville Bypass/Central Parkway/Parkway (whatever THEY want to call it), "You voted for it." The only difference is that Ken Steele and Jack Smith knew what they were voting for but the citizens of Fayette County didn't know what they were voting for in respect to the 2004 SPLOST and the Bypass. All of that has been documented and proven.

Brown was Mayor at the time of the SPLOST and was involved with every aspect of the SPLOST, it is documented that he had many meeting with then Chairman Dunn and the only complaint he had was that PTC was not getting the amount of $$$, that he felt PTC should get. He never warned the public that the SPLOST was a bad idea. He had an opportunity to do something. He did not. Why should would we believe he will do something now.

Steve Brown's picture

I am sorry you are having a difficult time trying to follow some of these issues. I know it gets complicated.

I publicly opposed the passage of the Transportation SPLOST. Sadly, it garnered 51-percent of the vote and passed.

MARTA ran C-Tran for Clayton County. Here is your link:

*July 2001: GRTA signed contract with MARTA to provide operating personnel and facilities for the Clayton County bus system.

*October 2, 2007: MARTA began operating Clayton County’s C-TRAN bus and paratransit service this week as part of a 3-year joint agreement between the agencies to improve transit service in the region. Under the agreement, MARTA will operate and maintain C-TRAN’s fleet of twenty-four buses and six paratransit vehicles and will be fully reimbursed by the County for all expenses.

*August 2008: C-tran added the Breeze system to all of its buses following CCT and MARTA additions

It is clear that MARTA can go outside Fulton and DeKalb.

GRTA is not the RTA that will be in charge of mass transit. They are looking to create another body to govern such things.

hutch866's picture

Are you saying that the RTA or the GRTA can force us to have mass transit? Just because they ran it for Clayton doesn't mean it was forced upon Clayton.

I yam what I yam


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