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Candidate Barlow explains bankruptcies

There has been an attack on my integrity, character and values. To help dispel any half truths I offer the attachment as a brief narrative.

Cherie and I have spoken before many groups and shared our testimony. Many marriages have been saved and many folks received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise God for what He has done through us.

In 1985 my wife and I went through a contentious divorce. My attorney advised me to file bankruptcy, which I did.

October 17, 1987, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ. During the next two years my ex-wife and I reconciled and we remarried December 16, 1989 and Christ restored our family.

My precious daughters and 5 grandchildren are an important part of our live now and in part the reason we moved to Tyrone, Georgia. We no longer recognize December 16, 1989 but instead celebrate October 8, 1966, our original wedding date, as our anniversary. We give Christ all honor and glory because without Him, our reconciliation would not have occurred.

In 1994 I turned my employer into IRS for tax evasion. Also, during this time, I innocently learned that Richard, an associate, had received a $600,000 advance of an anticipated $6,000,000 grant from the Agriculture Department.

I was encouraged by Richard’s pastor to go to the FBI, so I did. The two men teamed up and sued me. I went to court without an attorney because I did not have the $25,000 upfront payment the attorney’s requested.

Also, the morning of the trial, Richard’s pastor, who had asked me to turn Richard into the government, died. Pastor Henderson was 41 years old. His wife told me that Pastor Henderson died from the stress.

His earlier support and endorsement of Richard proved fatal to himself and to many small churches that had trusted Richard with their finances. Richard ultimately served 39 months in federal prison for multiple securities violations.

After several weeks of constant attacks on my character, integrity and work ethic the judge allowed me the opportunity to make a statement over the objections of the plaintiff. She said, “Mr. Barlow has been listening to you for weeks. I will give him the opportunity to make a statement.”

I stated for the record, “This is a court of law and not a court of justice. On the day the Lord Jesus Christ returns we will be held accountable for every idle word and deed and I am ready for Him to return today and judge us all.”

The Judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff. They jumped for joy and asked for $12 million punitive damages because of double indemnity. You see the FBI blocked the $6 million grant, and $75,000 legal fees. The judge took a recess and retired to her chambers to determine my fate. She returned in approximately one hour and awarded the plaintiff ZERO legal fees and ZERO punitive damages.

Within days I was again bombarded with lawsuits from the plaintiffs and an attorney friend advised me to file bankruptcy to halt the attacks.

I will gladly discuss any of the foregoing information with anyone who desires to meet with me and discuss my past.

Also, there is not nor have been any foreclosure proceedings against my property.

David L. Barlow, CLVS


Tyrone, Ga.



NUK_1's picture

There has been an attack on my integrity, character and values.

Uh no, drama queen. What goofball Eric Maxwell wrote about was your two bankruptcies within 8 years(FACT). His pontificating about how that makes you a very poor candidate to be an overseer of an 80mil/yr county budget was OPINION, an opinion that you may disagree with but one that is actually backed up by at least some FACTS.

As far as the attacks on your "integrity?" I guess I missed anyone calling you dishonest and this is just your victim-hood whining. Character or values attacks? I haven't seen that either, unless you are referring to Terry Garlock, MajorMike or myself and a couple of others questioning your very public Bible-thumping and demanding to know everyone's religious beliefs in order to try and curry a few more votes. You are like the FC Taliban.

You showed up in FC a few short years ago and were instantly a total whiner then and still are. Congrats for arriving at a time when there are plenty of poor elected officials and something to always gripe about, but, you sir, aren't the answer whatsoever.

Also, the 2nd half of your story sounds like a lot of BS and serious omission of details. Sorry if you perceive that as a character or integrity attack, but it sounds like a lot is missing there and is quite questionable.

Citizen Bob's picture

Barlow provided a telephone number, call him with your concerns about suspected omissions and let us know what you discover (pro or con, whether you support him or not).

Seems like the significant omissions were by attorney Maxwell for failing to provide any of the very relevant context of the two reports. I don't know if that was deliberate, or just more sloppy research.

The matter does raise a question to ponder: Would you prefer a candidate who looked the other way to avoid personal attacks and possible bankruptcy when his boss was committing a federal crime, or someone who had the character to address such serious matters head on, at significant personal risk to his career, reputation, and financial solvency?

Per the Independent Prosecutor's letter to the Vice President of the U.S., this wasn't just a whistleblower turning in someone for not reporting tips. A federal jury convicted Blackmore of conspiracy, 11 counts of aiding and abetting misapplication of bank funds, and five counts of aiding and abetting false entries on bank records. In addition to over four years of jail time, Blackmore was ordered to repay over $800k.

I expect elected officials to govern based on the rule of law, regardless of their personal faith. That said, I'm also encouraged that young Barlow had the conviction & courage to go up against someone like that. He took a hit for it, but I'm just not seeing a link between Maxwell's reported 18-year old event and the candidate's management ability in 2012.

We'll see what the rest of Fayette voters think on the 21st, no?

R.J. Ross

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If David Barlow and all of his past drama and now current drama he created by himself is the best that FC has to offer, then I weep for my county. The good news is that he has quality opposition in Huddleston who is a much better choice.

FC voters made some great choices last week and I hope they continue that by electing Ognio and Huddleston on the 21st. The world won't end if Hearn or Barlow or both win, but it would be really nice if neither did.

whatsupfayette's picture

One can always count on dug up skeletons when one is running for any elective office! It’s always amusing, yet saddening to me when reading, and hearing precepts in judgment, analogies, and opinions over these skeletons from the varieties of personalities there are, and ones who have ulterior motives. David Barlow is a moral and ethical man who is guided by his faith in being a Christian. He continues to live by faith during this critical campaign. I certainly look for these characteristics in all candidates who have morals,integrity and ethics guided by Christian faith. Mr. Barlow lives by his Christian faith to the best of his human capabilities. Does this mean that one can’t make mistakes along the journey of life? This was his personal story in which he made public. He lived through the ordeal honorably. He is leading a positive and productive life with his wife Cherie. It would be a tragedy not to give Mr. David Barlow the chance to become the next County Board of Commissioner Post 2.

C. Werginz
What’s up Fayette!

Having qualified, Mr. Barlow has the same "chance" to get elected as the other candidates!

What a touching testimony of your Christian conversion and change in lifestyle and ethics after being saved. It must have been a great blessing to your creditors as well when they saw salvation come to your house. Even though you were under no legal obligation, I recognize that you answer to a much Higher Power. Did you merely repay the creditors what you shorted them, or did you follow Zacchaeus’ example (Luke 19) and multiply your default repayments four-fold? Please tell us the rest of the story!

efdrakejr's picture

Don't anger Mr. Barlow or he will have you answer to God as he told me I would have to do for supporting the TSPLOST.

I've probably got a few things I'm going to have to answer for but the TSPLOST isn't one of them.

Gene Drake

PTC Observer's picture

have to answer to your group of crony capitalist friends for failing to get the TSPLOST passed by unsuspecting voters.

If you want to sell some concrete legitimately why don't you start a little company paving driveways? That way you can stay out of our pockets.

doing a good deed here. Seems the FCBOE has authorized Mike Satterfield (or some substitute) to waste school tax dollars (you know, the ones that are just so easy to come by) and have hired some firm out of Fulton County (hire local, check, create jobs, check) to go to the school parking lot and lay down asphalt sealer. Now I know that's not exactly your line of work, but I'm sure you have some knowledge of this, with your superior intellect and all.

Spraying that black goo all over lots that have huge (3-4 feet in diameter and 3-6 inches down) potholes. Spraying that black goo all over crumbled pavement that you can pick up in chunks the size of basketballs and throw it. Spraying black goo all over the crushed stone and dust base that is exposed under that cracked asphalt. Now, I'm not expert like you, (I mean, there never will be another, right?) but can we all agree this is a waste of tax dollars?

At lest before they pretty-ed this up, you could see the hole you were going to sprain your ankle in when you stepped in it. Now, it's all hidden and nice and shiny and black and invisible.

PTC Observer's picture

You're right MLC, Mr. Drake will make certain that we spend money on the complete re-work of that lot, with our money, in concrete! Twice, just to make sure it holds up.

If you drive around the county,you see patchwork quilt roadwork allaround--done by county workers,I'msure. So why can't they patch school parking lots? An asphalt patch is much different than just spraying sealer! Wonder who's making those kind of decisions that involve expenditures of scarce funds?

Citizen Bob's picture

He provided his phone number, why not call him?

R.J. Ross

I could call, but I believe that many others are interested in the answer as well. The question has been out to Mr. Barlow now for 2 weeks, and he refuses to reply publicly. Mr. Barlow's faith wouldn't be at issue here had not he injected it as a defense of his fiscal mismanagement.

Citizen Bob's picture

Call candidate: 5 minutes
Post your report for others: 12 minutes

R.J. Ross

while we don't agree on some topics, you're spot on here. Doesn't take a minute or two for someone to report a conversation they had. Heck, he could get an audio recorder and record the conversation and post it if he wanted. I don't see Mr. Barlow as hiding anything (and if he is, the bankruptcy proceedings are probably public records, so go digging!)

Steve Brown's picture

God does not like a cheerful lobbyist ;)

And I do not think He likes that 30% penalty for voting your conscience either.

efdrakejr's picture

I didn't write the bill, the legislature did. In fact, I pushed for an increase in the gas tax but, as you know, that is not a perfect solution either.

Gene Drake

PTC Observer's picture

write the bill and we should talk to our legislators? Surely you're joking?

The capital is rotten with lobbyists. Talking to our legislators is a waste of time, Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Chance activity supported it. We need to clean things up down there on the hill. The last time an audit was taken on gifts given by lobbyists was 2007/8. More than 650 government employees accepted gifts from "vendors" to the state. This clearly violated state ethics laws and the last time a penalty was issued on a vendor was 1999.

Georgia's legislature cut the ethics commission's budget under our current governor. One can assume it was due to its investigation into Governor Deal's campaign funding. No staff, no investigation. If Governor Deal and other legislators wanted to change things they would, they don't.

Georgia ranks as one of the lowest in scoring on public integrity, getting an "F" from The Center for Public Integrity.

Until we start getting some control over the type of people we elect to state offices, we will continue to have millions of dollars pouring into the Golden Dome for things like the TSPLOST law proposal.

However, I am sure you know all about this don't you Mr. Drake?

Contacting Mr. Barlow privately, and subsequently disclosing what he said is a very poor strategy. Mr. Barlow will mount a persecution defense and criticize any unfavorable aspect of a narrative that another might present as a biased attack. He raised this issue publicly. His direct response can be unambiguous. In the mean time, his silence is deafening.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Congrats on getting into the finals of the election. Like you, I was surprised Huddleston did so well and Smith did so poorly. I was expecting a runoff between Smith and one of you. But the voters have spoken and are about to speak again. Seems to me they are looking for new leadership as they may have been dissatisfied with the old leadership. So, with all that in mind, here's my question-

Seconds after you are sworn in as a Fayette County Commissioner in January, you may have the opportunity to nominate one of the county commissioners to serve as Commission Chair for the year. If you do get to nominate someone - who will it be?

Of course someone else could be doing the nominating and then you will have an obligation to vote yes or no on that person. So, how will you vote if one of the following is nominated?


Please don't say you don't know because that means you are not prepared and that loses votes. Everybody knows this is the first thing a newly-elected commissioner has to do, so how about letting us know what you will do?

Live free or die!

DBarlow's picture

I spoke with Randy Ognio last evening and asked him if he would accept my nominating him for Chairman of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners. He told me he would have to think about it and would let me know shortly. I'll be happy to post an answer when I receive it.

I failed to insert the link to the letter Mr. Donald Smaltz, Independent Counsel, sent to The Honorable Albert Gore, Jr.
Vice President of the United States. Please scroll to item 3 and read about United States vs Richard E. Blackmore.


Should you wish to speak to me about any issue or my personal life, please feel free to call me at 770-722-6820.


Proud Citizen of Fayette County, Tyrone, Georgia. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..John 3:16

NUK_1's picture

I didn't vote for you and won't for you in the run-off. That said, you have no obligation to any voter or potential voter in the run-off to state who or why you would vote for any person as chairperson in January. First off, chairperson isn't like Dictator of FC who can do things that others commissioners can't.

I have no doubt that you can stand as an elected commissioner by yourself without it being tied to who you may/may not vote for as commission chair. Seems rather obvious to me that first you have to be elected before that's even a question, and people trying to tie this race into whether or not Steve Brown is next chair is wrong, IMO.

I don't agree with Brown's tactics or some of your views but this race between you and Huddleston should be about you and Huddleston, not who is going to vote or not for someone to be the next chairperson.

Not voting for you David, but thanks for giving a damn and caring, whether some think you're a toadie of Brown's or not. I've met you, and I don't think you're an acolyte to any politician, but you still kind of scare me with your religious-injection into issues that I don't think have anything to do with God and shouldn't.

Dear Mr. Barlow,
We still await you elucidation as to how you handled your financial obligations AFTER your Christian conversion. I would assume that you repaid all creditors shorted in your bankruptcy out of the gratitude for your own spiritual debt repayment and because it was moral and ethical thing to do. Please set the record straight for us voters.

NUK_1's picture

Especially how Chapter 7 bankruptcy somehow immunizes you against future lawsuits when it doesn't. That part of the tale seemed to register 100 on the BS meter.

You can discharge all debts, liens, etc except for student loans, child support and IRS liens, but filing Chapter 7 doesn't mean that any future judgements against you are wiped out. You don't file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get out of future debts; you do it to get out of current debt and judgments.
You may be a less inviting target for collectors once you file, but that doesn't mean in the future you are shielded from claims after your bankruptcy. He knows this since he filed it twice in 8 years but his story sounded like he filed only to keep people from suing him and that's simply BS.

cogitoergofay's picture

"Stranger than Fiction" is oftentimes simply the truth.

Mr. Barlow undertook the legally sanctioned remedy of bankruptcy. Little did you know, Stranger, that the historical root of bankruptcy is the Bible. In the Old Testament of Deuteronomy, we are told that that once every 7 years, creditors "shall release their debtors from debt." This continued in American bankruptcy until 2004 when the credit card industry strong-armed Congress in to extending it to 10 years. Even in the New Testament Gospel, Jesus taught us the Lord's prayer and said "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." Jesus meant that we should forgive others of their sins in general and their debts in particular.

With many fellow Fayette Countians facing bankruptcy and foreclosure (or contemplating the same) Mr. Barlow may in fact be uniquely qualified for the position.

I hope that additional education clears up your confusion.

From you.

From: cogitoergofay-. . . . With many fellow Fayette Countians facing bankruptcy and foreclosure (or contemplating the same) Mr. Barlow may in fact be uniquely qualified for the position. . . .

Thank you cogitoergofay! I agree 100%!! Mr. Barlow and many many others are more than qualified to conduct county business as they have gained mounds of knowledge about legal and financial institutions by their personal experiences. Conflict, confusion, corruption brought about by our legal and financial systems is mind boggling to say the least. Anyone who has the tenacity and survives a conflict involving either our current legal or financial system is more than qualified to sit on a board running a county commission!

SPQR's picture

Can I interpret this to mean that in a christian theocracy debt would go away in 7 years?

cogitoergofay's picture

Well, SPQR, I don't know what the law would be in a "Christian theocracy". Although Jesus was the greatest philosopher of love, picayune decisions like speed limits and zoning were too micro and too secular for the Great Teacher. Heck, he was only here 33 years.

But, even under some form of bankruptcy, some debts don't go away like some taxes, family obligations and criminal/unlawful conduct debts.

In a perfect world....I will ponder that one. Good question, SPQR.

Let me make sure that I understand the logic: Mr. Barlow refuses to pay his bills and declares bankruptcy. He subsequently has a Christian conversion. His creditors are required to adopt Old and New Testament teachings and forgive his debts graciously (following Jesus' prayer), but Mr. Barlow is under no requirement to follow any ethical or moral requirement to go beyond the law and follow the Zacchaeus example (Luke 19) of demonstrating appreciation for salvation by quadrupling repayment of money taken from others.

So in effect, your logic suggests that Christians may mount up any debts they wish and default on them without compunction. However, their creditors must follow Biblical directives of forgiveness. Zacchaeus just didn't get the memo.

Furthermore, Mr. Barlow's experience with wholesale defaults on his debts enhances his candidacy and makes him "uniquely qualified for the position." I assume this is due to his ability to teach others how to avoid their debts and demand Christian charity from their creditors.

And we wonder why Christian conversions and church attendance are dwindling. Manipulated truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

cogitoergofay's picture

Stranger, I would agree that Christian conversions and attendance are down. If you polled all Americans 98% have heard of that Jesus guy and 98% could finish the sentence "God is [FILL IN BLANK]" with the correct answer--- LOVE. So, Americans know the very basic theology. They just don't embrace it (nor do Euorpeans). Modern Americans want something more convenient, nothing that is demanding and nothing that is judgmental. Seeker Friendly churches serve latte, don't judge, don't expect and don't demand. At the same time, despite a horrific scandal involving a handful of sinning priests, the light of the Catholic Church burns brightly. People want authenticity and that means sacrifice to God.

Anyone who runs for office puts the most personal details of their life under a microscope. Perhaps Mr. Barlow will disappoint us. His faith may prove real or feigned. But I personally think that the fact that he filed bankruptcy is irrelevent.


It sounds like when fed back to you in a starkly logical format, you shy away from your explanation. Indeed it is the Christian who is to forgive, not necessarily the non-Christian. Expecting Christian graces from nonbelievers would be illogical.

Regardless of the state of Christianity around the world, I am still waiting for Mr. Barlow to help us understand how his conversion (that he freely injected into the discussion) affected his moral and ethical responsibilities to his creditors. His two week silence on this question is unfortunate since he brought up the topic.


No one said that filing bankruptcy is a damnable sin. However, Mr. Barlow points to his conversion as a life-changing event that provides him a "pass" for his financial mismanagement. There is a clear restitution model from Luke 19 of the practical response an ethically challenged convert made immediately upon coming to Christ, and Jesus commended Zacchaeus strongly for his practical Christianity. Mr. Barlow may have done the same. He hasn't yet told us.

PTC Observer's picture

Zacchaeus knew Christ personally, the question is does Mr. Barlow? I have my doubts.

My experience in business suggests that you should use great caution when dealing with those that wear the Christian faith on their sleeve. Many but not most use God's forgiveness as an excuse to rationalize their misdeeds. After all if they are forgiven, then they falsely belief whatever they do will ultimately be forgiven. Really bad mistake if Hell exists, don't you think?

We're all still awaiting your response Mr. Barlow. Did you follow Zacchaeus' model?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Please keep us informed.
I can see Mr. Oddo being the 3rd vote for Mr. Ognio, but please don't ask him yourself - that would be the worst kind of collusion. Besides that, we have people recording everything.

Of course if Hearn beats Ognio, you would have to nominate him. Right? Or Brown. What a dilemma.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

Mr. Hearn will lose, it takes motivated people to go vote on August 21st. Based on the reports of the last commission meeting, I would say the turnout will be unusually large and not favorable to Mr. Hearn. IMHO

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Yes you are correct that only the motivated vote in a runoff in the middle of summer. What concerns me is that Hearn somehow got 7,000 votes and that must mean he has strong support and an organization. Puzzling, but I can think of no other reason for the 7,000 votes besides a strong and loyal support group. If that's true, he wins. How else can 7,000 people support this guy? Do they all own land near the WFB?

Ognio hasn't made much of an impression one way or the other. I doubt Hearn got a lot of votes because they don't like Ognio, so I'm chalking his votes up to the anti-incumbent crowd who is the real key to Aug 21 - if they show up on Aug 21 - it will be close and could go either way. If they are satisfied that Horgan and Smith lost and stay home - welcome Commissioner Hearn back for another term.

Of course Hearn is a real threat to Brown for his desire to be commission chair. I can see both Oddo and Huddleston nominating Hearn - and he'll probably deserve it if he and his supporters win the runoff. Barlow says he'll nominate Ognio, but that won't work. What's going to be funny is when McCarty votes for someone other than Brown for commission chair and Hearn or possibly Oddo wins 4-1.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

Consists of family and friends but more importantly county workers, their family and friends. There's your 7,000.

If we want more expensive, defined benefits plans, etc., you vote for Hearn. If you want to attempt to actually control an out of control commission you vote for ANYONE else including Oddo. I believe at the end of the day Mr. Brown will self-destruct, just like Jack Smith. Ego always gets them thrown out of office. If there is anyone that Mr. Brown is in love with, it's Mr. Brown.

See you there on August 21st

mudcat's picture

even including the sherrif's dept. So even with all their spouses, children and neighbors on both sides, hard to come up with 7,000. But even if you are half-right, meaning 3 or 4,000 support him because it benefits them financially - watch out! People voting themselves benefits will turn out in big numbers - remember Obama 2008?

Ognio and Huddleston are my choices. We have no room for another attention-seeking chest pounder on that commission, so Barlow is not being considered by anyone in my house.

Those are my choices, here are my predictions - very low voter turnout and the Hearn supporters and theBrown/Barlow supporters turn out more people and their guys win. Brown becomes commission chair in January. NUK 1, Morgan, PTCO, At Home Gym, Spyglass, istilldon'tknow and Hutch all move to Serenbe.

When has he ever spent any time in PTC when not running for office?

Yeah, he was at the Farmers Mkt about 3 Saturdays ago--shook my hand, never told me his name, just said "I'm one of your county commissioners"; I wanted to say "Yeah, but not for long!" but my wife had already beseeched me not to get into a discussion with him!

Yeah, he was at the Farmers Mkt about 3 Saturdays ago--shook my hand, never told me his name, just said "I'm one of your county commissioners"; I wanted to say "Yeah, but not for long!" but my wife had already beseeched me not to get into a discussion with him!

Going thru the intersection, he was the recipient of my thumbs down endorsement. I think he understood the message. No shaking hands, no discussion, just a big fat no thumb.

By the way, I don't think I told you, i went to Carroll Farm last weekend and got some peaches. Delicious. Probably going to get some more next weekend, if they have any left. I went out to that farmers market in Sharpsburg at the church. A bunch of just about nothing. Got some tomatoes, gonna have some BLT's tonight. Not really worth the trip unless you have another errand to run out there.

Plenty of very good tomatoes at the PTC Farmers Mkt today. Am sure there will be more on Wednesday! Glad you liked the peaches--this was a very good year.

tgarlock's picture

AHG-MLC, couldn't let the opportunity pass since peaches are still in season. Here's my favorite summer drink, I call it simply "Peaches."

Empty 1 small can of frozen pink lemonade into a blender.

Use the can to measure 3/4 can of good vodka (whole can if you are wild) into blender.

1 large (or 2 small) pitted peach into blender, skinned if you like, I usually leave it on.

Add lots of ice, blend and serve with caution.

This stuff tastes so good you could wake up at dawn on your front lawn in your underwear.

I used to love Peaches, and I've been tempted but have not made any this summer because I know one sip and I'll drink the whole blender. That would have been OK in a prior life but I quit most of my drinking when I had kids, so, I'll enjoy when you tell me how good it was.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

I, too have toned way down the enjoyment of fruity (and other) beverages. Certain meds will dictate that, too. Although, from your recipe above, I just might be tempted.

I have some new neighbors who really get on my nerves on a bad day. I just might give them reason to reconsider their move in a hurry if I were to be seen with only (or without, pray tell) my undies at the crack of dawn when they venture out to get this most excellent publication called The Citizen off from their dewy driveway.

Of course,I could also risk being a story in this most excellent publication, too, if I were to partake of Peaches (see above).

Thank you for the most welcome and refreshing sounding recipe of the day. Stay tuned.

Terry, that really sounds good, but I've never cared for 'fruity' drinks. I do love those fresh peaches though, just sliced with no adornment. You really wear underwear under your camis?

You may be right--if you are, we'll just leave you right here with Mr. I, I Me,Me! Like your choices, would like to know who Stopford will support--could be key!

mudcat's picture

So logically she would support Ognio since he is now opposing Hearn. But she hasn't said anything and I'm not sure how many of her supporters would transfer that easily to Ognio. Usually easier for them to stay home. If she's going to have an impact, she needs to come out strong this week.

Of course this is one of those low turnout things where even 100 votes makes a difference.

Actually if Brown becomes chairman I have no intention of leaving. I will be taking over Mr. Barlow's job of videoing county commission meetings and even city council meetings as long as Haddix is still there. Unlike Mr. Barlow, I intend to edit selectively so that we can show our two village idiots to be more ridiculous than they already are. Maybe do a narration on the tape like Rush does sometimes with Obama speeches. Probably clown music when either begins to speak. YouTube fame is my new job.

PTC Observer's picture

I heard was 680, but that was couple of years ago. Things may have changed but given the budget increases, I don't think so.

So, assuming that they could muster 80% turnout of each employee that gives us, 544. Now let's further assume that 80% of those get their spouse to vote, that's another 435 so that gets us up to 1,000 or so. Now let's further assume that these couples have at least one other person of voting age in their family, aunt, uncle, cousin that they can get out to vote. Now we're up to 2,000. Now here's the kicker, what about all those contractors and other consultants that benefit from someone on the commission that grant them no-bid contracts? Well, let's just assume that their are about 5,000 people somehow associated with this group, employees of contractors, family, etc. I would say 90% turnout for this group. Finally, let's don't forget all those that are swayed by Mr. Hearn standing on a street corner waving and smiling. What's he smiling about anyway? Is he thinking how stupid we are? I so hate this practice since Mr. Brown started it years ago.

So, you see Mudcat, Mr. Hearn can get there easily with his "base". The question is will we let him?

See you at the polls on August 21st.


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