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Gateway intersection to open in October

Recognize this location? It may not look like much now, but it the new intersection on Ga. Highway 74 at Holly Grove Road that is part of the widening of Hwy 74. The project will realign Rockaway Road located just to the south of he new intersection. Once completed in October, the location will become the gateway to Senoia, at least from the Peachtree City perspective. But from the Senoia perspective it will be the long-awaited end of having to take your life in your hands while waiting to turn north off Rockaway.



Amen I take my life in my hands every day turning left out of rockaway rd.It can't happen soon enough.

I got a new car - thanks to that stupid intersection! People always want to help out others & let them turn when they do not have the right of way & someone go used to that & decided me being in their way was no reason not to drive straight into the side of my beautifully paid for car! While I did the paperwork & had my car towed off - there were 2 near misses in the span of an hour. I CAN'T WAIT until that intersection is a memory!!!

You are so right about that intersection and people trying to be nice, but some of the people turning left onto 74 would never be able to get out if others weren't courteous and let them. One driver waves you on and another isn't paying attention...recipe for disaster, right? It should have been a 3-way stop or something. I only use the road during lacrosse season (Meade field) and coming from Brooks I never had to make a left to get home (thank God), only a left to get onto the road. The intersection is horrible and I always had to leave early to get to practice because I knew that 74 would be backed up to Redwine with people wanting to turn left onto Rockaway. Like you, I will be so happy when it is done. Sorry about your car. That sucks.

Finally! Try making that turn dragging a horse trailer!

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