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PTC to consider Hwy. 74S. industrial annexing

A 77-acre site just south of Peachtree City may in the future become home of a new manufacturing facility in Peachtree City.

The plans are a significant turn of events for the property, which is currently located in unincorporated Fayette County with a zoning for a future shopping center/office complex. The undeveloped site is located off Ga. Highway 74 south of the city’s Meade recreation complex and it is also directly across the highway from the existing traffic light for Redwine Road.

A request to annex the entire parcel and rezone it for light industrial use will be considered Thursday night by the City Council. Council will not be voting to annex the property or not; instead the vote will determine whether city staff can work with developers on the annexation proposal.

A no vote Thursday would effectively send the plan packing, but a yes vote would actually be a “maybe,” as it does not bind council to eventually approving the annexation. A yes vote Thursday simply means council is willing to consider the idea and get further details from city staff and the developer.

Under the annexation request, the entire site would be rezoned for light industrial use to accommodate an unnamed company that would conduct light metal fabrication along with electrical, welding, grinding, refrigeration, woodworking and other trades. The company, which would relocate from another area, is expected to have 165 employees and spend $7 million on the new building along with another $2.55 million in equipment.

The site would host the company’s corporate headquarters and production facility with a building of 142,000 square feet.

Being zoned into Peachtree City will give the company access to the city’s sewer system, meshing with a plan the Peachtree City Water and Sewer Authority has to bring sewer access to several office developments on the other side of Ga. Highway 74.

The annexation is being sought by the Casey Investment Group and current landowner Southern Pines Plantation, which convinced the county commission in 2000 to rezone the site for the now-existing mix of retail and office uses.

Southern Pines Plantation last year unsuccessfully petitioned for an 18-acre chunk of the site to be annexed into the city to grant sewer access for the shopping center. When the petition was denied, Southern Pines said it would go forward with a self-contained sewer system instead and proceed with development.

As currently zoned by the county, the 77-acre site is allowed to have 27.4 acres of retail use, 5.47 acres of office institutional use and more than 44 acres zoned agricultural reserve for future use.

Nothing has been built on the property to date.



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