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Taxpayers treated unevenly in PTC recreation funding

The problem with Peachtree City recreation is simple: there is not a fair and equal equity distribution of taxpayers’ dollars to each specific sport.

To simplify, one would assume that as a tax-payer, our recreation dollars should be distributed equally, based on the percentage of participation in each given sport. This is simply not the case.

For example, and to oversimplify, let’s assume for the sake of discussion, that $100 from each Peachtree City homeowner is allocated to our city’s sports related recreation.

Logic would say that if baseball has 25 percent of the overall number of sports participants, then baseball should receive $25 out of every $100 expensed. If soccer has 39 percent of the overall number of sports participants, then soccer should receive $39 of every $100 expensed.

But, this is not the case. As a taxpayer this is simply unfair as there should be an equal distribution of funds to each sport based on participation.

Consider the following facts:

Total number of participators in Peachtree City Recreation Leagues in 2009: 6,032.

Total cost allocated by the city for the mentioned leagues: $356,335.

(Cost does not include employee benefits, vehicle, or equipment cost. This would actually increase the cost of baseball and soccer. Also the costs for basketball and swimming were not figured in the equation. These specific costs would be impossible to calculate since each sport operates in facilities that are used by the public and that are paid by tax dollars out of a different fund.)

Leagues that were reviewed are: Baseball, softball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, football and cheerleading.

Baseball (including select and travel teams):

Number of participants = 1,552 (out of a total of 6,032). Cost = $166,353. POP (Percentage of Participation) = 25.7 percent. POC (Percentage of Cost) = 46.7 percent (out of a total of $356,335). Months = 7.5. CPM (Cost per month to Taxpayers) = $22,180.40. CPMPP (Cost per month per Participant) = $14.29.


Number of Participants = 388 (of 6,032). Cost = $51,443. POP (Percentage of Participation) = 6.1 percent. POC (Percentage of Cost) = 14.4 percent. Months = 7.5. CPM (Cost per month to Taxpayers) = $6,859.06. CPMPP (Cost per month per Participant) = $17.67

Soccer: Number of Participants = 2,346 (of 6,032). Cost = $71,188. POP (Percentage of Participation) = 38.9 percent. POC (Percentage of Cost) = 20.0 percent. Months = 8.5. CPM (Cost per month to Taxpayers) = $8,375.05. CPMPP (Cost per month per Participant)= $3.56.

Hockey (includes Select teams):

Number of Participants = 856 (of 6,032); Cost = $7,872. POP (Percentage of Participation) = 14.2 percent. POC (Percentage of Cost) = 2.2 percent. Months = 9. CPM (Cost per month to Taxpayers)= $874.66. CPMPP (Cost per month per Participant) = $1.02.


Number of Participants = 510 (of 6,032). Cost = $25,666. POP (Percentage of Participation) = 8.5 percent. POC (Percentage of Cost) = 7.2 percent. Months = 8. CPM (Cost per month to Taxpayers)= $3,208.25. CPMPP (Cost per month per Participant) = $6.29.

Football and Cheerleading:

Number of Participants = 380 (of 6,032). Cost = $33,813. POP = (Percentage of Participation) 6.3 percent. POC = (Percentage of Cost) 9.5 percent. Months = 4. CPM (Cost per month to Taxpayers) = $8,453.25. CPMPP (Cost per month per Participant) = $22.24.

General summary:

Based on “percentage of cost” (to the taxpayer) associated with “percentage of participation” and furthermore how tax dollars are incorporated, the following findings are true.

Baseball is over-funded by 21.0 percent or $74,830.35 per year.

Softball is over-funded by 8.3 percent or $29,575.80 per year.

Soccer is under-funded by 18.9 percent or $67,347.31 per year.

Hockey is under-funded 12.0 percent or $42,760.20 per year.

Lacrosse is under-funded by 1.3 percent or $4,632.35 per year.

Football and cheerleading is over-funded by 3.2 percent or $11,402.72 per year.

In summary, it is my view that it is inherently wrong for the taxpayer to over-subsidize specific recreational sports while other recreational sports suffer in comparison.

It is my contention that each recreational sport should receive allocated dollars based on a percentage of participation.

There is no justification as to why one taxpaying participant receives only $1.02 per month while another participant receives $17.67 per month.

I hope that my argument leads not only to a broad discussion as to how to rectify what I believe is a flawed distribution of taxpayer-provided funds, but to an improved recreation atmosphere for all those Peachtree City residents who desire a truly first class, diversified recreational agenda.

Dar Thompson

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Thompson is the owner and president of World Gyms, part of Better Bodies Fitness LLC. He has run for City Council twice in recent years.]



Mike King's picture

Valid points. How much of the PTC Recreation Department could be run by private contractor? The city relented and the Tennis Center was leased to a private firm. I'm sure that there are citizens who would willingly give it a try.

Cheerleading needs more money from taxes?
Your whole premise of dollars per "participant" is flawed.

Do you want 5000 cheerleaders?
Hockey needs more money?
For what, your ice rank?

What we need is a "complex" where youth can learn civility and utilize as they please. Since not one official or even one citizen would run such a complex, we would have to hire it done.

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