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Fayette BOE announces three finalists for superintendent

The Fayette County Board of Education in a meeting Tuesday night announced the names of three finalists in the search for the person to replace retired Superintendent John DeCotis, including a name familiar to many.

The finalists included former school system Assistant Superintendent Lyn Wenzel, Dr. Jeffrey Byron Bearden and Dr. Roy “Cole” Pugh.

Additional information on the finalists will be provided by the school system Wednesday. That information will be posted here when it is made available.

Board Chairman Terri Smith announced that the new superintendent will be chosen at a future meeting of the school board.

Of the three, Wenzel is a veteran of the Fayette School System.

She retired from the system a year ago as the assistant superintendent for instruction, one of two assistant superintendents under Dr. John DeCotis. When she left in the summer of 2009, Wenzel was making the second highest pay in the system: $131,459, according to a story in The Citizen.

Prior to her transfer to the system’s central office in 2003 as the county’s director of curriculum, Wenzel was the long-time principal of J.C. Booth Middle School in Peachtree City.

Wenzel was Booth’s principal in 2000 when the school won its fifth straight championship in the National Science Olympiad.

Neither Deputy Superintendent Fred Oliver nor Assistant Superintendent Sam Sweat applied for the position.



Interesting choice. This Dr. Pugh appears to be a professional school system candidate: a quick Google shows that he's been a finalist for no less than FIVE superintendent jobs this YEAR.

Also interesting, he currently makes $207,000 per year in his current job in Fort Worth, Texas but is interviewing for jobs paying in the $140,000 to $160,000 range.

He is also a bit of a job hopper, he's been the superintendent of no less than 5 school systems.

his retirement pay, he must leave the state of Texas. (According to news reports.)

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After being "retired" for one year she has applied to no less than three counties not including Fayette and now returning for a fourth try back to whence she retired. Now I have asked Many teachers when cost cutting began and Len announced her retirement Many teachers said WHO..We have Three assistant Supers..(Kind of enlightening) those who did know her "Thank You Jesus"..HMMMM kind tells you something doesn't it.

All I am sure of is we need to make sure we make the best possible decision based on experience and knowledge and what is best for the system.

Now job hopping not to sure about that been a super in 5 schools systems over the course of over 30yrs. Check the average superintendents longevity in one system.. Might suprise you and each of his moves was up.

Looks to me like we have 2 exceptional prospects and one Good Ol Girl.

Dr. Jeffrey Byron Bearden seems to have risen through the finance dept of a Maine school system. He's been a superintendent for four years. Makes $125,000 per year at his current job.

Who nominates and votes upon the final three? The BOE? Must it be unanimous? Why are three names thrown out? Couldn't they just choose whom they want when they voted? Are they not sure of their vetting?
Seems strange.
Why would they consider hiring someone who they have already retired?
And, are these people mostly on a "list" that all schools use and how do they get there?
In other words is all this a good old boys network only?
Is it a farce?
As the current generation says: "just askin"

Isn't there just ONE Principal or assistant Superintendent in at least nearby counties who is better known and qualified than people from Texas and such?
If not why?
Fayette County needs a cost cutter without sacrificing our students learning.
I don't think degree paperwork (much of it is bought) and such things are as meaningful as that would be.
Is there anything wrong if a new Superintendent made some people angry doing his job?
Why do you think many counties around here have to resort to cheating on tests? Because it is condoned to save face and keep incompetents happy!

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If they don't hire Ms. Wenzel they're nuts. She has all the qualifications and her no nonsense methods are just exactly what we need now in our school system.

She's a keeper.

Obviously, you have never worked for her. Those that have done so say she is vindictive, arbitrary, and sometimes downright incompetent. She plays favorties. Furthermore, I have never heard anyone describe her as a brillant woman. Mediocre - at best. She is/was part of the problem in Fayette County Schools - not a solution.

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you just described a Smolite. Look at Charlie Cave. If this woman is as you say, I have no doubts who Smith and Smola would vote for.

[quote=wkamb]Obviously, you have never worked for her. Those that have done so say she is vindictive, arbitrary, and sometimes downright incompetent. She plays favorties. Furthermore, I have never heard anyone describe her as a brillant woman. Mediocre - at best. She is/was part of the problem in Fayette County Schools - not a solution.[/quote]

I have worked for her at two different schools. I never found her vindictive and never saw her as incompetent. She didn't play favorites. But if you weren't doing your job, she would let you know. If you did your job well, you had her full support.

Did you ever have the guts to disagree with her or were you part of the "good ol"?

Yes, I did have disagreements. I've never worked for an administrator that I didn't have disagreements with from time to time. But I never found her vindictive about it. She fully supported me and my team when we really needed her support when we really needed. Can't go into more detail than that.

Do you mean you asked her for things you didn't really need and disagreed with her?
When we really needed her support when we really needed.
Take it you were not an English teacher---maybe shop! Or just office.

Ms. Wenzel has real ties to the community. She has a vested interest here in Fayette. I don't like the job hoppers who come in for a couple of years, try a bunch of new ideas, then leave town. I have seen her in action at the BoE meetings - she would be a great choice.

I think we need someone fresh that doesn't know a soul. That way there are no favors to be granted nor relatives that need to be "taken care of." Perhaps someone new could step-in and make cuts where they need to be made. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

Just as the same is needed in our county government, bring in someone new to our BOE. They bring with them new ideas, resources, etc. to the same ol' problems and issues of our system. BUT we don't need someone who is a job-hopping superintendent. That type of leader leaves a wake of destruction as they move on to a new job.

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We need someone from outside the system. We don't need Ms. Wenzel. It will be the same old, same old. It will just be more fuel for Smith and Smola to work with.

Please visit Dr. Todd's website at


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We have to really look at these candidates very very hard.

We have had so much cronyism in the past, we have GOT to get the best person. I want to hear more about the candidates. Something that bothered me. Someone put something in the blogs about the qualifcations before they were made public. No one but someone on the BOE would have known this info. It can only tell me it was leeked by Smith, Smola, or Wright. That almost makes me against anyone they could be hyping.

Smith and Smola are control freaks and I'm sure if they could get a sup they could manipulate, they would. To them, it is all about power. To me, it should be all about the kids.

I agree no job hoppers go with Lyn Wenzel.

Wenzel IS a job hopper. She has been in various positions throughout the county. She repeatedly moved because people who worked with her were so unhappy with her performance. There has always been a sigh of relief when she was moved elsewhere. She isn't very smart, isn't well liked, and isn't a good choice for superintendent.

This woman is no Einstein, inconsistent, and vindictive as h@#l. Fayette County will lose a lot of great teachers if Wenzel gets the job. This county definately needs new blood. By the way, Wernzel had NOTHING to to with Booth's SO championships - that was ALL Mary Wilde (now retired) and the teachers who assisted her over the years.

We dont want her back

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The BOE voted last night 3/1, Dr Todd being the one against, to hire a drama teacher for McIntosh. BOE Human resources found no one suitable in our out of work teachers and resorted to paying a head hunter company that deals with aliens from overseas to fill these jobs. Their fee was $8,000.
This seems to be stabing our on teachers in the back.

Here are some articles on the subject, but more disturbing, some info on the headhunter companies and how it works.
New Report Shows Schools Increasingly Hiring Foreign Teachers Over Americans
A report released last week by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) entitled "Importing Educators: Causes and Consequences of International Teacher Recruitment" has revealed that "some American school districts have turned increasingly to overseas recruiting to find teachers" to fill teaching vacancies. The findings in the new report raise questions regarding proper levels of legal immigration and, in particular, the H-1B visa program. (AFT Report; The New York Times, September 15, 2009).
.....Indians bypass H-1B visas and turn focus on J-1 visas, thanks to our loop holes in visa system. It's time folks, we report these visas abuse and fraud to our Senators, Congressmen, politicians and to US Consulates in India:

Chennai (Madras), Mumbai (Bombay) Kolkatta (Calcutta) and our US Embassy in New Delhi. Indians will do whatever it takes to get here. Story from Shame on US Media who are far behind reporting on BPO.

People take a different route to US


HYDERABAD: Washington has tightened the screws over issuing of H-1B visas, but the intrepid Indian has found ways of entering the Land of Opportunity using the J1 route. While the H-1B visa is a work permit, J1 deals with international exchange visitors.

The Americans have frozen issuing of H-1B visas till April this year. The visitor including the businessmen, students, the researcher, the teacher, medical intern and the engineer has quickly latched on to the J1 category to make the passage.

For a J1 visa, all one needs to do is produce the supporting documents including a valid passport for travel to US for at least six months to the consular authorities. For instance, those going to study in US universities, need to submit sponsorship letters and papers issued by their host institutions to back their claims for the visas.

Among the documents needed for J1 visas are:

* Document supporting the sponsorship claim from the university concerned or from the institution.

* Certificates backing the qualifications of the candidates. A teacher, for instance, needs to put in his/her B.Ed. certificate, an engineering graduate his B.Tech. degree and a medicine graduate, his MBBS certificate.

* For teachers, a clearance from the World Education Society for validation of the claim.

Applying for a J1 visa or any nonimmigrant visa according to the US Consulate in Chennai the fee would be Rs 4,600 apart from a courier fee of Rs 400.

The application fee and the entire processing fee for J1 visa according to some placement consultants in the city would be Rs 50,000 as against Rs 1 lakh for an H-1B visa.

But some consultants say that for the J1 applicants the processing fee could go up to Rs 1 lakh and for H-1B this is even more.

Most software companies are beneficiaries of the J1 power. Since they can't wait till April for the freeze to end, most of them are taking the J1 route to send their personnel abroad.

"True, the number of applicants under the J1 category has increased manifold. But, the US consulate surely won't allow a flood of Indians entering their country using J1 visas. Like in the H-1B category, the checks here are pretty stringent as well," a regional passport official says.

Earlier, about 1.3 lakh H-1B visas from India were processed by the US consulates all over the country. But with the recent clampdown, quite a few applications have got stuck.

Among those queuing up for J1 visas, many are teachers. Teachers are in demand in the US and many of them go from India. A case in point is the Gwinnett County schools in the US. This school has decided to triple its hiring for the next academic year. That would mean fresh intakes of about 1,400 teachers. Explaining the reason for this spurt in demand for Indian teachers, D Aileen Dodd, a senior correspondent of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said the Gwinnett County School was impressed with the wealth of background that the science and mathematics teachers from India had.

The school's chief human resources officer, Francis Davis, interviewed about 85 applicants from India for teaching jobs during her recent eight-day visit here. The demand for teachers in mathematics, science and special education for the disabled is particularly high in the US and about 50 candidates from the city are already there, Syed Ahmed Ali, a consultant from the city-based Neptune Consultancies says. Many of them would now have to avail the J1 visa to travel to the school.

Intalage Inc., a company based in the US headed by Dr Nasreen Haque, a native of Kurnool with a doctorate in physics, has sponsored about 150 teachers from the city for Georgia state, Captain Meer Sujjad Ali, a support placement partner adds.

Approximately about 10,000 students apply for visa including J1 visas for student exchange, however the majority apply for F1 student visa.

The number of J1 visa seekers cannot be said, for that is sponsored my various institutions or establishments in US, senior consultant G Sumana said.

Finding ways

•Professionals are now taking a J1 visa to enter the US

•US froze issuing of H-1B visa till April this year for all those professionals

•The new J1visa needs only a passport and for travel for at least six months. Students need to submit sponsorship letters


According to the report, nearly 20,000 teachers were working in the United States on temporary visas in 2007, and that number is increasing steadily. The report contains a case study of the Baltimore Public School District and notes that the city had hired 108 teachers from the Philippines in 2005. Just two years later, more than 600 Filipino teachers are now working in Baltimore classrooms, comprising more than 10% of the district's teaching workforce. The report went on to assert that Baltimore school officials were leaning so heavily on these foreign teachers to fill job vacancies in their district that they were recruiting less aggressively in the United States: "Rather than attending job fairs throughout the Mid-Atlantic, trying to persuade reluctant American teachers to accept positions in troubled inner-city schools, HR officials can meet all their hiring needs in one trip. At a single career fair in Manila, they can interview hundreds of pre-screened applicants, each of whom is eager to pay for the opportunity to work in Baltimore city schools." (Id.).

The AFT's findings imply that international teacher recruitment is displacing American teachers. Amid the current economic recession, declining tax revenues have forced many state and local governments to lay off teachers. (The Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2009). Why, then, are school districts across the country increasingly recruiting foreign teachers to come to the United States to fill teaching vacancies? The AFT report suggests a possible answer: in one school district, foreign born teachers were "paid only $18,000 per teacher for their services, well below prevailing wage." (AFT Report).

The AFT report also points out that many foreign teachers are being brought to the United States on H-1B visas. The H-1B visa program allows employers to bring foreign workers to the United States to work in specialty occupations that require "the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge and a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in the specific specialty." (Department of Labor). However, some — most notably Bill Gates of Microsoft — have put forth the misconception that the H-1B program exists primarily to bring foreign workers to the United States to work in technology-related fields. Gates has then leveraged this misconception to lobby Congress to increase the H-1B visa cap so that companies such as Microsoft can have access to more cheap foreign labor. (See FAIR's Legislative Update, March 24, 2008).
Dekalb county has been doing this, not everyone is happy with it.

“I have a problem with this particular one because our surrounding districts have laid off so many teachers," Roberts said. "I find it difficult we have to go outside the United States to find teachers to come to DeKalb to teach. I think we should be looking to care for our own before we start going to the outside.” Lone vote against


The second of these head hunter companies operating in Atlanta area is

Global Teachers Research & Resources Inc.

for teacher their stated require ments are ...
Prior to being considered applicants must meet the minimum requirements:

Demonstrate fluency in English;
....Possess citizenship outside the United States....
Earned the equivalence of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and completed an accredited educator preparation program;
Previous successful teaching experience.

The other one used here is Intalage Inc, both are talked about in the AJC. One of these 2 was the one that we are gonna pay $8,000. to because be don't have a person 'qualfied' to teach drama at McIntosh.

People, do you not care, or have you taken leave of your senses?

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We layoff teachers, cut their pay 4.5%, lose para pros, mothball schools etc.etc. But we can pay 8000.00 to an outside company to do the job we pay a HR director with a Doctorate over 100,000 annually with an overstaffed HR dept (ADD all those salaries)to do. These have to be the DUMBEST people on the face of the earth. I hope they won’t be allowed to produce anymore offspring.

What we couldn't find /re-hire the drama teacher we lost to the RIF at Bennetts!

Who says these clowns care about teachers?
Heck Terri couldn't even last past 3 years as a teacher so I don't want to hear how she was a teacher and understands Please!!! LMAO
Smola, working on Wall Street ROFL Please as recruiter/trainer for Insurance company nothing with finance (why on all her Professional web networking LINKEDIN SPOKE ETC ,she’s on several, doesn’t list one certification, degree, professional training award nothing!


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We see eye to eye. That was eight thousand up in smoke and some young teacher still pounding the pavement.

I didn't know Terri Smith only taught 3 years. No wonder she isn't teacher oriented. And yes, I read the Smola background and picked up on the 3 years college. If she had a degree she would have touted it. If you work for an insurance company answering the 800 number, you have to be licensed. No big deal. It is just training at the agency, it is nothing you go to college to get and certainly nothing that gives you the background to run a mulimillion dollar school system. Smith/Smola are living proof of that.

If this county elects one more BOE with a jazzed up background as opposed to real knowlege and experience, you can kiss it goodby.

Dr Todd and Marion Key need someone else of their background and intelligence on the board. This 3/2 has been a sham. All these mail order alien teachers ain't gettin it.

Ms Smola saw nothing wrong with hiring her own son who was/is unaccreditied to teach while accreditied teachers applied. I don't understand her need to go out of the US to find a qualified drama teacher for McIntosh.

You think $8000 is bad to find a drama teacher?? This board spent $100,000 to have professional experienced help drawing redistricting maps and then threw the maps away. $8,000 is a drop in the bucket in their waste dept. How about $100,000 in land that no one wants?

Why was the vote 3/1 Marion couldn't make it?

I can't understand why we need a head hunter to find a drama teacher, but I do know good math and science teachers are becoming more and more difficult to find. The American school system's standards for acceptance to college is well below that of other industrialized nations. Our teaching programs are graduating math and science teachers who can not pass the certification exams in those subjects. Do we really want a science teacher who had to take the GACE 6 times? I recently read in an article that Georgia colleges have not produced a teacher qualified to teach physics in over 3 years. Take a look at the average age of the math and science teachers in Fayette County. A great number of them will be retiring in the next 5-8 years. Where will their replacements come from? This is what other school systems are facing. Yes, there are many out of work teachers, but that doesn't mean they should be hired for a subject they can't teach. We need to raise our standards or be forced to hire foreign teachers.

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If you have your masters in PE, you get paid the same as a person with their masters in chemistry. Is there something wrong with this picture? It is the system. It isn't our teachers are not as smart, there is no incentive. The system is broken in that respect.

But, I'm dead set against hiring foreign teachers when we have good ones here. The application I read didn't look like they were searching for the cream of the crop either.

Think about it, it looks like these headhunter companies are working both ends.

Do they charge this person to help them get their green card? Look at the app...they WANT you to be a foreign citizen!

They slurp up the $8,000 head hunter fee, and if we are paying the company $36,000 a year for the teacher, we have no idea if they are keeping 1/2, or even more. If we are going to pay $8,000. a pop to a headhunter, why do you need to pay the human resource person? Why don't we just 'outsource' that to the headhunter? We would come out a lot cheaper. This should be human resources job to do!

So at the end of the day, what have you got?

A rich headhunter, a vehicle to bring in more aliens, and, our own home grown out of work teachers.

I think it is a total disservice to us and our teachers. This is not what I intended my taxes to go towards!

I am appauled they voted for this. I hope every teacher remembers this come election time! Todd was the only one that voted against. Marion Key was out of town and the other 3, well you know what they always do.

A colleague once pointed out to me that most administrators (school and county levels)have PE degrees. Why, you might ask? Good question and if anyone has the answer, please post it. I notice that two of the three possible superintendent candidates have PE degrees.

Please take a moment to reflect on these facts before you continue your derogatory comments regarding P.E. degrees.
1)Obtaining a Physical Education Degree involves extensive study of the human body; physiology, zoology, biology.
2)The degree requires the study of human performance (mental and physical) and development.
3)Rules and regulations for sports and games must be memorized and mastered.
4)Physical Educators are (or should be) role models.
5)Physical Educators have to be able to think on their feet.
6)Certification in the area of Physical Education is Health and Physical Education and it is a Pre-K – 12 Certification.
7)Physical Educators teach huge numbers of students in a wide variety of school settings (not just a quiet classroom).
Do you believe that this training also translates into good administrative skills? I do!

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I'm not degrading being a PE teacher, but the pay hardly should merit that of a chemistry or trig teacher should it? Either of those subjects would be hard to hold most kids interest. When the kids don't grasp it, you would have to rely on being repetitive and the kids would get frustrated.

I think your answer is in the fact that so many choose an easier major and get paid the same amount of money.

Compare the academic curriculum of the P.E. teacher -and a pre-med student. Very similar. Kinesiology is not an easy course. Maybe chemistry was difficult for you - but probably the person who majored in chemistry would not have passed the rigor of a PE course. My roommate in college was a Trig major and a PE minor. She opened her own public relations firm and retired a multi-millionaire. The teaching profession lost a marvelous and intelligent role model for students.

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that is my point. I later changed my major, something I have always regretted.

I was fussing at my kid and telling them I wanted them to go slow their 1st year. I pulled out my grades telling him I took too much n didn't get to enjoy my 1st year.

I doubt any PE major took this their 1st year, but it was typical for someone thinking of med school or pharmacy, or maybe teaching one of these subjects.

1 English com
2. Painting
4. Tennis
5. Algebra (2nd half)
6. Biology

1.English comp
2. psychology
3. Botany
4. Chemistry
5. Trigonometry (took 1st half of algebra in summer school previous summer)
5. Bowling

You see the art in there?, you know left brain, right brain? When I got in the Chemistry classes, I realized I was in over my head and scared. But, I had a wonderful teacher. I owe him a lot. Chemistry is boring, and you get it or you don't. If you don't understand one particular step, you really can't go forward. I had the panic button on red alert! I was overwhelmed with fear.

That professor earned every penny of his pay. He loved teaching and the first thing he did in his lectures was make friends with us, tell us stories about when he was in school, and slowly calmed us down. It is so weird, he got me to where I was actually looking forward to his classes. He taught us a lot of chemistry and kept our interest at the same time.

Same thing with my biology teacher. His class was so big he was up on a stage. I love biology, but for the ones that didnt, he held their attention. he kept everyone is stitches. He was a one man show. He was a cross between Einstein and a stand up comedian. He was hard but he was entertaining.

These professors I describe, had mastered the art of teaching intimidating subjects. I feel anyone that sat in those classes would have learned valuable teaching lessons from some real pros.

Point of all this is these guys gave life lessons. If there was anyone wanting to teach biology or chemistry in school, they SHOULD have had a front row seat.

The problem is, these classes ..are..intimidating, and for that reason a lot of people take as little of them as possible.

No one can tell me if we paid more for people who taught these, or a bonus to the ones out of college with a major in this, we couldn't get some damm good teachers.

These kids are not fools. College is expensive. They are not going to try to be a Bio or chemistry teacher and play with something they might fail if there isn't an incentive.

The system for creating future math, chemistry, bio teachers is broken. We can fix it.

PS. I was the worst tennis player and bowler you ever saw! c/d respectively

Thanks for sharing - brought back some great memories. IMO - no matter the subject, we need great teachers like you describe. It's too bad that teachers aren't evaluated fairly and paid what they are worth!! Yikes! Your classes were really intimidating!! Chem with Trig alone would have had me up for hours studying. My roommate would have been a great teacher - but the world of 'Hollywood' called with their overinflated salaries. I encountered too many teachers in the field of math and science who 'scared' their students rather than involve them in the learning process. Sad. (I majored in Political Science - :-) )

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We are on the same page, we want the best for the kids.

There is nothing better than being in shape. It makes us feel good and takes away stress.

But we have got to give the local kids that want to teach these harder subjects more. They almost have to be a one man show and have the patience of Jobe to pull it off.

I don't blame your friend if Hollywood called. That is an easy way to make millions.

It also brings me to another subject. Art. Did you know that the art antimation was bullet proof in the recession? Kids can now make a living in it. There is big money in hollywood, you don't have to be the star. There are set designers, light and camera men, period clothing designers for the movies. There is so much more for them in this field. And it all pays big bucks. There are new careers out there and we need to mold our own kids into the next teachers to help them. I WANT HOME GROWN TEACHERS!

<cite>We are on the same page, we want the best for the kids</cite>

ABSOLUTELY!! A good teacher realizes that education is a life long process - and inspires her/his students to be lifelong learners. New careers, new technology, new ways of thinking - and if we want our kids to be competitive in the global market - they are going to have to have a meaningful education with knowledge in all subject areas (and research skills). By the way - your avatar is lovely. Are you an artist?

me.and_the_sea's picture

but we need to give the science, bio, and math teachers their due rewards.

Cancer cures are not discovered on the ball fields.

They are pretty different (see below; copy and paste from GSU) and the pre-med looks to be a lot more rigorous. Well it does to me, but then what do I know? My undergrad degree is in math and so I may be the wrong person to comment on the rigor of either.

Bachelor of Science (Undergraduate)
Area F. Courses Appropriate for a Major (18)
EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education (3)
EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio Cultural Perspectives on Diversity (3)
EDUC 2130 Exploring Teaching and Learning (3)
KH 2130 Introduction to the Allied Fields of Health, Physical Education, and Fitness (3)
KH 2220 Musculoskeletal Function and Human Performance I (3)
KH 2230 Musculoskeletal Function and Human Performance II (3)
Area G. Major Courses (55)
KH 3010 Performance and Analysis Area I: Movement and Rhythmics (3)
KH 3020 Performance and Analysis Area II: Training and Fitness (2)
KH 3030 Performance and Analysis Area III: Team Sports (3)
KH 3040 Performance and Analysis Area IV: Lifetime Sports (3)
KH 3100 Instructional Technology in Health and Physical Education (3)
KH 3250 Teaching Comprehensive School Health Education (3)
KH 3410 Assessment in Health and Physical Education (3)
KH 3420 Curriculum in Health and Physical Education (3)
KH 3600 Biomechanics (3)
KH 3610 Motor Learning and Development (3)
KH 3650 Physiology of Exercise (4)
KH 3700 Sexuality Education Inclusive of Students with Special Needs/Disabilities (3)
EXC 4020 Characteristics and Instructional Strategies for Student with Disabilities (3)
(or equivalent)
Methods and Curriculum
Required (16):
KH 3200* Instructional Skills for Health and Physical Education, P-12 (4)
KH 4510 Contemporary Instructional Models for Pre-K and Elementary Physical Education (3)
KH 4520 Contemporary Instructional Models for Secondary Physical Education (3)
KH 4530 Contemporary Instructional Models for Health Education (3)
KH 4540 Contemporary Instructional Models for Adapted Physical Education (3)

Concentrations: Pre- professional/Physiology
For students considering professional programs (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, etc.)
Course Number Course Description
BIOL2220 Introduction to Research in Biology and Medicine (2)
BIOL2300 Microbiology and Human Health (3)
Required: AREA G4
All of the following courses are required (16 credit hours total):
Course Number Course Description
BIOL3240 Human Physiology (3)
BIOL3250 Human Physiology Laboratory (1)
BIOL4246 Advanced Animal Physiology (4)
BIOL4240 Endocrinology (4)
BIOL4115 Medical Neuroanatomy (4)
Choose one (1) of the following (4 credit hours):
Course Number Course Description
BIOL4074 Developmental Biology (4)
BIOL4278 Immunology (4)
BIOL4248 Cell Physiology (4)
BIOL4580 Microbial Pathogenesis (4)
BIOL4800 Advanced Cell Biology (4)
BIOL4102 Fundamental Neurobiology(4)
BIOL4130 Sensation and Perception (4)
BIOL4428 Medical Microbiology (4)
BIOL4744 Biostatistics (3)
BIOL4910 Undergraduate Research in Biology (5)
BIOL4930 Topics in Biology (4)

Yeah, isn't this the degree most Georgia football and basketbsall players spend five years getting 2 years worth of basketweaving credit?
It must be most difficult.
Administrators simply must be good politicians and know how to keep out of trouble.

You can do a little research and find that all players (baseball, football, basketball, tennis, etc.)- regardless of their major- are given a much easier ride in the area of academics. Tutors are provided, advisement (as to which are the easy professors who cut athletes lots of slack, etc.) and direct coach/professor intervention are constants. I have first-hand knowledge of this- not trying to judge... these players work hard on and off of the field and are required to miss many classes. How ethical is this? Don't know, but you could ask Jan Kemp about being a whistle-blower. Do you want these 'athletes' to teach your kids or build your bridge? Again, can't answer that for you.
A regular Health Physical Education major is not necessarily, an athlete. Probably just a person who played a sport or two in High School and wants to help inspire young people to educate their minds, bodies and spirits.

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I also have often wondered why so many school administrative types come from PE.

Maybe it's because if anyone can herd cats its the coach.

According to the report in the board meeting the reason for using the outside agency is that the company will handle visa issues that the BOE HR is not equipped to handle. The $8000 is less than the benefits that the school system would have to pay. In the end it is cheaper for the school system than hiring a US citizen. The issue is why can't we find someone out of the multiple people interviewed to teach drama? How hard is the GACE for that subject?

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FCBOE emplyee benefit if said teacher has a family FCBOE only pays 71.00 of benefits premium pr month=852 pr yr county portion. Single FCBOE pays full premium avr 170 pr month=2040.00 pr yr county portion FCBOE pays and we are paying 8000.00 to a company to find said employee.
Please Explain savings

The amounts you are using are only the supplemental amount that the school system pays above the employer portion for medical and dental. This is an additional benefit to the employee. The state charges the system 18% (maybe more in FY2011) of the state salary portion (maybe $33k)for health insurance and then there is FICA/ medicare matching (7.65%) and TRS retirement(around 9 to 10%). Benefits cost 30 to 40 % of the salary amount. This is somewhere around $12k for a starting teacher. It is cheaper but is it really what we want????

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Thanks for the figures.
Did anyone else see the news last night Doesn,t seem that other Counties who have tried this are so pleased with this option and that it's not the money saver as explained.

I'm sorry but I can not decipher this comment above! Some info in monthly terms, some in yearly terms, and what does that have to do with paying a headhunter?
Who has hired a headhunter anyway---have they provided anyone yet? And why?

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FAyette county pays 71.00 toward the monthly benefits premium for teachers with family plan that equals a county cost of 852 per year for the county.
If the teacher is single then the county pays the full monthly premium costing the the county an ave 170.00pr month for a annual county cost of 2040.00.

The reason I asked about this is our wonderful HR department has brought in
a head hunting company to do their job at a cost of 8000.00 dollars to bring in a drama teacher from a foreign country. We just lost a Drama teacher from Bennetts during the RIF. Why do we Pay for an HR director and over staff the HR department to just pay another company to do their job!

Also I find it interesting that this particular job became available back in Febuary(McIntosh) and wasnt even posted until May.

This person to be brought in is an employee of that COmpany and not Fayette County so we have to deal with the company an not the individual??

Now Smith Smola and Wright have all stated that Fayette County is doing so well that we have teachers beating down the doors to come work here from other counties...Now we can't even find a Drama teacher to come here and must pay an outside company to go beyond the borders of our country to find someone to fill this vacancy??? Please explain that logic.

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It is just plain wrong. What kind of a message does it send our kids when they study to be a teacher and we jerk the rug out from under them and go abroad and hire someone? That is horrible

There was also in the papers this week that some of our out of work teachers are going to Dubi to teach. What does that tell you? They have all the oil money and will pay whatever for the best. They could hire these 3rd world teachers too, but they aren't, they are hiring our little homegrown 'throwaways'. There is something really wrong here.

I think it is apparent that the BOE HR person didn't look long and hard here in the US. There is no way in this world there wasn't someone here qualified to do that job. What is even more disturbing is that the BOE didn't tell HR to look harder. They just rolled over and sold our kids/teachers out. I'm not a teacher, but I'm very resentful of this. I've always made it a policy, when there is a choice, I will not us a company that remotes calls to India etc. It is taking jobs out of this county. This is worse, we are now importing them to take our children's jobs.

I'm disgusted with the whole deal. More effort should have been put into hiring a US citizen. If this is done anymore, we should just replace the HR person with the headhunter if all HR is going to do is pick up the phone and call them. What do we need the middle man, HR, for if we are going to be so cost driven?

We wasted our money on extra schools and once again, the people paying for it are the teachers.

Also our kids will suffer when they can't understand these aliens. My child took Spanish, it is easy. They failed it. I called the teacher. I couldn't understand her and kept asking her to repeat herself and talk slower. She was a wiz at Spanish but her English was horrible!

My child then took 2 years of German which is much harder. They did great! Main reason, good teacher, and the German teacher was American and spoke English as his 1st language. The children could understand him. It made all the difference in the world.

Just how many have been hired so far? Also, how many of ours have gone to Dubai so far?
Also, ain't no way the BOE can pay a foreign teacher any less than we pay our own for starting wages!
What is being stirred up here?
The only reason a foreign teacher might be hired is that there isn't a teacher of Calculus or Rocket Science available here to hire! Many of our teachers don't make a profession of those or similar subjects because they are difficult and it is easy to determine if they know what they are doing.

Much of the low Math scores around here come from inadequate teachers in those subjects. If that is what it takes to teach our kids well, then hire Asians to teach them! At least hire them until we can talk some people into qualifying as Math teachers.

You want foreign teachers? Well I say take the next plane, train or boat out of the USA! Enough with foreigners taking our jobs. America, Georgia, Fayette County stand up and find your back bone! I'm sick and tired of hearing about the people who are without work and yet you see foreigners and have to speak to them when calling an American company. Quit giving into this. We should focus on bringing jobs in, not foreigners. Seriously, get out, we don't want you here if foreigners taking our jobs is what you want.


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