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Sheriff: May cooperate with feds on illegal aliens

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the possibility of participating in a federal program that would identify illegal immigrants when they are arrested so federal authorities can be notified.

The “287g” program allows local law enforcement agencies to enter an agreement with federal immigration officials which empowers certain officers and deputies to use federal resources to determine whether an arrested person is an illegal U.S. resident.

Sheriff Wayne Hannah said his office is investigating what it will take to qualify for the program, which is operated under the supervision of the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency.

Under the program local deputies, when they determine a person is here illegally, send a notification to ICE.

But it’s up to the federal immigration officials as to whether or not the suspect will be deported or not, Hannah said.

“Even if we did participate, we don’t have the final authority or say-so on who gets deported,” Hannah explained.

The 287g program would not result in suspected illegal immigrants being rounded up at various locations around the county, Hannah said.

Jailers are already identifying whether arrested persons are U.S. citizens or non-citizens, under a Georgia law adopted in 2007. But jailers cannot yet make the distinction as to which of the non-citizens are here illegally, Hannah said.

The current screening process does capture some people who are here illegally, Hannah noted. He recalled a woman arrested recently by Peachtree City for a license violation was determined to have an expired visa, and so ICE officials were contacted.

ICE deported the woman, Hannah said.

The sheriff’s office has one agent assigned to work with ICE agents, so there is a level of cooperation with the agency already, Hannah noted.

Now it’s just a matter of working with ICE to determine if Fayette County qualifies to participate in the program, Hannah said. It is likely that the county will have to show a certain percentage of arrested persons booked in the jail are illegal or are suspected to be illegal, which is data the jail currently doesn’t track, he said.



I guarantee you will find quite a few in our school system receiving free breakfast and lunches as well. Of course, we are paying for it! We really need to crackdown on students and parents which seem to attend our north Fayette schools. Maybe this will also save some money. I know we have to provide school supplies also.

Is this the sense of your comment? How much you payin fer it?

all these haters of illegals take it for rounding them up and arresting them!
Have you read the sheriff's comments above? Makes little sense.
The "Jailers know whether they are illegal or not! Doesn't the jailers work for the sheriff?
One whole guy will "work with" the feds if he can qualify! Work with usually means very little.

Is this explanation the way the illegal haters want us to round up millions of illegals? Even the US Sheriff's association said public ally they don't want anything to do with it! They like the people who the illegals work for more.

Just as in most every thing else the states want the federals to supply unemployment money to them; FEMA funds to them; school money to them; and scores of other things but do NOT want to pay the feds any taxes! Nor arrest any illegals off roof tops or out of farm fields or out of lawns.

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You wax poetically, like a wizened baronet,
but no matter how many names stalk your sobriquet
As you try to lampoon, the more you claim buffoon.

I don't know what a minor Baron has to do with a sobriquet, unless it has to do with lampooning buffoons!
I don't wax!

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you are like the moon. Not wax, but wane.

Let me guess - you were edumacated at gubberment schools... correct?

"illegal haters"? We don't hate criminals, we hate the crime.

I understand! Just like you are not against the man or woman Muslim, just what they stand for; and they are all alike.

of the 20 Million illegals in this country,,,,
What percent are committing the crime?

If it's 1% you just hate 200,000 people.. Do you hate the crime committing illegals from Ireland and Italy as much as the brown skinned Latino ? or the black skinned Somali ?

I think Jesus would say love them all -- solve the problem a different way.

"of the 20 Million illegals in this country,,,,
What percent are committing the crime?"

100% of them are committing the crime just by remaining in the U.S. ILLEGALLY. They are all criminals. Every last one of them and they all need to be deported NOW!

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With Smola and Smith outed on their tampering with the re election of Dr. Todd, (The tampering being in the form of telling outright lies to keep Dr Todd from being re elected) this was overlooked in yesterday's news.

It seems at the last board meeting, our $100,000 + a year BOE human resource person couldn't find anyone in all our unemployed teachers to fill the slot of Drama teacher at McIntosh! But, did find a green card totin Alien! This jewel was found by a 'head hunter' who wanted $10,000 for their prize! It seems our BOE human resource person got them down to a mean $8,000 fee plus $36,000. a year for the teacher! All that was stated in the paper was that this foreign gem had subbed at one of the local schools before!

Wow! Money paid to aliens is money that usually goes overseas, never to return to us.

Smith/Smola voted for it...Dr Todd and Marion Key against!

Your tax dollars at work!

And of course give them a nice one way flight home. I will volunteer to get this job done. Stop the invasion close the borders. They are criminals and should be locked up or sent back. Sick of it. And if they have a kid or 12 send them packing also

Taze them by color or looks, I assume?
Closing the 3000 mile border is akin to plugging the BP hole in the earth in 24 hours!
What you want to do is use this "close the border" as a saying politically.
Just like, "I'm agin avoiding havin babies; I'm agin hard licker; I'm agin women havin all rights; I'm agin gamblin; I'm agin sassy kids; I'm agin equal schoolin; i'M AGIN THE FEDS---CEPTIN FER THEIR MONEY FER MOST THANGS; and of course, I'm agin them what critique Ragin, Nix, Bush, and Hoover." "and no gun control whatsumever."

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Go take your meds.

Since the Fed won't enforce the law, change the Georgia law to impose a five year prison term on a person that commits a crime and is the country illegally no matter what the country of origin. This in addition to the time that a person would serve for a said convicted crime. Deporting them is just a revolving door. Commit a crime and get arrested in Mexico and be in the country illegally.

You want to pay for that how ?
Traffic stop expired visa 90 days being illegal 5 years..
total jail time cost 30K per year x 5 = 150K.
Where should we jail them ? Build more prisons ?
Would you like a tax increase with that ?

At present when illegals are found and turned over to ICE they are deported your already paying for that local police, federal police.

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The common defense for illegals is that they are doing the jobs that no one else wants.
Perhaps we should ask some of those 10% of folks who are still looking for work after a year of unemployment.
Or the numerous Roofing companies, Painting contractors or landscapers who have gone out of business because their industries were undercut by cheep illegal labor.

Not hatin', just sayin'

for sure. How many aliases do you have now? A blogger by any other name still 'smells' like Bonkers.

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Where the heck have you been????? I almost sent an APB out on you.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

And reading all the intelligent and scintillating posts. Leaving it all to those wiser than I. Then the man of many names reared his hyrdra head and I just had to say hello. I just wish he would stop wasting his talents on us 'little people'-we need him in DC settling all our problems-can just see him meeting with all the other heads of state. He would have them so bewildered that they would forget to ask for that billion or so they were after. Too bad he is too busy here scouting the $4 tomatoes and researching the goats and kudzu, cart paths and what's happening at the Red Door to worry himself with world affairs.
Cy, every time I see some hunky guy pedaling his way around town I think it is you and wonder where you have been and where you are going. Gives me something to think about. Hope all of you are well and enjoying life.

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