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Richardson pleads guilty to January arrow attack on Brooks horse

The court date for Jeremy Ryan Richardson came Thursday, but there was no trial since the 17 year-old entered a plea of guilty in Fayette County Superior Court. The first-offender was given five years probation, 300 hours of community service and future financial restitution on a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals for the January incident in which he impaled a horse in Brooks with arrows.

300 hours of community service and future financial restitution on a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals for the January incident in which he impaled a horse in Brooks with arrows.

Richardson as a result of the guilty plea also receive a total of 60 days in jail and 12 months probation for misdemeanor offenses on unrelated wildlife violations.

Eight year-old mare Misty, owned by Brooks residents Nancy and Ralph Padovano, was attacked and shot multiple times with broadpoint arrows on Jan. 3. She was shot in the face near her right eye, in the left shoulder, while yet another arrow was shot into and through her neck and lodged there. But the most serious wound came from another arrow that lodged in Misty’s spine and required hours of surgery to remove. The effects of that wound will be permanent.

Richardson was arrested days after the shooting and appeared Thursday before Superior Court Judge Tommy Hankinson. Richardson bypassed a trial and entered a plea of guilty on charges of felony aggravated cruelty to animals along with four misdemeanor charges relating to wildlife infractions. Richardson for the felony was treated as a first-offender.

Judge Hankinson sentenced Richardson to five years probation for his admission of aggravated cruelty to animals and 300 hours of community service in setting related to animal care, along with future restitution that will be determined in another proceeding.

Hankinson on the four misdemeanor counts gave Richardson a concurrent sentence of 60 days in jail, 30 of which began within hours of the sentencing and with the final 30 days to be served on weekends.

“It’s hard to understand how this floated into your mind,” Hankinson said as he addressed Richardson. “I hope you’ve apologized to (the Padovano’s).”

Richardson indicated that he had not apologized, then turned briefly to Ralph and Nancy Padovano and said “I’m sorry.”

The Brooks couple during the proceeding both said they felt violated, with Nancy Padovano saying the incident will leave Misty impaired (paralyzed on a portion of her face) for life and that she and Ralph had not recovered and had not felt safe in their own home.

Many in the community, including other horse owners, believe there was more than one shooter involved in the attack. That belief is based on the nature and extent of the injuries, the nature of the animal that would preclude it from continuing to stand in place while being shot multiple times with enough force to impale an arrow through its neck and, finally, the wide-open pasture area available to Misty to flee the attack. To date, no one else has been charged in the attack.



The question is not can they reason, nor, can they talk? But rather can they suffer?

As a concerned citizen following this case I say thank you to Ben Nelms and The Citizen for the coverage they have given to Misty's story. I appreciate Mr. Nelms using his journalism talents to get the truth out to the community.
If there are other co-perps out there hopefully he'll uncover them. I hope the man convicted of this crime meant it when he told Misty's family he was sorry. I also hope he is able to overcome his conviction and lead a productive life and will choose to embrace the sanctity of the innocent animals we humans have been entrusted with.

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while the other shot it, or they took turns. Either way it is revolting. He is a real little psycho!

should be about 5 and a half years longer than needed to get a young sociopath like you put back in jail/prison for another offense. Too bad we can't put your parents away, too, for raising (or not) a sorry excuse such as you.

Oh, and when you return to jail/prison, I hope you have nightmares about the blood oozing out of this innocent horse"s neck as you were torturing it. Hope you become someone's girlfriend, too, when you go to the bighouse.

Finally, your apology is not accepted.

No Regards,

<strong>DELETED for violation of terms of service</strong>

Maybe you can help that lady in Iran who is about to be stoned to death?
If you threaten the Ayatollah the same way as you did this horse shooter, maybe he will turn her loose!
Would you have any interest in putting him in a treatment facility like they did the ladies who killed their five children and shot their preacher husband in the back with a shotgun? Both never served a day in prison! Not even with a prison boyfriend---I mean female boyfriend!

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That says it all. He's a piece of trash!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I have been fighting animal abuse my entire life. I have fought puppy mills, dog fighting, cock fighting, clubing of baby seals....You name it, and I have been there on the front lines. Once I had a young man come after me with a huge heavy chain that he was using to beat two dogs. That man followed me in my car for five miles.

When it comes to this young man's punishment/treatment/rehabilitation, I surely hope and pray the people who will be in charge of him will have the knowledge it will take to turn him around. I have seen the pictures of Misty and they are horrific. The torture and agony this young man inflicted upon Misty is beyond cruel. Hopefully, Judge Hankinson knows the proper course of action, but I would be very skeptical about trusting him around any animal ever again.

Knowing that he was capable of inflicting such cruel and inhumane abuse to a defenseless animal doesn't leave me with any room to believe him when he said that he was sorry. I truly hope that I am wrong. But, after all is said and done, Misty and her family will carry this abuse for the rest of their lives.

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Yes, what he did was criminal, horrid and despicable. And, thankfully, they caught him and the justice system is making him pay in some small way. But the much greater question at larger is WHY did he commit such a crime? What from within him made him think that this was an okay thing to do??? My fear is that, after all of these hours of 'probation,' "community service", financial restitution, and 2 months in jail will come away from this experience with no lesson learned. He needs serious psychological counseling - SERIOUSLY. A child/person that can inflict that much damage on a innocent such as an animal like that will in no time move to a life of much heavier crime. What - or who - will his next victim?

"The truth will set you free!"

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I agree with OLDPTC. There's a larger issue here. It's obvious to me that this young man has not received a proper "spanking" when he was younger. "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." Proverbs 13:24. The scripture is ofter quoted and is an indictment against this boys parents. Parents who have not disciplined their children by age 4 or so have basically lost the opportunity to instill real personal responsibility in their child. Exceptions abound. I can honestly say, shooting an arrow at ANYTHING other than an appropriate target and my father would have "disciplined" me to make certain it never happened again. Any young man who doesn't understand the severity of shooting an arrow at any living creature, excluding legal bow-hunting, has a mental issue for sure.

I'm one of the "yes sir", "no sir", yes ma'am", "no ma'am" people. Since we've taken prayer out of school, 1963, and made abortion legal, 1973, our society has been on a downward spiral morally and spiritually. We are no longer a "God Fearing" country. God hates abortion and so do I.

We prayed "The Lord's Prayer" and said "The Pledge of Allegiance" each morning when I was in elementary school. As a general rule, the young people of today have no clue, period. I blame their parents. In my early years, when I messed up, it was my parents who took me and made me apologize. No questions asked. And it would have been something as simple as not being respectful when I spoke to an adult. Praise God for my parents and their discipline. I did well in the military because "yes sir, "no sir", yes sergeant", "no sergeant" were easy for me to say. Oh well, I digress. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS FAYETTE COUNTY.

Proud Citizen of Fayette County, Tyrone, Georgia. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..John 3:16

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