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Brown: Smith votes for roads to nowhere, mass transit for Fayette

Incumbent Commissioner Jack Smith is getting very worried. People are not going to take accusations without supporting evidence anymore.

Hard-working people in Fayette County have watched as our county-level governments have built expensive schools (some empty, others around 60 percent empty) while they cut teachers’ pay and reduced the services.

We watched as commissioners approved expensive roads that go nowhere, voted in favor of official plans to bring mass transit buses here and asked us for pork-barrel projects via a SLOST priced in the hundreds of millions of dollars. And it all happened in the worst economic period of my lifetime.

When I was mayor, Smith’s friends accused me of holding up construction of the TDK Extension.

Do not get me wrong. I really tried to work things out on the TDK Extension, having nothing against the road, but the developers kept insisting on huge plans that would literally crush our roads with traffic. I had no choice but to stop it.

In an Oct. 12, 2005 letter is this paper, former Mayor Bob Lenox described my efforts to terminate TDK with: “For the next two years Steve Brown personally stonewalled this project [TDK]. You don’t have to take my word for this. Pick up your telephone and call Greg Dunn, Fayette County Commission chairman, or any member of the Fayette County Commission. Call Ken Steele, mayor of Fayetteville, or any member of his council. Call Mitch Seabaugh, our state senator at the time. Call Lynn Westmoreland, then our state representative, now our representative to the U.S. Congress. Call the chairman or any member of the Coweta County Commission.”

With the quote from my ardent political rival, you have listed 19 government witnesses saying I did everything in my power to kill the TDK Extension. So who are you going to believe, the 19 government officials or incumbent Commissioner Jack Smith? (Hint: go with the 19 officials from the five different jurisdictions because I have quotes from them, too.)

The TDK Extension project is dead, but it is a forceful symbol of just how bad some of the development interests can be with trying to deceive the public. However, much to former Commission Chairman Greg Dunn’s credit, he pulled all the county funding from TDK once the massive developments were exposed.

Giving it his best effort, incumbent Commissioner Smith tried to say I was previously in favor of the West Fayetteville Bypass (did not cite a reference, though). I opposed the entire SPLOST.

An Oct. 29, 2004 article in The Citizen states, “Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown has taken his opposition to Tuesday’s vote on the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax [SPLOST] to television.”

An Oct. 18, 2005 article in The Citizen talks about a developer political action committee called Direct PAC saying, “Brown himself should have registered as a political action committee when he campaigned against passage of the Fayette County Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax issue last year.” The Direct PAC people are friends of incumbent Smith.

The phrases “his opposition” and “campaigned against passage” pretty much tell the story.

Another anemic claim from incumbent Smith is he is opposed to having mass transit buses in Fayette County, but he voted in favor of the mass transit plan, including the buses in Fayette, 100 percent of the time.

In The Citizen article entitled, “Commission Chairman Smith explains his vote for mass transit in Fayette,” (The Citizen, March 16, 2010) Smith tried, painfully, to explain why he keeps voting for something had been telling us, publicly, he opposed.

Remember when Senator John Kerry was trying to explain his vote against a military funding bill for our troops in Iraq after being caught saying something to the contrary? He said, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.” That quote is the perfect parallel to what Commissioner Smith is trying to do on the mass transit issue. You cannot have it both ways, Jack.

The double-talk on the West Fayetteville Bypass is no better. Commissioner Smith says he has absolutely “no choice” but to build the road to nowhere. However, there are a slew of unfunded SPLOST projects to choose from that would actually reduce traffic congestion.

The West Fayetteville Bypass is such a dysfunctional road project that Commissioner Smith actually considered closing the Ga. Highway 74 and I-85 interchange and opening up a new interchange on Ga. Highway 92, so the bypass commuters would have somewhere to go (The Citizen, Jan 12, 2010, “Who needs W. F’ville Bypass?”).

Commissioner Smith is acting like Congress, getting his developer welfare bypass project while deflecting the responsibility and claiming there is nothing he can do about it.

He is flipping a coin saying, “heads he wins and tails we lose.” In fact, at the Tea Party Forum, PTC Councilman Eric Imker asked incumbent Commissioner Eric Maxwell, “Can you legally change the allocation of SPLOST money — you currently dedicated money for the West Fayetteville Bypass — can you re-direct it to some other SPLOST designated project?”

And Maxwell answered, “The answer is ‘yes,’” (Tea Party Forum DVD or go to, click “video”).

Another glaring concern is incumbent Commissioner Smith’s seat on the board of directors of the Bank of Georgia. At the candidates’ forum sponsored by the Tea Party people, Smith admitted conflicts of interest can arise with his bank specializing in lending to the development community while he is also in charge of voting on land use plans, rezoning requests and the placement of infrastructure such as the West Fayetteville Bypass in his role as commissioner.

Like the letter writer from Tyrone said a couple of weeks ago, Jack Smith either needs to be a county commissioner or a development banker (The Citizen, June 8, 2010, “Brown, McCarty will take Fayette back from ‘good old boy developer crowd”).

Remember, whenever incumbent Smith makes a claim about his developer-driven bank, we have no way to verify anything because we do not have access to the bank’s private records; that’s the problem.

But we all know this: officials at Smith’s bank told reporters, “Like many of its peers, Bank of Georgia lent heavily to home builders and developers during the boom years, especially in Fayette and Coweta counties. And at first, the strategy paid off, helping the bank double its earnings between 2004 and 2006 to nearly $4 million.”

Those same bank officials “admit they bet too heavily on real estate, devoting more than 80 percent of the bank’s total loan portfolio to the sector,” (AJC, Aug. 29, 2009). The FDIC slammed this bank and the actions of the board where incumbent Smith serves.

What Commissioner Smith does with his own money is his business. What he does with tax money is our business. When the two are intertwined, there should be NO business. It is conflicts like these that lead to government corruption.

Smith was right on this: I filed an ethics complaint against myself some 40 minutes after I found that my assistant took my child to a nearby summer camp (she knew I had a meeting with the County Commissioners) without asking for the time off from her supervisor. When I found out what happened, I honestly and quickly filed a public apology in this newspaper and an official complaint because I could not be a good leader and expect the city employees to be ethical if I was not willing to set the example.

I paid the city back for my assistant’s time, a total of $8.94.

The incumbent Commissioner Smith gave a new Chinese corporation huge, multi-year tax abatements and then accepted a luxury trip with first-class lodging, tours and meals from the same corporation, an obvious violation (The Citizen, Nov. 2, 2008, “Officials back from China junket”).

But the “spotless” commissioner offered no apology, no ethics citation and refused to pay back the thousands of dollars in expenses he racked up.

Be extremely careful of people who go all out to prove they are blameless, never seeing a need to apologize or ask forgiveness.

Your choices are unmistakable. The incumbent commissioner voted in favor of the official plan for mass transit buses in Fayette County, and, at the Tea Party candidates’ forum, he said he “would vote the exact same way” if given another chance (Tea Party Forum DVD or go to, click “video”).

As for the district voting issue, many people did not like the idea, so I came up with a better way. My new solution for keeping entrenched special interests and their politicians out of the common good’s way is to change the county’s charter to include term limitations (two terms) for all elected county commission posts.

I have run term limit idea by a couple of hundred voters and they love it.

The incumbent commissioner is unwavering in his support to construct the expensive West Fayetteville Bypass that will not function as a bypass. Likewise, Commissioner Smith stubbornly refused to resign from the board of the developer-driven bank, allowing for conflict and mistrust.

You can take the incumbent’s road-to-nowhere, mass transit and his $137 million SPLOSTs or you can vote for someone who opposes mass transit in Fayette, will terminate the West Fayetteville Bypass and refuses to accept compromised behavior.

Things will not get any better if you do not vote on July 20. You have got to check out the fabulous job one of my campaign volunteers did with the video on each candidate for the County Commission.

Steve Brown

Candidate for Post 4, County Commission

Peachtree City, Ga.



Mike King's picture

Mr Brown, you say you stopped TDK? My recollection is that it was finally killed during the Logsdon administration. But you are correct, you were for it until you were against it. How many times are you to place your finger in the air to determine the political wind direction? You were crushed as an incumbent mayor simply due to your lack of managerial ability and again crushed in your bid for the Georgia State House for the same reason.

There are others in political office during your term as mayor who point to you as an obstructionist, an individual who becomes frantic when things do not go your way, and an individual who is first to cast blame on others when the responsibil;ity clearly rests with you. I simply call it immaturity.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Jack Smith advocate, but I know that by electing someone as egotistical and inexperienced as you, the embarrassment to our county will be substantial.

NUK_1's picture

I agree 100% and you pretty much nailed all of Brown's failings as a politician and "leader" without having to re-hash all the examples that either a) the voters in Fayette are already very familiar with or b) the fringe Brownmaniacs who could care less.

You're going to vote for Jack Smith with all of our tax money he is wasting?

You know Brown isn't going to pull the multi-million dollar crap Smith is doing.

NUK_1's picture

Wow, I have probably posted this 10 times now, right up there with all the posts from years back refuting the charge that I was John Dufresne(ugh!) or a DEVELOPER(glad I am not in this economy!).

I'll write in Cyclist :) I believe that is spelled Cy Clist for others wishing to write in a true representative of Fayette instead of Brown or Smith who don't deserve it.

grassroots's picture

How about future. Were you for SPLOST? The Titanic of a loser Jack Smith promoted. Are you for the meandering wasteful West Fayetteville Parkway, I mean Bypass or bus route or whatever? The $50millon boondoggle. If not then why not give Steve Brown a chance in the here and now? Not a clouded opinion that you're only partly factual about. TDK was a developers fantasy and Cowetta driven dead end. Brown has a much more quality vision for Fayette County than annexing us by Marta to South Atlanta which nobody is for. Just curious.

Hey MK,I think you are just irked because Brown tells it like it is. Brown has been right on and has proven it time and again. We would be lucky to have him on the county commish...that is where my vote went.

Mike you write like you're about to have a nervous breakdown. Get a grip dude.

Just go ahead and say you're a Smith man without all the camouflage. Be careful now, you're liable to rip your pants riding the fence that way.

hutch866's picture

If you would pull your head out of your ass, you would see Mike doesn't like either choice we are being given. I challenged you to tell me what truth I had twisted earlier, and you didn't have a thing to say, Put up or shut up. I don't like Brown, and I don't like Smith, but that's all the choices unfortunately. WRITE IN CYCLIST THIS ELECTION. EXPRESS YOU DISAPPOINTMENT WITH OUR SELECTIONS, VOTE FOR THE CYCLIST.

I yam what I yam

Mike King's picture

Your perception abilities have indeed waned. You know the state of city hall under Brown's mayoral term, and yet you wish it upon Fayette County? Was it insufficient, that the voters decided not to send the same embarrassment to the State House? You'll likely vote to reelect Mr Obama.

Hutch is correct, we need to write in Cyclist.

Gee whiz Mike. You want it both ways. It's pretty obvious to everyone that Brown did more than anyone to kill the TDK deal. Seriously, look at what Lenox had to say. Giving Logsdon credit for anything other than raising taxes, raiding the reserves and selling city land to developers is a stretch.

Buddy, egotistical and inexperienced describes you too! Too funny!!!

Maybe that's why you hate Brown so much because you're just alike.

Steve Brown has my vote and I'm not foolish enough to say he doesn't know what he's doing because he obviously does.

Brown you are still avoiding the question. Are you for or against
District voting and if elected, will you promise to stop any and all atempts to have any type of District Voting in Fayette County?
The only reason you where against the 2004 SPLOST was that you where butting heads with then County Chairman Dunn because you felt that Peachtree City should have a bigger cut of the money not that you where against the SPLOST. I have asked this question many times before; Who are the developers that you keep talking about. Most of the developers in this county and others have all just about gone out of business. Who do you keep talking about?
I like this part, I had a meeting with the “county commissioners” and had an employee take my kid to a summer camp. And paid back $8.94 are you serious.
There are several companies operating in Fayette County that have and have been given tax breaks for locating in the county. TDK, Panasonic, Cooper Lighting and the newest NCR just to name a few. Also his trip was paid at his expense, not citizen tax dollars. The Chinese company will bring over a 100 well paying jobs to the area.
Brown you only tell half truths.

suggarfoot's picture

"Who are the developers that you keep talking about?"

I think Smith can answer that better than anyone. He is with their bank.

ginga1414's picture

Save, we've come to a parting of the ways again. I'm not sure which developers you are talking about. Are you talking about the developers who own property along the WFB or are you talking about developers on the Board of the Bank of Georgia? Either way, I'm going to give you some of both.

West Fayetteville Bypass Developers: ARC Enterprises - 370 Acres, Austin Builders - 98 Acres, Dan Stinchcomb & Ned Walker - 21 Acres, Ed Wyatt/Green Development/Fayette Builders - 333 Acres, John Wieland - 229 Acres. That is a total of 1051 Acres and that doesn't even include the Waterlace or Driven Development Subdivisions. I found that information at the Fayette County Courthouse.

Okay, now that we've gotten that question out of the way, let me address the developers, builders, real estate (same difference) folks on the Board of the BOG. Before I start this list, let me assure you that all of this information can be found on the Bank of Georgia website and Georgia Secretary of State's website. According to the BOG website: Pat Shepherd - BOG president was on the board of sales and marketing of the Mid-West Georgia Homebuilders Assoc.

Donnie H. Russell - owner and pres. of manufactured housing sales company Parham Industries, Inc., director and part owner of manufactured homoe production company Signal Homes. According to the Ga. Sec. of State, Donnie Hl Russell is listed with 4 companies: Buddy's Homes, Inc., Buddy's Trailer Sales of Albany, Inc., Parham Industries, Inc., and WSSR, LTD.

Charles R. Ogletree - (no information provided on the holding company's website). However, according to the Ga. Sec. of State and South-Tree Enterprises, Inc. Charles R. (Chuck) Ogletree is the president and founder of South-Tree Enterprises, Inc. in Tyrone Ga. According to the South-Tree Enterprises website, "South-Tree Enterprises is a full-service commercial real estate firm engaged in the development and marketing of retail, office, industrial and mixed-use properties." Also, according to the South-Tree Enterprises, Inc. website they build the Bank of Georgia in Fairburn, Newnan, Sharpsburg, Tyrone and Fayetteville. According to Ga., Sec. of State, Charles R. Ogletree has two corporations listed in his name: South-Tree enterprises, Inc. and Southtree Development, Inc. For somebody who doesn't have any information on the holding company's website, old Chuck Ogletree is doing pretty well for himself, wouldn't you say?

Malcolm R. Godwin - besides serving with several banks, he listed with the Ga. Sec. of State as owning Tilwin Properties, Inc.

Arlie C. Aukerman - former chairman and president of construction firm A.C. Aukerman and former Fayette County Bank director.

Thomas G. Sellmer, former owner of real estate management and investment company Sellmer Property Management and former vice president of Southern Screen & Embroidery, Inc. According to the Ga. Sec. of State, Thomas G. Sellmer has listed to his name : McIntosh Properties, LTD. and Peachtree City Sports. Mr. Sellmer also appears on Charles R. (Chuck) Ogletree's South-Tree Enterprises' website under "Testimonials" touting South-Tree for building two warehouses in Peachtree City for his company.

Vincent M. Rossetti - President of Ravin Homoes, Inc., manager of real estate office management firm MiRome, LLC, former president of Mid-West Georgia Homebuilders Assoc.

William Robert Hancock, Jr. - Partner in Glover & Davis law firm in Newnan, partner in real estate firm F&H Investment, former advisory board member of First Union National Bank, former chairman of Newnan Development Authority. According to the Ga. Sec. of State, William Robert Hancock, Jr. has listed in his name : P-210 Enterprises, Inc., and WR Hancock, Inc.

Jack Smith - Fayette County Commission Chairman and a Peachtree City certified public accountant. According to the Ga. Sec. of State, Jack Smith has listed to his name: Ewing Consulting Services, Inc., Sith, Conley & Assoc., Software Business Products Corp., Rotary Club of Fayetteville, Inc., SC&A Wealthcare Advisors, and Selwyn Walker Foundation, Inc. Also, as Fayette County Commission Chairman, Jack Smith is involved in zoning and rezoning of properties in the County, buying property for the County and infrastructure.

Sany covered the costs of all lodging, meals, entertainment, tours and national flights (with-in China). I checked myself.

I have never seen so much lying in a local political campaign. The Smith camp is in overdrive.

Panasonic, Cooper Lighting and the rest got tax incentives, but you didn't see anyone going on first-class tours around the globe at no charge after the incentives were announced. Big difference! It would be darn interesting to see if Sany got more breaks than the others.

The problem with Jack Smith is he probably thought he was owed that trip. He's never apologized for going.

It's time to stop making excuses for arrogant Jack.

Steve Brown's picture

As I have stated before, many people did not like district voting, so I am now opting for term limitations for the county commissioners (two-terms).

The answer is "NO" on district voting. "YES" for term limits.

My new solution for keeping entrenched special interests and their politicians out of the common good’s way is to change the county’s charter to include term limitations for all elected county commission posts. I believe term limitations will accomplish the same goal and hundreds of voters that I have spoken to love the idea.

"NO" to the West Fayetteville Bypass - stop it after phase I

"NO" to mass transit buses in Fayette County

"NO" to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional sales taxes (SPLOST)

Mike King's picture

...Holding your finger in the air to determine the direction of the political winds. Just like John Kerry in that you were for district voting until you were against it.

A drastic measure by a desperate candidate.

Will it take three electoral bashings before you settle into your comfort zone at the dog park?

ginga1414's picture

There you go again, dribbling the drival. We can all hang our hats on facts and the truth. However, when you have nothing to work with but dribbling drival all you get is wet.

Mike King's picture

Are you in denial about Brown vs Logsdon or Brown vs Ramsey? He was trashed based solely upon his tenure as mayor. To claim otherwise, you have your head up your fouth point of contact.

Steve did support district voting and the turnaround is simply due to a political wind change. Do you continue to deny that?

What you are calling drival is actually a description of an egotistical buffoon making yet another grab for power. He was over his head as mayor and is not the lesser of the two evils running.

I'm following Hutch's lead by writing in Cyclist.


You're turning into a grumpy old man and you're sitting on the tree limb while you cut it off next to the tree trunk.

Do you know how many people think Logsdon was a huge mistake? I'm one of them. I was stupid enough to support the guy. You may not like Brown's style but he turns out to be right a lot.

I died laughing on your post about term limits!!! You scream at Brown about district voting and then you scream at him when he moves away from it and goes for term limits instead. (You're beginning to sound like a particular General I loathed.)

Go take a vacation, take some blood pressure medication, anything.

Mike King's picture

Are you also in denial about Brown being an advocate of district voting until he learned that it would damage his political chances. As for as his stance on term limits, you make it sound as if Steve actually coined the phrase. In case you aren't aware the majority of voting Americans favor term limits.

Perhaps it is you who needs professional help, or is it that you and Bonkers are now blogging together.

You tell someone their idea is a bad one and they agree and go in another direction and you trash mouth him for it???

NUK_1's picture

He has no principles because he'll take any position to get elected and that has failed him miserably two times out of three. Let me recap:

He was totally against Westside annexation before getting elected. Suddenly, he's violating the same moratorium he helped ram through Council, but it's as "Citizen Steve."

He was totally against TDK before getting elected, then its biggest proponent,then tried to lay claim to killing it.

He was totally against changing the Land Use Plan until Wal-Greens wanted to buy the Lutheran Church at 54/Parkway and then he was ready to REZONE! Fortunately, the rest of the Council didn't go for that whatsoever.

He was totally in favor of district voting and ripped into the Fayette County Commission for not having district voting. When he realized that was a dead-end in Fayette, he quietly changed his mind. Amazing! They probably revoked his NAACP membership for that.

Brown is someone with no principles besides saying what he thinks people want to hear nasty about his opponent in order to get elected, and obviously hasn't learned from previous blowouts that he's taking the wrong approach. Between calling all of his opponents "developers" the last couple of crushing defeats and the "bankers" this time, I think the "outsider" BS ran its course a while back, but you be the judge on Election Day.

Personally, I wouldn't vote for Brown to clean toilets for free because that would mean 10 letters to the editors about how all the developers/bankers/PAC's were conspiring against him and not flushing.

I've got to say the toilet jab at the end was one of the more funny things to come out of your posts in a while.

I think you're stuck like Mike King. People change and thoughts evolve. I think term limits are a great idea.

I don't get all the westside jabber. Nothing happened on the westside when he was mayor that I can remember. You guys always slam Brown for nothing on that one. Hey, the crap with the Smith and bank is legit. I don't trust Smith any further than I can spit him.

tortugaocho's picture

I worry about that Bank connection too. Jack Smith was offered a position on the Board of Directors of a bank that was already in trouble. A year after he got on board, the FDIC slams them with a Cease and Desist. And when did Smith get his appointment--- AFTER he got in as Commission Chairman. The mere appearance of how bad that looks would have made most people say "no" to avoid looking like Rahm Emanuel. But not Chamber Chair Jack--- it's all about the beautiful people.

ginga1414's picture

You are so right. It just plan looks bad. It makes people worry. Why in the word would a supposedly intelligent person even contemplate doing such a thing?

the General--perhaps I ran into him in my 42 yr association with the US Army!

The Wedge's picture

Not a big fan of what he did to Frank Jenio, whom I know and was a classmate of.

Not sure how he got into the string but I do know that Jenio and his CSM both went down--now that's go to be serious stuff. There was an investigation. Your tour at 6th RTB must not have infused you with all the Spec Ops mindset!

The Wedge's picture

that the general got into this, but just my little vent. They got taken down because a staffer put an insensitive slide in a powerpoint deck. There were six funny slides in a briefing and one was over the top, but the CSM not the BnCmdr put those in. They got sacked for PC. a good bz battalion commander.

I stayed on the staff side of E9 vs the command side---I was never really good at the political side.

The Wedge's picture

I meant to say that neither the CSM nor the Btn Cmdr put those slides in, just a staffer.

We both know how that can happen, but it is less frequent in a combat zone, except for unusual circumstances. I wouldn's put all the blame on McChrystal, just gotta be some other commanders in the mix.

The Wedge's picture

theater commander decision. Brigade, Division did not recommend that

your Bellsouth EMAIL!

All I'read tells me that the Div CG (who at one time was Commandant of Cadets) is the one who fired Jenio, not McChrystal. In fact I read that McChrystal had no idea it was happening---AND Jenio was reportedely part of McChrystal's "Inner Circle". Apparently the Div CG saw a Battle Update Briefing that he didn't like, so he caused a review of historical BUBs and he was not happy. Jenio was also on the list as early selectee for Sr Svc schooling, which, as you know usually also leads to O-6. By all reports, they had a kickass unit and it sure sounds like the punishment didn't fit the crime for either of them. Of course the CSM was topped out anyway so he won't suffer career-wise,but who knows where Jenio would have landed?

His initials were W.C. and he was the valedictorian of our class at West Point. That's all I'm saying. I still have to maintain good relations.

Hey, I understand. Besides, you don't want them to come knocking on your door and confiscate your ring!

PTC Observer's picture

How exactly will you go about doing this? Please outline the process on how you will change the county charter. What support do you need to accomplish this task?

How will you stop WFB at phase I? Please outline this process.

How will you stop mass transit from coming into our county? Please outline this process.

How will you stop another SPLOST from being proposed and put on the ballot for county citizens to vote on?

I would be highly interested in your answer to these questions. Or are you simply making promises that no one individual can keep?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I had to ask that same question several times, but finally I got an answer from Mr. Brown himself - right here on The Citizen blogs.

He said that when (not if, but when) he and whoever the other new guy is that is running against Maxwell get elected and become county commissioners that they will be 2 votes against the WFB. All they need to do is convince one of the other 3 commissioners who voted for it to change their vote because Brown and the other guy say so. See - its easy. Maybe their plan is to get Horgan high before a meeting and there's the third vote.

In fairness, Brown did answer the question. He obviously doesn't want to dwell on how impossible this dream is of killing WFB, he just tells us what we want to hear and years from now he will blame on the other commissioners who are "uncooperative" or "pro-developer".

I don't think there is any chance at all all of Brown (or the other guy) getting more than 20% of the vote. On these blogs you'd think it was a landslide for the anti-incumbents, but Brown always maintained multiple identities here, so these blogs are heavily skewed to that side.

Live free or die!

Why many can't see it, well maybe they are the "other" Brown identities. :)

Mr. Brown with all due respect; when you where running for state rep and was beaten by now State Rep. Matt Ramsey you where for District Voting.
What has changed? How are you going to change the County Charter, are you talking to any of the other County Commissioners? Even if you and McCarty get in it will still be a 3-2 vote. So you are OK with Phase One now. Sounds like you are changing your mind again. TDK? That’s what you did regarding that road project. And the last SPLOST in (2004) you where mayor of PTC and did not say anything against the SPLOST, you only wanted more of the botty ($$$) for PTC. You never said you where against the SPLOST at all, and I have been looking. I feel like the only reason you have jumped on the SPLOST band wagon is because of your ties to Harold Bost. His group have their own hidden good ole boy agenda. Smith is a better choice.

Steve Brown's picture

District voting was not popular. I got a lot of negative feedback on it. Remember, the process is about protecting the constituents and getting rid of entrenched factions or special interests.

I began asking about limiting to two terms instead and that was a big hit. Not a single negative comment.

On the West Fayetteville Bypass, Phase I is well under way and is beyond stopping at this point. Phase II and III are the focus.

I publicly protested the 2004 SPLOST on several grounds (read the letter).

If McCarty and I both get elected, we have a third vote.

The 2009 SPLOST was an insult to the Fayette taxpayer, I am sure you will agree.

The Smith camp is really getting desperate. They're throwing rotten tomatoes at Steve Brown by the bushel. I guess it's the only way they can get back at those of us who don't support Atlanta'a mass transit plan extending its dripping red ink arms into Fayette County. Mr. Smith has produced no evidence that he ever objected to mass transit plans. Yet, we must be fair and call him honest when he admitted signing Fayette County's support of the plan in behalf of all of us while in Atlanta. When you stop and think about it, how many of us would go on record objecting to something where we signed our approval?

And he's the same broken record when it comes to justifying the West Fayetteville Bypass ("WFB"). He closes his eyes to the other SPLOST projects we actually need, then tells us "you voted for the WFB". Not one person I've spoken with remembers voting for the WFB, because the commissioners cleverly kept it out of view on the voting ballot.

I would personally like for Mr. Smith to tell us how he got on the board of directors at the Bank of Georgia after he became a commissioner. Was he invited by a developer? To me, that would be like the power company seating their man on the Public Service Commission. If I were part of the BG which its CEO says is of the developers, by the developers, and for the developers, I couldn't ask for a better deal than the WFB. It offers a free developmental road, courtesy of the Fayette taxpayers. And yes, it is "more bang for the buck." That is, if you're a developer.

Somehow, Fayette voters are getting the "henhouse syndrome" from the foxes that are guarding them.

Steve gave the perfect example comparing Smith to Kerry. That was beautiful and I wish had I thought of it. This idea that someone can vote one way but really mean something else is completely stupid.

<strong>In The Citizen article entitled, “Commission Chairman Smith explains his vote for mass transit in Fayette,” (The Citizen, March 16, 2010) Smith tried, painfully, to explain why he keeps voting for something had been telling us, publicly, he opposed.

<strong>Remember when Senator John Kerry was trying to explain his vote against a military funding bill for our troops in Iraq after being caught saying something to the contrary? He said, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.” That quote is the perfect parallel to what Commissioner Smith is trying to do on the mass transit issue. You cannot have it both ways, Jack.</strong>

ginga1414's picture

Hey Guys, how do you feel about throwing your vote away to someone who doesn't tell the truth? Jack Smith paid for an ad to be published where he said there were only two (2) Bank of Georgia Board members involved in the development business. I went to the Ga. Secretary of State's website and proved he wasn't telling the truth. How do you feel about voting for someone who will pay to have a lie published?

How do you feel about voting for someone who will belittle citizens?

I have not heard any of you come to Jack's defense on the Bank of Georgia Board members.

I have not heard any of you come to Jack's defense on the question of his voting favorably for Mass Transit in Fayette County.

I would really love to hear what rationale you could muster if old Jack wanted to take half of your property for the West Bypass. I would really love to hear what rationale you could muster if Jack wanted to build a road next to your bedroom window. Jack doesn't want to buy 99.9% of the homes that will be greatly impacted by the Bypass. He just wants to buy those homes he will have to destroy. He wants to leave the rest of the Bypass folks sitting in their homes watching and listening to the trucks roll by. He wants to leave those folks sitting in what used to be 3/4 million dollar homes that will be reduced to nothing. I say nothing because those homes won't be sellable. Would you buy a home where you had to look at and listen to trucks rolling by all hours of the day and night? But, according to you, whatever Jack wants is okay because Jack is a good guy.

It is perfectly okay if Jack bulldozes my property and it is okay if Jack lies about his developer driven bank. It is perfectly okay with you if Jack spends $50,000,000 in your taxes and my taxes to build a road that runs through developer property. It is perfectly okay with you if Jack lets your hard earned tax money pay for the developers to have a paved road, water, and electricity run through their property at no expense to them so they can build houses, make millions, compromise our drinking water even more than it already is, and dump more and more cars onto the roadways.

Is it okay with you that Jack lies about it being a MANDATE of the voters that he builds the West Bypass? There was absolutely nothing within the 2003 SPLOST Resolution saying that it was a MANDATE of the voters to build the East or West Fayetteville Bypass. Jack and his commission buddies chose to attach that wording to the issue because it best suited their agenda.

You know, folks, if Jack and his buddies will lie about things that affect some of the citizens, he will also lie about things that he might decide to do that will affect you home, property, family, life and the value of your home and property. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but it would really be interesting to hear how you all would talk if old Jack decided to impact your lives in an adverse manner. We will see how you feel when the first bus rolls through your neighborhood. But that may be okay with you because, after all, old Jack is a good guy. Remember now, we've got to fill up those schools that Terri and Janet built. Bless their hearts, Dear Sweet Jack, Eric, Terri and Janet have just been working so hard for the ungrateful citizens of Fayette County and here are all those stupid citizens having the unmitigated gall to not want their homes and property ravaged so those dear sweet developers can have a road going through their property.

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...since I must have posted about 6 or 7 times by now that I won't vote for either Brown or Smith. Neither have earned nor deserve my vote. Somewhere lost in all the attacks on Smith by the Brownies is the reality that Brown's track record is lousy just like Smith's and he flip-flops constantly on every issue.

It seems the whole Brown campaign is once again simply attack-attack-attack instead of proposing solutions. It also seems like the newly-arrived Brown fanatics have picked right up on that and can't even distinguish the basics like the reality that people that don't like Brown AT ALL as a politician may not like Smith any better.

Keep on trying to frame the entire election on the complete fantasy that MARTA buses are coming to Fayette County(LOL!) when they can't even provide basic service to Atlanta riders and just gutted their routes or the West Fyttville ByPass that isn't going to be stopped by one vote and maybe Brown can poll about 20% this time around if you're successful.

I voted for Harold Logsdon and I supported TDK. By the end of Logsdon's term I had to admit Brown was a better leader. When he went into business with the city administrator, I was one of many who told Harold not to run again.

Harold has shown some real class after the critics beat on him. But Mike King, that's a different story. King is a major hypocrite. I remember King getting spanked in a local election too.

Mike you're a bitter man and I'm not really sure what you stand for. It's hard to tell from reading your posts.

I go to church every Sunday and say, "There but by the grace of God, go I."

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I completely agree with Ginga:
Hey Guys, how do you feel about throwing your vote away to someone who doesn't tell the truth? Jack Smith paid for an ad to be published where he said there were only two (2) Bank of Georgia Board members involved in the development business. I went to the Ga. Secretary of State's website and proved he wasn't telling the truth. How do you feel about voting for someone who will pay to have a lie published?

How do you feel about voting for someone who will belittle citizens? My wife and I proudly voted early for Commissioner Steve Brown, Commissioner Allen McCarty and BOE incumbent Dr. Bob Todd.

I have not heard any of you come to Jack's defense on the Bank of Georgia Board members. Where are the supporting Board members? Let's confront them and see what they have to say. The video will not lie.

I have not heard any of you come to Jack's defense on the question of his voting favorably for Mass Transit in Fayette County. Listen up people. If you vote for Commissioner Smith you WILL have mass transit. Not if I can help it.

The citizens of Fayette County who vote for Commissioner Smith are "lying" to themselves. I guess they feel it is better to live with "a lying scoundrel" than actually deal with the truth. Oh well, God is in control and no matter who wins the election, "our God Reigns"!

Proud Citizen of Fayette County, Tyrone, Georgia. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..John 3:16

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Your support means a lot to me and a whole bunch of others. If we could all just live by the Commandments, there would be far fewer problems in the world. I would much rather tell the truth than have to deal with the fall-out from a lie. The Truth will set us all free. John 8:32. It's simple but powerful.


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