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Candidate Barlow explains bankruptcies

There has been an attack on my integrity, character and values. To help dispel any half truths I offer the attachment as a brief narrative.

Cherie and I have spoken before many groups and shared our testimony. Many marriages have been saved and many folks received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise God for what He has done through us.

In 1985 my wife and I went through a contentious divorce. My attorney advised me to file bankruptcy, which I did.

October 17, 1987, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ. During the next two years my ex-wife and I reconciled and we remarried December 16, 1989 and Christ restored our family.

My precious daughters and 5 grandchildren are an important part of our live now and in part the reason we moved to Tyrone, Georgia. We no longer recognize December 16, 1989 but instead celebrate October 8, 1966, our original wedding date, as our anniversary. We give Christ all honor and glory because without Him, our reconciliation would not have occurred.

In 1994 I turned my employer into IRS for tax evasion. Also, during this time, I innocently learned that Richard, an associate, had received a $600,000 advance of an anticipated $6,000,000 grant from the Agriculture Department.

I was encouraged by Richard’s pastor to go to the FBI, so I did. The two men teamed up and sued me. I went to court without an attorney because I did not have the $25,000 upfront payment the attorney’s requested.

Also, the morning of the trial, Richard’s pastor, who had asked me to turn Richard into the government, died. Pastor Henderson was 41 years old. His wife told me that Pastor Henderson died from the stress.

His earlier support and endorsement of Richard proved fatal to himself and to many small churches that had trusted Richard with their finances. Richard ultimately served 39 months in federal prison for multiple securities violations.

After several weeks of constant attacks on my character, integrity and work ethic the judge allowed me the opportunity to make a statement over the objections of the plaintiff. She said, “Mr. Barlow has been listening to you for weeks. I will give him the opportunity to make a statement.”

I stated for the record, “This is a court of law and not a court of justice. On the day the Lord Jesus Christ returns we will be held accountable for every idle word and deed and I am ready for Him to return today and judge us all.”

The Judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff. They jumped for joy and asked for $12 million punitive damages because of double indemnity. You see the FBI blocked the $6 million grant, and $75,000 legal fees. The judge took a recess and retired to her chambers to determine my fate. She returned in approximately one hour and awarded the plaintiff ZERO legal fees and ZERO punitive damages.

Within days I was again bombarded with lawsuits from the plaintiffs and an attorney friend advised me to file bankruptcy to halt the attacks.

I will gladly discuss any of the foregoing information with anyone who desires to meet with me and discuss my past.

Also, there is not nor have been any foreclosure proceedings against my property.

David L. Barlow, CLVS


Tyrone, Ga.



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Truly scary numbers, but believable. And yes indeed that group will have a high turnout rate. Sounds like an uphill battle for Ognio - especially if Stopford doesn't support him. Going to take an enormous effort by Ognio.

BTW, Brown didn't start the standing on the street nonsense. That was the late, great Dan Lakly. I respected Dan, but always thought that kind of stuff was strange - especially for candidates for judge. Just plain weird. No Brown is never a pioneer, only a follower of populist nonsense. Lakly 1991, Brown 2000.

Live free or die!

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I had the honor of meeting Mr. Lakly shortly before his untimely death, I had nothing but respect for the man, he always seemed to have the best interests in our community.

Also, thanks for the local history of street waving. I still don't like it, even though there are those like Judge Carla M. that I could watch all day. Beauty and brains too what combination! ;-)

But if I did, Savannah Historic District here I come.

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The FY 2013 budget shows a total of 752 employees which is basically unchanged from FY 2012. You can confirm that figure by downloading the Fayette County budget for FY 2013.

Jim Richter

PTC Observer's picture

752....adjust all my numbers upward accordingly. Mr. Hearn has a pretty large base, the question remains is everyone going to stay home on August 21st and let him get re-elected?

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If you add in the city employees from PTC, Fayetteville, Tyrone that means we have more than one government worker for each 100 citizens. Are we that hard to regulate? Maybe our newly elected commissioners can look into how much we could save with a 5 or 10% staff reduction.

Live free or die!

You always cause trouble and you're usually wrong. You and Mike King ought to go the men kissing men thing at the Chick fil a at CNN. You both were made for each other. Still don't know how Steve Brown puts up with it.

Thank you for providing valuable, fact-based insight to this discussion. I enjoy the fact that you took the time to be respectful of all opinions!


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Thank you very much for the link. I haven't finished the entire piece but it is extremely interesting and very enlightening.

Thank you for sharing the information.

I wonder how many of us would have had the courage to report their employer for tax evasion as Mr. Barlow did? I salute Mr. Barlow for his help in successfully bringing a criminal to justice, knowing what consequences he would face. Few of us would lose their job just to save taxpayers money. Those critics who imply that filing bankruptcy violates biblical Christian principles are, in fact, saying that any of you readers who profess to be Christians and who have filed bankruptcy have failed to live up to Christian ethics unless you have completely paid off your creditors. In other words, you're heathens, not true Christians.

I don't think it's right to slam born again Christians for availing themselves of the second opportunity bankruptcy provides for a new beginning. Goodness knows, thousands of Christians and other faith followers, including ministers, have filed for bankruptcy.

I would challenge these naysayer critics to identify any other political candidates they know of who chose to suffer financial ruin over bankruptcy in the name of Christianity.

To me, Mr. Barlow has walked the extra mile to show his disdain for tax evasion. This tells me he should be an excellent steward of the county finances. But being a candidate for public office, there will always be those few who choose to cast stumbling blocks any way they can. They may as well have accused him of violating the Ten Commandments. I'm sure Mr. Barlow would agree that he is not perfect.

Those who think the bankruptcy law of financial forgiveness is immoral should contact their congressman. Time to get in sync with the bible.

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Sorry, not who I want to have a vote on all the budgetary matters of FC. I also think it's hypocritical to slam the current commissioners for reckless spending after filing Ch 7 twice himself.

Steve Brown's picture

There is no comparison between the current majority on the Board of Commissioners and David Barlow.

The Frady/Horgan/Hearn contingent have been deficit spending for years, acting on "no-bid" contracts, voting on things that never appear on an agenda and de-funding the fire district account. They build roads for developers and relatives at a high cost to the taxpayers.

Barlow, on the other hand, filed bankruptcy due to a division of assets in a divorce (and he made up with his wife years later and they have been happily married ever since). The other resulted from doing the right thing in reporting his employer for breaking the law.

There is no comparison to be made here.

The comparison is, like David Barlow, the leadership at Chick-Fil-A is getting abused for espousing his Christian beliefs. There appear to be a lot of people on this site who have difficulty with people expressing themselves.

I am certainly glad we live in the USA or somebody might be dragging Barlow out of his house in the middle of the night.

hutch866's picture

Your comparison is just apples and oranges, While Cathy was asked a question involving religion, Barlow interjects it into every subject.

While you put your post out here as fact, it is opinion only.

I yam what I yam

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You accept Mr. Barlow's explanations for his two bankruptcies and that's your right. I don't, for reasons I have already stated on the second bankruptcy and also don't buy into the divorce reason for the first one. Plenty of folks unfortunately have to go through divorce and all that financial hardship that it can bring, but most don't do a Chapter 7, followed by another 8 years later.

You don't have to convince me on the spending done by other commissioners past and present....you're preaching to the choir there.

I don't believe Dan Cathy is getting "abused" either. He expressed his thoughts and people have reacted to it. While it's 90% a media-created story, a few idiot Mayors blew it up by basically saying they would block Chik-Fil-A from opening new stores, then immediately the next day after a firestorm from the same media as well as every lawyer in the world including the ACLU came down on their heads said "Uh...I didn't mean that literally. Uh...duh...maybe I shouldn't have said what I did" I go to Chik-Fil-A about 3 times a week and all this BS has meant to me is longer lines suddenly.

The great thing about people expressing themselves in the USA is that there is no right to free speech without consequences as long as they aren't from the govt. While that doesn't really matter in Chik-Fil-A's case where even the densest idiot already knew how Dan Cathy feels(the never open on Sunday isn't a giveaway to their principles?), it holds very true in local politics. Ask Don Haddix about that or look back on some of your own expressions of free speech. Or, Obama's "you didn't build it." Wow....thos Repubs sure are nasty for taking the President to task over those comments! They must not believe in FREE SPEECH!

Just because you have a right to say it doesn't means others have to accept it and not react themselves.

Steve Brown's picture

You two are acting exactly like the Chick-Fil-A haters.

David Barlow is a Christian, so what. I am a Christian, so what.

No one is forcing the two of you to listen or read the posts. If you cannot accept David Barlow's perspective as a Christian, go on to the next letter to the editor. Unfortunately, it appears you cannot do it and feel compelled to bash a man for things that happened over 20 years ago.

There is a reason guys like Eric Maxwell bring stuff like this up in the first place, it's keeping the guys who refuse to go along with special interests out.

You two are like the little hater elfs that go around sowing discontent for no other reason than to keep guys like Barlow out.

hutch866's picture

Like I said, there is no comparison. I do think its funny how only you can have an opinion,and that's you all have here Steve, is an opinion, you try to pass it off as fact, but it's still just opinion. Like I've said before Steve, I just point out yours and your minions hypocrisy. If that makes you mad, don't read this response, or move on to your next response. You do a good job of ducking the hard questions anyway.

I yam what I yam

Steve Brown's picture

Remember Ronald Reagan's famous line, "There you go again, Hutch."

I enjoy letting everyone have an opinion. You are the one slamming David Barlow for adding Christianity to his conversation.

You are also the one slamming everyone with the "hypocrite" label (just look at your posts) in order to try to shut them up.

I like reading your responses. They make me reassured knowing that the voters usually go the other way. It encourages me.

hutch866's picture

Lets see Steve, I voted for Huddleston, she's in a virtual tie with Barlow, I voted for Marchman, he won. I voted for Oddo, he won. See a trend here Steve? When you and your minions stop being hypocrites, I'll stop mentioning it. I notice you never did answer NUK's question about the FC commissioners and the pension plan, I said you duck the hard questions and you just showed that side of your character again.

BTW Steve, maybe you can show me where I slammed Barlow about anything.

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

You think we sound like Chik-Fil-A haters even though we both eat there? You sound like a Dem who views any opposing viewpoint that isn't 100% in alignment with your own as a "hater."

If you don't think a candidate's personal background is a discussion topic when it comes time for elections, why do you always bring up Lee Hearn's employment at FC before he was a commissioner? After all, that was years ago!

The crap about how David Barlow is a Christian and anyone who disagrees with him becoming a FC commissioner must not share Christian views sounds straight out of the Taliban. Don't you realize that myself and most others opposed to Barlow have the same faith, regardless of whether we think God cares about whether T-SPLOST passed or not? Sounds like you are trying to make Barlow some kind of religious victim here and that's a joke.

You still haven't answered the question: can Lee Hearn or any other FC commissioner participate in the FC pension plan? You stated that's the only reason Hearn wants to be re-elected. I think you've been busted on that.

Steve Brown's picture

I did not say, "... David Barlow is a Christian and anyone who disagrees with him becoming a FC commissioner must not share Christian views ..." shame on you.

You are making it up as you go, Nuk. What I said is that you and Hutch like to slam David Barlow for talking about his Christian faith.

On Hearn and the defined benefits plan, just watch if he gets re-elected. Remember, these are the same people who told you the early retirement plan was going to save a whole heap of money - it will not.

In fact, I remember when Public Works Director Lee Hearn chided me for not supporting the TDK Extension saying I did not want to relieve traffic on SR 54 - yeah right.

Stop slamming the guy for talking about his faith, good grief.

NUK_1's picture

When someone throws religion into a discussion about T-SPLOST("you'll have to answer to GOD!") then randomly into a conversation with Terry Garlock about nothing religious whatsoever, and then waves that flag about filing bankruptcy.......please. He interjects that as a self-defense mechanism when he's unhappy with someone's vote or wants to win an election.

No one is questioning his faith. They are questioning him using his faith to further himself and every criticism is some how null and void because he's a Christian. I AM A CHRISTIAN, STEVE. Is that so hard to understand?

You need to logoff and go to bed, unless you really think that those who voted in favor of the T-SPLOST will be held accountable by God for that. I assume that means those who voted against it get a free pass? Hurray!

Steve Brown's picture

It is totally amazing that in your blog post entitled "Not slamming the guy because of his faith" you actually slam the guy because of his faith.

David Barlow believes there is a God. He believes God controls the ebb and flow of life. He believes that the lessons taught by Jesus are pretty good lessons for the practical application of all things in life.

Nuk, you and Hutch can agree with Barlow or not. But stop slamming the guy for what he believes.

Many Christians like David Barlow and me believe in the power of God, a force beyond human kind and nature, and we do not believe in coincidence. Many of us believe that God has a hand in everything. I would dare say the leadership of Chick-Fil-A believes the same way.

I will never hate you, Nuk, but I will also never stand for your marginalizing others because of their faith either.

NUK_1's picture

The issue isn't FAITH, it's the person. Is that so hard to comprehend? When some lunatic straps explosives across his/her chest and goes out in public and kills a bunch of people, is it that psycho's faith or is it that person? To me, it's the person. In their deluded minds, they are following their "faith" also.

If Hearn, Frady or Horgan had filed chapter 7 bankruptcy twice in 8 years, would you be letting that slide? Uh, no, you wouldn't. You'd be pounding that issue to all of your sheeple and this place would be full of that daily from the Amen choir of ginga, pips, etc. You give Barlow a free pass since you support him and any dirt on others opposed about how financially irresponsible they were is fair game. Politics are ugly, especially when practiced by hypocrites.

You have no problem at all with Barlow trying to apply a religious litmus test to Presberg for his faith or lack of, but celebrate Barlow's faith like the vast majority of FC feels differently and he's some kind of radical. Puh-leeze. The guy isn't drawing heat because of his faith; he's drawing negative comments based on how he tries to use his faith.

You are still dodging your repeated claims about Lee Hearn only running for re-election so he can qualify for the FC defined benefit plan. Did you step into some serious doo-doo here because from what I can tell, you did, and some would say your opinion is total BS and quite dishonest. Amazing how you think you know exactly what Hearn is thinking too and his motivations.

Does Lee Hearn qualify or not for the FC pension plan if he's re-elected? Real simple question there, but the next question is why do you think he does and the FC HR Director says otherwise apparently?

PTC Observer's picture

What you fail to understand or choose to understand is that your candidate does not "wear" his faith well. Nor does he represent it well through his actions.

While I am at it, your political agenda is showing. NUK_1 has far more credibility on this board than you can ever hope to have here. I would suggest that in your defense of Mr. Barlow, at least on this forum, you have done him far more harm than good. My humble suggestion is that you attempt to convince other non-suspecting citizens somewhere else. You are simply movitativing a whole lot of people on this board to get out and vote against your candidate on August 21st.

Just trying to help you out here, take this advice or not. Try to rise above your ego for once for Mr. Barlow's best chance of winning the runoff.

Mike King's picture

"I will never hate you, Nuk, but I will also never stand for your marginalizing others because of their faith either."

Wow, Steve, how hypocritical of you. Just two days ago you stated that the only reason Lee Hearn was running was to receive the county retirement to which you knew he was ineligible as a commissioner. Could it be that you believe that YOU are the only one that is allowed to marginalize others?

With you as commission chair Fayette County is in for a ride. Perhaps with district voting in place your tenure will be only two years. Afetrwards you and Haddix can brag about the carnage you wrought as elected officials.

Talking about ego!! I'm surprised you can get your head through the doorway Mike and you don't do anything but complain.

We all know you hate Steve Brown. You remind us constantly but you still do nothing but nag, nag, nag!!

MajorMike's picture

Steve - If you want to take someone to task for "slamming" Mr. Barlow - here I stand. It is perhaps I who started this particular controversy here by informing Mr. Barlow, in a post in this blog, that I did not see God or Jesus's name on the ballot. Though you point to "the leadership of Chick-Fil-A" in the sharing of belief, that is no true analogy. Truett (and Dan and Bubba) Cathy live their faith on a minute to minute and day by day basis, they run their business in the same fashion. They will, if you inquire, share that faith and their personal faith with you. But.... they do not, I repeat DO NOT, either wear it on their shirt sleeves or try to cram it down your throat.

I chose to respond to Mr. Barlow in a harsh fashion because he is running for public office - a position of representation for ALL of Fayette County residents, not just those of his particular brand of religion. I had hoped that he would get the message and perhaps learn from it - I believe that he did. His current opposition for office, Sheila Huddleston, is also a Christian, it is plainly posted on her website Bio and I will vote for her based on this and many other issues. I am aware that Jack Smith views himself as Christian also though there is no way on God's green earth that I would vote for Jack Smith ever again.

My point; there are Christians and then there are Christians. Unfortunately many people of many faiths, make the same mistake that most in the black community make; they assume that all of the coins in any particular fountain are of the same denomination or value. Most assuredly they are not.

My comments end with a a few words from Tecumseh - the great Shawnee philosopher - that are applicable to the subject at hand.

Chief Tecumseh's words of wisdom;

So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.
Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours.
Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.

Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people.
Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.
Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend,
even a stranger, when in a lonely place.
Show respect to all people and grovel to none.

When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living.
If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself.

Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled
with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.
Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

Steve Brown's picture

Come to the Board of Commissioners meeting this week and Hearn of his intentions during the public comment section. Let's have that discussion.

Mike King's picture

It was you who claimed that the only reason Hearn was running was for the new retirement program. It's obviously you who is either a mind reader or a "spin" master. Care to make the distinction?

hutch866's picture

You forgot LIAR as a choice.

I yam what I yam

Steve Brown's picture

We'll add slander, helping the Iranians getting the A-Bomb, devaluing the Euro and causing the loss of the US Women's team in the high jump in London.

Mike,run on down to that meeting and Steve can teach you how to plagarize Dan Cathy!

Mike King's picture

You know as well as I, that the closest either of us have come to plagiarism is when we miss a quotation mark. Folks of our ilk have no issue giving credit.

BTW, I do not believe either of those on county commission could hold a candle to Dan Cathy.

Don Haddix's picture

We have known each other a very long time. I know what you believe and you know what I believe. It is not the same belief.

But, it has never gotten in our way of working together or discussion on other topics.

You know I am strong in my beliefs, but when I ran for office and was asked about it, I told people I am not running for Preacher, but Councilman and then Mayor.

My office is to represent people of all faiths while not violating my own.

Now, with that said, I also have known David Barlow for awhile. We have talked about this issues and he now 'gets it' about not running for Preacher. He understands he can live his faith and be an example of it and NOT come across as pushing it. He promised me he will conduct himself in that manner.

I truly believe he is a good man who learns. He has learned on this issue. He is smart and his heart is in the right place. He cares about Fayette.

As for Huddleston, I cannot support someone who has failed to articulate clear stances on key issues. I have a great concern over her failing to file her CCDR. Also a bigger concern over being recruited and supported by such as Peter Pheifer.

Is she a nice person? I have no idea.

Does being a nice person making one a good Commissioner in and of itself? No.

Do I agree with Steve's approach on this one and in other areas? Honestly, no.

Don't let Steve's approach determine your vote.

You are a decent guy. Barlow is as well.

He does listen and think about what he is told.

I promise I will kick his butt when he needs it. A couple of other people will as well.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

"I promise I will kick his butt when he needs it."

The perfect instance of an alligator mouth overriding a hummingbird ass.

Steve Brown's picture

I am not about to judge anyone's level of faith.

There's not a Christian gauge where one end of scale is better than another.

Really, what is the difference between a Christian who talks openly about his/her faith and one who shares nothing openly?

As for the Cathy family, I cannot agree with you there. I post Dan Cathy's words below:

I often quote Dr. Charles Stanley's definition of success. He once said that success is about becoming the total person God wants you to be and accomplishing the goals that He has set for your life. Don't you love that? Think about that for a moment...

If success is about accomplishing the goals that God has set for our lives; that must mean that we've been created for something special. And it means and that we have all been perfectly designed to fulfill a specific purpose.

So, what have you been created to do? What does your success look like? You may not have the answer to that question, but you do have the opportunity every day to find out.

I love the illustration that a friend of mine once shared with me. He asked,"if a cup is filled half way, has it reached its potential? Of course not. If it’s 3/4 full, has it reached its potential? Not at all. What about if we take the cup and we fill it to the point that it is overflowing and spilling over the sides… Has the cup reached its potential?"

The answer is no.

A cup that is overflowing has only reached its capacity. The potential of that cup could be to serve the Queen, or to give a dying man his last drink of water. Perhaps the cup was made to provide fresh-squeezed lemonade to a Raving Fan at Chick-fil-A. Who knows?

When we take the perspective of living out our potential – not just our capacity – it’s easier to welcome tomorrow with warm hearts, open arms and eager minds. That’s when our lives go from just living out every day to actively seeking out our potential to succeed.
What does success mean to you?

Cups don't have "potential"--they have a "use" and that is whatever the "user" chooses to do. It's a meaningless discussion anyway.

Steve Brown's picture

Tell Dan Cathy about the "cups" as the quote is his.

I like a CEO who is not afraid to share his faith, good for Dan Cathy and for Chick-Fil-A.

hutch866's picture

You said "But being a candidate for public office, there will always be those few who choose to cast stumbling blocks any way they can."

This is funny considering how you and your wife make statements using terms like " I won't name any names" or some female candidates were seen having lunch with a former commisioner, and other vague terms and accusations. What a hypocrite.

I yam what I yam

Where on earth did you get the idea that Stopford was running against Hearn? She was running for the seat - period. She is too intelligent and refined to ever support Ognio Especially since Ognio's wife threatened her and tried to stop her ftom running. Those of us who voted for Stopford will vote for Hearn and will return for the runoff.

So who shose you to speak for all of Stopford's supporters? I think she should speak for herself. And how about some proof about your claim that Ognio's wife"threatened" Stopford--ereally gutter political rumor.

“Within days I was again bombarded with lawsuits from the plaintiffs and an attorney friend advised me to file bankruptcy to halt the attacks.” Even if you felt it absolutely necessary to declare bankruptcy to protect your “assets" (for the second time, and AGAIN not your fault...what are the chances?), did that bankruptcy prevent you from meeting your debt obligations to those creditors that had nothing to do with your problem, or did you take advantage of the bankruptcy and walk away from your promises to pay?

“I will gladly discuss any of the foregoing information with anyone who desires to meet with me and discuss my past.” No thanks on the meeting. You presented this information in a public forum, you are a public official, and you exercise control over other people’s money in the form of taxes. You should therefore be willing to answer this question in this public forum.

P.S. If you need a dollar for a cup of coffee, just ask me to give it to you....let's not waste time with that "borrow" thing!

NUK_1's picture

McCarty for that matter had IRS problems/tax liens not related to his RV fiasco for NOT PAYING HIS DAMN TAXES on time. Yet, the FC Tea Party of King Bost Hogg loves these two fiscal "warriors" to death despite neither showing an ounce of financial responsibility. They both said "yeah whatever" themselves.

Steve Brown, house husband extraordinaire loves them, and Harold "ESTEX SWEATSHOP" Bost Hogg loves them, and apparently that is all you need for the FC commission these days. Way to go, guys.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

to get Mrs. Brown's $2000 back? I was hoping for some spine from 1 or 2 of them. I was also hoping for some reporting as well. Maybe I should just hope for some hope and change.

Live free or die!

Strange how it's so easy to take from the employees to be fiscally responsible to the citizens and then turn around and vote to reimburse themselves for expenses accrued by their actions that weren't necessary but were instead "based on principle." Principles.....really? in the first section below, they vote unanimously to take benefits from the employees. In the second (beginning with "12.") they vote unanimously to reimburse Brown for an unnecessary appeal.

"Chairman Brown said there were no easy decisions, but that the County was in a real bind. He said the Board did not take pride in taking anything away from anybody. He said the County is in a really bad situation, and that the Board had opportunities to do things years ago when both he and Commissioner McCarty were on the Board, and those requests were voted down each time. He said the County is where it is, that the Board promised its constituents that it would provide a balanced budget, and that the County would do whatever it takes to get to the balanced budget. He said this action had nothing to do against anybody who is employed with the County, but closed saying the constituents are the number one responsibility."

"12. Consideration of Chairman Steve Brown’s request to be reimbursed for legal expenses, in the
amount of $2,128.85, incurred in his defense against ethics charges filed by former County
Commissioner Robert Horgan.
Chairman Brown recused himself from this discussion, turned the floor over to Vice Chairman Charles
Oddo, and left the room for the entirety of this matter.
Vice Chairman Oddo and Commissioner Ognio asked the public if they had any comments on this item.
Frank Gardner: Mr. Gardner said he wanted the Board to set up some type of procedure so that any
complaint that is filed against a county employee, that is not covered by insurance, that the county would
pay for a lawyer to take care of it. He said the Board was in a high profile position and there is always
somebody who wants to have a vendetta against somebody. He thought it was a shame that people who
work for the county would have to take money out of their pockets to defend themselves. County
Administrator Rapson informed Mr. Gardner that, from a county employee perspective, employees are
covered, but that this issue concerned the Chairman who is elected and is not a county employee.
Commissioner Barlow said he did quite a bit of research on this item and said he talked to a number of the
citizens. He said he knew what he felt in his heart, but he wanted to hear from others. He said that he had
come to understand that Chairman Brown was working for the benefit of Fayette County, and that he was
not pursuing something personally. He said, consequently, it made it really easy for him that the County
should cover his expenses since he was working to do something that was going to involve the good of
Fayette County. He said it was not a stretch for him to say he supports reimbursing Chairman Brown for his
personal expenses out of pocket.
Commissioner Ognio said Chairman Brown was acting in official capacity with the County, and created a
situation. He said, for that reason, the Chairman should be reimbursed.

Action Agenda
April 25, 2013
Page Number 6

Vice Chairman Oddo read a prepared statement explaining his thoughts and he concluded that he would
vote in favor or reimbursing Chairman Brown’s legal expenses.
Commissioner Ognio moved to reimburse Steve Brown for legal expenses in the amount of $2,128.85
incurred in his defense against ethics charges filed by former County Commissioner Robert Horgan.
Commissioner Barlow seconded the motion. No discussion followed. The motion passed 3-0 with
Chairman Brown being recused from the vote and Commissioner McCarty being absent.
The County Marshal brought Chairman Brown back to the meeting after the vote was taken."

NUK_1's picture

If they find someone guilty of violating their oath of office/ethics charges and we the taxpayers have to foot the bill for them defending themselves with their own private attorney regardless of their guilt .....what is actually accomplished here besides saying "shame, black mark on your record?"

There is a majority of people in FC that will defend Steve Brown to all corners of the globe no matter what he he does,says, or lies about. Witness the utter sheeple never mentioning or daring to comment on Brown's prior stances on district voting, SPLOSTS, EFB/WFB, Westside Annexation, etc.

Exactly what message was just sent to this megalomaniac here? All OK yet again?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Ethics have been relegated to the junk heap of corny old ideas that were important 2 or 3 generations ago. Having a work ethic, supporting one's family, having loyalty to spouse, children or even your employer, believing in God and showing it, watching 60 Minutes nail some crook instead of what they do now, repaying borrowed funds even though it was inconvenient, flying an American flag and being certain that marriage was between a man and a woman - all gone the way of the horse-drawn carriage.

We have "progressed" to the point that ethics are a quaint old idea - something our grandparents may have espoused, but we know better now. Our way is best. On to the future.

Live free or die!

The folks of this County have elected some doozies lately.

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I really thought Oddo would see through the silly Brown Clown. He would have been the best choice as Chairman.

But the others? Barlow, the thumper is real easy to control -"let's just pray about that" and Ognio, seems starstruck that he is on stage with the great Steve Brown. Wife likes her role/roll as well. You go girl!

Live free or die!

They all promised to be their own man, yet after reviewing all the meeting minutes this year, I could only find two times where someone did not fall in line with Mr. Brown. Commissioner McCarty has voted twice against Mr. Brown. The others seem to be in lock step with whatever whim Mr. Brown feels that day.

Mr. Barlow however is getting quite good at all the do good proclamations and invocations. He might one day make a good preacher.

It seems pretty suspicious that whenever an issue is opened to the floor the initial speaker is always in favor of whatever Mr. Brown thinks is ok. Are there ringers in county politics?

Mr. Brown did not need legal council to represent him in the ethics charge, unless he did something procedurally incorrect. If he felt the decision of the ethics board was not just, he would have had the opportunity to secure legal services and fight the charge.

Had he asked permission beforehand to secure legal support with the intent to charge this to the county, he would have been transparent, and commended. Do pull a Haddix, is not being transparent. I also think the other commissioners set a bad precedent allowing this to pass. What is going to stop him the next time?

What I found interesting after reading the agenda item is the fact that the major question that Mr. Horgan had was if Mr. Brown authorized the probe on his own or if he had the commissions approval. Mr. Brown produced at the ethics meeting signed affidavits that state that he spoke with each of the commissioners. Why was this not presented beforehand? Did his lawyers review the case and find a problem that initiated them to produce these? Do phone records support the conversations?

Don't ask me to get started on the splost they are all pushing.


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