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Haddix claims 'part drunk' assertion was true

Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix is claiming that his assertion in a February email to a city staffer that former Mayor Harold Logsdon was “part drunk” during meetings is true.

Haddix, who is being sued by Logsdon for libel, claims that a witness has testified under oath that Logsdon had alcohol on his breath during a City Council meeting and also “was red in the face and perspiring.”

The identity of the witness is not disclosed in Haddix’s formal answer to the libel lawsuit filed by Logsdon.

Logsdon in the lawsuit has asserted that Haddix’s claim he was part drunk at meetings was false, and he alleges that the claim was made maliciously. The Citizen has been unable to reach Logsdon for further comment.

Haddix, for his part, noted in a press release that the email only went to one city staffer, and he said the reference was made for the purpose of “historical reference to a current agenda item.”

The statement was made in an email to then-economic development coordinator Joey Grisham in reference to a change to the city’s alcohol sales hours.

“Do I regret including the statement? Yes. Was it inaccurate? No,” Haddix wrote.

In the suit, Logsdon claims that the email has been circulated among a number of people in the community, harming his reputation.

Both Haddix and Logsdon are asking the court for legal fees in connection with the case.

Haddix is also claiming that Logsdon was a public figure at the time he sent the email in February of this year. If the court were to make that determination, the bar would be raised higher as Logsdon would have to prove that Haddix made the comment with malicious intent.

Logdson is being represented by former Peachtree City Attorney Rick Lindsey and Haddix is being represented by attorney John Mrosek.



In my opinion, choosing Mr. Lindsey to represent him, Lodgson, made a mistake.

Mr. Lindsey is not a power house lawyer anymore. He's just one of many over the hill used-to-be-somebody's that still resides and still practices law in PTC. (what I would I would pay to be able to "practice my profession" and still charge clients)

If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Lindsey has lost more cases then he's won in the past few years; at least where PTC is concerned.

Did Mr. Haddix make a mistake in his accusations about former Mayer Logdson, I think he did.

Was Mr. Lindsey the right attorney to prove the case, I don't think so.

Well, you don't want that fellow Ashton or Marcia Clark!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Haddix, get a life or get a real lawyer - one that tells you to shut your pie hole. My God man, you are digging yourself in deeper and deeper.

I really thought that a vacation from PTC and my computer would be refreshing - and it was, but why in the world do I have to hear more about this stupid stuff from Haddix the minute I get back? Go away dude.

Live free or die!

The interesting part is if you look at the clerk's website, the answer to the complaint is dated today. This article only appeared because Haddix called it in.

I will be there on the day of the trial. Trust me when I say it will be worth attending.

See you there.

ptctaxpayer's picture

Wow yer an Einstein. What part of "Haddix noted in a press release" did you miss ? LOL.

Mike King's picture

Whether our mayor comes out on top in this lawsuit is likely up for grabs, but what he is risking is winning a battle, but loosing a war. This fool has absolutely no regard for the reputation of the city he represents for the longer this drags on, the more embarrassment he causes for Peachtree City.

Surely, he realizes that potential entrepreneurs or business owners considering Peachtree City are put off by such outlandish behavior.

Will our Council grow a pair and censure this guy?

PTC Observer's picture

Plenty of people have wasted a lot of money on their egos, I think we can both agree that these two have plenty of ego to go around, the real question is who has the most money to waste.

As to our embarrassment, well all I can say is elections have consquences. No one that is compentent would want to run for election in this city based on the actions of our council and mayor in recent memory.

We can only hope that we get some really good candidates up and running to raise the professional level of our government representation. The new city manager seems to have a good grip on things, but time will tell if he is ready to outlast the nonsense we have going on at the moment.

NUK_1's picture

The anyone competent doesn't want to run idea is also at work when it comes to being President of the USA too. I can certainly understand that at the presidential level, but the Mayoral/Council level of a city of less than 40K or county that isn't that big should have never got as awful and toxic as it has become. 50% of that is due to "good old boy networks" and the other 50% is due to the politics of personal attacks and character assassinations done by people like Brown, Haddix, and certain hysterical whiners who have never been "happy" and never will be with anything, yet show up at every PTC meeting to moan the same whine as the meeting before, the meeting the month ago, the meeting years ago, IMHO.

The egos and sheer arrogance with NOTHING to back it up of local FC political types is stupefying.


I am not a huge fan of Haddix or Logsden (or any politician), but on the one occasion that I was at a PTC Council Meeting, I was appalled at Logsden's lack of presence and his awful public speaking skills. He could not read a proclamation aloud, and yes, he was slurring words. Never occurred to me to think he was even a little drunk, but in retrospect his behavior and speaking would fit in the "partly drunk" category very well.

This is the most childish thing yet in PTC!

Of course this won't go to trial, ever. If it were to by accident or lack of good sense, I can just see all of the witnesses who knew or saw all of these defendants repeatedly drinking up a storm--even the witnesses would have testifiers against them.
After all this is Fayette County, GA, not New York, or Atlanta!

It wouldn't matter whether or not the drinking was before or after a meeting of the Council.

I find it interesting that a jury or judge would find someone liable for saying someone appeared to be under the influence---especially a Mayor saying it about a former Mayor.

What is the problem anyway, many worse things are said about politicians.

The Mayor, IMO, will eventually have the best chance at a law suit, especially if he loses because of this.

The Mayor is not very diplomatic---he doesn't have to be however. The voters decide that. The days of the "good old boys" are pretty much over with the changeover of the County Commission, the Mayor change, the good old boy judges gone, and needed land for future roads domained.

The current attempt by a few "hope to" win candidates for the next elections, by personal attacks as to ignorance, dumbness, stupidity, and just no good, will have the same fate as did John McCain--a good man.

I agree with Mike's statement that "enough is enough," but in the opposite direction!~

Politics is a tough game. It is worse than trying to be chair of a well loved event in the PTO. I think that Haddix is playing right into the former mayors hands. I guess he decided that if he couldnt have a political career then Haddix wont either. I am sure he cares nothing about the money but the dragging through the mud is a sure fire win. Not to mention the fact that he is probably highly stressed and taking it out at home and on others at work. He has already gotten what he wanted from Haddix.

NUK_1's picture if it affects him personally also, GOOD. It definitely affects PTC in terms of trying to draw quality businesses and residents here also.

Anyone STUPID enough to send an email to a city employee-knowing full well that is a public record-stating what he did is obviously lacking common sense and basic intelligence. The letters from Day 1 as a councilmember and his rambling semi-literate nonsense pretty much shows that PTC elected someone well below the norm in regards to intelligence who also happens to have no managerial skills either.

If you want SURVEY SAYS(that hardly anyone bothered with because they foolishly thought they had elected people to be leaders and not survey tallying clerks) as a form of leadership in your Mayor, along with personal attacks and a total lack of humility that prevents him to admitting when he's 100% wrong as the minutes controversy a few months ago showed, Haddix is your guy.

Can someone explain the term "part drunk"???
That's like someone calling the mayor "Part Stupid".....

what is it? Is Haddix's lawyer now speaking "Haddixese", it a languague all to itself!

Haddix, please resign! You are an embarrassment to the entire community. Do something right for once and step down.

Otherwise known to those under 90 as a buzz.

Dude, I'm mellowed out.

.....of test cheaters taking up for one caught!

What has the Mayor done that is illegal? He has a right to be the Mayor.


Not sure that calling the past mayor a part time drunk or part drunk is in the mayor's job description.

Also, I don't think it was in the mayor's wife job description to run off the economic development manager.

Are we to base the job performance/description of the mayor on legal and illegal activities?

The Mayor's wife had no job with the city! Nor is he as a husband responsible for what she says, but maybe as a Mayor.

There is something about this situation that hasn't been told!

He should have just smiled and said, "he works" for me, not my wife.

If he did, I never was sure who worked for whom!

Mike King's picture

Had the mayor said that "he works for me not my wife", that also would be a falsehood as Mr Grisham reported to the City Manager. But then when you haven't kept up with your meds you're never sure.

Mike, that is what I meant about this job once before----nobody is sure when it comes to firing!

Who do you think the Chief of Police works for? (who fires him)
I asked them once (at City Hall PI) and they said it was necessary for me to get a copy of the ordinances and look it up!

Maybe that is the problem here---everyone works for a committee!
It took a County Sheriff to remove the old chief!

What good is a supervisor if he must get several people to approve discipline, or hiring or firing? (which seldom happens)

Sounds like Atlanta schools hiring a new Super! They seem to always end up of the same creed! And Philosophy!

Didn't we go through this up until about 1965 except in the opposite?


PTC Observer's picture

It is akin to "dimmed witted" I think.

Don't look for Mr. Haddix to resign, that would require judgment and decision making. Qualities that Mr. Haddix has thus far proven he has in short supply.

One can be "Part" most anything, except pregnant!

MajorMike's picture

While I have not heard the expression "part drunk" before I have heard "half drunk", "about half drunk", "pretty much drunk", and a host of other expressions with the same meaning. I really don't think that the simi slang wording is going to make a whit of difference to the court.

I have met (then) Mayor Harold Logsdon only one time. That instance being a pancake breakfast at McIntosh high school put on by one of the local civic clubs. I remember being a little bit surprised that he didn’t smell like alcohol after all the reports I had heard about his drinking.

One of the bloggers here quoted an old expression; "You had better not accuse someone of libel, they might just prove it.". That appears to be exactly what is happening now. It does not help Mr. Logsdon’s case that the law firm he elected to use (or did they choose him) has a reputation for this type of chicanery. Considering the history of this firm one must ask; at what point is an attorney or law firm held accountable for frivolous litigation? The answer is “probably never”. Mr. Logsdon will bear the full brunt of the financial burden.

And oh! BTW. The continuous whining and attacks of the Anti Brown/Haddix crowd (AKA: The dirty dozen) is not going to make one whit of difference either. Even though I disagree with Mayor Haddix or regular occasion, he has shown an ability to adapt, change course when needed, and make the really tough decisions that had to be made in these challenging times. These are skills that Logsdon never exibited on his best day during HIS "time at bat".

This case has the characteristics in a few way the same as the Anthony case----going around smelling trunks, bottles of air, etc., which had more opportunity to be fouled by something else than did George's girl-friend!

As to lawyer chicanery---don't they all (whatever that means).

I think the whole story is this:
How many over the years in office noticed the old Mayor apparently odd?
How many know just how much he drinks and when? If at all.
Since no action was taken by the council during his stay--forget it!

Also: If a current Mayor in speaking with a new employee, who needed to know the past to plan the future, was told that the old Mayor seemed drunk at times, and that new employee then left voluntarily and apparently spread the word about what the new Mayor said, So what!

Politicians call each other names all of the time! Will never reach court.

The other caterwauling about Fayetteville electees wouldn't occur for most people if someone else didn't want the jobs!

Mike King's picture

As an obvious member of the dirty dozen, I would question your assertion on our mayor's adaptability in light of a corrected portion of council minutes, but perhaps you know better. On changing course, you are assuredly refering to that issue regarding the multi-unit project in Kedron where one week he and council were in favor of denial, but when it was determined that his honor had poisoned the well (by earlier statements), the project was approved unanimously so as to avoid a lawsuit. Lastly your remark about him making tough decisions has to be about the dismissal of Randy Gaddo, after all, our being named second best locale for families had much more to do with our police and fire departments than for recreation.

But as a senior city employee, you have your reasons (and loyalties).

MajorMike's picture

Senior city employee? Not hardly Mike, not even a junior city employee. "Assuredly refering to that issue regarding the multi-unit project in Kedron"? Again - not hardly. Loyalties? I haven't seen (or exchanged emails) with HizHonor since the gas golf cart fiasco where I vehemently opposed the Mayor.

As usual Mike ..... You're full of it. For whatever reason you let your hate blind you on allmost every topic concerning Mayor Haddix.

Thanks for my Monday laugh Mike - If I was ANY type of Government employee I would have been retired a decade and a half ago.

Mike King's picture

Well, if you had a laugh it was worth the fishing expedition.

FYI, I don't hate. I simply believe that revenge is a dish best served when cold.

As to Mayor Haddix's ability to adapt and make tough decisions, can you identify what those tough decisions are that have moved our city forward?

Personally, I'm not seeing any positive movement except for Eric Imker's continued push to try and balance the city budget without kicking the can down the road.

Is the mayor meeting and working with the county and state agencies to get new businesses relocated here? What about new "quality of life" initiatives? What about team building with other council members to develop a series of goals and objectives to accomplish over the next few years?

All I see is a mini-Washington DC situation with too much politics. Our mayor spends most of his time discussing the up-coming election in an effort to gain control of the council instead of working with what he has and building a team. Meanwhile, we have a city governance structure that requires team work so why not move forward as a team instead of creating friction until he gets what he wants which may never happen. This reminds me when my daughter was 2 years old and we wnet through the "terrible 2" phase of life!

We have lawsuits, against the city and the mayor himself for speaking out of turn, we have a new hired city employee resigning after realizing there is a dysfunctional mayor/council which created job insecurity. We have alienated the city with the State of Georgia based upon the mayor's action with the ARC...the list seems to go on!

We have had a change in city manager, and lucky for PTC we got a professional who is focued on the budget and our financial future.

As 1 of the 10 whiners, I am open to seeing things differently because if this is all we get maybe we should revamp our charter and let the city manager run the city with an elected board of overseers, not politicans!

Please feel free to respond, totally open to listen and see a new perspective and accomplishments that I may be blinded to.


I am afraid you are not totally open for consideration of anything!

If you were you would have simply stated some of the problems and asked for further suggestions as to their solution.

This instead of talking about Mayors speaking out of turn (he is the Mayor--he has no specific turn), resignations which needed to happen, alienation from the ARC seems to me to be what you want!

I can't seem to justify your immediate indication of the new City Manager as a "Professional," focusing on the budget." He submitted an unbalanced budget, spending contingency!

Although I was not addressing you, let me clarify my wording...

"Speaking out of turn", I should have been more direct...."actually opening one's big mouth when he shouldn't have" = lawsuit involving senior housing project next to Kedron Village shopping center, which cost PTC citizens of a bundle of money to defend. What about the new lawsuit with ex-mayor. Inappropriate discussion using the city's email system addressing a new employee....clearly shows poor judgement.

As for the alienation from the ARC, you need to read the news...the mayor did that all himself...remember he was appointed to the regional transportation committee and the PTC city council voted him off as well as being removed by the State commissioner.

"Resignations that had to happen?" why not identify yourself and your role in the city government or involvement with the staff that allows you to make such an informed statement that previous staff needed to be "pushed out".

Finally, as for the new city manager, read his resume and look at his creditentials as well as past experience.

Since you jumped in, why not answer the question I posted...tell us some of the accomplishments of this current mayor.

Should I grieve for commenting on this blog or what?

I thought it was OK to comment on here? Just how do I get permission?

I thought most of you DID NOT WANT the ARC! The Mayor was thrown off by our own council because he said we didn't want to be on the ARC!
What the devil are you talking about?
Was he supposed to dishonestly sneak his way on the ARC so he could secretly sabotage it from within?

Do you consider a "resignation" the same as a "firing?" The man saw he was not needed---there was nothing to do with all of the empty strip store fronts and also we didn't want the Jonesboro factory----wasn't high class enough!

Well the Mayor hasn't offered to buy anything for a million for PTC like Lenox did, and he hasn't done most of the work at Y-Not!
What accomplishment were you looking for that is not on the minutes?

Maybe the Chief of Police and a new City Manager?

Work with what you have----not what you don't have and we all will get better service!

Mind saying who you are running for Mayor and Council next time?

I read the minutes and I see no accomplishments so, please point one or two out that I may have missed.

The success of this mayor should not be judged on what past mayors did or your silly comment about Y-Not. We should not settle for incompetence as the lesser of evils.

As for the ARC, only the mayor wanted to drop out of the Atlanta ARC...and I have never posted that I thought we should drop out so you are mis-quoting and/or confused.

I respect your continued loyalty to this mayor but your posts in defense of him offer no facts, no serious conversation of his accomplishments or facts that support him unfortunate as he continues to create unfortunate situationfor himself and our city.

Thank you.

Just what accomplishments were you looking for? He has done his job, per the law.

I agree we should not judge by past terrible Mayors!

I do NOT understand why you say that we wanted ARC here!
There must be a hundred comments here and several letters to the editor about NOT wanting into the ARC with Atlanta, Clayton County, etc.!

What on earth could you mean?

I am not defending nor am I "loyal" to the Mayor, I don't even know him nor have I met him.
I see him as "active" and ignoring "puffy," wanting attention, people to do his job as he sees it---he is the Mayor.

There wouild be no out of town static if certain people like you would just vote next time and let him serve his term. You may get surprised!

Please do not respond to my future posts, and I will do the same.

You of course can do as you please about responding to anyone, but I will respond to anyone I wish if I think it requires it! When you see my handle, just don't open it!

It is still a mystery to me that you think we should be in the ARC! Even more so that you blame the Mayor for being against it!
I smell politics there but I don't play that game.

........about as interesting as the current fiasco on TV about a jury trial in Florida recently, and this business of a balanced budget.

The Orange County Sheriff's department had a press conference yesterday to say that they had no intention of protecting the person found innocent by the jury unless they had proof of a threat.
Does that idiot Sheriff not understand that there have been thousands of threats against the person judged innocent?

He wants re-elected at the expense of our judgement system. Even the jurors are being threatened and FOX news is proud of that!

About as proud as England is of the FOX owner, Murdoch! The scandal KING.

Also, in the news is the republicans saying they want a balanced budget when Reagan and Bush,jr. overspent the budget 12 trillions dollars between them and congress and the presidents voted for it also. Gross hypocrisy.

Although GA has a law about balanced budgets, GA does not have a balanced budget----Perdue spent about a billion, off the budget---to pay unemployment to Georgians. It was borrowed from USA and they have no intention of repaying it!! It is still accumulating since GA won't increase taxes to pay it. Stupid hypocrisy.



........wwill scare the pants off us old dudes! No Health care, no dough!

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