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PTC police warn of auto break-ins

Peachtree City has seen an uptick in entering auto cases in recent weeks and is asking motorists to remove valuables from their vehicles and always lock the vehicle when leaving it unattended whether at home or away.

Criminals have been targeting unlocked vehicles and those which have valuables inside in plain view, police said.

Citizens are being asked to be alert to suspicious persons waiting in parking lots and watching where motorists are hiding or placing their valuables, police said.

Any suspicious activity should be reported to 911 immediately.

Residents should be particularly careful not to leave keys inside a vehicle, police said. Police also urge residents to avoid programming a “home” location into a GPS device, as that combined with house keys or a garage door opener can make a home an easy target for a burglary.

In addition to always locking a vehicle, residents also should be sure to keep their windows rolled up also, police said.

Residents also should avoid leaving valuable items such as purses, cellphones, laptops and other electronics inside the car, police said. Criminals often take advantage of opportunities, and all it takes is a quick peek inside a car window for a criminal to pick a valuable item to target, police have said.

Earlier this year, an alert citizen dining at a local restaurant was able to report a thief who entered several cars and took items. The report led to the person’s arrest on multiple charges of entering an automobile.



Wonder how often this has happened and why? Is that "home" supposed to be special to a burglar?
Might be helpful if we knew what the "uptick" was.
I am amazed that people still leave their auto unlocked, the windows down, and valuables in plain sight!
If I reported all "suspicious" looking people, I would be arrested for harassment.
I'm sorry, but this looks like a standard Police issue notice! Thank you anyway for the reminder.

Concerned Citizen's picture

"home" is special to a burglar. You see, to be burglar, your home is his workplace. If he steals your GPS device and garage door opener all he has to do is punch the home button to see where to go.

I recomend making the home button a business or police station. I also believe that if your stuff gets taken out of an unlocked car, you deserve what you got.

Yeah, now I get it!
If he steals my GPS with home programmed and I happened also to leave my garage door opener and my bank safety deposit key and number and my two guns and my wife's purse which has money and credit cards and her fur coat and diamond ring and my money clip and two laptops and the kids play stations and a picnic lunch, then the to be burglar won't even need to tear up my house nor burst out my car window!
Since my name was included, courthouserules, I am answering you.

Local areas recently reporting... ??
Concentration patterns...??
Pins in the map, PLEASE??

Are there particular neighborhood(s) on the thieves' "radar"??

Hello PTCPD...
Help us... help you!

I don't know where they get such facts, but forget getting the info.

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