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Campaign finances: Maxwell raises $72K, Smith raises $25K

Who’s got the biggest political war chest for local elections? Nobody else comes close to incumbent Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell, who lists more than $72,000 in contributions and nearly $42,000 in expenditures to keep his Post 5 slot on the board.

Maxwell loaned himself $20,000, the latest state-mandated campaign finance disclosure report shows.

In second place is incumbent and fellow Fayette County Commissioner Jack Smith, with nearly $25,000 listed for campaign contributions on the latest state-required disclosure forms. Smith loaned himself more than $11,000 of that amount, the report shows.

So far, Smith reports spending a little over $8,000 of that amount on his campaign.

Maxwell’s challenger for the Republican nomination, Allen McCarty, reports raising about a tenth of Maxwell's total.

Smith’s challenger, former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown, reports raising about one-fifth of Smith’s total.

By far the smallest totals listed in the reports were from Charlie Cave, who is challenging incumbent Bob Todd for the Post 4 slot on the Fayette County Board of Education.

Cave reports receiving $375 in contributions and spending $150 as of June 30, the latest reporting deadline.

Included below are the June 30 reporting period figures for the campaign contribution disclosure report information submitted to the Fayette County Elections Division.

Local candidates include Post 4 Commission incumbent Jack Smith, challenger and former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown, Post 5 Commission incumbent Eric Maxwell and challenger Allen McCarty and, from the Post 4 Fayette County Board of Education race, incumbent Dr. Bob Todd and challenger Charlie Cave.

In his campaign disclosure report, District 5 incumbent Commissioner Eric Maxwell showed $72,925 in contributions to date and $45,893.44 in expenditures. Of those contributions, a total of nearly $63,000 was carried over from previous reporting periods while $41,844.10 in expenditures was carried over.

Maxwell in the report also listed a $20,000 loan to himself from December 2009, a total of $1,775 in contributions of less than $101 and $8,250 in contributions of more than $101.

The larger contributions included $2,300 from Jay and Glenda Maxwell, $500 from Hollis and Joyce Harris, $500 from Doug Warner, $500 from Larry Dell, $725 from Larry Walker $1,000 from Mike Hofrichter and $500 in-kind from Costas Soulakos.

And in cash amounts ranging from $125-400, Maxwell received contributions from Huie Bray, Mark Gray, Loyd Black, Dot and Wallace Kite, Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele and his wife Debbie, Thomas Chandler, Tom and Kathy Szekalski, Drs. Matthew and Traci Autera and Peachtree City dentist Dr. Gordon Fleming.

Maxwell listed a total of $4,049.84 in expenses for the current period. Those included payments for advertising, printing and a consultant.

Post 5 Commission challenger Allen McCarty reported a total of $6,500 in contributions and $5,057.78 in expenditures.

McCarty’s contribution list showed $2,000 from Harold Bost, $2,000 from Evelyn Bost, $1,000 from Betty J. Lee, $1,000 from himself, $250 from Robert J. Ross and $250 from former Commissioner Greg Dunn.

McCarty listed expenses of more than $5,000 for various signs, supplies, stamps and postage, magnetic sign covers and the qualifying fee.

Smith in his report listed a total of $24,866.76 in contributions to date. Of that amount, more than $11,000 came in the form of a loan to himself and $3,800 came from 50 separate contributions totaling less than $101. Smith also carried over $1,437.01 from a previous reporting period.

Smith received a total of $8,625 in cash contributions. Of that amount, the largest contribution came from William Douglas Walker at $1,000 and one from Judith Bearden at $1,000. Smith also received contributions of $500 from Loyd Hall Black, Jr., Hollis Harris, R. Scott Bradshaw, Douglas Warner and Wilbur Lenox. (Lenox's address is listed as the same address as former Peachtree City Mayor Bob Lenox.)

And in amounts ranging from $110-400, Smith received contributions from Fayetteville Councilman Larry Dell, Dr. F.A. Sams, Jr., Dr. Traci Autera, Charles and Betti Philips, Dr. Matthew J. Autera, Anthony P. Szekalski, Mark Gray, RM Boyd & Associates, Aberdeen Dental, Fayetteville Councilman Al Hovey-King, former Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logdson, Tax Commissioner George Wingo, former Peachtree City Mayor Fredrick Brown, Jr., Huie L. Bray, Commissioner Herb Frady, David Conley, R. Scott Bradshaw, Richard T. Holloway, James L. Ramsey, Al and Patricia Curtis, Marie Sams, Thomas Chandler and D. Gary Stout.

To date, Smith listed $8,203.85 in campaign expenditures for printing, advertising, telemarketing, food and the qualifying fee.

Post 4 challenger Steve Brown in his June 30 filing listed $5,382.66 in contributions and $5,149.28 in expenses.

Among his contributions, Brown listed a $779.60 loan to himself, $203 in contributions of less than $101 and $6,237.50 in additional contributions. Those included $2,000 from former Commissioner Harold Bost, $2,000 from Evelyn Bost, $1,445 in-kind from Robert Ross, $250 in cash from Robert Ross, $392.50 in-kind from Zel Brooks and $150 from Thomas Townsend.

Brown listed expenditures for signs, cards, sign magnets, the qualifying fee and a voter list.

And for the Post 4 seat with the Fayette County Board of Education, challenger Charlie Cave listed $375 in contributions for the June 30 reporting period and $150 in expenditures.

All the expenditures were in the form of contributions of less than $101. Expenditures were for advertising.

Post 4 Board of Education incumbent Dr. Bob Todd showed $3,550 in contributions and $705.65 in expenses for the period.

Contributions included $550 in amounts less than $101, while $2,000 came from Harold Bost and $1,000 was from himself. Expenditures went for flyers and cards.

The next required campaign contribution disclosure report is due Sept. 30.



largest contributors. Harold Bost and Greg Dunn trying to buy influence back on the Board of Commissioners race. NO TO MCCARTY!!!

We'll see Smith and Maxwell can buy an election. Look at the names like Doug Warner pumping the guys up.

They sure don't have the issues on their side but let's see if the campaign money can cover it up.

You got it wrong when you stated below the following remark:
"We all should take note that Bost and Dunn were McCarty's largest contributors. Harold Bost and Greg Dunn trying to buy influence back on the Board of Commissioners race"

I Thank God for people like Harold Bost and Greg Dunn to care enough about Fayette County to take an interest in what is going on and try to get Smith and Maxwell out office by helping people like McCarty and Brown get elected. I don't have the funds to help candidates that I feel need to be in office...I wish I did.

AND. I'd much rather see citizens helping other citizens get elected than a candidate trying to buy his own way in...

People, LOOK at the candidates. Vote Allen McCarty for Post 5 and Vote Steve Brown for Post 4. Look at the history of those that have been in office and you'll see we need to clean house.

Denise Ognio

Brown and McCarty have a rough road to hoe with limited funds and a small group of staunch supporters as opposed to Maxwell and Smith, who can borrow from their businesses and have a virtual political army to campaign for them. Brown and McCarty have not gotten involved in forcing projects through that are not in the public interest like the West Bypass. It's easy to accuse the voters of conjuring up that project when it was the commissioners who disguised it in such a way that nobody knew they were voting for it. While it's true that the Bost's were the largest contributors, the real truth is that they represent a large segment of voters who are sick and tired of what's going on. When Bost was commissioner, nobody even suggested such fiascos as the West Bypass could happen.

Where did you grow up?

Try a rough row to hoe.

If on the off chance you can row a road; I, like many others, would like to see you do it.

As for your comment of, "It's easy to accuse the voters of conjuring up that project when it was the commissioners who disguised it in such a way that nobody knew they were voting for it."

With so many stupid voters, such as yourself that don't bother to understand the facts of what’s being voted on, it’s a wonder we haven’t voted the reverend $ in as governor.

Trying to blame someone, other than yourself, for your inability to not fully understand and/or comprehend the issues of what you’re voting for is akin to blaming the cop because you were too stupid to realize you were too drunk to drive.

I take it that you’re going to blame the bank for giving you the home loan you couldn’t possibly afford as well.

It’s dumb-@$$’s such as you that got our economy in the current mess. We should listen to you now on how to fix the problem?

"row a road?"
Could that mean hoe a row? or a hoe on a road?


To see Harold Bost and Greg Dunn being the main contributor
To both Brown and McCarthy is just like the fox in the hen house.
Brown and McCarthy will be the new puppets for Bost and Dunn.
Their will not be any type of independent thinking at all. If you remember it was Bost, Robert J. Ross and Dunn who tired to Recall Horgan. They have other motives than the best for Fayette County. Last election it was Bost who supported Dunn, and Bost started his so called political action committee that he has called facog. It was just a way that he could spend more money than the law required to support Dunn, Wells reelections. He spent the extra money sending out ridiculous flyers campaigning against Frady, Horgan and Hearn. A vote for Smith and Maxwell is also a vote against the has-beens’ Bost and Dunn. Both of these two men cost Fayette County Thousands and Thousands of dollars in law suits against Randal Johnson and Bost the liar who caused a special election because he lied about where his legal residence

suggarfoot's picture

Maxwell has a war chest of $72,000.00 for a $20,000. dollar a year job. How interesting.

Cave says he only got $375.00 in contributions and spent only $150.00 of it. I noticed a couple of really large signs that must have cost close to that for each of them. Just shows ole Charlie can't count!

What a joke!

No Bypass critic has ever even attempted to make any sense of the road's alignment in terms of relieving traffic congestion. All we get is name calling, etc. Maybe they should build an attraction at Hwy. 92 and Westbridge to entice traffic to bypass Fayetteville and then explain how all this can be done on 2 lanes, and why the project is worth $50 million. I think we've riled a group of developers and Smith-Maxwell are trying to get back at us without addressing the issues publicly. Any while they're at it, we'd like an explanation of how the road to nowhere would even remotely qualify as a bypass with no traffic studies to justify it.

You may want to reply to my post rather that post a new reply to the article.

All I'm trying to get across to you et al is that the WFB was ALWAYS in the SPLOST.

That you and a few others never bothered to read what you were voting for can't be blamed on the current council after the fact.

Had you et al bothered to read the document BEFORE you voted for it we may have had a different outcome.

ginga1414's picture

Bad, did you read the entire SPLOST Resolution including Exhibits A and B? If you did, I would really like to know exactly where you found it. I absolutely did not vote in favor of either SPLOST. The whole premise behind our opposition was based on the fact that Exhibits A and B were never made available to the voters before the 2004 election. Therefore, no one knew exactly what that SPLOST included before they voted. Exhibit B is where the East and West Bypass were depicted. Exhibit B just happened to be the entire Transportation Plan which was approximately 69 pages in length. I can see as how it would have been extremely difficult and costly to have printed that much material for the public to study before they voted. However, our officials certainly should have at least printed in one form or another the pertinent projects. If you will refer back to the commission meeting on May 27, 2004, and read through the minutes of that meeting, you will clearly see that the list of projects that were included in the SPLOST Resolution were NOT EVEN READ INTO THE MINUTES. Therefore, Bad, no one not even including the citizens who attended that meeting were informed of what the wording on the ballot included. All that appeared on the ballot was, "Road, street, and bridge purposes."

If the public did not even hear the Resolution read at the meeting, how in the world would they have ever known there was an Exhibit A or B? There were many many projects listed in Exhibits A and B. Do you know that originally our county officials published that both the East and West Bypasses would be partially funded by State and Federal money. Fayette County would also pay a portion. However, our Federal and State officials pulled out of the projects. I have a document from the Atlanta Regional Commission stating that the West Fayetteville Bypass was not feasible and was too expensive.

When the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition questioned our current officials concerning a justifying detailed traffic study which is required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in order to obtain a 404 Permit, we were told that the Atlanta Regional Commission had done that study. When we contacted the Atlanta Regional Commission, under the Georgia Open Records Act, we were provided with the afore mentioned document stating the West Fayetteville Bypass was not feasible and was too expensive.

All of us who are opposed to the WFB are not the ones lacking in information. It is our officials who are not providing the citizens of Fayette County with the truth. They have been omitting the truth since day one. Even the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have said as recently as a week ago that Fayette County did not include all documentation required in their 404 Permit Application.

Bad, the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition only wants the truth to be presented to the people of Fayette County. If you would like to have more information, please visit and and


Reading such a thing is incomprehensible to the average citizen anyway!
All one needed to know was that it was a sales tax to avoid either higher property taxes or higher other ways of raising more money than they had or it was simply to cover a bond or loan.
What exactly the money was for wouldn't suit everyone or even a majority anyway.
The so-called "conservatives who don't believe in raising taxes or want any federal money, are lying! They simply don't want their personal taxes increased.
Sales taxes punish low wage earners much more than high wage earners.
Get it? Property taxes punish high wage earners much more than low wage earners.
Get it?
Now the worst "tax" of all is "INFLATION." Inflation is caused by too much demand and debt and high interest rates. Helps the dudes with money paying them interest. They don't eat anymore than I do!

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