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PTC loses out on Atlanta Christian College

Peachtree City has lost out on its bid to lure Atlanta Christian College into locating its new campus here.

City officials announced last night that the private college has instead chosen to locate at a facility in West Point. The loss is also felt by the city of Newnan, which was announced last year as being one of the finalists for the site along with Peachtree City.

ACC already has opened a satellite campus in an office building in Peachtree City. ACC has yet to formally make its announcement in terms of where its new location will be.

The school has been located in East Point for more than 70 years, but has focused on the south side of Atlanta to find a suitable new location given that many of its students are from this area.



I don't really think such a private college would help us much anyway.
But, unless PTC soon commits to making the city an institution instead of a bedroom that is rapidly being destroyed, then they had better soon get a quality institution or two in here.

Why do you think Fayetteville has practically died or at best have scores of pawn shops, nail salons, gold cheaters, horrible movie theaters, no good restaurants (not expensive---good), and waited too long to abolish the "old crowd" of judges, clerks, sheriffs, and red-neks who are racist?

How many Quality colleges or universities, museums, research facilities,
pro team facilities, student unions, teenage programs other than field sports, and endowments for many of these facilities?

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