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Todd: To change faulty policies, re-elect me

The election for Post 4 on the Fayette County School Board is the most significant in recent memory. The School Board is dominated by the Smith-Smola coalition and has eliminated policies that set expectations, established board minutes that are meaningless, constructed schools that are not needed, refused to establish a reserve account for budgetary purposes and purchased millions of dollars worth of land for possible resale.

The financial drag on limited financial resources for construction costs will continue for years and will limit district options for maintaining system quality.

Voters have the unusual opportunity to take matters into their hands and bring about a refocus on what is important, our children and their needs.

The focus for too long has been on the interest of a very few developers while ignoring the impact on the district and all other business interests in Fayette County.

Let me explain: If achievement declines due to financial constraints, one-third of the reasons (quality of life and law enforcement being the other two) people move to Fayette County is gone.

That is the single issue in this election regardless of the desperate attempts of Janet Smola and Neil Sullivan to change it. Smola has been exposed and a simple check of the facts will do the same to Sullivan. Just think about what has happened to property values in Clayton County due to irresponsible acts of that school board.

How unusual: If you want change, the only way you will get it is by re-electing me to Post 4 on the Fayette Board of Education.

A vote for my phantom opponent, the hand-picked choice of Terri Smith and Janet Smola, will guarantee that nothing changes and they will continue with their priority of helping a very narrow group of developers to the detriment of the district and the community.

My opponent, the phantom, is in hiding and will appear only if he is elected. He has not made a single public statement with the exception of the Rotary Forum. His supporter, Neil Sullivan, continues to spread fear through lies and innuendo. Apparently my opponent is unable to respond verbally to any question since they must be given in writing so that others may respond to them for him.

The campaign strategy as designed by Mrs. Smith, Smola and Neil Sullivan reveals their contempt for the citizens of Fayette County.

First the phantom opponent will appear only in small meetings and he will only answer questions submitted in writing and will only provide a written response.

Apparently he views himself as being too good to associate with the unwashed masses, the citizens of this county. This is America, where citizens expect and demand that those running for public office make themselves available and publicly answer any questions they are asked.

You have to return to the Middle Ages to find a governance model of this nature, and it is called the “divine right of kings.” In this model the king chooses his audience, which rarely included ordinary citizens. He also had his emissaries (Mrs. Smola and Neil Sullivan) to speak for him.

The king’s priorities certainly did not include benefits for anyone other than the elite. The current coalition on the School Board reflects that attitude with the location of schools and land purchases. A vote for me in the July 20 primary will stop that process.

Mrs. Smola was totally discredited in The Citizen Newspaper for spreading false rumors about me. Now comes Neil Sullivan with another false rumor about me with fear-mongering about school closings. Neither of them understand that it is the superintendent’s responsibility, not a board members, to make recommendations about the use of school buildings. Apparently they do not learn or, are consciously continuing to desperately promote their candidate.

Now let us look at several issues Neil Sullivan continues to misrepresent or distort. First, we have already eliminated 127 teaching positions, thereby increasing pupil-teacher ratios. The question now is how much larger must classes become before my opponent and Mr. Sullivan are willing to look at other areas to reduce or redesign?

According to Sullivan none can be touched; therefore he is in support of increasing class sizes, and leave everything else alone through this financial crisis. He needs to talk to some parents in order to see what they have to say about this matter.

Second, we are using $5-plus million from the reserve fund to balance our Fiscal Year 2011 budget. The state is expected to reduce their funding by an additional 3-5 percent for that same period.

My opponent and Neil Sullivan oppose any modifications or reductions needed to protect pupil teacher ratios. They obviously don’t have a clue as to what must be done to protect instructional quality.

Third, our math and science students have always had access to, and have completed the fourth year in these courses under the general seal of endorsement program. Mr. Sullivan does not comprehend the fact that requiring all students who do not need or want those courses is denying them access to technical education, fine arts and advanced level languages.

Fourth, the general diploma with the seals of endorsement for college prep, technical education, or fine arts allowed each student and their parents to increase their options in any area of their choosing.

Apparently Mr. Sullivan and his candidate do not support that option.

The current program of four math and four science courses for every one regardless of their needs is extremely short-sighted in that technical education programs are being closed because students do not have time to take them.

Mr. Sullivan and his candidate do not appear to comprehend or care about what is happening to all students who will not be pursuing a math or science career.

Fifth, Mr. Sullivan needs reminding that Fayette Schools became number one under that program. Are the new requirements really helping us maintain our position? Check the data and decide for yourselves.

Sixth, he says a return to that program would lead to reductions in Advanced Placement courses and classes for the gifted. He has no comprehension of how a master schedule works.

Students enrolling in those classes are shifting from one course to another. Increasing classes for the gifted would increase state funding, so why hasn’t that been done? There is no excuse for not offering any Advanced Placement courses to students who need and want them since we can have, through our technology initiative, virtual classrooms.

Seventh, our technical education, fine arts and language programs already exist. The issue is whether or not students will continue to be denied access to them. Mr. Sullivan and his candidate appear to be quite willing to allow that to continue to happen. What has happened to the notion that all students are entitled to the opportunity for the education they need?

Eighth, the ESPLOST has not saved a single job, contrary to Sullivan’s promises that it would. The fund balance came as a result of eliminating 157 positions, a 4.5 percent reduction in salary for all employees, including board members, and the underestimation of local revenue. In times like these, being conservative on revenue estimates is a prudent move that I support.

Inadequate planning for E-SPLOST has caused all allocations for textbooks to be used up in one year. They need to provide the rationale for that error.

Ninth, Sullivan says all schools are neighborhood; what a cruel joke on the taxpayers of this county. There are less than 20 houses within walking distance of Inman or Rivers. Inman has a reasonable enrollment, bussed there, only because East Fayette was closed.

I was an early supporter of that decision. Rivers is a school with no neighborhoods within reasonable distance.

Yes, I did vote for the school, based on false information given to me. I also became an early proponent of mothballing the school since enrollment projections did not justify its opening and we could not afford to pay the almost one million dollar overhead cost to operate it.

Summary: Our students, teachers and staff with parental and community support continue to stay focused on results. That performance will not be maintained as long as the attitude is that all aspects of system operations are as important as students and teachers in the classroom, as suggested by Sullivan and my opponent.

High performance can all be lost if we do not carefully reduce costs due to the current financial crisis. It is the money and its use that now threatens system quality.

The first round of cuts included 124 classroom teachers. I have made it clear that my vote in any next round of reductions will not include classroom teachers.

For change, vote for me in the July 20 Republican Primary for Post 4 on the Fayette County Board of Education. Examine my qualification in an ad in this newspaper and visit my website “” for additional information.

Dr. Bob Todd

Fayette County Board Education Post 4

Fayetteville, Ga.



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I am completely surprised that the Invisible Candidate Cave would allude to ANY association with the discredited Smola & Smith. Smola was caught red handed spreading false rumors about Todd, then lying about it. Smith can't remember to include $12m of personal assets in her disclosure statement.

Their endorsement is all I need to know about Cave, but I did attend the Rotary forum to watch, in embarrassment, his 3-minute babbling about his family etc before being literally gonged off stage.

And I have taken the time to speak to and listen to Dr. Todd; we have no one to blame but ourselves if Cave gets anywhere near a Board of Education seat...

R.J. Ross

As a parent who originally voted for Dr. Todd, I beg to differ with several of his comments.

1. Votes by the school board. . . Yes Dr. Todd. . You also voted for some of the same issues that received votes by Smith and Smola. The reason you all voted yes was not directly related to "developer influence" but due to misinformation that the FCBOE staff provided to you as a basis for you to make a decision. Maybe instead of blaming Smith and Smola for all the ills of the school system, you should take a moment to reflect upon the performance of the very people you worked with for so many years at the county office for their incompetence and lack of reasonable planning skills.

2. Quit bashing Smith and Smola as you have been guilty of playing in the same pig’s pen that you accuse them of playing in. The banter between all of you is almost as embarrassing as Steve Brown's previous ranting and ravings when he was mayor of PTC. What an embarassment this is to our county! All of you should act start acting like the professionals you profess to be.

3. As for Smith and Smola not respecting the citizens of this county who voted them into office, I can vouch that this is not the case. I have personally emailed all 3 of you in the last year concerning issues that were before the school board and you were the only one of the 3 who did not give me the courtesy of a reply. As a matter of fact, both Smith and Smola not only replied to my email, but they actually used information provided by me in board discussions concerning cuts in school athletics. I voted for you but you have provided nothing for me.

4. I am personally a member of one of our county's parent/teacher advisory boards that is required by the GA Dept. of Education. In the last year, my school's advisory board has yet to be asked by school board members or the FCBOE to participate in formulating cost cutting ideas and measures to help with our county's budget issues. To my knowledge, none of the other school advisory boards have been asked to do so either. Maybe the FCBOE should look to the "No Cost" assistance that they could have been taking advantage of the great ideas that the parents and teachers who have a vested interest in our school system have to offer to get us out of this mess. Instead, our board and FCBOE staff hires outside consultants whose ideas they don't use and then they complain about having too many staff at the instructional level because they are too worried about keeping their own jobs.

Dr. Todd, I am confident that you have good intentions but quite frankly, you have proven no better that the ones you choose to attack. It’s just a shame that we don’t have people who are more qualified and willing to serve as candidates for these board positions so that they can make the tough decisions that will get us through this mess. In my opinion, a vote for you is no better than a vote for Charlie Cave. I personally will choose to vote for those who actually seem to listen and respond in the future.


Let's get real here. Every single school advisory board and community forum has been set up to give the appearance of providing input to the school district. Just ask any of the parents who have participated in the redistricting committees. Many of the schools seem to benefit from these groups but the school district administration has not significantly engaged with the community. Or, ask for a copy of the transcript from meetings where public input is given. There is no transcript because the district management does not respect the people who they work for: the community. Our school system - which gets more close to 70% of our property taxes in addition to state, federal and special tax money - has been run like a private corporation within walls of iron. Many in our community feel that it is time for the secrecy to stop. We don't put up with it on our city councils, county commissions and state organizations and we shouldn't put up with it from the school district administrators and the people controlling them.

Just Asking

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wanttoknow, I can't believe any parent would actually take the side of two people who are proven to be manipulative and who have been proven to be untruthful. What about the empty and half empty schools? What about the fact that Smith and Smola bullied their way into buying needless and useless land? What about the fact that it is illegal for a School Board to purchase useless land and then try to sell that land? What about the corrupt actions of Mrs. Smola trying to rig a campaign by having false information transmitted through email to parents? What about the fact that Mrs. Smola enlisted the help of Attorney Doug Warner to spread the lies she fabricated? What about the fact that she tried to implicate Dr. Decotis in her scheme to discredit Dr. Todd? What about the fact that the School Board Chairman Terri Smith failed to disclose $12,500,000 in financial holdings?

The list goes on and on, wanttoknow. I couldn't look at my self in the mirror if I wasted my vote on the likes of Terri Smith, Janet Smola and Charlie Cave. I feel that Charlie Cave is someone who has been sucked into the Smith and Smola scheme to retain control of the education system that is supposed to prepare our children for the future. I really don't want those types of individuals in control of my grandchildren's or any other child's education and future.

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Please check out all the facts by researching the issues for yourself. For more information concerning Candidates Brown and McCarty visit their websites at and

And, PLEASE whatever you do GO VOTE DURING THE PRIMARY ELECTION. Advance voting began on July 12th - July 16th at the Tyrone and Peachtree City Libraries from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM daily. If you miss those dates, please vote on July 20th without fail. July 20th Primary Election Date is the DETERMINING FACTOR this year. If you wait until the November General Election, it will be too late to save Fayette County from rampant development, mass transit and future SPLOST Resolutions.

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