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BoE incumbent Dr. Todd challenged by Cave

The time has come for Fayette County voters to have their say on who wins the the Post 4 seat on the Fayette County Board of Education in the July 20 primary. Voters will make their choice between incumbent BOE member Dr. Bob Todd and challenger Charlie Cave, both Republicans.

Cave is a first-time candidate who, according to information he provided, has worked with Delta Airlines and in the local banking industry and serves with various civic and non-profit organizations.

Cave has consistently declined to be interviewed in his run for the school board seat.

Todd is in his second term on the school board, having served a first term in the late 1990s.

In Fayette and other systems, Todd in previous years served in positions from classroom teacher to central office administrator.

Also on the primary ballot for the Post 5 school board seat, though not in a contested race until November, will be Democratic candidate Laura Burgess and Republican candidate Sam Tolbert.

Advance voting continues this week in Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Tyrone.



Veritas's picture

Mr.Cave I ask once again what qualifications do you possess that lead you think you may be qualified to hold this position and why?? How do you specifically plan to address the current situation facing our Local BOE? I didn't see you address this in your letter. OOPS.. I'm sorry this isnt a private e-mail and I'm not on Smola or Sullivans E-mail tree. Heavens to Betsy the general public may see a reply.

My Bad ... I'll just email Janet or Terri to get your answers ;-)

Mr. Neil Sullivan, a self appointed spokesperson, in his mission to pass on information about Mr. Cave gives us some pertinent details. I find it interesting that it is only through e mail or Facebook that Mr. Cave is available ( except for "small personal group meetings ") which are " less visible to most people" and to which the general public is not invited. His "small town approach" is certainly not typical of the small town in which I grew up nor in any of those in which I've lived. It seems ,for the most part, one can only communicate indirectly rather than directly "man to man" with Mr.Cave. (quotes - Mr. Sullivan) What is the reason for this? The key words here are "less visible to most people" WHY?

If Mr. Cave wants to become a public official then he should be less reluctant to meet the public and be more willing to speak with them face to face. As a board of education member, one should perform his duties in an open manner. He should not be dealing with "small personal groups" but with the public at large.

On the other hand Dr. Todd has made himself available at forums, meet and greets and others gatherings and has made public his e- mail,webpage and his telephone number. Anyone can avail himself of one more of these means to communicate his concerns as I have done several times. I have found him to be straight forward, concise and knowledgeble in the matters which we discussed.

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Cave has spent a long time at Delta's Credit Union and for the last few years has been usually spotted around town in a nifty, red Chamber of Commerce blazer pressing hands and grinning ear-to-ear.

Is that good enough for you or were you looking for actual qualifications and competencies for your school board members? Smith and Smola are proof that many in Fayette County have no such encumbrances when casting ballots.

suggarfoot's picture

That is pitiful. Doesn't Eisenstein Smola understand Delta people have seen him there, know he is no financial analyst, and more importantly TALK AND TELL? As you and I know, Delta hires retirees there. Yes, you don't have to have been a college graduate. You just sit there and take deposits and give change. A monkey could do it, but there are a zillion cameras on you to make sure monkey does right. Monkeys get very little bananas there, the job doesn't qualify for a bunch.

grassroots's picture

Please remove this picture. It's been up for 3 weeks. Looks like a wanted poster. Maybe nice guy but ...c'mon.

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