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Fayette needs public transportation

I am disgusted at the ones running for County Commission always throwing off on county transportation.

If you were older, poor and no longer could drive, you lived alone, whether in city or county. No family to help. Alone. How would you get to the doctor, grocery store, drugstore, church, other older friends. How?

Our Fayette County needs transportation for all senior and younger citizens who need to get out of their homes.

Try a little empathy. All residents aren’t able to jump in cars and go. Some no longer can afford to keep up a car. County transportation is needed badly and soon.

Wake up to all citizens in our county. They all can and do vote. It’s not a reason for election to oppose public transportation. When you throw off any needs of others what does that make you?

In other words as I told my children when they spoke out of turn, HUSH!

Joan Neal

Fayetteville, Ga.



This one is on that list. Way to go, Joan!

well Joan, We have citizens just like you describe in residence today--so just how do you think they get around? Maybe because they're resourceful and smart and don't need a nanny govt to take care of them!

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One thing about it, those darn buses tie up more traffic than us cyclists. ☺

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Why do you always assume that we can't put in a public transportation system that is not as screwed up as Atlanta is?
It can be done.
Your problem is you don't want the type riders you think might use it! Why don't you just say that!
We don't need a system that stops every block or two. About three stops in Fayette County, plus one in College Park and one in Fairburn (at parking lots) is all we need to start. End with 2-3 in Atlanta---not at Marta.
How do you think the suburbs of Chicago, New York, etc., exist without their trains and busses?
Please try to understand it will take 10-15 years to install such a system entirely and if we don't start now you can put off it's completion to 16 years, 17 years, etc.
What is wrong with long-term planners anymore. They hardly exist!
It caused the credit crunch we have!

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You assume too much. Where in any of my posts for the last 3 years have I said anything about the those that ride public transportation? I don't care who rides on those buses.

The problem with your thinking is it is not enough for other people, like Joan. She wants transportation everywhere and, since it's "public", you and I will have to pay for it.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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the problem is with her thinking... or lack thereof.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

You know, you and some others here argue just like the dudes running for public office right now!
Every single one of them are basically running against President Obama. They are going to solve the illegal problem, they are going to solve the federal expense problem, they are going to defeat the Obamacare--already law, they are going to solve our school problems, the water problems--build dams with Georgia money, I suppose, and all these things are number 1 with them. This is Georgia, not Washington, DC!
Are all Georgians that stupid? No, they are not but they want to hear such drivel it seems anyway.
I thought I might vote for Barnes this time, but it looks now like Thurgood is the smartest one of them all. I considered Oxendine until his family started shooting people at private clubs and taking Alabama money although he was a terible protector of us from Insurance companies.
His job.
Who is the TEA person, maybe them?

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[quote=Courthouserules]You know, you and some others here argue just like the dudes running for public office right now!

OK. Your assignment tonight is to review all of my posts for the last three years to prove your point.

If you can't find one you will owe me a coffee, of my choice, at the next coffee get together. Being an individual of high standards of course I'll reciprocate if by some chance you find something. So get to work, I'm going to bed.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I have waited patiently for you to prove your point. The next coffee get together is coming up next month in Fayetteville. I'm thinking a nice “mocha” will work.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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At the last gathering conducted by our commissioners concerning our future transportation plans the director of our Senior Services in Fayette County stood up and said that at no time had she recommended Mass Transportation for the seniors in our community. She said that the Senior Services Dept. here was very capable of providing those services to our seniors.

I truly believe, based on personal experience, that Mass Transportation for our senior citizens, who are no longer able to operate their own cars for one reason or another, is a very impractical concept. I say that because when my mother no longer felt that she should or could operate her car to take her to the grocery, doctor, church, shopping, beauty shop or to visit friends, she wasn't able to use mass or public transportation. There was absolutely no way that Mama could have walked to a bus stop to go to the grocery store. She couldn't have walked from the bus stop to the grocery store, bought groceries, carried them back to the bus stop, hauled them onto the bus, walked and carried those groceries from the bus stop back to her home and then put them away.

It is completely and totally impractical to think an ill senior citizen could walk in the cold and heat to a bus stop to transport themselves to a doctor.

Our community can do much better than that for our senior citizens. Our community already has a Senior Services Center that provides those kinds of services and much more. All one has to do is pick-up the phone and call the Senior Services Center for help. Our Senior Citizens will be treated with love and respect when they call the good folks who volunteer their services for our older loved ones. They will be provided with much more love and care than a bus driver on a mass transit line could provide.

Think about it, folks. Steve Brown is already involved with his church ministry that caters to the elderly in our community. Allen McCarty has pledged that ALL of our citizens are his number one priority.

Please go to the polls and vote in this year's Primary. Please place your votes for the candidates who care about all of Fayette County citizens. They care about the citizens not huge transportation companies that are failing right and left. Those transportation companies, by any name, will further strap our seniors finances because we will all have to support those transportation companies.

Advance voting began on July 12th -July 16th at Tyrone and Peachtree City Libraries from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM daily. If you miss those dates, please VOTE on July 20th in this year's Primary Election. July 20th 's Primary Election is the determining factor. The November General Election will be too late to solve our problems and prevent others.

come in would take someone to their doctors, church, grocery store etc. We have been without public transportation for years and years and people have managed. I am a senior citizen and I am completely against it. If you are incompacitated and unable to get around I am sure there are agencies that provide transportation; perhaps you should contact one of them. We moved where we are because we did not want all the hassle that goes with public transportation, etc. Since we have not had public transportation in the past, perhaps people should have taken that into consideration before moving to the area.

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So why do our incumbent county and municipal politicians keep voting down subdivisions and complexes that are proposed to them every year? They don't pay property taxes over 65.I'm guessing. Any other reasons I'm open to. (minimal) But they do shop, eat out, and love recreation, and need our great health care and hospital facilities. These empty store fronts need customers and I would like to see golf cart paths nearer to Fayetteville also. As far as now, Christian City offers the best senior, retirement, and 24 hour care in the country. They also provide a lot of transportation. Bless those caretakers at Piedmont and Christian City.

then vote for Smith and Maxwell. If you want to connect Fayette County to Clayton County, Jack Smith agrees with you.

Steve Brown and Allen McCarty care about Senior Citizens! It's not that they don't care how seniors get's what the rift raft that will be brought into our county will DO to the seniors once they get a ride into our beautiful town that Brown and McCarty care about. It's the funds that will pay for the access of outsiders. Have you seen the news lately of other counties and how the standards were lowered for the county once a bus system is put into place??? Vote NO to mass transit! That's a vote for Steve Brown and Allen McCarty.

Do you really want surrounding counties bused into our county? Do your homework! No you don't. Believe me, I've seen counties too close that have buses!

Denise Ognio

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I don't get the 2 gs comment! Is it just the way racists say Negro? They are really Negroid you know? A really pure race originally. (before slavery).
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Joan, if you lived in North Fayette off of GA 279 and less than a mile from a MARTA stop and Club Ritz, and if you saw some of the people and problems just across the county line and considered that those problems follow MARTA extensions, you wouldn't be inviting public transportation a little closer and into your own neighborhood. Rather than expose the county to more crime and the cost burdens of MARTA for your convenience, I'd rather the county just give you a house across the road from the MARTA stop.

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