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PTC man arrested for molesting 3 girls

A Peachtree City man was arrested Wednesday for molesting three girls under the age of 16 over a period of several years, according to warrants for his arrest.

Stanley James Austin, 50, of 103 Chipstone Court is charged with one count of child molestation and two counts of child molestation, police said.. All three charges are felonies.

Each of the incidents happened at Austin’s home, according to the warrants. One of the incidents is alleged to have occurred sometime between Jan. 1, 1999 and Dec. 31, 2006. Another happened when between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 2001.

Peachtree City police would not immediately comment on the arrest, citing the victims’ privacy. A spokesperson said information would be released at a later date once the investigation concludes.

Austin remained in the Fayette County Jail as of Friday because a special bond hearing must be set with a Superior Court Judge instead of a county magistrate.



Why does it take so long to discover and expose deviants who molest children?

Just Asking

I don't know the exact circumstance of these girls and I'll bet you don't either.
Are you aware that tens of thousands of young girls who are forced to live in homes, or ghettos, where they are sexually taken advantage of daily occurs and nothing is ever done about it.
Why does it take so long you ask.
12-13 years of age was at one time a perfect time for many girls to leave home and go live with a "provider." That has been reduced dramatically in the last 75 years but it still holds on in some areas as an accepted thing in the neighborhood.
Additionally there are still many who are shipped off to "work" for some old geezer for a sum of money. They know more is provided than work.
Young boys don't escape that trap either.
It is a little unusual maybe here in PTC. Probably just neighbors visiting this dude for money or goods. Not many care. Sad

AnonRegisteredVoter's picture

Well, you know he will probably plea and Scott Ballard will probably drive to testify in his favor at a parole hearing and he will be back to doing what he does in no time!

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