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Voting for Brown like voting for Obama

I am Hollis Harris. My family and I moved to Peachtree City in March 1969. I worked for Delta Airlines at that time. I and many other airline people from Delta, Eastern, Southern and Northwest encouraged airline people to move to Peachtree City. The majority of the airline people are well educated and they got involved in the school system as the city and county grew.

All the mayors of Peachtree City from Joel Cowan up to Steve Brown had one main goal, and that was promoting Peachtree City. Too many of us went to sleep and let Steve Brown get elected mayor eight years ago. The city has been degraded ever since. If Steve Brown is elected as a commissioner, the county will be damaged just like Brown damaged Peachtree City.

Jack Smith wrote a very professional article in The Citizen in the Wednesday, June 16 issue. I strongly support the facts that Jack explained and the facts about Steve Brown.

In my opinion, a vote for Steve Brown is like a vote for Obama. Don’t believe what he writes and says; read the facts in Jack Smith’s June 16 letter. I and all my friends and family members plan to vote for Jack. We also plan to vote for Eric Maxwell.

Mr. Brown’s friend, Mr. Bost, wrote a letter to the editor and called Eric a bad name. The Citizen should check that out to see if Mr. Bost’s statement was correct. There are a lot of people in Fayette County who know the truth.

The best thing for Fayette County is for everyone to get out and vote for Jack and Eric. Don’t make the mistake that we in Peachtree City made. Electing Mr. Brown will set Fayette County back several years, in my opinion.

Remember, we need commissioners who have business experience in Fayette County. I want to be governed by people I know and trust. I know and trust Jack and Eric.

Hollis Harris

Peachtree City, Ga.



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92 miles of golf cart paths. Clean recreational lakes. Top schools.Hiking trails. Unique restaurants and shopping. Golf parks well maintained. Once quiet neighborhoods and friendly people. Many churches to choose from.
Now as far as Delta is concerned, you can get your noisy,REAL NOISY, air polluting , toxic spewing jets out of our yards so we could have some peace and quiet. New FAA flight redesign since last runway has added over 60,000 flights over PTC and Fayette County. A projected 100,000 in two years and nobody to stop Hartsfied and the Delta monopoly from eventually ruining the quality of Fayette County. I'd move because of Delta before anything Brown ever did. Get your NOISY jets out of our back yards.We were here first. It's the 30 poisonous toxins and noise pollution degrading PTC and Fayetteville.

I can hardly wait for your weekly posts to see which group of people you will insult next. You are doing a good job of keeping Steve Brown out.

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Mr. Harris only mentioned Delta Airlines in passing and you all try to kill the messenger with wealth envy and start in on jet engines? Focus please.

The point of his letter was for the county to learn from Peachtree City's mistake of being apathetic and allowing our worst mayor ever to be elected. Mr. Harris correctly points out that the mayor's main job is to promote Peachtree City - not to tear down institutions, over regulate things and annoy the county and state on whom we are dependent upon for some dollars and services. Brown's 4 years set us back quite a bit and left us unprepared for the challenges of the current financial crisis. Logsdon didn't do much either, but it was Brown departing from the PTC history and legacy that set the stage for disaster. He was a terrible mayor and remains an ineffective leader. The comparison Mr. Harris makes between Brown and Obama is perfectly valid and you should heed that warning when you go vote.

Learn from history.

Live free or die!

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I am on the fence on the election of Steve vs. Jack. Generally, I considered them equally bad. I would appreciate a list of those things that you think Steve screwed up during his term a mayor. Anything he did right? I have the list for Jack and the "bad side" of the list is longer than the "good" side.

The real problem with both of them is their "holier than thou" attitude. They’re just locally elected representatives that in general treat people poorly. You can sense pretty unpleasant people just below the surface. I guess like all politicans this varys depending what they think they can get out you to get re-elected.

If you don’t believe it just show up for some of their “public” meetings and see how they treat the citizens. I think they both get caught up in the ego game, with Steve clearly winning.

Any help would be appreciated. Unfortunately, I need to vote for one of them.

I would agree with much of your sentiment. Brown has said some dumb things. However, he is the one to vote for.

The big difference between the two is that Jack Smith is always leveraging things to make money personally, like so many of our local politicians. Like taking the Board Directors position, Chamber president, expensive pub crawl trip to Japan from a developer, etc, etc, etc.

Brown has done nothing to make money in office. Nothing. He doesn't need to. His wife is a highly successful doctor.

Don't look to Bobby Morgan for accuracy. He trashes Brown and calls Smith and Maxwell "mature and competent". Brown could rescue a family of six from a burning house, end up in ICU and Morgan would still call it politically motivated. I think they call that an obsession. I don't know.

....maybe a Georgia democrat (liberal republican) but nevertheless a democrat.
I don't like "Institutions" in city government anyway---if Mr. Brown tore any down in PTC----good.
Don't know what he over regulated unless that means checking the paperwork on Tennis Centers!
Also, didn't know Mr. Brown is responsible for our shortage of income in 2011 budget! I think maybe current budgeted expenses is the problem!

Brown "departed from PTC history and legacy that set the stage for disaster." Care to tell us about that departing? Didn't Logston pick some of it back up, Maybe Lenox did?

Bob Lenox screwed the city on behalf his friends like Tom Farr and handed the crappy state of affairs over the Steve Brown. Brown had Lenox on one side and Logsdon on the other (Dumb and Dumber).

And to answer the questions below, yes Hollis Harris was a huge Democratic supporter and has since become a RINO. As for Joel Cowan, he's worked for Democratic administrations.

Comparing Steve Brown to Barack Obama is just plain stupid.

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FAA and Hartsfield are the aim of my insults. I apologize to employees. However, my plight is a unique one because of where I live. The exact point where they fly south and turn to ascend higher is some days deafening. I bought my retirement home here for peace and tranquility.
You tube"Hartsfield Dumping Big Ones"
Anyway, we have been on a winning side: beat SPLOST; WFB is almost dead and Steve is up 61% in the polls.
I'll insult dog lovers next week. How's that?

Mr. Harris,

You're one of the biggest good old boys I've ever seen. You and PTC mayor Joel Cowan sure had a cozy relationship.

When you built your own office building in Peachtree City and then leased it out to a the corporation where you were the CEO at high rates with no other bids from competing office firms, it showed your character! You cheated the stockholders so you could profit.

I'm glad the Securities and Exchange Commission got on your tail and made you sell the building.

And you're going to tell people how to vote, what a shame.

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It must be frisky Friday, now you are attacking Mr Harris because he dares to have a different view than you? One of your last posts indicated a smidgen of religion on your part, but your rhetoric is more like the judges at the Salem Witch trials. Reminds me of someone's alligator mouth overriding their hummingbird ass.

By the way, your wealth envy is showing. You, Sir/Madame are a riot!

It's not Hollis' views I'm talking about. He stiffed the average Americans who invested in a corporation for his own profit. He had a position of authority that was charged with protecting the investor and he filled his pockets instead.

Now if you're all for that Mike King so be it. As for me, I'm not taking political advice from the likes of Hollis Harris.

God Bless America!

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I observed Douglas county from the earl 70's till the late 90's. In that time I had the dubious pleasure of watching developers led by the good ole boy's and their bank
take a rural county and turn it into a section 8 mecca. This WFB issue does not bode well for Fayette county. On the other hand, Brown has problems. His waffling position on district voting is a MAJOR concern. We have to hold our nose and make choices. Choose your nightmare, district voting or the very expensive road to nowhere with who knows what developed on it.

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