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PTC Council to review options for 54W traffic

The results of a $70,000 study to improve traffic flow on Ga. Highway 54 West will be discussed by the Peachtree City Council Monday night at a workshop meeting.

The highly-anticipated report from the city’s consulting traffic engineering firm was not available at press time Friday afternoon. It is, however, expected to be available on the city’s website in the “packet” of information published in advance of council meetings.

Authorized in January, the study by Pond and Company was initially thought to take three months, but it has actually taken twice as long.

Highway 54 West is the main choke point of traffic in Peachtree City, particularly during commuting times, as it provides the main artery in and out of Coweta County — as well as the only way in and out for residents in Wilksmoor Village who need access to MacDuff Parkway.

The study is expected to provide data to support Hwy. 54 improvements so they can be “put on the books” for future funding by the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Atlanta Regional Commission, noted City Engineer David Borkowski.

“We think it’s money well-spent,” Borkowski told the city council at a January meeting. “... We will have something in our hands to go to DOT and ARC for future grant funding for projects.”

Prior to council’s decision to fund the study, DOT officials had informed the city that it would need to fund the traffic study. DOT did help with input on the scope of the project so it can provide potential solutions for improving traffic flow in the future.

DOT would not commit funds to the study because traffic along Hwy. 54 West isn’t bad enough to show up on the agency’s radar, officials have said.

The vote to approve the $70,000 funding was 3-2 with councilmen Mike King and Eric Imker opposed. Imker opposed the cost, arguing the city should wait to see how DOT’s modifications to traffic light timing in the area would work.

King questioned whether the study would solve any of the traffic problems since Hwy. 54 is the main east-west route for commuters.

Much of the problem on Hwy. 54 West derives from the high-impact commercial activities in the area, creating cross-street traffic even during peak commuting times in the afternoon.

In the meantime, John Wieland Homes has announced it is ready to begin building 475 single family homes on a 379-acre site north of the current terminus of MacDuff Parkway. Wieland is committing to funding its portion of the extension of MacDuff — which includes a costly bridge over the railroad tracks — as soon as partner Brent Scarborough company is ready to develop its 650 “active adult” homes on adjacent property. The two sites were annexed in 2007 by the city council.

The new traffic study will take into account the impending extension of MacDuff, which is expected to change commuting patterns for residents of Wilksmoor Village. They will be able to use the road connection at Ga. Highway 74 north to avoid the traffic on Hwy. 54 West entirely.



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Sure, those Wilksmoor people going north will go north on MacDuff and never touch 54. The smart Coweta people going north will go north on Doc Fisher and also stay off 54. That leaves a handful of drivers who will want to turn left off of 54 and go north on MacDuff as a shortcut. I am willing to bet that we will see a sign go up saying "No left turn between 6AM and 9AM" and of course a cop parked in the median to nab the u-turners. And as expected the traffic will be just as bad as it is today - probably worse in the afternoon.

Have you had your morning read with the 498 page study yet?

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Can't imagine why it has to be that long. I guess they may have covered some points I missed. Or maybe for $70,000 there are a lot of charts. Who comes up with these creative ways to spend our money? Could they just stop it - please.

and graphs and repetition and more repetition and on and on and yawn. You got it. When we hear what is in there, the question will be...we paid 70 grand for this? With my speed reading perusal of this monumental, historic document, we will have successfully ruined The Avenue, opened up a new cut thru (and cut down of pine groves) between Aberdeen Pkwy and Westpark, and attempts will be made to sell the heart, soul, and spirit of this city to the Mormons. That should be the closing statement on the last page.

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Spyglass has it right - you want to move more cars - add more lanes, well Duh. The left turn onto 74 north with an elevated lane - Huh? How do pay for that? And Why? Just so some stupid Coweta people who didn't get the Haddix memo about going north on Doc Fisher Road still have to use 74? Give me a break. Screw them. We live here and they don't. I don't care if Cowetians commute thru here. Do you? Do I? Well sort of, but I just don't want to pay for a flyover or anything to make it easier for them.

And, BTW, stop using our paths and parks and lakes. You didn't pay for them. Go back to Coweta County. You are welcome for the road races and triathilons, but not every day. Go build your own amenities.

It is not obvious on the City website....

Among my many other deficiencies, I also have a link deficiency. No cure yet.

Homepage....government(up top)...

drop down box..mayor and council

over to the right..meeting agenda

3 meetings listed, choose the middle one and click on (in green) "Download Agenda Packet"

Taken directly from the study...page 45..it is not rocket science..

Construct Parallel Connections to SR 54 Corridor

?_? Construct new parallel connections between Fayette County and Coweta County.

These include connections north ?__ between SR 54 and Castlewood Road and south ?__

between SR 54 and Rockaway Road.

The entire document can be found here..


70 grand to come up with this...be sure they get your name right on the check.

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