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PTC cancels all July 4 activities, reschedules fireworks for Labor Day

Those expecting to attend the July 4 parade in Peachtree City on Thursday will have to wait until next year. All July 4 activities have been cancelled due to anticipated weather conditions. The only reprieve will be the fireworks display that will be held on Labor Day weekend.

“The City of Peachtree City has made the difficult decision to cancel all activities for the 4th of July. This includes the parade, veteran’s reception, Public Safety Expo, and fireworks,” said city spokesperson Betsy Tyler. “The fireworks display will be rescheduled for Labor Day weekend.”

Fire and EMS Interim Chief Joe O’Conor said based on the weather forecasts earlier this week, it was felt the parade could proceed in the rain. However, Wednesday’s updated forecasts are showing the strong possibility of thunder and lightning, with rains continuing through Saturday. The threat of lightning makes it too dangerous to hold the parade, O’Conor said.

“This is the first time in at least 34 years that the parade has been cancelled due to the weather. In 1994, tropical storm Alberto brought heavy rains on the 4th, which continued through July, causing the fireworks to be rescheduled for Labor Day. That year, a soggy parade moved forward because lightning was not an issue,” Tyler said.

Tyler noted that the 4th of July is the city’s biggest event of the year, with every department pitching in to prepare for the celebration.

“The decision to cancel was especially difficult this year because of all the volunteer work that has gone into recognizing our Vietnam Veterans as part of the parade,” said Tyler. “This year marked the 40th anniversary of the withdrawal of combat troops from Vietnam. A contingent of Vietnam era veterans was jointly serving as grand marshals for the event, which was hoped to give the welcome home they deserved but did not receive after their service.”

National Weather Service spokesperson Nicole Listemaa on Wednesday afternoon said the area is under a flash flood watch that extended from 8 a.m. Wednesday through 8 a.m. Friday. During that time residents should expect 4-6 inches of rain along with locally heavier amounts.

Listemaa said the widespread rainfall is expected to be accompanied by embedded thunderstorms that are expected to include lightning.

Still on and NOT cancelled: Family Fun Day at Braelinn Village in Peachtree City.

Face painting, kids’ crafts, free popcorn from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on July 4th is still scheduled, despite the rainy weather, according to Kay Knight, spokesperson for the event.

“Lots and lots of free give-aways!” Knight promised in an email to The Citizen Wednesday afternoon.



tomorrow morning at 9AM. Tarps of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

Interim O'Conor (for crying out loud, when is that interim going away?) will be there with crew and fire hoses. They will blast anyone who doesn't have a raincoat and rubbers on all the way down to Robinson Rd. Goggles and umbrella are optional.

Hey, just keep this in mind. Be thankful we don't live in Egypt this Independence Day. Mercy. Or is it Morsi? I guess it's mercy.

For the first time ever. Peachtree City canceled the 4th of July.


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I think the Vets of Vietnam are used to having it rain on their parade.

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That was really the most upsetting part for me, and I know how much this community loves the parade. The upside is that the CAF Dixie Wing has opened their hangar tomorrow so the Veterans can still get together. It will be a lot smaller and less formal, but hopefully still show the community's appreciation. If you want to bring the family by to thank a vet (and look at some cool military planes), we'll be there at 11 -- indoors (so it can rain all it wants).

Betsy Tyler
Public Information Officer/City Clerk
City of Peachtree City

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Great idea and well deserved too.

I don't need anyone to thank me Betsy, living in this country everyday is a blessing, I just hope that we all realize this when we wake up each morning.

Totally agree with the decision to postpone all events but why wait until Labor Day? A lot of people who live here have relatives who come from out of town to see the fireworks. Was there any consideration to having the parade and fireworks this Saturday?

I really hope the city will consider having the fireworks on Sat. or Sun. night of Labor Day weekend since our kids have to go to school and most of us have to go to work on Tuesday so Monday night won't be a good option. Hopefully this rain will be out of here by then!

Unless there is some obvious reason not to that I am missing.

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