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Crowd celebrates Declaration signers

 The 13th celebration of Let Freedom Ring took place July 4 on the Old Courthouse lawn and was well attended.

Can you name the three signors for the State of Georgia?

All 50 of the United States celebrated the 238th year of our Independence Day, which is an increase from the original13 states.

The James Waldrop Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, hosted the annual event along with the Marquis de Lafayette Chapter Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard, and the Button Gwinnett Society of the American Revolution.

Ted Hackney read the name of each state, John Sloan read the names of the signors of that state, and the Rev. Jeff Lowe rang a bell in each state’s honor.

I’ve already mentioned the name of one of the signors for Georgia, but will repeat it: Button Gwinnett, Dr. Lyman Hall and George Walton. Did you get a score of one hundred? Dr. Hall was only one of five physicians to sign the Declaration.


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