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Smith ad untrue in many points

For the record, I want to say that County Commissioner Jack Smith’s bullet point in his newspaper piece about Steve Brown not being active in any civic efforts to better our community or metro Atlanta is not true. Anyone who knows Steve will tell you the same thing.

I personally work with Steve on the Peachtree City Dog Park Association board where he is the president. Steve works his tail off at the park absolutely free of charge. He not only manages the park by creating a system where all the park expenses are paid without a dime of taxpayer money, but he also puts in plenty of sweat equity as well.

Steve has helped turn the Dog Park into the finest park of its kind in Georgia. Any member of the Dog Park Association will agree.

I’m not sure if Commissioner Smith wrote the points for his piece in the paper or whether it was the work of an irresponsible campaign worker, but printing those kinds of misleading statements, I think, will come back to haunt him.

If Commissioner Smith’s people were really interested in the facts, and it looks like they weren’t, all they had to is ask Steve Brown. I asked Steve, and here are a few of the things he s doing in our community.

He works with his church to minister to the elderly in our community. He leads a team to help the residents of Southland Nursing Home.

Steve is the chairman of the Georgia Regional Emergency Management Agency’s Citizens Corps Advisory Council. He and the council develop ways to ensure that state government, local governments, civic groups and faith-based organizations work together and share resources when either man-made or natural disasters occur. He developed a program called Disaster Ready that motivates local governments to prepare families on what to do in the event of a disaster.

He is on Disaster Response Advisory Committee for the United Way of Atlanta. Steve participated in the daily briefings on the flooding in and around Atlanta on Sept. 21, 2009, where he helped coordinate faith-based partners to support the community’s first-responders and plan for the short- and long-term recovery of those that were affected.

Steve is the secretary of Fayette County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee where all of the county’s first-responders have combined forces to plan for and prevent hazmat disasters and to work effectively together if disaster strikes.

He was the president of the School Council for J.C. Booth Middle School last year where he worked on school policy issues and creating a better learning environment for the faculty and students.

Next year, Steve will be the president of the PTO for J. C. Booth Middle School.

He has helped local Eagle Scout candidates with their Eagle Scout projects.

As most of you know, Steve spends many hours researching and reporting on local government corruption so we as citizens can make informed decisions.

I can tell you his time working at the Dog Park can be measured in “weeks” rather than “hours.”

Smith’s piece in the paper said Steve Brown “isn’t/hasn’t been active in any civic group to better our community or metro Atlanta” since his “ill-fated mayoral reign.” Not only is Smith’s comment in very poor taste, it’s also dead wrong.

I expect much better from someone who is a representative of our entire county. Commissioner Smith’s smug attitude and his propensity for not telling the truth means he’s another incumbent politician that needs to be shown the exit.

Tom Townsend

Peachtree City, Ga.



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... be the city dog catcher. I will admit he just might be qualified this time.

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Twittle dee, twittle dumb.....

very difficult choice, very difficult indeed.

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We don't need a spineless chairman. Time to send Jack home.

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He was actively to the point of a zealot promoting SPLOST. He was the biggest campaigner of that loser. It tanked and he called his friends and acted so surprised. He still doesn't get it. He was also aggressively active in building the road to nowhere that nobody wants. He's active all right. Actively working hard to keep his coalition of tax hungry, wasted road building buddies together. You can find him down at the Long Horn with Maxwell and Horgan making secret plans. Probably on our tab.
Go to and vote you opinion now and see instant results.

Smith is making the classic mistake of working so hard to trash his opponent that it becomes very clear he's doing a smear job.

I mean come on, Smith said Brown isn't active at all. Does he really expect anybody to believe that kind of manure???

Call Brown what you will but go read his letter. He's got references and he's sticking to the issues. If you compare the two, Smith's not in the same universe when it comes to the debating on the issues and that's none other than Smith's fault.

If Smith loses this one he's only got himself to blame for going negative and injecting obvious lies.

Mike King has turned into a big Brown hater. What's the deal with all the sarcastic remarks Mike? If you want anyone to take you seriously, start blogging about the issues.

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...You're beginning to resemble ole Bonkers in your comments.

I've read the letter, and despite what you or Stevie says, it was not until during the Losdon mayorship that TDK was finally killed. Further, was it not your boy who as a 'caped crusader' illegally bartered with John Wieland about property annexation?

Being serious now Spear, do you really believe that Brown can stop the West Fayette Bypass? You and I know that for him to have a modicum of success as a commissioner, Mr Maxwell will also have to lose for Steve to have a 'friend in court.' I simply don't see both losing, but perhaps you do. As one of five commissioners, Mr Brown will be the vocal, whining, resposibility shedding person he was as mayor.

Hell, I'd vote for you if you were to accept a write in candidacy. At least when you make a decision, you wouldn't go around obfuscating facts attempting to rewrite history.

By now you have to realize that a vote for Spear IS a vote for Brown. The more Spear Road Guy claims to have been for Logsdon (but has since learned his lesson,) the more I believe they are the same person.

You can tell that the Steve Brown meetings are on Tuesdays by the posts that take place Tuesday night and all day on Wednesday. I picture these meetings with at least 20 bloggers attending, but only three people actually there.

What exactly did he "illegally barter," Mike? Be specific and tell us where we can find the evidence to support your claim. To use YOUR way of thinking, didn't the annexations happen while Logsdon was in office??? You're no better that Smith throwing out lies to see which ones stick.

Mike King's picture

Are you in denial about "Citizen Steve" entering into talks with John Wieland Enterprises while mayor? Of course you are. Are you now attending the Brown pep talks with all his hatchet bloggers?

You are right about Logsdon as we both were duped. Of the two candidates, one is unethical and the other is a proven managerial failure.

Can you guarantee that if elected, Brown will not continue his tantrums when he doesn't get his way?

In spite of your hardheadedness you would be a much better candidate, that is of course if you can prove you're off the Brown kool ade.


It's one thing that he talked to someone but it's another thing all together to say he engaged in some kind of "illegally barter" deal. I'll be the first to admit I've not always hit the political bullseye and you've said the same thing.

Why is it denial to ask that you show us some evidence of something you say is an "illegally barter" deal? If it's that bad, there's got to be some proof. Besides, you know the developers would have filed a ton of ethics complaints against Brown if he did anything illegal.

As far as the tantrums if he doesn't get his way, let's just say based on what I have seen and read of the two candidates I hope Steve Brown gets his way or we're royally screwed.

With all due respect, you're doing the same kind of lying crap Jack Smith is doing. Just like the guy who wrote the letter we are posting under did, it's time to say enough is enough.

I agree with Mike King and Tom Townsend. Steve Brown needs to be in charge Of Peachtree City Dog Pound. For all the hours he has worked with the dogs, I am sure they Are the only citizens (the dogs) that believe his dog poop. I don’t think this makes
Him qualified to be a commissioner

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and he doesn't talk down to them.

The present commisoners need to go to the pound.

Some of the judges need to be neutered so their justice decisions can be attriubed to what is above the belt, not below it!

What's with the Smith supporters??? You guys are out of gas. Nothing on the issues just name calling and mudslinging.

I actually thought we'd see more of a head to head debate on the issues but its definitely not happening on the Smith side.

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Here you go using potty language, again. Why don't you do something constructive and go talk to all those folks at Southland Nursing Home and ask them how they feel about Steve Brown and his team that help out there. Go talk to all the elderly folks that Steve helps minister to. Some people forget about all of our dear sweet folks in nursing homes, but Steve Brown and the people in his church haven't forgotten about them.

If we had more responsible people like Steve Brown involved in the care and well being of our four legged friends, there wouldn't be a need for your "dog catchers."

Save, you really don't want to get me started on the mistreatment and neglect of our elderly and dogs in Fayette County. I can preach all day on those two subjects. Do your homework, Save, check out the facts before you work yourself into a corner. Listen to Tom Townsend, he knows what he's talking about.

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Were'nt you a big Greg Dunn supporter. Shows how good your judgement is. If you TOLD me to vote for Jack Smith I'd have to rethink my position.

wrong with being a Greg Dunn supporter. I had the distinct pleasure of working directly with him when we were both on the Forces Command staff and came away very impressed with his honesty,integrity, ethics and common sense way of doing business. When those traits are ingrained, they don't just vanish due to a job change. I'd vote for him today if he was running. Now I don't know anything about his tours as Commissioner but I expect bad (or no) advice had much to do with what either happened or didn't happen.

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Please excuse the double post.

mbest's picture

I appreciate your service to our country. But you weren't here when Dunn tried to convert to civilian government. It wasn't pretty. His honesty, and he did initially appear honest, became skewed with ambition and then competition with anyone who challenged him. My mother also worked with him at Forces Command. She remembers a man who intitially meant well, but found himself constantly involed in power struggles involving control.

Steve Brown's picture

I appreciate you taking a stand on my behalf on this one.

Of all the lies coming out of my opponent's campaign ads, the one about no service to the community was the worst.

Smith's supporters are out en masse in a desperate attempt to unjustly smear Steve Brown. This is what you do when you don't want to get specific on the issues at hand. Smith and Maxwell are both in favor of the West Bypass, even after two years of continuous objection by the public. Yet, they have not even attempted to show how it can relieve traffic in Fayetteville. They leave that to the county engineer, but we haven't heard from him either. Both have been less than courteous to individuals asking the wrong questions, or to groups attending commissioners meetings who tried to silently show their opposition to the project.

Do you take Smith at his word when he says he doesn't want MARTA in Fayette County? All his objections should have become a matter of record when he signed his approval of mass transit for metro Atlanta, including Fayette County. He just hasn't produced any documentation of his dissent, and probably never will. Others have requested documents or minutes showing his objections, and received nothing.

So going ahead with attacking Steve Brown is all he has left.

So if Mr. Smith is reading this, please, sir, request the county engineer to run a newspaper article showing exactly how the two lane West Bypass will relieve traffic in Fayette County, and how much time it will save going through Fayetteville. It took me 6 1/2 minutes to get from Highway 92 South and Highway 85 near Ingle's to Fayette Pavillion going North. I then turned around and made the return trip in just under 6 minutes. This was on a Friday at 5PM.

I don't blame Steve Brown for standing up against the shenanigans currently going on. Smith and Maxwell both deserve what they're getting.

I agree with Pips and Spear on the hiding from the issues.

Think about it. What is Commissioner Smith going to say? He really did vote for the buses for Fayette County.

Are Maxwell and Smith going to say they don't support the West Fayetteville Bypass? The problem for them is they can't come up with a decent reason why they support the bypass.

We all voted against, most of us any way, Maxwell and Smith's big dollar sales tax increase.

Old Smith got that seat on the Bank of GA board after he was elected so the people who voted for him didn't that was going to happen.

They really don't have anything to stand on. As the Scriptures say, they built house on the sand and now they are sinking.

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Right is right and wrong is wrong. You can't argue with the facts.

Citizen Bob's picture

Saw the paper in the driveway and County Commission Chairman Jack Smith's letter to the editor; was hoping he'd provide a solid rationale for his pushing that $50m road instead of funding other higher priority projects.

I think the original rationale was for traffic relief, but the road's route through multiple school zones (25 mph during morning commute) and dumping drivers onto a small county intersection with no ready access to Atlanta cast too many doubts on that argument (the Atlanta Regional Commission concurred by not recommending any funds for it).

Smith & Maxwell's next justification was cost: both Maxwell and Smith claim the west road was so much more affordable. Maxwell: "You build a $60 million road [East Bypass], I'm not in favor of that; you build a $24 million road [West Bypass], I'm in favor of that." A difference of $36m?

The part he omitted is that federal funds would cover half the east road's cost. When you crunch current numbers, you find that the Smith-Maxwell team isn't "saving" us $36m, but spending $3.8m less for a road that doesn't accomplish its objective.

The next excuse goes like this, "The citizens made me do it, they approved the 2004 SPLOST so I have to build the West Bypass".

I picked up a copy of the old ballot to check the wording; the yes-no vote asked, "Shall a special 1 percent sales and use tax be imposed for road, street, and bridge purposes in Fayette County for a period of time not to exceed five (5) years and for the raising of not more than $115,857,267.00?"
That's it; didn't see the Smith-Maxwell road anywhere in that single sentence.

Citizens’ voted that all 2004 SPLOST projects COULD be funded, not that all HAD to be funded. The commission has the clear authority to re-prioritize those funds. Earlier this year, in fact, Walton County and its municipalities agreed to re-distribute their SPLOST revenues.

My trip down the the driveway ended in disappointment. In his letter, Commission Chairman Smith did not clear the air or provide a credible rationale for spending our $50m on the road. Our senior county politician used about 25 paragraphs trying to besmirch (often untruthfully) a challenger and complaining about a few campaign road signs, rather than using his position to lead.

R.J. Ross

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Great Comment by Citizen Bob entitled "The Nuremburg Defense".

Very professional, very factual.

One of the best comments I have seen in a while.

Mr. Steve Brown will get our votes.

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Citizen Bob convinced me also. I was on the fence because of Steve Brown's position on district voting but decided that we should address the disasters happening now (WFB)and plan for the future disasters rather than continue the bad management in place now. Steve Brown was a very good mayor in PTC and I believe that he will do the same quality job as a County commissioner.

Brown said the people didn't like district voting so he dumped it. He said term limits are better and I agree.

It's nice to have someone who actually listens to what the people have to say.

Everybody is jumping up and down screaming at Smith and Maxwell to kill the road to nowhere and they don't give a crap what we say.

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Look at how many goats we could of bought for the money spent on that stupid bypass! The ONLY issue us Smith supporters have seen is about that stupid bypass! Think back, Brown and Dunn supporters………..would someone please do some research and see how much it cost the county when Dunn was in office for all the stupid lawsuits he caused by suing Sheriff Johnson every three weeks?
No, us Smith and Maxwell supporters are quite happy that all you have on them is to fuss about a stupid bypass! I mean really, it’s not like they were building it just to have a place to park and have sex!
Oh yeah………..that’s another story.

Citizen Bob's picture

Your cavalier attitude towards a $50m county-level project that doesn't even accomplish its stated objective is exactly what has made so many Americans fed up with politicians in DC. You'd fit right in up there.

$50m is about $500 for every man, woman, and child in the county. My wife and I have much better uses for our $1,000 than financing Smith's road to GA 92 & Westbridge intersection without any convenient access to Atlanta.

Like Smith & Maxwell, they don't read what they're spending our money on, are dismissive of citizen priorities, and respond with half-baked, trumped up rationales and responses to voters.

PS: the "someone" you're asking to do some research on the lawsuits should be YOU. Stop sitting on the sidelines and posting shallow comments like your candidates Smith & Maxwell do. Submit your open records requests, interview officials (like Dunn), scour county & state records on government websites.

R.J. Ross

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I can go toe to toe with you on every issue involved in every law suit because I thought (and think) a lot of Randall Johnson and followed every issued closely.

The main issue was the drug seizure money. It appears state law requires that Law Enforcement management is to maintain control of all seized monies and they were not to be handed over to local politicians. Greg Dunn, Linda Wells and Peter Pfiefer challenged that notion with the federal government (The U. S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Georgia) and lost their challege. Greg Dunn made a complete a$$ of himself during the matter and embarassed Fayette County. He even threatened to deny Fayette County the money if he couldn't control it. When he lost his battle with Washington he took it to the lower courts and filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Johnson, serving at him at home with the papers on Christmas Eve.

The cost of the lawsuits were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Peter Pfiefer was ruber stamping each law suit (seems like there were two or three) All of the lawsuits were eventaully ruled in Sheriff Johnson's favor and voters booted Dunn Wells and Pfiefer out the next chance they got.

The lawsuits had nothing to do with accountability as Pfiefer deceptively likes to proclaim. The Federal Government kept an accountability of the money. It was about control plain and simple. That Dunn, Wells, Pfiefer bunch wanted to destroy anything they could not control

That is the truth on the matters involving the Dunn, Wells, Pfiefer lawsuits.

ginga1414's picture

Come on now, mbest, you've got to site the law. You've got to give us some verifiable facts. Where can we find the documentation?

mbest's picture

Google "Federal Asset Forfeiture law"

Citizen Bob's picture

The poster challenged you to cite the applicable law and verifiable facts showing how the commissioners failed to follow that law.

I was hoping for a citation of the applicable U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) by Title, Chapter, and Part. Your sophomoric response of "Google Federal Asset Forfeiture law", did neither.

Here's a link to help you with tonight's homework:

R.J. Ross

highflyer2's picture

Citizen Bob.......I can see the veins on your forehead!

ginga1414's picture

highflyer2, you must be a friend of Horgan.

Stupid is as stupid does. It is very stupid to publish false information. It really doesn't make much sense to just fling false unverified information with nothing to back it up. The folks who do that just have to know that they are going to be called on it.

Here's a surprise announcement guys: GREG DUNN AIN'T IN THIS RACE!!!

You're still competing in an election that was held four years ago. Wake up Sleepy Beauty!!! I would suggest the best way for you two to vote is "absentee."

Guys, if you want the road to nowhere, the MARTA buses and sale tax increases then vote for your boys Eric and Jack. You might even get a good deal on a low interest loan at the Bank of Georgia!!!

mbest's picture

Greg Dunn is not in this race and thankfully Greg and Janet have been wonderfully absent from politics lately. But reminances of Dunn remain in the form of Peter Pfiefer and Harold Bosts (Dunn's mentor) who still believe plenty of people are still out there who will fall for their dictator form of government.

I don't want Marta and I don't believe Jack Smith does. That's just a hot button issue Steve Brown has jumped on to frieghten the people into voting Brown. Upseting the people with alarmist type predictions of the sky falling and it's raining Marta busses is exactly the type tactics Bosts, Dunn, Wells and Pfiefer used. No thank you to anyone even remotely connected to any of them and sadly Spear Road that includes you. I distinctly remember you were a part of that clan.

ginga1414's picture

Some folks are really hung-up on goats. I thought we solved that issue several weeks ago. We are moving on, High. The rest of us are out of the goat business.

I'm really getting brave in my old age. Last night I took my first self-defense class. I was hitting, kicking, and whacking those guys with everything I had. It was fun. And, I have to say that I was extremely good for a little old lady. I really don't know why I'm telling this. I guess that I'm just tired of all these verbal altercations.

I really get tired of seeing $$ in the place of ss. I really get tired of having to repeatedly point out blatant lies. It seems that some folks just don't want to learn. I guess it is easier for them to just keep going along with the same old same old. It is easier to believe Jack when he says he doesn't want Mass Transit and all the while you really know deep down in your heart that he really did vote in favor of it. You know that he did sell us out to the ARC. He really did lie about the BOG Board members. He really does manipulate the language concerning the SPLOST to suit his own purposes. We all know that, including mbest, high and the rest. Deep down they know it isn't right. But, old Jack is their good buddy, right or wrong. I'm just plain tired of folks who refuse to learn.

highflyer2's picture

with people that I know and trust, just as you. I don't stoop as low to call people "stupid" but that is OK....I understand that as people get older they say things that they really don't mean.
Vote for your Peachtree City boys, and I'll vote for my county boys and you know what? Four years from now, the world will still be the same and we will all be fussing about something new.

Citizen Bob's picture

Sounds like you've come to one right voting conclusion, since Jack Smith is from PTC and Allen McCarty lives in the county

R.J. Ross

Jack Smith is one of those elitist Peachtree City Boys who looks down his nose at everyone. He's the kind that has given the city a bad name.

Steve Brown fights for the old people like me. He fights for the kids too. And those old Peachtree City elitists hate him because he exposes everything they do.

highflyer2's picture

ONE thing that I said that is verifed as false information. So I just called you on for being friends with Mr. Horgan, I have never meet the guy but I'm not going to burn him on the cross because he smoked some weed! I have been in Fayette County for over 32 years and I have learned one thing for sure! Just because you see someone in church on Sunday.....doesn't mean you don't know where he or she was on Friday night.

Citizen Bob's picture

Sometimes it's expensive to preserve a principle- like not signing key financial documents that haven't been authenticated.

R.J. Ross

highflyer2's picture

Who won the law suit?
I don't recall Dunn winning one of them.

mbest's picture

and you're misinformed of the facts. Your arguments sound like a broken record of the propaganda spewed by the Commissioners at the time, all of whom were voted out. You've hooked yourself to wagon train which has long since been derailed.

Citizen Bob's picture

This has nothing to do with your adoration for the sheriff, or even his many contributions to Fayette County. The issue was whether the county commission chairman had sufficient documentation to personally authenticate that all drug dealer monies seized by the sheriff's department were properly accounted for in accordance with federal regulations and state law.

The chairman was required to annually authenticate to the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering division the amount of said monies, and that they were properly utilized under federal guidelines.

The sheriff department’s attorney contended that a financial summary, a check register, and some other documents were sufficient, while the county attorney advised commissioners that more information was needed to verify the amounts of money seized, that it was all deposited in properly registered accounts, and that it was properly utilized under federal guidelines. Both attorneys submitted letters to the U.S. Justice Dept.

In the ensuing lawsuit, both parties prevailed on some motions and were denied others. The lawsuit was dropped after a new commission and chairman were installed, so neither party was found guilty or innocent of charges.

The sheriff also took on the commission in 2005 when he refused to accept a DUI suspect arrested by a county marshal. The sheriff, who had been accepting such suspects before, argued that “Marshals cannot perform duties that may be performed by a county police department.” Superior Court Judge Ison disagreed, however, and ruled in favor of the county.

During the 2006 primary, Maxwell edged Dunn 51% - 49%, certainly no mandate. Linda Wells took 48% of the primary vote to Jack Smith’s 28%. In the ensuing runoff, Wells’ supporters assumed she would carry the contest handily so did not vote again; Smith’s bloc returned en masse and he was elected.

R.J. Ross

Regarding this post, mbest is either lying about the facts or lying about having “followed every issued (sic) closely”.

Mbest leads with he/she “thought (and think) a lot of Randall Johnson …”

What is mbests point here? If you “think a lot” of a local politician, you shouldn’t do what you think is right? Or, if mbest didn’t “think a lot” of someone else, it’s okay to do what is wrong?

(by the way, what is a Sheriff if not a “local politician”?)

But, the issues.

First, “The main issue” was NOT the drug seizure money, it was one of several issues. Second, no one asked that “seized monies be handed over to local politicians” (see above comment about “local politicians”).

Third, mbest uses the names; “Dunn Wells and Pfiefer (sic)” several times. If mbest really knew what he/she was talking about, mbest would know that the County Commission decisions about the Sheriff were UNANIMOUS (that means all the Commissioners voted for them). Since there were/are FIVE Commissioners, mbest would say (if he/she was honest or really knew what he/she was talking about); “Dunn, Wells, Pfeifer, Frady and VanLandingham”, or later, “Dunn, Wells, Pfeifer, Frady and Horgan”.

Fourth, the Sheriff sued the County. Fifth, I don’t recall the “when and where” (and mbest doesn’t know) but Sheriff Johnson was “Served papers” when and where he requested to be served!

Last, for now, “All the lawsuits were eventaully (sic) ruled in Sheriff Johnson’s favor …” They were not. There were some interium rulings that went both ways. But, it was all dropped before they were finally “ruled”.

I hope that this “reasoning” means that mbest is a Democrat, and not pretending to be a Conservative.

mbest's picture

a liar. You don't want to start name calling because you won't like the ones I have for you and your clan. You consistently told the public back then there was no accountability when the account was audited by the Feds and the County auditor.

Your statement, "If you think alot of a local politician you shouldn't do what you think is right?" What was right Peter, taking control of the seized money from the law enforcement officers who seized it and spend it on whatever you politicians wanted. Your thinking wasn't clear then and it is not now. No matter what you say most here know Randall Johnson was a lawman first, and a politician second.

Your comment; "First the main issue was NOT the drug seizure money, it was one of several issues." That's vague Peter, and you've always been famous for that. When you can't make your point you skirt around it with innuendo you can never back up with fact. You were hoping that those who kept up with the truth had gone away but they have not. You and Bost thought you would slip a candidate in (first you tried Bost, now you're trying Brown) without anyone remembering your agenda.

You mentioned the word liar and then you have the audacity to say "no one asked the seized money be turned over to politicians." That is exactly what was being asked Peter. Don't forget there are archives on this website.

I mention the main operators of Dunn, Wells and Pfeifer (I was at work earlier Peter and your name is so screwed up it's hard to keep track of) because Dunn and Wells were in control with Peter being the ruber stamp, half the time having a brain functioning at only 50 percent capacity. Sorry to be blunt Peter but that is just the honest truth. If it's hard to hear then get out of the lime light and quit trying to control our lives when you can barely think for yourself.

As for it just being you three, you know the truth about that even with your deminished capacity. Frady was the odd man out and he knew it. He was simply trying to show unity among the Commissioners. Horgan wasn't there yet Peter. Surely with your capacity you keep a journal or something. It was Van Landingham, and even though he was ill, he struggled to find common ground to stop the bickering and law suits.

Just as you don't remember who served when, you don't remember that you voted to sue the Sheriff first; the Commissioners filed the first law suit. As for service of the suit, surely you don't expect us to believe the Sheriff requested to be served at his home on Christmas Eve while his family was gathered there for Christmas. You have BS'd this county for so long you think everyone buys into your crap.

The lawsuits were dropped by the courts in the Sheriff's favor and that is where you lower yourself to, your words not mine, lying. Again this paper has archieves.

I'm not a politician, but I remember politicians who leave a bad taste in my mouth. You, Dunn, Bost, Wells all fit that scenario. Don't try to sneak in here five years later and think that everyone has forgotten what you cost this County with your power struggles with the Sheriff. He was re-elected. You guys were sent packing. When Bost tried to sneak back in he was reminded we remember and he was sent packing.

I'm a true Conservative. Less Government means less frivolous lawsuits filed and fought with tax payers money to achieve power for small time politicians. That's what you were and are Peter; a small town politician. Randall Johnson was a thirty year icon. Everytime you try to compete with his legacy, you make yourself out to be the fool you are.

You're listening to people around you telling you what you want to hear. The rest of us aren't buying it.

Citizen Bob's picture

Are you on medication, or did you miss your medication?

Calm down, stop your senseless ranting, and cite some referenced facts.

Here's an example, "Judge OKs marshal's right to arrest, Fayette wins suit versus sheriff" (Kevin Duffy, AJC 07/28/05):

And be sure, mbest, to read the last line, "Some of those expenses involve another legal fight. Johnson is suing the County Commission because it demanded that a building near the jail be dismantled. The Sheriff's Office had the building erected without commissioners' knowledge."

Finally, why don't you sign your name to your next post?

R.J. Ross

mbest's picture

In the end the Sheriff's Office prevailed. You've hand picked articles that fit you and Peter's arguments and I wonder about your obsession with Peter. My rants are not senseless. Don't confuse passion against bad government for a bi-polar patient in need of meds.

As far as signing my name, I haven't seen your name signed and don't know why you want mine. I'm not running for office or trying to sway voters my way; Im voicing my opinion. I'm exersing the right given by our Founding Fathers and this website to free speech against corrupt politicians; and yes I believe Peter allowed himself to be corrupted. I think the voters felt the same.

mbest's picture

The building you cite in your article still stands today. Somewhat a monument, I would say, as to who prevailed and who spent out tax dollars on a lost cause to tear it down. If I recall correctly, the building was not built with tax dollars so the only cost to taxpayers was the unnecassary battle to destroy it because Dunn and his puppets didn't want it.


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