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Updated: arrest in 1 PTC wallet theft

Peachtree City police have arrested a Sharpsburg woman in connection with a wallet stolen from Hibbett Sports July 2.

Tracy Jones, 50, of Sweet Bay Drive was arrested Wednesday, the same day police released a photograph of a “person of interest” in the case. She has been charged with one count of theft by taking and one count of financial transaction card fraud.

According to police, after the wallet was stolen from the Hibbett Sports, there was an attempt to use a Visa debit card from the wallet at the nearby Target store, which is also in the Kedron Village shopping center.

Police also have been investigating a similar incident that occurred around the same time, as a wallet theft was reported at the Home Depot within 20 minutes of the Hibbett Sports incident. But there is no evidence that Jones is involved with the Home Depot wallet theft, police said.

The incidents occurred Saturday, July 2 and were reported between 5:10 and 5:30 p.m.

Police are asking the public to recall if they saw any suspicious activity at the Home Depot around those times and if so, to call the department at 770-487-8866 or through dispatch at 770-461-4357. Calls may also be made to the department’s crime and narcotics information hotline at 770-487-6010, where callers may remain anonymous.



this gal.

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"Police have identified a person of interest whose photo was grabbed off a video surveillance system....."

There is no doubt that she's on a "shopabout". However, she needs to do her shopping in the boutiques at Hotel do Right.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

an adult male skull and skeleton found by a surveyor near the entrance to Wynn's pond Rd. and Hwy 34. Said it looks like it's been there for a while.

Looking for her on the avenue now

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Interesting that no one has commented about keeping the "trash" from Sharpsburg out of the city....I have a feeling it's not coming. That comment always seems to be reserved for darker hued people from the other side of Fayette Co. Perhaps its early yet.

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a woman who wanted to be caught to bring attention to her financial situation.


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...the Sharpsburg 'trash' make it a well-documented weekly event then I'm sure they will. But, nice 'the Man is keeping the brothers down' comment where it doesn't really fit.

Sharpsburg folks as we get about other areas? Me thinks you're crazy.

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...she'll get more time than Casey Anthony!!

We live in a land of laws!

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