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Construction has begun on Phase II of West Fayetteville Bypass

Motorists driving along Sandy Creek Road just north of Phase 1 of the West Fayetteville bypass have likely noticed road work underway at the intersection with Tillman Road.

Work on the new intersection marks the beginning of the Tillman Road to Eastin Road section of Phase 2. With most of the right-of-way secured, the Tillman/Eastin section is expected to be completed in approximately 15 months.

Construction crews are currently working to complete the T-intersection that will have a stop sign installed where Sandy Creek Road meets the bypass. The bypass essentially parallels, and will eventually replace, the one-half mile portion of Tillman Road that extends north from the Sandy Creek Road intersection.

Tillman Road then veers to the northwest while the bypass will continue tracking northward approximately 2,000 feet to Eastin Road, according to county project manager Carlos Christian.

Negotiations are underway for the three remaining right-of-way parcels involved in the Tillman/Eastin section, with construction expected to be completed in approximately 15 months, according to information supplied by Fayette County.

The second and final section of Phase 2 will extend from Eastin Road to Westbridge Road at Ga. Highway 92. Negotiations to acquire the right-of-way for the Eastin/Westbridge section are ongoing.

Christian said that section is expected to go to bid later this year with construction expected to be completed approximately two years from the time of the contract award.

It was noted that some simultaneous construction could occur in the two sections.

Phase 2 of the bypass totals 4.5 miles, running from approximately a half-mile south of the Tillman Road/Sandy Creek Road intersection north to the intersection of Hwy. 92 and Westbridge Road.



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These road projects are accurately described as reminding some of the military's methods of progression.

As in full speed ahead and no obstacle is too big.


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Tillman Road is a quiet little dirt road with HUGE OLD OAK TREES ON EITHER SIDE. Each one of those old trees has a little metal tag hammered into it. Some of those old trees are in the yard of a dear little lady who just wants to live in peace with her trees, flowers and cats.

If you haven't driven down Tillman Road lately, you should do so. Be sure and notice a very small home off Sandy Creek with stakes in the yard about 15 to 20 feet from the lady's front door. Notice the stakes in all the other front yards.

As you drive down Tillman enjoy the shade all of those old Oak trees provide. Listen to the quiet. Feel the serenity.

All of those "RURAL CHARACTERISTICS" will be gone for eternity pretty soon, so we all should enjoy it while we can.

As you drive down Tillman ask yourself how you would feel if you had been living with stakes in your yard a few feet from your front door. How would you feel if your property and home were being invaded?



At one time Riverdale's hospital was in a quiet rural section of Clayton County. GO LOOK AT IT NOW!

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I wish I had seen it before I bought. Gorgeous!

But Frady, Hearn, and Horgan want us to have more dense housing in that area. That was the plan all along. Rivers Elementary with 40 children in it sits right there.

The empty school was built as a developers selling tool, just like the bypass. The problem is, we are paying for the devlopers selling tools.

They want us to look like across the county line in Fulton and Clayton. This will make the developers rich. That is progress! T

The rich developers don't put it in their back yard! They have already moved down to Brooks like Smith from the school board with her developer husband.

That is what Hearn has done also.

They failed to say that one of the three they are negotiating with is the largest one!! I'm pretty sure it's more than 3 anyway. We are still waiting to receive a legitimate offer. Their first two attempts at an offer were both flawed, and of course any offers we made were poo pooed! Haven't heard from anyone in quite some time. Carlos seems to think that the only way to build a road is to strip a swath across the county. Lord knows you can't have a tree any where near the road. Over 120 trees will be cut down on our lot. The road, large shoulder of grass, and the ditch are all going to be well within the right of way, but they think they need to clear an additional 15 and 25 feet of trees....just in case they need that space, for which we will be paid at half the rate of the right of way, and required to pay property taxes on. They refuse to put back any landscaping or trees...not their problem! He said they are in effect leasing that land from us.....well, I don't lease something and have it destroyed! Is that how they do business!! Carlos said any new road in the county will be built as a safe road...large shoulders and no trees!! So much for that rural country feel that we all wanted for the county!! It makes me sick every day that I drive down our road now. Dead animals in the road, that have had their habitat destroyed. Would anyone like to buy a really nice home on the bypass??

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And, I feel your pain.

We received an assessment of what they were willing to offer for our property. The amount for damages was astounding. They are going to put in two retention basins. There will be permanent slope easements through the entire length. And, yes, that means they will destroy the trees and our usability, but we will still have to pay taxes on the permanent slope easements. Our property will be fragmented with unusable portions on the other side of the road. Those unusable portions will be on the developer's side of the road. They will have to span two 30 to 40 foot sections where two streams cross. At those points, they will have to put in massive storm culverts or a bridge. There are huge rock formations on our property and we had to blast in order to build a basement. Literally hundreds of old hardwood trees will be destroyed.

Okie, I really don't think the people of Fayette County realize the massive amount of damage that is going to take place.

I really don't think even Carlos Christian knows the amount of overruns that will be required to complete the project. Another property owner showed Mr. Christian where 5 streams converge on their property to form a soggy boggy acreage. After getting his feet very wet, Mr. Christian replied that they would have to do a geological survey and redesign the road.

Another property owner was talking to Carlos Christian about the rock formations on their property, his reply was "Oh, well, we will just blast." That might be well and good for the construction crews but what will it do to nearby homes?

In essence, they are building this road without having done all the studies required to form a clear picture of what lies ahead. It just makes no sense to proceed with a project without having a clear picture.

Please know that we will be with you and your family all the way. If we can't do anything to make it better, at least we can listen.

Your comment would make an excellent letter to the editors of both local papers.

destruction behind him, the Three Stooges are leading the march to the West Bypass and leaving mayhem and destruction behind them. I must say I admire Sherman a heck of a lot more than those three. At least Sherman was doing it for what he considered a good cause, Oh, wait, giving the developers a free ride would probably be considered a very good cause if you are one of those money grubbing type who has no compassion or respect for others and their property and family heritage.

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Well, folks, a legal notice appeared in our other local newspaper this week which makes it official that Fayette County is condemning our property.

As hard as it was to read the entire page taken with the condemnation, we still feel comfortable with our decision not to negotiate with the county.

We continually receive phone calls from other property owners who are trying to negotiate their settlements with county officials. We have not received one phone call with positive results. Basically, the results have all been that it is the county's way or it is no way.

We have been told that people are not receiving payment for their property. When one man refused to allow the bulldozer to enter his property because of non-payment, he was told the money had been placed in an escrow account, and he will have to hire an attorney to get his money.

One couple received an offer that was based on property adjoining their property.

Another property owner whose well will be taken for the road was told the county will drill another well, but they won't pay to have the water piped into the home.

Another family was told by the right-of-way agent that the roadbed would be elevated 12' as it runs along the side of their house. Since their home is a two story house, the road will be running a few feet from their bedroom windows, and the runoff from the road will go directly into the foundation of their home. When the Public Works officials were asked about that, their reply was that the right-of-way agent had made a mistake.

The list of problems goes on and on and on.

I could write a book about the destruction that will take place on our property.

Fayette County officials will not or cannot maintain the storm water culverts under existing roads. Some of those culverts have to be inspected each time it rains because they are at the point of collapsing. If that happens the roads will collapse. However, they are building another major road when they will not or cannot maintain the roads already in place.

There are many places along the path of Phase II that will require either a huge storm water culvert or a bridge. My latest information is that those decisions have not yet been made.

There will have to be two retention basins plus a culvert or bridge on our property, alone.

Another homeowner has 5 creeks and an underground spring that converge on their property. That problem will require a geological survey and redesign of the bypass.

The West Bypass has been an ill-planned and designed project from the beginning, and the list of problems are just beginning and getting worse by the day.

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Isn't it sad how a large number of taxpayer's property is being condemmed, or ruined, for commisoner's relatives to get top dollar for their land trust?

We don't know what these people are being paid. (the one's complaining).

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no we don't.. But I would hazard a guess it is just as they say and not an appropriate amount. Conversly, the people with family land trust seem to be licking their chops waiting for the money to roll in. Then there are the commisoners who are kin to the people in the land trust (or maybe part?) that says..NOTHING...will stop the West Fayetteville Bypass.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that some are gaining at the exspence of others. Those hurt being the people who's property is being condemmed, and of course us, the taxpayer that are footing the bill for the relatives of the commisoner/s to get rich.

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I gotta tell you ... You folks are just to honest for your own good. One other blogger pointed out, in rather a crude way, that you just arn't going to win this battle. He is of course correct IF you keep playing by the County Government's rules. I have always told my sons that; if you find yourself being victimized in an obviously crooked game then 1) get out of the game, 2) give up and conserve your resources, or 3) change the rules.

I HAVE fought Fayette County government and guess what? They lost(big time). I did NOT win by playing by their rules! It may be totally unsolicited, but here's my advise if you want to fight.

a. Out of control government is like a crooked insurance company. They are not going to take much notice of you unless they are faced with a COURT DATE. Not only a lawsuit but an actual court date backed up by a good (not just reputable) attorney.

b. Consider class action. Bear in mind that your attorney will probably poo poo that idea but ...... it worked for me. Understand that attorney skills fall on a bell shaped curve just like other professions. The last time I was in a legal action I had to tell my (substitute) attorney what to do step by step. I won with the opposing attorney asking me "what's it going to take ($) for you to call this off". In that case the (substitute) attorney was urging me to settle every step of the way. Obviously his advise was designed to line his pocket, not do justice to me.

c. If you do decide to fight, do NOT expect an immediate resolution. The actual resolution my take years but ..... that plays in your favor and the three amigos know it.

I could go on for a while but I think you get the gist of what I'm trying to convey. I'm sorry I missed your gazebo meeting(s) but if you want to sit one on one for ten minutes, I would be proud to meet you. Just say when and where (please - after business hours).

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Ginga should meet with you.

I have limited knowlege of the courts, but I wouldn't budge just like you.

My lawyer went so far as to beat his head against the wall. I let him know I wasn't interest in his acting ability, nor was I willing to pay if he didn't get me what I wanted.

He changed course and I won...the other person had to pay for both lawyers.

I didn't care...I would have stayed there till hell froze over!

As Nathan Bedford Forrest once said when surrounded and the other generals were caving in, "Hell, I did come here to give up...I came here to fight!"

I do regret your bad luck in your location.

Will you be able to live there or is it "condemned," as you said and has to be demolished? Was it Imminent Domain?

What did you get per square foot and acre?

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