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A confrontation over Silly String

This morning I intended to enjoy a patriotic parade with my wife and two sons with our decorated golf cart and a proud “Don’t Tread On Me” flag waving from the back.

A day of celebrating Americans’ common love of freedom and independence turned into a stark reminder of the political discourse that our nation now faces.

Near the end of the parade and after the Tea Party float, the Teen Republicans, and every Republican candidate running for office in Fayette County had passed, the Obama 2012 group approached.

Tired of the heavy dose of booing from the crowd, one of the Obama parade participants (a middle-aged adult male) didn’t care for the Silly String my 12-year-old son shot toward his direction.

He charged from the street and attempted to confront my son. When I intervened, he got in my face and tried to provoke me to fight.

These actions of a grown man toward a child are a demonstration of the totalitarian position of the hard Left. People like this man don’t want First Amendment rights for anyone but themselves. He exercised his First Amendment right to assemble and support Obama, and we exercised our right to free speech.

Our expression of displeasure with Obama was unacceptable for him, and he attempted in his feeble way to shut us up by intimidating a child. A day of celebrating freedom became a day of reckoning with the reality that many on the Left want to destroy the freedoms of the opposition.

At least 100 people (including my two sons) witnessed this sad event. This convinces me that the Left needs to take a hard look in the mirror before labeling the opposition groups as “racists” and “haters.” I’m quite sure no one from the Tea Party float charged the crowd.

Gary Wax

Peachtree City, Ga.



intolerance might be contagious

Gary - Instead of Hi Fiving your kid, encouraging this behavior and writing whining letters to the newspaper you should spend more time teaching them just a little respect and tolerance to the beliefs of others..

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"The state or perception of being a victim."

I wonders who was the initial victim: The fellow in the float who was dissed by the 12 year old or those who did not like the float long before they ever seen it?

In a speech before the NAACP in Houston, Eric Holder fired up the crowd with his pledge to fight Texas’ new photo ID law. “We call those poll taxes,” he said, referencing Jim Crow laws designed to disenfranchise black voters. “I can assure you that the Justice Department’s efforts to uphold and enforce voting rights will remain aggressive,” he added. The Texas law is currently in federal court.

Anyone legal American that claims that they cannot obtain photo ID is either completely incompetent and shouldn't be voting anyway or they are lying.

Holder and Obama want more illegals to enter the country because they hate white people and they want more of them to be raped and killed at the hand of criminals.

Voter ID laws are laws duly passed in good faith to more ensure Americans’ “most precious right” is not handed out to any no-longer-alive, illegal or non-human-pet Tony Diego and Juanita that manages to fraudulantly acquire a voter registration for the sole purpose of altering elections. And you compare that to the racist, bigoted and unConstitutional poll tax? Incendiary! Contrast that to Governor Romney, who was chided for refusing to make incendiary comments about President Barack Hussein in the Republican primary, who steadfastly and resolutely with honor and integrity said, “I’m not a bomb thrower.” It is time we had a President who doesn’t use incendiary language. It is time for Romney ’12: Restoring American Prosperity… Together.

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First off, the "adult" who got upset was wrong, but so was your son, and so are you, goof. Why you even think it's a "good idea" to write a letter to the newspaper that makes you look like a pretty dense parent and a whiner is beyond me, but knock yourself out.

Suppose the Obama-lover had sprayed Silly String at your son? I bet you would have went DEFCON 1 over that. However, since it was your son doing the spraying, it's OK since anyone who supports Obama deserves to have anything/something sprayed at them during a damn parade on the 4th of July?

What the hell are you thinking here? My poor kid who wants to spray somebody in a parade is getting "victimized?" Boo hoo.

sound? For goodness sakes, it was a Fourth of July parade. Both sides make it sound like we had a group of fascists attacking the other side. I am so glad now that I did not go to the parade. It seems anymore that there are people ready to attack another group for the silliest of reasons. I am sure there were no hard wing leftists or whatever involved, just people too rude and ill mannered to know how to behave and appreciate the fact that we do have a parade. So, people booed the pro-Obama float--so what--get over it, smile and wave your flags--and your Obama posters or whatever. They didn't physically attack you, did they?--so a kid let go with a can of silly string---did anyone throw the cans of silly string at you??? We are becoming such idiots---and the adults are worse than the children. There are countries where if you were to march down the street or ride a float showing preference with a candidate not in favor with the government, you could be machine-gunned----bet that would smart a lot worse than a few boos or a goop of silly string. Be proud that we live in a country where you can ride in a float, march in a parade, or just vocalize your preference for one candidate or another, and where those who feel differently can boo if they so choose. Bad manners? Yep, illegal? no, at least not yet. Both sides need to save all that energy to teach your child who may be watching what is right and what is wrong. After all, like the childrens' nursery rhyme says "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me." And that should have been the case here. So, get over it--back the candidate of your choice from the party of your choice and give thanks and appreciation that you live in a country where you can do so and remain free to do it again next Fourth of July.

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It's a shame that it is in such a sort supply these days but thank you for reminding everyone that it in fact still exists in our community.

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In this overly charged political environment the all too predictable inevitable results was easily expected.

You either have to just ignore it all or engage. These choose to engage but a 12 year old kid with silly string...REALLY? That's what sets you people off?

In Utah a parody float of President Obama is being called racist and the Town is facing condemnation from all the usual race pimp suspects from across the Nation.
There is only one problem they have been doing a Presidential parody float for years they did it to Clinton and Bushes, but now it's racist.

Unfortunately we have elected the most divisive President in History and the trickle down politics can only follow.

It is just a sign of the times children are now being used as pawns in a very adult no rules, no holds barred game.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Was that man Presburg? Just wondered.

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Shooting silly string is not an acceptable form of "expression". As a father you were remiss in not teaching your child to be more respectful. Even your letter to this forum exhibits poor decorum. What is your purpose in characterizing the guy's actions as "feeble" and trying to demean him by suggesting he was "intimidating a child". I'm sorry there are people who behave badly but Gary, you are clearly one of them.

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Gary, you ought to have raised your kid better than that to respect his elders, much less people of a different way of thinking than him. It was shameful how rude people were to the Obama/Demo float. They had every right to be there as much as the right wingers did. Perhaps after an entire parade route of ignorant people booing, the man just couldn't take it anymore. Don't use your big paint brush and make assumptions about all liberals. Try thinking out of the box and stop being a doofus.

Now we discover that the "man who couldn't take it any more." was none other that the Chairman of the FC BOE! Nice going Leonard! BTW, I agree the booing, etc., were uncalled for but when you introduce unpopular partisan political campaigning into a parade, it happens. Now a non-partisan "Get Out The Vote" Float would have been nice!

The "man who couldn't take it anymore" was Leo the free-thinking dem chairman of the board???? hahahaha!!

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I'm no fan of the man myself.. (Presburg or Obama) But be very careful of what you say or the accusations you make without concrete evidence!

You might want to check today's Citizen, article titled "BoE Chair Presberg in Silly String face-off". THEN, you can come back and say "sorry, I didn't check before I posted."

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For what?
And Chill out

If you have to ask, nothing I say will help you see the light!

So first you high-five your son’s silly string marksmanship, presumably because you were so tickled that he "got" somebody in the Obama group.

Then you “intervene” in his defense when another adult correctly tells him that shooting stuff toward strangers' faces is really not cool.

And then you run home to pen a letter making a political point about leftist "totalitarians" trying to stifle expression. Say what?

I’ll give you this Gary. You are doing a heckuva a job role-modeling your worldview and values. We can only hope your son outgrows them.


If you were there and didn't believe everything you read, then you would know the facts. Save your judgement and your parental advice.

To state the obvious, it was GARY WAX who decided to toss this sad little incident out for public consumption. The "you-weren’t-there-so-just-save-your-judgment" defense ceased to be operative the moment he hit the send button.

Whatever the details, it’s my opinion based on the info at hand that the kid’s actions in shooting silly string at a banner or person or both were obnoxious,especially under the circumstances described. They were made worse by his father’s reaction, which included running home and penning this ridiculous letter in which he simultaneously bemoans the state of political discourse while fanning the ideological flames.

You don't care what the details/facts are? Now THAT says it all. I was trying to help you out by keeping you from looking more ignorant about this situation than you already are. Not sure about the letter, but I guess it hit you a little too close to home. Cheers!

Your familial loyalty is commendable. Cheers to you as well.

Fact #1: NOBODY in the Obama group was targeted with silly string (let alone in the face). A banner was shot.
Fact #2: The father did not high five the kid. The high five story is a lie.
Fact #3: The father did not encourage the kid to shoot silly string. That is an assumption made by some of you fine people.
Fact #4: The kid is an A student with an impeccable record. As opposed to being considered a dirt bag by some of you.
Fact #5: Stating an interesting observation for many who did not witness it is not whinning. That should be obvious.

Please save your judgement and your parental advice for those that need it.

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