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Bacallao and Marchman will be careful with our money

Along with many of our fellow citizens, I am approaching the local and the national elections with great concern. Capitalism can give opportunity for injustice, but historically it has always been far better than any other method of economics — such as fascism, socialism, etc.

The liberal elitists in Washington are rapidly destroying the economic health of our country. Attention to our recent history, as well as that of Western Europe, shows what is taking place and will only continue to worsen if our national economic policies don’t change. Hopefully these policies will change in November, but we much be prepared in case they don’t.

We must be very wise and careful in how we spend our county government monies and it is for these reasons that I strongly endorse Mary Kay Bacallao and Barry Marchman for the County Board of Education.

Mary Kay has taught both students and teachers and has also been involved in educational economic decision-making, and Barry, as a professor of finance at Georgia Tech, has had years of understanding fiscal responsibility through his vocation.

I have gotten to know both of them and am impressed with their knowledge, experience, openness to new ideas, commitment to our students and, at the same time, their ability to bring both a soundness to the financial health of our county’s educational system and to improve the quality of that education.

John Potts, M.D.

Fayetteville, Ga.



I am with you, Dr. Potts. As a FC resident, teacher of 19 years (15 in FC) and a mother and grandmother of kids in the FC system, I am voting for Bacallao and Marchman for the same reasons.

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I am in complete agreement. Bacallao and Marchman are the most educated choices for BOE.

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I think they are the two best candidates for the BOE positions. Also, if Dr. Potts could even be just half as good as an elected leader that he is as a pediatrician, I'd vote for him in a second.

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Our Board of Education is the backbone of Fayette County. It has been for decades upon decades.

I think that Fayette citizens became complacent because we just expected our educational system to continue as it has in the past.

However, that didn't happen. We were remiss in electing folks who had more than education in mind when they took office.

Something of value needs to be cared for. And, that is true of our educational system in Fayette County!

Fayette County NEEDS Dr. Barry Marchman to bring his sound educational instruction and financial expertise to the Board of Education. WE NEED DR. MARCHMAN'S HIGH ETHICAL STANDARDS!

Fayette County NEEDS Mary Kay Bacallao's outstanding educational instruction abilities and "educational economic decision-making" is greatly needed on our Board of Education. WE NEED MARY KAY BACALLAO'S DEVOTION TO EDUCATION AND LEARNING!

The five member Fayette County Board of Education should be about educating our children NOT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS!

Dr. Marchman and Mary Kay Bacallao care about educating our children NOT REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS!

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