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Voting for Brown like voting for Obama

I am Hollis Harris. My family and I moved to Peachtree City in March 1969. I worked for Delta Airlines at that time. I and many other airline people from Delta, Eastern, Southern and Northwest encouraged airline people to move to Peachtree City. The majority of the airline people are well educated and they got involved in the school system as the city and county grew.

All the mayors of Peachtree City from Joel Cowan up to Steve Brown had one main goal, and that was promoting Peachtree City. Too many of us went to sleep and let Steve Brown get elected mayor eight years ago. The city has been degraded ever since. If Steve Brown is elected as a commissioner, the county will be damaged just like Brown damaged Peachtree City.

Jack Smith wrote a very professional article in The Citizen in the Wednesday, June 16 issue. I strongly support the facts that Jack explained and the facts about Steve Brown.

In my opinion, a vote for Steve Brown is like a vote for Obama. Don’t believe what he writes and says; read the facts in Jack Smith’s June 16 letter. I and all my friends and family members plan to vote for Jack. We also plan to vote for Eric Maxwell.

Mr. Brown’s friend, Mr. Bost, wrote a letter to the editor and called Eric a bad name. The Citizen should check that out to see if Mr. Bost’s statement was correct. There are a lot of people in Fayette County who know the truth.

The best thing for Fayette County is for everyone to get out and vote for Jack and Eric. Don’t make the mistake that we in Peachtree City made. Electing Mr. Brown will set Fayette County back several years, in my opinion.

Remember, we need commissioners who have business experience in Fayette County. I want to be governed by people I know and trust. I know and trust Jack and Eric.

Hollis Harris

Peachtree City, Ga.



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