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Compare prices of Ga. Power, EMC

Commissioner Wise, thank you for the courtesy of responding to my email regarding the higher and higher cost of electricity provided by Georgia Power.

I read and reread your response several times and unfortunately, I must admit, I’m a little bit baffled by your comments.

Essentially, I believe you are espousing the belief that we the people (that live in Georgia and other Southern states) chose over ten years ago not to have competition in the area of retail electricity providers and that essentially you believe that we are better off for it.

Well, I’m sorry, I have a hard time understanding why we would be better off not having competition in anything that we have to purchase in today’s marketplace.

Your example of what happens as a result of gas deregulation should not used as the reason for keeping electricity regulated. It should be used as a guideline for “How Not to Deregulate” rather than an excuse “Not To Deregulate.”

Would you say that the consumer is better off because of airline deregulation and the additional airline competition it fostered? Sure we are! Just as we would also be better off with electricity deregulation and more competition.

Commissioner, I’m not trying to spar with you point by point. I’m just trying to make sure you understand what is really happening to our Georgia Power electricity bills, which your commission has approved even more increases for.

Perhaps this will make it is clearer: I stopped by the local Fayette County EMC office today, and found out that my June EMC bill (if I had the choice of electricity providers) would have been $574.69 (including all taxes and fees) for the exact same usage that Georgia Power has billed me $759.01 for.

That is 32 percent higher. Why, sir, does that make sense?

Dan Cupertino

Fayetteville, Ga.



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Mr. Cupertino

If there is such a thing as a license to steal the Southern Company has one. Cheer up. On the bright side you can rest assured that a good chunk of your extra 32% pays for only the very best lobbyists available.

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