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Female resident shot in PTC home invasion

Peachtree City Police are searching for two men involved in a home invasion Friday night on Woodland Drive near Robinson Road in Peachtree City. One of the residents suffered an injury from a shotgun blast as she fled the house in an attempt to escape and summon help.

Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove said officers responded at approximately 10:24 p.m. Friday night to a possible home invasion with shots fired inside the Woodland Drive residence.

Dove said three residents were home at the time of the incident.

Dove said preliminary information pertaining to the home invasion indicates that two black males entered the residence through an unlocked door and once inside they ordered the female victim to relinquish money.

Statements indicate that the offenders carried shotguns and believed there was a sum of money inside the residence the victim had access to. The two offenders are described as African-American males, in their mid-twenties with dark complexions, both about 5’8” to 6’ tall and medium to slender in build, Dove said.

Dove also noted that two male residents were at home during the incident.

“One resident was in an adjacent bedroom and came into the living room after hearing the commotion. As he did, he was confronted by one of the offenders who pointed a shotgun at him directing him to the living room floor,” Dove said. “While this was taking place, the female victim fled from the residence but was pursued by one of the offenders. The offender fired a round from a shotgun at the victim. The victim was grazed on her head by a pellet as she continued to flee from the area.”

Dove said the female victim was able to run to a neighbor’s home where she summoned help. She was later transported to the Atlanta Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries and released, according to Dove.

The third resident of the home was not involved in the encounter, Dove added.

Dove said the two offenders fled the residence in what has been described as a dark colored pickup truck. It is unclear at this time as to any motive behind the incident, she said.

This investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact the Peachtree City Police Department as soon as possible. Please contact the Criminal Investigations Division at 770-631-2510 or the Crime and Narcotics Information Hotline at (770) 487-6010. You may remain anonymous.



know. Is this a rental property?

It is Robinson Woods Estates- my neighborhood.

but is the property where the crime was committed a rental property?

I dont believe so

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I have interviewed a number of burglars and there are three things they do not like: (1) a security system (2) lights (3) dogs. These are three things that are easy to maintain. Number 4, the ultimate, will be assumed to be in place if you have 1-3, all of which should be visible if they are casing your neighborhood. Number 4 is firearms, the great equalizer. Thank God we live in Georgia.

These people had an open door. Not good. Probably an error. But they were probably targeted because either the perps knew them and knew they had cash or the victims were in a cash related business.

I had have run-ins with PTC about displaying my home security system sign They don't like the way it looks. But I am keeping it. I hope that Councilmember Dienhart will make sure that this is no longer an issue in PTC.

PTC cops have a good reputation in catching perps. Since I don't break the law, I like that. Expect more of these type crimes people.

I have long wanted to circulate a bumper sticker: "FAYETTE COUNTY-- We don't call the Sheriff--- We call the Coroner."


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Please tell me who your security company is and who at the city has said that and I will be glad to tell him or her that they will be personally responsible for your death when you are shot dead by a predator who didn't see a sign. Talk about government overstepping their bounds. My God people - get a grip.

And yes the "Call the Coroner" thing is cute, but instead why not do what Kennesaw did years ago and pass a law that everyone must have a gun. Crime went down there back then. Is that not the goal? Think about how the thugs from the crime apartments would think twice about mugging golf cart riders if we all had guns. The Uzi my brother has can be mine with just a phone call.

Live free or die!


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Thank you Mr. Morgan....But if those poorly trained, shotgun wielding gentlemen enter my home I suspect the fatality will not be me. I may be prosecuted but I intend on not being funeralized. I agree. If there were more active, concealed weapons permit carriers on golf carts we would be safer. The golf cart paths have long been the biggest crime risk in Peachtree City and have traditionally been ignored by City Hall for the risk that they are.

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but I assure you the Chief is not. They have well-organized and completely random policing of the paths. I daresay we are doing a better job than some other communities with a path system - one near Washington where my brother lives has had 3 path homicides and several robberies so far this year.

I wasn't thinking concealed weapons as much as openly carrying - and letting the thugs see them. A shotgun rack would look real nice on my golf cart.

Live free or die!

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Already allowed in Peachtree City, but with a size limit:

Sec. 66-6. - Signs exempt from the regulations of this chapter.

The following signs shall be exempt from regulation under this chapter:

(7) Signs pertaining to public safety, including but not limited to signs evidencing the presence of a security, or alarm system, on the property that are no more than one square foot in area, or signs indicating the presence of children in certain rooms of a structure in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Exactly what is the issue with the way they look that needs looked into?

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Mr. Mayor and Mr. Dienhart---- you tell me "Exactly what is the issue ?" What needs to be looked into is your attitudes.

City Hall has always and still does have a notion that they know more than we citizens do. Peachtree City is largely great in spite of City Hall and not because of it.

A City inspector put a warning notice in my mail box telling me that my security sign should be moved from my front lawn to in front of my house. After I pressured City Hall they reluctantly admitted--- there was no code section backing up their position ("it would just look nicer there"). I concluded the matter by directing them all to a very warm place.

You don't think there's a problem? It's the attitude of City Hall.

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"City Hall has always and still does have a notion that they know more than we citizens do. Peachtree City is largely great in spite of City Hall and not because of it."

Pretty much sums up what ails Peachtree City. Well said.

The same old bunch of know-it-alls has been running a nanny state here for as long as anyone can remember. Bullying the residents of Peachtree City has been their stock-in-trade. Conform or be harassed. And we know who was the absolute leader of that kind of thinking......

<cite> I had have run-ins with PTC about displaying my home security system sign They don't like the way it looks. But I am keeping it. I hope that Councilmember Dienhart will make sure that this is no longer an issue in PTC.</cite>

I was merely going to look into the ordinance and get back to you. If there was reason to change the ordinance so that people could display their security signs, I would have introduced changes to allow such signs, which would have then been voted on by council. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me through city hall. I apologize if you thought that this was an effort to show that city hall knows best. This was me reacting to a complaint from a constituent. If you have any further problems, please feel free to contact me at

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My concern and reply to you before was not because of a bad attitude. It was because I already knew such signs were legal. That meant either Code made a mistake or if you wanted an oversize sign, in example.

Just trying to get to the bottom of the situation politely.

Remember, elected are prohibited from engaging in the normal day to day operations of the City. So, when something like this arises I need to be told or in some other way become aware of the situation so I can do something about it.

Rather than to tell you to stick this in an email, keeping everyone else in the dark, this will be going to Staff for review.

If you want to be updated then send me an email so I can tie you into the process. Then you can share here, or not, as you wish.

Hope that helps.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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"Remember, elected are prohibited from engaging in the normal day to day operations of the City."
Your words, now explain the e-mail to Joey Grisham that cost your constituents $10K but was not meddling in the day to day activities of the city. Maybe the other four on Council realized your true worth to the city and reduced your salary to $75 monthly.
You can't help it, can you?

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No Mike he can't help himself. Nor can he explain why he is back on here blogging - first about sign size and now about his obsession with the day to day process. God, I am so tired of this little man.

Kimmy, time to censure again. Please get it together. We don't like this guy being our mayor. Please stop him.

Live free or die!

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Your research as to city codes and your uppity attitude toward the citizenry is not appropriate. What would be appropriate is YOUR repayment of some ten grand you attempted to hide from Council and the remainder of the city.

Need anyone say more?

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Mayor Haddix,

I grew up in PTC and my parents still live there. In fact, they live just down the road from the victim, which makes this case all the more worrisome to me. What happened to PTC? When I was a kid, you couldn't fart without Officer Mark Brown breathing down your neck. Now, we have home invasions??? Seriously? Who dropped the ball? Was it you? Your predecessor? Who is going to fix this increasing criminality in PTC? You? Or your successor? Home invasions and Section 8 Housing are not typical to the wonderful town I grew up in. Fix it, or find a new job.

the above was raised in PTC, isn't it?

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I pretty much said that in my post, no? How much more obvious can you get? Doesn't seem like something that needs pointing out...

MCINTOSH RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being a (relative) newbie here, seems to me you might not be just the fresh mouthed kid you are trying to be in your post. Using big words like predecessor and Section 8? have an ax to grind like the rest of us. Heck, I bet you are one of the rest of us.

I'm sure Mark Brown would like to hear from you again. From what you wrote you were full of hot air back in the day, and maybe still are full of it. Let me tell you, if it weren't for Mark Brown and his brethren here in good old PTC, maybe you and your parents might not still be here. I'm sure in your worldly travels after you left ruling McIntosh, you have been to places where you wish you had a Mark Brown breathing down your neck. Could be worse.

How about you and your young, intelligent generation become part of the solution to "fix it". How about coming to a council meeting and addressing your concerns for PTC and offering to help solve it by volunteering. How about calling the PD and asking about the Neighborhood Watch program they offer. Maybe you or your parents (or both) could get involved that way. If you are truly a grown product of this city, you share the concern we all have about things changing for the worse. It's a life cycle thing, there are good times, and not so good times. Some we can change, others we just put up with. Or, we just come on blogs like this and whine, whine, whine about the good (and not so good)old days.

I do believe you overstate "increasing criminality in PTC", though. Comparatively speaking, you just have to go a 20 miles north or east of this fine city, to truly understand increasing criminality. Let the PD do their investigation and then we can all decide what to do going forward.

Section 8? You bet. That is just about the worst mistake to be built in the city's history. Some things can't be fixed though. Supporting our PD to keep that mess in line is something we should all do, whether we (admit) fart(ing) or not. You think the PD, mayor and the rest of us don't want this solved, too?

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"I'm sure Mark Brown would like to hear from you again. From what you wrote you were full of hot air back in the day, and maybe still are full of it."

Actually, being 34 now, I appreciate the Mark Browns of PTC and all good towns. I realize how good I had it, than maybe a kid who lives in a bigger city. PTC was a safe place, a place you could go out past curfew, walk along a cart path, and your only worry was to be stopped by MB. And no, I was not full of it then and am not now.

And I would love to help out PTC! Just give me the keys to a bulldozer and I'll get started on Peachtree Station or Harmony Village or whatever name it goes by today (sorry, I can't keep up).

With Love,

PaperbakWriter, with tongue firmly planted in cheek (mine, not yours; I don't swing that way)

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The crime issues is increasing because more and more criminal elements are living closer to PTC or see us as a nice, juicy target.

Big Boxes are crime magnets, as are large shopping centers. Adding Sam's Club in Coweta didn't help. With the Union City shopping center gone, they had to find new hunting grounds.

Our crime rate took a jump when Walmart and Target were built. Additional police had to be hired just to hold even.

Anyone can apply for Section 8 status to the Federal government without involving PTC in any manner. It is a heavily economy driven issue.

While our police department is top notch, its expansion has not kept up with the population growth. We need more police to give the equivalent policing levels of when I moves here and the population was only 13,600.

We did add fire and police on the first Council I was on, but not enough. We don't have the money to add more unless we do yet another big tax increase or reduce spending.

Another problem is that the fastest growing crime is identity theft and electronic crimes. That requires manpower that is not on the roads or paths.

I cannot fix it on my own. It takes a 3 vote. But, if you follow the Budget Workshops, there are at least two wanting to cut the police Budget, this year. Last year there were 3.

It is all about priorities. That is why I have and will keep pushing for a needs assessment to get or spending where it should be, not where a few want it to be.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Our police are doing an excellent job, after a crime is committed. I will be talking to the Chief and City Manager about deterrence this Wednesday. This has nothing to do with big boxes, and I am not sure who the mayor is referring to as far as cutting the police budget. I would encourage everyone to watch the video. Councilperson Imker asked the Chief to look into cuts. Councilperson Learnard stated that that we need to be careful discussing cuts to public service, and additional cuts might cause us to pass a "tipping point". I agreed with her. I don't believe that Councilperson Fleish is for massive cuts to public service, but I havn't talk to her about it yet. Councilperson Imker is just trying to make sure that we are using our tax dollars in the most responsible manner- he challenged many city departments to cut back. Ironically, he didn't ask the Fire Department to cut back at all.

Since we are now the owners of a brand new Police motorcycle, I would like to see the police depart trade 4 more police cars for motorcycles. Since council voted to make the motorcycle experiment permanent, lets double down. I believe this plan would save most of the money that Councilperson Imker is looking to save, while keeping the officers on the street. While I did not support the initial motorcycle purchase, we may wish to look at maximizing our savings on this with the deployment of 5 total motorcycles.

I feel your pain on this- I also live in Robinson Woods Estates. I assure you that everything possible is being done to catch the people that committed this crime.

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Yes, watch the video. Review the history of this area for the last four Budget cycles plus the current one. That would cover the terms of office of all currently holding office.

This does have everything to do with Big Boxes. As well as pass through crime, accidents, electronic theft and all the rest.

The thinner police assets have to be spread the fewer officers can do community patrolling.

Deterrence is great. We all want it and it has been a concern for every Council I have been on and for the PD. It did not just become an issue with this event or you being on Council.

On the fire department, Councilman Imker actually asked for a $50K cut.

Councilmembers Learnard and Fleisch were concerned, but did not say they opposed cuts. Same way it went last years ending up in cuts.

We will see where everyone lands when the Budget is finalized.

Crime is going to happen. There is no way to stop all of it before it happens. We cannot have an officer at every house, which still does not guarantee no crime.

We do agree all is being done to catch all concerned in this crime.

As you have been told at a Council Meeting, to accomplish all you have want done, you will have to hire more officers.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Count me in for one of those bumper stickers.

Not sure why you don't just clarify what they told you? From my reading, it wasn't the size, shape, design; but, you felt the need to put it out in the middle of the yard or by the curb. Am I correct? The other part of this story (& the BP gas satation caper) I find interesting is that: for all the patrolling that goes on the main roads & all the minor infraction tickets written, there is no community patrolling and these desperatoes simply left the area unchallenged.

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If it's not against any code of PTC, why the hell is Code Enforcement putting ANYTHING in his mailbox? First off, placing something inside a mailbox is a no-no, and second, doesn't Code Enforcement already have real work to do in citing people who are actually violating PTC codes instead of sign placement advice to anyone?

I thought Code Enforcement had previously been "streamlined," but apparently they have enough time for BS like this.

I guess they could have put a stamp on a letter and some would bemoan the wasting of tax dollars. Or he could have left it in the door and some would talk about the police state. HEY, it's PTC, same as it ever wuz. You like that there is no big Golden Arch signs but as usual when your bull is being gored it is a crime against freedom. I'd like for him to say exactly where he wanted to put the sign. I like too that somehow a business owner that may or may not live in a rental property... Oh, nevermind. Thank gawd she didn't live in Wynmeade.

It was NOT a rental property but in this econimic downturn, there are a majority of people who used to be able to be home owners who are now forced to rent. I think that is a bit of a judgemental question, don't you? Never mind being worried about the fact that there are 2 men (I'm sure you guessed that they were black before the article even said so) running free who are obviously not afraid to take a life for what they want. Never mind that the young woman was shot in the head in the safety of her own home over the possibility of money being present. Never mind that we are cutting our resources and financial support for the police department and fire departments and refusing them raises in 4+ years yet they stay on top of the crime (and rescues, ie. lightning strike victims)and are still dedicated to what they do. I think "was it a rental" is a very valid question in light of all the other meaningless happenings in this case. Great job stereo-typying.

I moved to Atlanta from the west coast with an open mind. But after 5 years of living here, watching the news each night and hearing stories of crimes from friends, I'm becoming afraid of black males. All I see and hear are stories of black males committing violent crimes. Maybe its racism but, I'm sorry, I just can't turn off my logical mind.

Having dark skin doesn't make someone more prone to becoming a criminal. Yes, statistically, the black community has a higher percentage of crime, etc., but that's slowly changing as they become more and more educated.

If you lived in South Central Los Angeles you would see similar crime statistics as you see in parts of Atlanta, Clayton and Dekalb Counties, etc.

On top of that, it's also a male thing. Many of today's young men, black or white, don't have a male role model in their lives to teach them the right way to treat others.

I work with both black and white people, and because they are all fairly well-educated, none of them show any stereotypical behavior specific to their race. None of my black co-workers are more prone to crime than the white co-workers.

Crime in the black community isn't the main problem. It's a symptom. The problem is generational poverty and culture in some parts of black culture. They don't see the opportunities that exist. Many don't understand that it's actually relatively easy to make it in this country. All you have to do is try your best in school (you don't have to make strait-A's), learn a skill or continue on to college. If you're young and single, working two jobs isn't going to hurt you and should be thought of as an opportunity.

Rural whites could learn the same thing. Many of them are part of a generational situation too, not knowing that they can actually learn to speak correctly, stay in school, become skilled/educated and live a productive life free from poverty and crime.

It's not a black and white thing. People who think they are victims because of their race need to turn of Jerry Springer and just get to work. There are jobs everywhere.

Part of the problem is the welfare system. I used to be a bleeding-heart, and still am in many circumstances (people with down syndrome, the disabled, etc. need our help), but someone who is young, strong and healthy shouldn't be collecting free money and food. That's not fair. They should be working hard in as many jobs as it takes for them to meet their financial obligations.

I had a neighbor the other day tell me, "Did you know that people on welfare get free cell phones and free service?"

I thought to myself, "yeah, right. Another mass email circulating from Drudge."

Then I heard it myself on the radio through a public service announcement. I was wrong again. Dang, free cellphone service?

We have too many people who feel entitled.

Now, about the men who committed this robbery. I'm willing to bet that they have more than the average third-world family struggling to survive. I bet these men have electronics, decent shoes, a roof, a vehicle, and more. They probably ate well that day too, and yet they felt the need to steal from others who most likely work a lot harder than they do.

I have a friend who literally works 14-16 hours a day. The man is always taking emails from work, even when not at work. He wakes up at 4am, exercises, gets to work before 6am, and leaves the offices as late as 8-9pm.

Working is a good thing, and unless you are severely disabled, you have no excuses.

Reality is refreshing !

[quote]It's not a black and white thing. People who think they are victims because of their race need to turn of Jerry Springer and just get to work. There are jobs everywhere.[/quote]

Except here! I've assisted at too many job fairs for too many years to a accept this statement as reality. Americans of all colors stand in line for hours with resume in hand. The private sector is hiring at a very limited rate. There aren't many shovel jobs that Americans have the skill or desire to take.

The liberal welfare system is one of the problems. Another problems is the so-called black leaders like Jackson and Sharpton who instead of leading their people to the right path, spew hateful racial rhetoric, instill in them the idea of entitlement and use them for their own financial and political gains.


You are right said the blind man!

to 12 people on 54 and 74 during the time this happened. The PTC police department is a farce...just revenue collectors for the city. Public safety is not part of their mission...never has been. They will pull you over for sneezing while driving but nowhere to be found when thugs come into your home with a shotgun.

times over the years I have had to call the police and they have always been there in no longer than ten minutes. I am in no way connected on anyone on the police force or anyone who has anything to do with the police force so I have no reason to come to their defense except for the fact that they have always been there when I needed them. Can you really expect them to be at every house in Peachtree City on the off chance that someone may try to break in? How long did it take for them to get there after they were called? It seems to me from the news I have been reading lately that they seem to follow up in a timely manner--maybe I am wrong but I think our police do a better job and have a shorter response time than lots of other places. Maybe I have just have better experiences than some others----

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PTC Cops have a good response time. Their main benefit is deterrence. They keep perps out of our town because other towns are easier and you are less likely to get caught. Imker ought to quit screwing around asking Skippy to cut $50,000 and waste weeks of time on Haddix's ten grand. I say suspend all cart path maintainance excepts for emergencies. Tell the people you layoff that if they get POST certified they can hire on as cops because we are hiring.

The problem is that you as a homeowner are the first line of defense. A burglar looking down the barrel of a heavy calibre weapon is the best defense. Again, the cops are for deterrence. Six cop cars for a bunch of teenagers with a six pack of beer? I'm ok with that. Because if I hit the silent alarm I figure they will be there in about 5-10 minutes. The first 5 minutes are up to me.

Finally, the answer to this whole invasion is simple. The lady owns a bar. They figured she might have cash at home. She fought 'em off. They wasted their gas money.

PTC Cops have a good response time.

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Does anyone know if this was a black on black crime?

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This was three blocks from me.

It just goes to show how desperate people have become in the Obama-conomy.

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[quote=Joe Kawfi]It just goes to show how desperate people have become in the Obama-conomy.[/quote]

You like to blame everything on the are such a dingbat. My home was broken into during the Bush administration. Joe, you are somethin' else.

These poor kids. They can't find jobs due to the way that Obama has run the economy into the ground, so they are forced to steal from grocery stores.

<a href=" night flash mob takes over Jacksonville Walmart</a>

<a href=" rob' targets Troutdale Albertsons</a>

I guess it's true that blacks are hardest hit by the ruin that Obama has wrought

& exactly what dif would that make? Do you wan to just go on and label yourself a racist pig? It doesn't matter if it was a rental house. It doesn't matter what neighborhood. It really doesn't matter the race of the perp. It certainly doesn't matter the race of the victim. IT HAPPENED. and having all the captains in the world and making all the incidental stops on the highways did not prevent it or catch the perps. HEY was it a black man that died by lightning strike w/ 9 children? Or does it just matter that there are 9 kids w/ no Daddy?

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