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How can you believe anything Hearn and Smith are saying?

I am totally amazed upon reading the letters from Commissioner Lee Hearn and former Commissioner Jack Smith, wondering if anyone really believes a word they are saying.

The two candidates in the July 31 primary to decide who will lead our county claim to have navigated the county through the rough financial waters like a couple of expert scouts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Truth be told, the county is currently on course to crash within the next couple of years.

The careless pattern has been to forego crucial expenditures such as vehicles, equipment and maintenance and throw those funds in an account they can crow about to make it appear they are banking funds for a rainy day. The charade is quickly upended when you notice that expenditures outpace revenue year-after-year and significant purchases are consistently delayed for yet another year.

It is unbelievable that the FY 2013 budget will be the very first budget ever with a cyclical fund for replacing heavy equipment for our Public Works Department. Even worse, the Fire Fund has not made a single payment toward heavy equipment, administrative costs and other expenses for the last FIVE years, initiating a budgetary catastrophe.

Before thinking the incumbent candidates Lee Hearn and Robert Horgan have had a change of heart, look at the Snead Road paving project. With our budget being well out of balance, Hearn and Horgan along with Chairman Herb Frady are using our hard-earned tax dollars to pave a dead-end gravel road with two houses on it. Perhaps, like the West Fayetteville Bypass, this senseless project has more to do with the corporation that owns the large parcel of developable land at the end of Snead Road.

We are reaching the point of having no funds to fall back on, the county’s fire service is heading towards a financial meltdown and the special interest road projects continue.

Steve Brown

Fayette Commissioner, Post 4

Peachtree City, Ga.



In 2010, the voters showed their dissatisfaction with incumbent Commission Chairman Jack Smith, and Commissioner Eric Maxwell by ousting them. I personally believe that Chairman Frady retired because he did not believe he could get reelected after seeing longtime Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele defeated by a newcomer with no governmental administrative experience. Messrs Frady and Steele represented Fayette County at the TSPLOST Roundtable. But at least Mr. Frady is going out on top, while he, Commissioner Horgan and Commissioner Hearn have cinched 60% of the BOC voting power.

These are the same people who took a firm position against the desires of the public when they supported the West Bypass and the regional TSPLOST. The voting public said "never again" after the 2004 SPLOST barely passed, unleashing the West Bypass. While there were many other SPLOST projects that were scaled back or didn't get done, they pushed with all their strength for the West Bypass. The East Bypass was the priority project, but the commissioners would not even consider submitting a scaled back or revised version to the public. Instead, they spearheaded the West Bypass through the hoops with all possible dispatch. As a result, the 2009 SPLOST vote fizzled with over 75% of the votes saying "NO."

We have a small, vocal group of Steve Brown critics, whose opinion seem to be pulled by a common string. They refuse to admit that Brown is usually right, accusing him of all but ruining Peachtree City during his term as mayor. Yet the same constituents who elected him mayor, elected him their commissioner over former Commission Chairman Jack Smith. In 2010, Brown won a majority of the Peachtree City precincts as well as the other Fayette County precincts. His 2010 platform was so popular that at the June 5 Commissioners Debate, I heard Ms. Sheila Huddleston, current BOC candidate echo two of its planks: "no West Bypass" and "no mass transit." It wouldn't surprise me if we had a runoff election.

People aren't stupid. Let's hope they will support the new candidates to get a different county budget perspective.

It's about time we got all the bums out. I'm shocked that Pothead Horgan actually thought he could be re-elected!

Commissioner Lee Hearn is just smoke and mirrors. He's going down just like Smith, Maxwell, Steele and Horgan.

Sheila Huddleston says she has new ideas and a new vision, but go look at her web site. She's just saying the same stuff that David Barlow and Randy Ognio have been fighting for all along. Where are the new ideas?

That's all we need is another attorney in government! But this time we've got an attorney clinging to the incumbent commissioner who has screws us at every possible moment.

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