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UPDATED: New level of violence in F’ville

UPDATED for Wednesday print edition — Fayetteville Police are hoping that someone recognizes one of the three men who robbed the RBC Centura Bank in north Fayetteville at gunpoint Friday morning.

Although two of the suspects had their faces almost completely covered, one appeared to be wearing just a cap and eyeglasses, according to surveillance photos released by police hours after the holdup.

The suspects, all described as black males in their early 20s to early 30s, were armed, one with an assault rifle and two with handguns, police said. They got away in a blue four-door SUV, which police have been looking for, officials said.

It was one of the most aggressive bank robberies in recent Fayette County history, as one of the suspects fired a shot as they entered the bank, presumably to scare the bank personnel. Also, three of four bank staffers were bound with duct tape before the suspects fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash.

None of the employees suffered any injuries, however, according to Fayetteville Police spokesman Steve Crawshaw.

The trio, along with a separate getaway driver, left behind a duffel bag which they had used to remove the cash from the bank. A dye pack had exploded inside the bag, which could mean the heist was for little if any actual usable cash. The bag was abandoned in the middle of a street adjacent to the bank.

A host of lawmen from the Fayetteville Police Department and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and searched the area, including a sheriff’s K-9 unit. Police were summoned by the bank’s holdup alarm, which went off at 10:16 a.m. with the first officer arriving at 10:19 a.m.

The incident is being investigated by the Fayetteville Police Department and the Atlanta office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Fayetteville police at 770-461-4441 or the FBI at 404-679-9000.


EARLIER ONLINE VERSION — Three armed men robbed the RBC Centura Bank off Ga. Highway 314 across from the Fayette Pavilion shortly after 10 a.m. this morning, police said.

One of the men fired a single shot into the ceiling as they entered the bank, and three of four employees were bound with duct tape but no one was hurt, police said.

One of the men was armed with a rifle and two others brandished handguns, police said.

While the suspects managed to avoid capture, they may not have gotten much usable cash, as a dye pack exploded inside the duffel bag which they left the bank with. The bag was discovered abandoned in the middle of a street near the bank.

The suspects were described as black males wearing hooded shirts, and surveillance photos showed that two of the suspects had their faces covered while a third appeared to be wearing some type of eyewear. A fourth suspect was believed to be the getaway driver of a blue mid-sized four-door SUV, police said.

A host of lawmen from the Fayetteville Police Department and the Fayette County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene and searched the area, including a sheriff's K-9 unit. Police were summoned by the bank's holdup alarm, which went off at 10:16 a.m. with the first officer arriving at 10:19 a.m.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also involved in the investigation. A photo of the SUV will be released by police once one becomes available.



How do these dye packs work? Specifically what set them off and prevents a bad guy from just simply taking it out of the bag before leaving the bank? At this point they are not exactly a secret.

Hope they're caught soon to re-inforce the message 'don't mess with Fayette County'!

"Outstanding response time," what do you mean, they were NOT caught nor have suspects!

I declare, sometimes you sound like the 200 teachers and supervisors in Atlanta (all they could catch) who cheated!

All they want to say is "let's move on."

The children from 1st grade through high school need to be failed when they fail!
How much remedial work that will be provided is left up to the "School Board," I suppose, who have already told the new Super that they will decide just who gets canned and bonuses taken back! (none).

Indictments must be made here where there is proof! Get a Grand Jury!

Don't let the old Super out of the USA until she return her millions and bonuses and serves a few years.

Include the old board also. They are simply protectors of the cheaters in order to get more HS grads.

Response time does not equal apprehension. What 'county' or school district did you graduate from? You are an excellent example of why it is important for outstanding teachers to be available for all of our citizens. You sound like you're part of the quickly disappearing majority in our country - and you appear to be sadly lacking in common sense or intelligent 'humor'. Have a nice day - and as others have said - don't forget your meds.

<strong>The suspects were described as black males wearing hooded shirts, three dressed in all black clothing and one dressed in all white clothing.</strong>

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I bet you a dime to a donut, these three thugs are from Clayton County.....I hope that the dye packs have stained their skin for months so that they are easily i/d - glad no one injured, too bad the punks weren't hit by a car or something to stop them.

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Sheesh ... And "Three armed robbers" robbed a bank? "Three dressed in all black and one dressed in all white?" Last I checked, 3 plus 1 equals 4, not 3.

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Well, I'm certainly not the detective RKS appears to be but I bet they made a left hand turn on 314 instead of a right handed one. I wish the fellas down at the bottom of the hill hadda gotten word right away. They could have/should have moved target practice outside.

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[quote=namealreadytaken]Well, I'm certainly not the detective RKS appears to be but I bet they made a left hand turn on 314 instead of a right handed one. I wish the fellas down at the bottom of the hill hadda gotten word right away. They could have/should have moved target practice outside.[/quote]

Not a detective, but based on history, I am pretty good at guessing where these pieces of trash come from when they head into our County to terrorize us.

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clothing and and one dressed in all white clothing.

Must be how this gang rolls.

Let's dispense with the dye bomb thingy and get something with a little more bang. Something that………well something that will leave a little more “impression” in the street.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Premeditated murder is against the law. Chloroform might work! They would all be bunched around that money!

Jobs getting scarcer again---lot more of this coming.
We better get the jobs programs going building road, dams, bridges, parks, fighting fires, cutting kudzu, etc.

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It's not murder; we'll call it......well call it suicide. After all, they knew the risk that they were taking especially carrying guns to commit this criminal act.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Just look for the scorch mark on Hwy. 85 north bound.

We'll call it..... 'paid in full'.

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Outstanding!!!!!!! "Paid in Full."

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

something with a little more punch than dye. Maybe a mini claymore mine or some napalm.

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You ask why it matters what county they come from? Perhaps it doesn't....but my guess is Clayton or Henry whenever these crimes take place and the majority of the time I am correct. I'd like to keep Fayette thug free so that we could go back to having our doors unlocked and feel safe stopping at the bank on a Friday morning.

Parts of Fayette County are just like Clayton County. Look at the north Fayette area. Times are changing around here. I thought one day I was in Mexico.

Yep, those were the good 'ol days when you could leave your doors unlocked, your lawnmower in your yard, your car unlocked and no one would bother you.

Well, wake up, folks, those days never existed. I've lived within 15 miles of PTC for 60 years, and theft, robbery, rape, have been a part of the culture here forever.

True story: my family moved to a new house in 1959, local town unnamed. The mayor of the town at the time was also the police chief, and he openly carried a little moonshine with him for sale and made sure the white lightning business was run correctly.

I've witnessed KKK rallies, seen Boy Scout leaders sent to jail for molestation, and watched my Dad discover in horror that his new car - uninsured - had been stolen from our front yard.

So don't kid yourself about the 'good ol days.' Crime is a part of life, and thank goodness we have a strong police presence in our communities to fight it.

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Funny, the houses in my old neighborhood in the LA area never had iron cages/screens on the doors and windows. Now it’s a requirement. Oh and the murders, let's not go there. Of course growing up we never referred to our neighborhood as the "hood".

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

The original article said that is was three men dressed in all black and the fourth was dressed in all white.

So much for eyewitnesses, thank God for cameras.

I wonder if it was the jackets, 90+ degrees, sunglasses or the hoodie(sp) that first gave them away.

I'm just grateful nobody was hurt, yet.

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common tater
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Interesting that no one has commented about keeping the "trash" from Sharpsburg out of the city....I have a feeling it's not coming. That comment always seems to be reserved for darker hued people from the other side of Fayette Co. Perhaps its early yet

My response earlier today (BEFORE this story...!):

...the Sharpsburg 'trash' make it a well-documented weekly event then I'm sure they will. But, nice 'the Man is keeping the brothers down' comment where it doesn't really fit.


What is it you want to hear?

Are you disappointed that an overweight white woman, bad dresser, stole a wallet and tried to use the credit cards in another store without pointing a gun at someone?

Is she slime; heck yes!

Should the people of Sharpsberg worry about their neighbors being gun toting bank-robbers? Not just yet.

Are felony crimes committed, for the most part, in Fayette County by young Clayton County black men, yes.

So I ask you again, whats your question?

You were on-line when I posted my reply.

Did you shrivel up and shrink a pair?

If you're going to run your mouth, then hang for the response.


kcchiefandy's picture I haven't logged off this site. You wanted a response? You asked 'what's your question?' I didn't have a question, just a statement; where you deduced I had a question, I don't know. IF I had a question it would have been 'Did anyone follow Neil Boortz's advice and purchase a gun to shoot threatening thugs with?' And the point of my post - which flew far over your head - is that a pickpocket from Sharpsburg is much less a public threat than a gang of armed bank robbers from (and I admit this is an assumption yet to be proven) Riverdale or the S. ATL area.

Oh, and I'll pass on some wisdom I learned over my lifetime - name-calling is the dominion of the weak-minded.

[quote]Oh, and I'll pass on some wisdom I learned over my lifetime - name-calling is the dominion of the weak-minded[/quote]

Our conversations would be far more interesting if we utilized this wisdom. Thanks!

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My Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle helped build Clayton County in the 1940's - 60's. They had a beautiful home in a wonderful subdivision and I have wonderful memories of visiting them and going to Southlake Mall. I also remember the first time a home in their neighborhood was robbed and how quickly everything went down from there. When Southlake Mall became too dangerous, we began shopping at the outdoor mall at Mount Zion. The past ten years have driven us from there as well. I don't even like to drive through there on the interstate anymore. Clayton County is a shell of what it used to be.

I remember when the Fayette Pavillion became the place to go and feel safe. We used to enjoy eating in Fayetteville as well. Unfortunately, thaat is changing too. The only thing that has kept this from Peachtree City is the determination of the police force. Fayetteville might want to take some lessions if they want to keep the east part of the county from slipping away...

Actually the more population growth we have, the more robbers and bums we have. That is just statistics. They come in all colors, but the ones without a job cause most of the trouble.

Imagine yourself wandering around with friends and having no income! The few jobs available pay less than unemployment and most of the type, from appearance, can not get hired anyway.

Now then, a near Depression comes along and up to 30% of the low wage earners are unemployed. One in three. Another third of the employed ones can't pay their bills.

Want to blame Bush for this one? It is possible, isn't it?

We can provide jobs for most if not all of these people by infrastructure and farm jobs being added. Long term Bonds at a low interest rate could establish that.

Then if someone came in front of the judge for crime and had no job, he should be assigned a job and probation--unless murder is the charge.

There are solutions!

Brer Rabbit's picture

No doubt the population growth brings problems. We can see that in the history of every major city. We can also see crime diminish in large cities (like New York) with the right alignmnet and commitment of resources. People have to decide that they're just not going to accept it and (I hate to say) tattle tale on those doing wrong.

I also agree that unemployment is driving some to desperate measures. However, I work in a local industry and we are struggling to find people that are willing to actually work. For every 10 that we interview, we may bring 2 in. The people just do not want to do the work. That's the difference between this mess and the depression. In the depression, people were willing to work hard for the money. They wanted to earn something. I know that some have resorted to extreme measures just to survive, but I think the majority of these crimes are committed by people who are just to lazy to earn what they want.

I like your thought about infrastructure and farm jobs. I think every incarcerated person should have to contribute to the greater good in some way. I would expand your thought to include anyone (other than the disabled, children and elderly) that receive government assistance, but not employed. Take the burden off the municipality and county employees by having those on government assistance cut grass, paint structures, sweep sidewalks, etc, and let the municipalities tackle bigger issues.

As to the "welfare" people (government assistance) I am puzzled just what you would do with the 3-7 children many have! 70% are not married either.

Brer Rabbit's picture

Most of them already have daycare assistance through DFACS. Some only have to pay as little as $1 per week per child.

Where did you get such numbers? "Most of them have daycare assistance?"

Guess they breast feed the one year olds also?

Brer Rabbit's picture

My in-laws operate a daycare. Parents that are on Gov't assistance (like WIC) also get daycare assistance. The gov't pays up front and the parents are responsbile for the balance (which depends on how much they earn). They have a hard time getting parents to pay their part (normally $10 - $20 per week). More recently, a parent was behind three months for her weekly $1 payment. Said she couldn't afford it (driving an SUV).

I wonder what these people would do if people like me decided to no longer support them through my tax money. Sadly, that's not an option since the government takes from me before I am even paid. I do feel for those that want to work and can't find it and I don't mind my tax money supporting them. I do, however, resent those that take my money and don't even attempt to find work.

What you do not understand is if the mom had to pay for the (3-7) children they would not have had them. Thank you Great Society you took the husband out of the picture.
Let the name calling begin.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

If a frog had wings he wouldn't go around bumping his ass on the ground!

Yo dawg we be chillin' wif da big bucks

Let's have a pool on the time and place of the first flash mob robbery in Fayette County.

Gee... REALLY !!.... who would have thunk it .

BHH's picture

At all roads leading in from Fulton or Clayton counties.

That would be a deterrent to crime.

It works for individual homes & neighborhoods.


Cyclist's picture

At least give those of us - that have to drive through those areas to get to work - a card so we can open the the gate to get home. :-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Its really sad to watch Fayetteville decay in this way.....slowly but surely I feel we're going to be no better than Clayton County..We're losing that small town appeal that brought me back to the State of my Birth.

I try to avoid Fayetteville if at all possible. So sad...on the weekends, 90% of the car tags are from Fulton, Clayton and Dekalb counties! It is most definitely too dangerous to shop with your kids. The sheriff department needs to have officers sitting at the north entrances of Fayette county on all major roads. Show constant presence!

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Bank robberies in Fayetteville are becoming a weekly occurrence!

The robbers seem to run over the county line, grab the money, and speed out the same way they came in.

Some folks talk about bringing Fayette County into the 21st century with more bypasses, thoroughfares, parkways, wider highways, and mass transit. All of that just provides better escape routes.

More just begets more!

If the 2012 Regional Transportation SPLOST is going to provide more and better access to Fayette County, IS THE ATLANTA REGIONAL COMMISSION GOING TO HELP US PAY FOR MORE POLICE PROTECTION?


BHH's picture

is the new Stewart Ave.

It funnels straight into Fayette county and the thugs have noticed we are the easy prey.


I remember Brandy's and the Outta Hand Band (the singer was missing a hand)!! Of course, that was back in the early 1980s. My how times have changed.

NUK_1's picture

Spent some good times there. The Longhorn nearby was also the best Longhorn I have ever eaten in, but it was a franchise and not a corp. store. The ribs there were incredible.

When I lived in Clayton Co. (77-83), used to frequent Joe's Pizza on Old National--mighty fine eats!

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Recent crimes in our area:
1. The RBC Bank on 314 was robbed.
2. The SuntTrust Bank on 85-N was robbed.
3. A 78 year old woman at the Pavilion was scammed out of $4,000.

What do all of these recent crimes have in common?
1. Black males in early 20s - 30s fired shot, bound bank staffers.
2. Gunman was black male.
3. Scammers were black women, mid-40s and approx age 50.

Also, the parking lot of our nice Kenwood Park is filled almost totally with cars having license plates from Clayton and Fulton counties, while the park mainly serves young black males from the outside. Besides tying up a Marshall to stop the crime and fights there, the county has had to erect heavy gates at the entrance, that come down at dusk to keep out vandals and trespassers.

Do you need help seeing a common thread? If you don't recognize the problem, then you might be one of those who prefers that the TSA grope kids and 90 year old women rather than profile for Islamic males. Political correctness is going to get people killed. I don't care about any excuses and blaming slavery from generations ago. Common sense has to take over.

From now on, I'll profile for my own safety, and if I see someone acting suspiciously, you can bet that I'll also call the police department to investigate. I encourage others to do the same. We can't let any part of our county be turned into the ruins that Old National Hwy, Riverdale, and the old Shannon Mall area have become. And, my decent black neighbors feel the same way.

I am also tried of the violence at the Fayette pavilion and migration of other counties to Kenwood Park. In Kenwood park, either charge a fee for out of county tags, as they do at Lake Horton or destroy the basketball courts. In my apartment days, I never rented at a complex with basketball courts.

I seldom shop at the Pavilion. I don't like feeling unsafe. I remember when the pavilion was first built and they had high end stores. I miss those days. Now, the stores and banks will have to beef up security and the police have to up their game. I am staying away from the pavilion.

If a community cannot support high end stores, the stores take their business elsewhere. Being retired, I am in the Pavilion in the middle of the day. I haven't run into any thugs - but being from the LA, I'm probably more cautious about 'strangers' than most - and weary of those I don't feel comfortable around, regardless of color. I enjoy eating at the Atlanta Bread Company in both the Pavilion and the Avenues - both serving a diverse clientele. Crime is escalating everywhere, I question the wisdom in pulling security guards off duty at county banks. County and city law enforcement can't cover the entire county and malls and banks should invest in private security, As an African American and a resident of FC, (Fayetteville)I also want FC to remain a safe and pleasant community - free of trash and thugs.


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