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Large distribution center coming to Fairburn to impact Hwy. 74/I-85

It’s coming and it’s going to be big, both in terms of sheer size and the amount of truck traffic it will generate. Currently under construction near Ga. Highway 74 in Fairburn is what will become a 1.5 million square-foot Clorox Company distribution center that is expected to open in early 2011. The center will generate 161 vehicles per hour during peak traffic times.

The distribution center is located on Creekwood Road, essentially an extension of Oakley Industrial Boulevard on the west side of Hwy. 74. Located on approximately 45 acres, the project was approved by the city and through the state’s Development of Regional Impact (DRI) process. When completed, the distribution center will total 1,495,000 square feet.

Fairburn City Administrator Jim Williams said Clorox is expected to begin initial operations in early 2011. The DRI report filed with the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs noted that the center’s estimated worth at build-out will be $50 million. The estimated local tax revenues from the distribution center will total $112,500.

“This is a major addition to the tax base at a time when the economy is tanking,” Williams said. “And Fairburn is going in the opposite direction. We’re growing and prospering. And with the construction that’s underway, we’re already seeing an enormous impact on the community.”

In terms of the number of jobs that will be created at Clorox, Williams would only say that those numbers were undetermined but significant.

Once completed and at peak times of travel the distribution center will generate an expected 161 vehicles per hour, according to the DRI report.

The Clorox facility is not the only distribution center to populate the Oakley Industrial area in recent times. The Smucker’s Company last year began operations in a 600,000 square-foot spec distribution center at Oakley Industrial and Bohannon Road, also west of Hwy. 74. And on the east side of Hwy. 74, LTI Industries relocated to Fairburn in 2010 after a fire damaged its Newnan operation.

Those using Hwy. 74 to access I-85 are all too familiar with the traffic congestion that occurs during morning and afternoon commutes. Fairburn, along with area cities, counties and businesses several years ago formed what came to be known as the Tri-County Alliance to address the traffic flow needs of Hwy. 74 and other transit points along I-85 that impact South Fulton, Fayette and Coweta counties.

Central to the work by the alliance was the request to the Georgia Dept. of Transportation that the Hwy. 74 interchange be re-vamped, that a half-diamond interchange be constructed at Ga. Highway 92 and that a full interchange be constructed at Gullat Road.

A half-diamond interchange at Hwy. 92 would offer significant traffic relief for both Fayette and Fulton commuters, while an interchange at Gullat Road would serve a large portion of the truck traffic from Oakley Industrial, including the new Clorox facility situated less than half-mile away, and from the CSX Intermodal on the north side of Hwy. 74 near Bohannon Road.



aka former PTC City Manager Jim Williams. Think he can find many more ways to let us know we could be doing better in the mgt. dept. now??

I'll never buy Clorox again.

Jim Williams was never the "City Manager" in Peachtree City, he was the Director of Developmental Services, which is the position currently held by David Rast. Jim left his position here when Fairburn hired him to be their City Manager, along with several other PTC employees whom left to go to Fairburn as well. Jim Basinger held the position of City Manager in Peachtree City for many years prior to Mr. McMullen being hired to replace him.

my mistake. So, which city is better off when it comes to Developmental Services Director now? I think we all know the answer to that one, don't we?

What is a "Developmental Services Director, what do they do and who is it and what have they done lately for me?

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I'll never buy Clorox again.[/quote]

Because they wanted to build a distribution center? I dare you to find any company that does not distribute their products from centers such as these. Once again, zoning is key and full impact studies before granting permits. It isn't this company's fault.

You missed my sarcasm.

Clorox chose Fairburn. We have over 400 empty parcels available in our industrial park in PTC.

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The role of a distribution center is to have an ease of distribution across the region it serves. In this case, most likely the US Southeastern region. Why in the world would anyone want to have a distribution center in Peachtree City? There is no ease of traffic flow. There is no good access to the interstate highway system. I would set up 5 DC's in Fairburn before I would set one up in PTC. Not an MBA, are you Goil? Have fun.

you really are the simplest tool, aren't you?

MBA? No, then neither are any of the others on here are you, Wedge? If you were you wouldn't be on here all day, you'd be out there screwing up the world with all the other MBA's.

So, you miss my point, you miss my sarcasm, what else are you missing today?

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Engineer with lots of stuff going on. Some days are desk days and flexible timing. If your point was to trash whomever is with the PTC development group because they didn't land a DC, then your point was not worth receiving. I smile because you don't know me on here or what I do, but I think that I know you and we actually talk every now and then. Life is funny that way, huh?

think you know me? I think you don't. It's a small city, we might talk now and then. City employee, former military, I get your drift.

Tell me, do you think we need a 150 thousand dollar Dev. Authority here?

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I have not been on a public payroll in close to 15 years. If you want to remain anonymous on here, try not to have a posting here parrot what you put on facebook. Or possibly this person filched your fb posting or vice versa.
Now there are lots of things that I would prefer to not have with public monies. Things like ampitheaters, ice skating rinks, etc. Now we need more industrial development here where it is zoned. We need to have all aspects - residential, commercial, industrial to be healthy here. I still cannot believe how much a county school administrator makes. More than they ought in my opinion. I have no dealings with the devlopment authority, but 150M sounds like 2 salaried employees. What percentage of the total PTC budget is that? I do not know, but I do know manufacturing- and a Distribution Center does not make sense for Peachtree City. Not unless you want to radically change highways 74 and 54/34 and create a spur of I85. I personally do not want that.

Ok, now I know we haven't talked. I am not, nor have ever been on facebook. Truly, it's not my cup of tea.
PTC Dev. Authority wants 150K to start up it's efforts. One full timer and assorted expenses.

Did you bring a pension with you from that Public Payroll job?
Not knocking that, but it would still have you "on it."

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0% disability. I have had no renumeration, other than the money that was put into social security. Not a penny of income comes from direct governmental sources for me. I am a producer in Ann Rynd's world.

I think you meant AYN Rand.
A Russian who went too far opposite to the communist youth she witnessed.

She proposed "laissez faire" capitalism for instance.
Which means let it alone, don't bother it. We just did that for 10-15 years and just about destroyed ourselves.

She believed in selfishness----"live for no other person except self and ask no other person to live for you," or something on that order.
She thought individuals were born with the ability to know what was moral and didn't need lessons or rules.
Faith can't be seen therefore doesn't really exist.
She thought a list of "values" had no reason to exist. Boy that would be hard on today's politicians.
Individualism was the key according to her.

As in all things her thoughts apply to some maybe but certainly not all.
If all individuals were like her or GALT, what mayhem we would have!

Only because I DO know Wedge will I stick my nose in here: Answer is NO, he did not bring a pension with him when he left that "Public Payroll" job

What commercial development has a development authority ever brought here?

Just financing a phone answerer or something of that nature in that group won't get a Chinese Cement truck company in here!

You need a well known con-artist and an unlimited expense account to really bring em in!

They do support airports and theaters and tennis centers with tax money though!
Did someone say more taxes again?

Distribution Centers for a company as large as Clorox have to be in one building or at least adjacent buildings. They are huge, computerized, racked and centralized.
Sometimes train sidings bring in the stock.
Also, they want local contractors to actually put the stuff in individual stores in a whole region.
PTC can't have it's exclusive location AND distribution warehouses also.

Logistics and Distribution aren't many people's forte! It is amazing how few experts we do have anymore! All most know is "money" distribution.

The city of Fairburn is able to make the lives of Peachtree City and Tyrone residents a commuters' nightmare. The Hwy 74 and I-85 is a merge point of two different counties, two cities, and political districts. This is Regional Planning in the worst sense. Look at the corner of Hwy 74 by Wendy's. It was never meant to accommodate semi-truck trailers turning in and out, but Fairburn approved permits to build distribution centers there. Is it any wonder why Georgia is the laughing stock of students of urban planning? What is going to happen when the trucking center along I-85, just after turning to go north to airport, when it goes into operation? And, there is another trucking center long I-85 just north of the Hwy-138 intersection in Union City. The general academic level of the students we process out of high school
is now being reflected in how we govern and manage our environment and communities. The mistakes we make today will be very costly to correct tomorrow.

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How the residents of Fairburn have felt all this time about the PTC people clogging up their roads. One of Brown's columns went on about how the evil Coweta Co. people were going to clog up the PTC streets, yet never a peep about how the Fairburn people felt. This same man is running for office again?


I yam what I yam

I especially like the stop signal on the north bound get on ramp @ hwy 74 and I-85. It's a lane all the way to I-285, There isn't a merge? Go figure.

I would imagine this light you mention to be something for a future change that will occur. Like the sidewalks and such in PTC that go no where (now). That is gonna be one hella intersection soon!
One spends money while you can get it for future changes.
There may be a few long-range thinkers left---not many.

I'm sorry, but you just continue to babble all over this blog in many areas you have no knowledge of.
You attack people with your sarcasm if you personally disapprove or don't like what they say, and you continually pick on the city staff.
Get a hobby or a job...do something other than post on this blog

how about you just find something else to do other than read my posts? That will keep both of us happy.

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You sure did hit someone's raw nerve there. I wonder which one it was. I've always enjoyed your posts and I always smile when I view your avatar.

You wanna sell that cat?

I guess hitting nerves on here is my forte. Oh, well. As you can see, I really am a pussycat. My cat isn't for sale, but some day I might give it up. I'll let you know first when I do. I do appreciate yours, although the way things are going, it might need to be changed to "not ours". I shudder to think.

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I feel some ownership here. This kitty always makes me smile. Hang in there PTCGOIL.

Every one of us has a story

I will. I appreciate the kind words.

I have been looking for a picture of an ass as my avatar and that wouldn't be for sale either just as your pussycat isn't for sale! However if you are married it is likely that you sold the soul of your pussycat at that time.
I wanted a mule as my avatar until I happened to think that a mule is nothing but an illegitimate jackass who can not reproduce. That sounds like a dead-end.
I also forgot how to put-up an avatar onto here even if I find an ass.

Quick, anyone have a mirror and a camera? I think your search ended before it started!

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You need to go back and read what you just posted. It's either a bit over the top or you need to go take your meds.

another typical Bonkogram, right on the edge of getting tossed by Cal once more.

"Cat", I thought that was his baby picture, which would explain a lot about his demeanor in his posts and the time he spends at the computer - probably doesn't go out in public much with that face.

I will try!

its just that they are so idiotic..its like watching a trainwreck of massive stupidity that just keeps coming and coming.....

every day post after post like you sit at home with nothing to do except attack and bully....

there, there, now do you feel better getting that off your chest?

And if you have just read this post, you aren't trying very hard, now are you?

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