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New digs trump previous PTC senior gathering area

A number of classes are now available for seniors in Peachtree City with the expansion of space due to the addition of the newly-renovated McIntosh Place building. Bridge players take advantage of several classes held each week. Enjoying a round of duplicate bridge are (from left) Virginia Lee, Donetta Mills, Bob Johnson and June Slemons. The Fayette Senior Center now offers programming at McIntosh Place and The Gathering Place. Photo/Carolyn Cary.



As a "planned community" its great to see public assets retored and well operated, not sold off.

Peachtree City is one of America's first planned communities and if we manage our public assets correctly, PTC will maintain it's value as a desirable place to live in the future.

Thanks City Council....Vanessa, Eric, George and Kim.

November 2013 election is very important, and if you believe in the future of Peachtree City, vote for those who believe in our community, not those who want to sell off our public assets.

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