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3 teens arrested for PTC BP burglary, golf cart thefts

Two juveniles from Peachtree City and a 17-year-old from Hapeville have been charged with the July 8 burglary of the BP station on Ga. Highway 54 and Stevens Entry in Peachtree City. The three were also charged with the theft of several golf carts in the past two weeks.

Jacob Tyler Harris, 17, of Hapeville, was charged with burglary, party to a crime-burglary, criminal attempt to commit burglary and four counts of theft by taking a motor vehicle-golf cart, according to Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove.

The 15-year-old male juvenile, of Stevens Entry in Peachtree City, was charged with burglary and three counts of theft by taking a motor vehicle-golf cart, Dove said.

The 16-year-old male, also of Stevens Entry, was charged with burglary, party to a crime-burglary, criminal attempt to commit burglary and three counts of theft by taking a motor vehicle-golf cart, said Dove.

Officers responded to an alarm call at approximately 3 a.m. July 8, finding the front door shattered by a bat.

Along with evidence at the scene, video cameras captured the offenders as they broke the front glass door, entered the business and stole cigarettes and cigars, said Dove.

“The video showed the subjects running from the business towards the Gables Court Apartments. Investigators spoke with numerous people at the apartment complex and were able to develop leads,” said Dove, adding that the leads resulted in the arrests of Harris and the two juveniles.

The charges related to the theft of golf carts came after investigators linked the three to the thefts that have occurred in the past two weeks. The investigation is ongoing, Dove said.

Dove said the July 8 burglary was the third in a series of attempted burglaries at the same location.

If anyone has information that would assist the Police Department in this or any other incidents, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 770-631-2510 or the Crime and Narcotics Information Hotline at 770-487-6010. You may remain anonymous.



all living at Gables Court Apartments. One is illegal and 2 are juveniles. Nice.

Can someone explain where the parents were to these 15 and 16 year olds at 3AM?

Crimeony Village, part 2 here? Good work, PTC PD. I hope you woke the whole complex up till you found these juvies.

For what it's worth, this business does not deserve this.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Usually a father fills this role, but for the single mother (almost guaranteed) of these 2 teenagers who felt a 17-year old from Hapeville was an appropriate substitute - Congratulations. Opening doors, smoking cigars, being caught on camera, I mean where else can they develop those skills? And getting up early to start the day at 3AM? Wow, developing a strong work ethic. Can't wait to see Mom in court talking about how her teens fell in with wrong crowd.

Is this a case for Stephen Ott? How has he handled similar offenders in the past?

Live free or die! the dedication the PCPD has in doing such great police work. Within hours of their investigation they had the arson in custody for the rec center fire; these 3AM burglaries were sought out and arrested within hours of viewing surveillance video and the list goes on and on over the past several months of the outstanding “police work” being done. And, all of these professional individuals are remaining focused, determined and dedicated to the city which can’t even give them a pay raise in 4 years!
Simply put, it’s my opinion that our elected city officials are a disgrace to the offices they hold. Public safety continues to excel and we can’t find ways to give these men and women a pay raise? But we can sure find ways to put a roof over a pool! Talk about messed up (adults) priorities; I suggest we look no further than to our disgraceful city council. How can they approve budgets year after year under their watchful eyes and allow NO PAY INCREASE FOR PUBLIC SAFTEY PERSONNEL?
PTCPD keep up the awesome job and be it known that there are many thankful citizens out here in the city who appreciate all you do for us. We will do our best to oust every last one of these disgraceful elected officials as soon as we possibly can! Continue to keep us safe!

I agree on the pool, though the same funding mechanism cannot be used to fund raises for city employees. The good news is, I am hopeful that city employees will receive a raise this year. I believe that this is important to most of us serving on council and we are working hard to try and find a way to fund these increases.

As always, I thank the officers of our Police Department. Another excellent job.


I appreciate those of you who are mature as you discuss the news. It makes this site more enjoyable.

I agree that the PTC police are the best. They are incredibly responsive, professional, and are doing a fantastic job. I wish the people who choose to commit crimes in our city knew how effective our police force is, but they probably don't take the time to read The Citizen. If they did they would realize that it's much easier to get away with crime in another county. Plus, the penalties in other counties are much lighter.

I spoke with an assistant D.A. from Fulton County and was told that the sentences up there are very light compared to Fayette. She told me, "Fayette is the worst place in the metro area to commit crime. They'll throw the book at you."

But for some reason criminals think that we are easy pickings because we are more affluent than many neighboring counties.

Criminals beware: You will be caught in Peachtree City. This town is not your best choice. Pass it on.

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