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N. Fayetteville SunTrust bank robbed

Fayetteville Police are investigating a bank robbery that occurred just before 2:30 this afternoon at the SunTrust bank near the Fayette Pavilion off Ga. Highway 85 and Ellis Road.

For a gallery of bank robber photos, click here.

A gunman entered the bank with a handgun and left in what was believed to be an older model maroon Chevy Impala with dark-tinted windows, according to initial police radio accounts of the scene.

The gunman was described as a light-skinned black male wearing a “wife beater” T-shirt, about 5’8” tall, about 150 pounds, wearing a yellow construction helmet with a red bandanna underneath. He left the scene with another suspect in the vehicle, but the second suspect’s description was not immediately available.

No injuries were reported at the scene, police said.

Police have searched the parking lots at the Pavilion in an effort to locate the suspects. They also are investigating if a crash just north of the bank on Hwy. 85 might be related to the bank robbery, as one of the suspects took off from the wreck on foot but was arrested shortly thereafter.

This is the second bank robbery in Fayetteville within a week. The RBC Centura Bank on Ga. Highway 314 north was hit by a crew of three armed gunmen July 8 just after 10 a.m., and they got away in a blue sport utility vehicle, police said.



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The fact is I don't have time to watch that stuff, but you go ahead and make up what you feel, I'm used to that.

I yam what I yam

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When you can find where I've ever claimed to be a republican, get back to me. As far as the black - white thing here in Fayco, what a short memory you have my friend, as I remember we've both argued the same side of that over the years, but I guess you didn't look for that. I'll use your own words against you here, a couple years ago when you were howling about something and I pointed out that it was ok when Sniffy and assorted others did it, but not when someone else did it, you told me to take it up with them, so my friend, take it up with them.... Cheers

I yam what I yam

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stance. I gave you examples. Guess I'm missing your point. But Air Force and Navy speak different languages I guess. I think we need to skip the coffee and go for a beer next go round..... and bring anyone man or woman enough with us ;-).

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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I have an A/C unit in the attic and the condensation drain must be clogged so the unit is on safety shut off.

In your opinion, what is the best way to unclog the drain, test the pump and reset the shut off?

Besides calling an A/C repair company.


Replace the hose to the pan or outside, empty and clean the pan, and turn it on again.
$175, please.

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Is he a n A/C company?

I thought he had some expertise in that field.

Will you ask him for me?

It's really getting hot upstairs.

I've got to fix it soon.

Oh and thanks for the advice but I'd really like some more experienced help.


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Thanks for you comments and contributions..


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you are compelled and allowed to contribute so generously to the "cesspool".

That's why it's called "Have your say".

Hi hutch.


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But the Citizen bloggosphere has changed. No real new ideas. No compromise. No handshakes after friendly spats. So much overt racism IMHO. When I click on to scan the comments of the day, sadly it is all de ja vu all over again. So I turn off the computer and go play out in the 100 degree weather, finding that more comfortable for my central nervous system.

I'll keep checkin though. Maybe the ex mayor or new mayor will start a food fight in Smokey Bones motivating a return of Carbonunit's humor or Git-Real's wit. I'm not holding my breath though.

Cheers to you!

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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It seems like my presence in the cesspool is strongly needed.....I sense desperation among bloggers and a need for direction in important national matters such as bank robbers and Obama's genes. I will consider a comeback once I return from Transylvania to my PTC home.

"Making you think....twice"

That's OK we will manage!

This "cesspool" as you call it has been much cleaner since the likes of you and Krispy departed. Why did you return. You're like a dog that returns to its own vomit to eat it.

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1) Eating three day old vomit must be more palatable than digesting the tripe you repeatedly deliver here.

2)Just so you don't think it's an oversight; you're on mute. You aren't man enough to cast a shadow by emerging from your basement. You are an insignificant bomb-hurler who I personally just don't have time for. I typically have more important things to do than responding to you like trimming my toenails. Maybe you'll change my mind at the next blogger's summit. Or maybe you'll continue life as a spineless one-trick pony.... wait! Ponies have spines.... as a spineless one-trick amoeba.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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Are you in some way related to Crispy?

Your way with words seems to be a trait of the socialist left.

I must say that Crispy had a better way of expressing your shared twisted philosophy. Perhaps you should revist and study some of his older posts, it seems he is no longer with us.

kevink's picture

"...a trait of the socialist left"

Nothing at all "typical" of the rabid right in your statement. Dripping sarcasm if not readily apparent to you.

And, true to form, light on ideas.

BTW: What is my twisted philosophy?

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

You'll just get covered in mud.

As most Fayette residents were brought up 'elsewhere', NEW YORK CITY!!!, it's difficult for the 'locals' to understand any other way of thinking.

I've only lived in PTC for 20+ years and raised two children here so I can't claim any knowledge of how things used to be or how things should be done.

Funny thing is, after 20+ years here, I've only had the pleasure of meeting just one family that were borne and raised here in Fayette County. They introduced me to low country boil and for that reason alone I'll be eternally grateful.

Perhaps if my grandchildren grow up here they may have some 'right' as to how things should be done or how to think; but you and I will never have that 'right'.

People like you and I will always be 'outsiders' even after 20+ years.

I'm sure your father could tell you similar story's if you asked him.

It's refereed to as "The South" for a reason. Let it go.

PTC Observer's picture

don't know your philosophy specifically, other than it has something to do with taking jabs at people you don’t know because of their ideas.

This is typical of a leftist philosophy, no ideas just lashing out with words.

Keep writing and as you go along, with your eloquent prose, we will all be informed.

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You are obviously and unquestionably THE quintessential expert on 'leftists.' What can I say? Ya got me pegged

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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guess I do.

You know if it walks like a duck.....etc.

Still don't know where you got that from--surely wasn't from your upbringing-- Yeah, I know most voted Dem ticket--BUT most also lived a very conservative lifestyle. Musta been that Boys School for Wannabe Zoomies!

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I've eaten myself silly. Many pigs have perished :-D.

Don't out me in public now LOL. I'm still wondering why all the replies are about me, and not about the points I brought up:

No critiques of Newscorp's reprehensible tactics.

No explanation of why you never read, "White guy arrested in internet predator scheme. It figures."

No answer on why THIS year, as opposed to the last 55 years, became THE YEAR to make debt ceiling legislation a knife fight.

Athome, shake the bushes and get the conservatives talking, man. I want more opinions than I'm "like a dog returning to eat its own vomit."

Have a great weekend,


Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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Are you still eating that pig meat BBQ. I'm out to DFW next week to get that real manly BBQ. Porky is simply not allowed. :-)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Enjoy the travels and remember: ten ground collisions are better than even one midair :-). Just getting to know ASA in a physical sense I guess. Be safe, and see you soon!


Vote Mytmite in 2012!

Who are these fictional white people you speak of committing crimes in Fayette County? It must be a conspiracy since the paper refuses to report on it.

I've lived here my entire life, as a matter of fact, my family has been here in excess of 10 generations. White people commit crimes too, but the random, violent crimes we heave seen in recent years are not the doings of these people.Nor are they the acts of the very decent black people that have lived here in this county as long as my family. These people are decent, honest, hard working people. I am proud to call them my friends.

There was not a problem until people of color from outside the county started coming in. Call it what it is. It's thugs that have either moved in or just come in to Fayette County to commit these crimes. I wish that the decent black people of Fayette County would stand up to these thugs and run them all off.
Stop trying to brainwash the decent people of Fayette County who have watched all of this happen. It is a disgrace and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. We are not stupid. We watched it happen.

Having lived here all of my life, I know many working for the City of Fayetteville police department as well as the Fayette County Sherriff's Department. They know the truth and have no problem telling you about those people that commit crimes and cause trouble and the majority of them are black. No way around that!!!

TinCan's picture

Don't worry; this is just a resurrection of kevink's blather from several years ago. Careful or he'll want to meet you in the alley. That's also a familiar trait. This definitely must be a Navy / Air Force thing, so what ship were you on?

kevink's picture

I've lived here a while too. Long enough to remember a man attacking a Hwy 74 hotel receptionist, tying her up, trying to poison her, and robbing the register. He was a white guy. For some reason, no one focused on his race.

I remember a black man being shot and killed in a new (at the time) neighborhood west of Walmart. White trigger puller, but no one focused on this.

I remember a woman shooting a man grave yard dead outside of his work onHWY 74 (NCR I believe). White female, but this was not relevant.

I remember a white man killing his son and his wife..... several white men arrested for coming to PTC to have sex with what they thought were 13 and 14 year old girls.

Tincan, try as you might to make this a "Kevin" thing, here are the FACTS: No one here brings race to the forefront when the criminal does not fit their prejudice.

You "I'm not a racist"s seldom fail to mention race if the perp fits your prejudice.

If this is not the case two boys and tin can, why have I not seen you comment on race in a single murder or rape or molestation or robbery case when the perp is white?

I'll answer for you: It does not support your argument that crime has a black face. So you ignore it.... and in doing so, your prejudice becomes very transparent.

My belief is this: If you can't provide a solution for a race-based problem, and apply your demographic focus on crimes consistently regardless of race, you are most likely just race-baiting to support your inner prejudices.

So, blacks robbed a bank. What should we do? What's the answer? Profile all blacks at the county line?

Again, Tincan and two boys: You can pretend that you just happened to sleep through the crimes of whites, but I don't hear any solutions from you two; just race baiting 101. If you don't like me pointing that out...... Tuff

And, ABSOLUTELY no desire to meet you tincan, so you can chillax (learned that word from my daughter :-) )

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

TinCan's picture

Please use your superior intellect and point me to a post where I said anything about the race of a perp. You’re so focused on racial ranting you can’t seem to recall who said what. First of all, the situation is obvious and needs no further commenting. Secondly my posting was always about your constant screaming race and dredging up the few crimes that suit your weak argument. Personally I don't much give a crap about you at all. Sorry I don't have your daughter’s access to the new vocabulary. Suppose I’ll see it in Webster soon.

kevink's picture

My 'superior intellect ' tells me I wasn't the first to bringup race here in this thread; just the first u chose to comment on. Now, WHY might that be?

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

TinCan's picture

Because I don't think you do yourself or anyone else any good by playing that game. As for the asses that start that stuff they are better off ignored. Come to think of it they are not the only ones. By the way, I commented to you when you began your journey several years ago by asking what you hoped to accomplish. Don't believe you ever answered.
Thought you'd probably like that subject phrase. If not you I suspect Bonkers will be all over it.

If someone knows how to get a hold of Cal, please tell him we need a "special" section or headline where everybody can get their 'race on'.

Cal's blogging rules would still apply but if you have a statement to make about how race has affected crime, marriage, education, personal wealth hell, lets include driving habits, I don't care. If someone has a problem with someone else's race lets discuss it.

No "N" word comments but "white", "black", "yellow" and "green glow in the dark" is perfectly acceptable to me.

Another thing, if your going to quote some headline or source, include the source and date.

P.S. There's no shortage of stupid people and they come in a wide variety of colors.

Let the games begin!

I've watched you fight this battle since 2005. Your words won't change some minds here - they feel very comfortable lumping all blacks together and making statements that are not true about the majority of blacks that live here in Fayette County. They would be the first to scream if we made general statements about 'whites'. (I learned that early in my experience here). There have been some here who have acknowledged that their neighbors who happen to be black are just as concerned about 'crime' as they are. The criminals that are taking advantage of Fayette County's 'innocence' are just that - criminals. NOT ALL BLACKS ARE CRIMINALS. NOT ALL WHITES EAT THEIR VICTIMS. ETC., ETC., ETC. I was told that when the Olympics came to Atlanta, a large part of the 'ghetto' was claimed for Olympic activities - and those persons were encouraged to find section 8 housing in Clayton County. It is important for residents of Fayette County to protect their property by not allowing Section 8 renters in their developments or neighborhoods. (The sad thing about my last statement is that after this economic crisis, there may be some very deserving young people who can benefit from Section 8. That is why I have always fought for homeowner training for those who were about to rent using Section 8. Anyway Kevin, I am just here in this discussion to present a different point of view. We live in a social-right part of the country that still, in many ways, is recovering from the Civil War. Nothing but time and exposure to others will change that, There are many areas of agreement between conservatives and liberals/progressives, yet it appears that most 'racists' are more comfortable with the 'right'/conservative ideology at this time. Actually, what we call 'race baiting' has become part of the 'culture' among those who are insecure about their status since 1964. What really amazes me here in the South is the 'fear' of blacks - rather than the fear of criminals. There are more blacks in the South than I've seen in my entire life anywhere else (except in Africa). Anyway, keep expressing your feelings about the comments that are often racist in this discussion, You appear to know some of these folks personally - I don't.

kevink's picture

They only bite if requested to :-D. I really don't get it. When a joke like jokeawfi made a blog basically calling blacks the face of crime everywhere, not a single person challenged his logic locally. And when I pointed out the factual inaccuracy of calling crime a black problem here locally, folks like Tincan roll in to wonder why I'm on a "tirade."

Hard to understand. But, I'm just trying to keep a nook of this paper where people can go to blog without being the "face of crime " by default.

On a brighter note, the lack of blogging has allowed me to stamp up me and my kids' passports :-). On the downside, I miss reading Jeff C and Carbonunit and Nuke and Jevank and Gitreal (Yes, Gitreal) and you and Hutch and Cyclist and Skyspy......... well, you get the point.

Enjoy the weekend. Buen provecho. Que tengas un buen fin de semana. Que vc passa un fin de semana boa :-)

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

Thanks Kevin. You are a saint! (even Git Real????) LOL. Have a great weekend- y gracias a tu tambien.

Git Real's picture

In your infinite jealousy you would be finding a way to somehow put a damper on a FREE man living it large and enjoy life all over the country. Continue on inventing me into what you desire me to be so that I will fit in your own personal bigoted mindset as some sort of demon. As for me....I shall continue on enjoying the many wonderful folks I meet via air, motorcycle, auto, business and such that add flavor to my life and this country and will in the mean time, continue with not wasting as much time on jealous and bigoted old hat racks like you that can't see past their own blinders that they wear in order to somehow justify their own pathetic lives and failures in life. Go git off this site and git yourself a life.

There now.... I'll check back in another year and roll my eyes at the continued mushy babble you spew as you paint sainthood on your race while demonizing successful and hardworking white men.

<tee hee>.......

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

Oh, are you white?

MajorMike's picture

When everything else fails - Play the race card! Sorry DM, it just flat doesn't work any more. As one other blogger phrased it "everyone in here has got your number".

,. . And yours is quite apparent . You're not alone - nor am I. Git Real and I have a history, but the South has changed and women and blacks don't shy away from the likes of Git, Kawfi, Major Mike or Mytimite. The people in Fayette County are examples of how Americans can live together in spite of the likes of you. We recognize you're here , but you are insignificant.

Git Real's picture

I am quite certain that I have helped out far more black folks in my life than you ever have white folk. And WTF does it mean that "women and blacks" don't shy away from the likes of me? There has never, EVER been a need for them to consider doing such. You are a cancer as far as race relations goes in this country you cloaked bigot. Your phony race acceptance soap box is about as credible as our federal gumament claiming they are protectors of freedom, liberty and opportunity. It is also "recognized" that "you're here too". And you are indeed well noted for your hypocrisies. Nuff said. There are wonderful and sincere people out there to interact with. Bigots, enablers and excusers like yourself aren't worth my time.

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

No secure man who is successful and mature would even participate in such a discussion. I know I have 'racists' concepts, (many of which have been corrected by participating in this blog) and some which have been confirmed by the likes of you.
and such outstanding intellects as Joe Kawfi and Major Mike. You're in good company. Now go tuck your tail in again and come out in another year. . . You're too much of a successful 'white ' man to be bothered by this little old black lady. (By the way, did you ever get a contract on a job that had state or federal funds? ) Just checking. LOL.

Most people I know shy away from people who play the race card for no apparent reason. Your posts give us something to laugh at though. Keep up the good work with your race card/poor me thing. How is the race card working for you dm? Can you really bully people with that?

You know, I didn't bring up race in this discussion. Check it out. The Civil War is over . The Confederacy lost. I stood in line with my fellow American citizens in Georgia and voted for a Black man for President of the US. I'm a happy camper. Now if we can just get the Congress to pay our debts as promised and work together to get us out of deficit spending, our country will continue to be a world leader. Nite!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you the one who stated that you wouldn't hire a black person (which is your right), but complained when your business did not get a contract at the airport or some other location that was using federal funds? You were so proud to state that blacks were not qualified or too lazy to work for you. (You're entitled to your opinion based on your experience). but thank heavens my hard earned tax money isn't going to be used to support your business. A year ago your words expressed bigoted, arrogant ignorance, and I see that nothing has changed. I know that with your success, you have rehired the employees that you reportedly had to let go. And I'm sure they enjoyed the plasma TV you purchased after letting them go. I've been retired since 1999. . . .living large here in Georgia and loving it. Believe me, I'm not jealous of your reported success. However, in my limited experience here in Georgia, there are many successful men who are doing wonderful things to help their community - but they never have to go on a blog and brag about it.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Without restating the obvious - we all know the quota system is the law and it was a reaction to past discrimination - got all that. What I am asking is for you or anyone else to explain the logical reasoning that supports a law that requires contractors of a specific race to obtain publicaly-funded contracts to the exclusion of contractors of other races.

After that maybe explain how it helps anyone to have a token minority as the head of a company that is staffed with the same people of all races who actually do the work.

Sounds like a modern version of "Irish need not apply"

Live free or die!

The law does not promote the exclusion of any 'race', but rather the necessity of combating the 'old boy' mentality to insure inclusion of all Americans. 'Black' businesses also hired 'token' whites in order to comply with the law. Most successful businesses have moved past this sad era in our history, and their workforce represent the American racial makeup. (You guys must have really hated the common sense discussion that appeared anti- Republican. Interesting tactic. McConnell saw the handwriting on the wall, and so do the moderates and independents. Let's hope Reid and McConnell come up with something that will pass in Congress. If not, and a large proportion of the American public suffer because of inaction, the political plan to not cooperate with the Democrats will backfire. Nice try to move away from the discussion regarding current politics to race. Really transparent. You guys are loyal Republicans, but appear to be too lockstep for most of the younger generation. Both political parties will need to analyze the next generation, and change their approach to governance in order to remain significant.)

“This president went to the American people and told all of us what he would and would not accept in a proposal. The American people are waiting for ALL Congress members to do their job - it's their constitutional responsibility.”

On Sat, 07/16/2011 - 11:33pm, I replied

“DM, I believe you're mistaken”

“As per several news sources President Obama has been quoted as saying, "everything is on the table".

“Your statement of: "This president went to the American people and told all of us what he would and would not accept in a proposal". One of you is not telling the truth.”

“Please help me identify which one it is?”

Now it appears that you have either chosen to simply ignore my question, you’re unwilling to answer the question or you’re just hoping I go away.

Since you don’t “shy away” from anything I think it’s time you summon your courage and tell us; was the President lying or were you lying?

I thought that Jeff's comment and my contribution 'On The Table' covered an answer. The answer will be apparent in the deal, if presented to the President, is signed or vetoed. Calling anyone a liar at this point of the discussion is not productive.
The posturing and game playing goes on. Cut, cap, and balance is the new Republican mantra. This does not appear to be moving towards resolution. The conservatives in the Republican Party are giving McConnell a rough time. I agree with some pundits - CCB makes an interesting bumper sticker. Politics as always - before the American people.

....for saying much saner things about individuals than this fellow?

Guess he is one of those people too successful to can?

I give DM a hard time also about being too general, but this.........

TinCan's picture

I'm not a big gambling man but I'll lay a small wager that you thought Bonkers registered somewhere on the sane scale.

I hope "Bonkers," as you say, was sane!

Please quote the blog where 'basically called blacks the face of crime everywhere'. Or are you just making up stuff again, you little jagoff weasel?


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