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PTC annex bid OK'd for new company

The Peachtree City Council Thursday night agreed to explore a potential 77-acre annexation of property on Ga. Highway 74 South to house a new manufacturing facility.

The company, Low Temp, is currently in Jonesboro and manufactures kitchen equipment for use in hospitals, restaurants and schools across the nation, according to Ben Casey, the third generation in his family to work with the company.

Council’s approval allows Low Temp to begin working directly with city staff, which will analyze the proposal and provide a recommendation to City Council.

Low Temp is looking at building on undeveloped land at the city’s southern limit off Ga. Highway 74 across from Redwine Road. The annexation, if approved, would also require a rezoning to an industrial classification.

Meanwhile, council unanimously jumped at the chance to consider a different use for the property, which is currently located in unincorporated Fayette County and zoned for a combined shopping center and office complex. That zoning, which happened back in 2000, was opposed by the city based on the proximity of the Wilshire Pavilion less than a half mile to the north which at the time was in its infancy.

Low Temp expects to bring 165 jobs to the city and their new site will allow them to improve efficiency and also have room to grow.

Councilman Doug Sturbaum said the development would protect the natural buffers on the site and also the adjacent subdivision in unincorporated Fayette County.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch said she was also in favor, but she asked if the company had looked into any of the city’s existing vacant industrial space.
Casey said the company had done so but was unable to find a building that would meet the company’s need for size, flow and expansion potential.

“We actually couldn’t find a site without the help of the mayor because we couldn’t find it in your inventory,” Casey said.

The unanimous motion approving the step 1 annexation application does not guarantee that the annexation will ultimately be approved.



...and DA

as if we didn't know this would happen.

What do these people want to relocate here from Jonesboro?
I'll bet no or low taxes, Industrial zoning near homes, etc.
Why not tear down some of the empties in our Industrial area and build there? The Authority could do that!

I figured someone involved with the shopping centers in that area knew that might become an Industrial area. Want to bet?

Who currently own the land and who did before?
Just checking, our right.

This annexation would be very detrimental to the citizens of Fayette County and PTC. We have an industrial park and that is where companies like this need to locate. Not next to a subdivision and a community, next to a daycare and across from schools. there is a reason the county zoned this property the way they did to protect the people. Now that PTC is in the hole financially they are willing to sell anybody down the road. PTC also wants a reason to put sewer in the area and this will help them do it. Where are all the people who have been fighting against the WFB, once it is rezoned there is no guarantee that LO Temp will go in. What if they go out of business and some other company that has chemicals, and hazardous things that can harm us. Look and see what can be built in this type of zoning. industrial classification Come on people there are homes near by.

A factory on the city's gateway???? ... Is that what PTC wants on its entrance?

How many new jobs will this really create for PTC? Is everyone in Jonesboro going to be laid off to create these new jobs? Why wouldn't the current employees commute to the new location, its not far....What's the hourly wage for a factory worker and how many spots will be available for PTC people? Probably everyone will stay with the company creating more traffic...200 people driving from Jonesboro to PTC.

What about the residential in the area? Isn't there a proposal for a retirement community next door, and when the horse farms sell, isn't that prime residental space especially since they are directly across from the schools?

Wait, never mind.

So much babbling about things certain bloggers have no knowledge of and the sarcasm!! Oh my. Massive stupidity runs rampant on here, me thinks. Must be contagious.:)

I use to own a metal fabricating business that made smaller items. The machines are very noisy and normally you hire factory workers at minimuim wage. I guess you have experience in metal fabrication Ms PTCGOIL? Right?
Oh I forgot last week or the week before you stated on this blog you were in favor of putting factory there!
So, now it's better to attack and criticize! That's what you fo best when people disagree with expert advice and omnipresent wealth of knowledge in all topics relating to PTC. Excuse me for disagreeing.

Bet the rain and cold weather really messed up those machines, keeping them outside in the parking lot where you let the noise bother the neighbors.

Yeah, I think the owners of this co. have a lot more gray matter, in that they are going to place their workers and machines inside a state of the art building. And pay them a decent wage. Be kinda hard to bother the elderly and horses next door.

You paid minimum wage, no surprise there, considering the source.

I can tell you have done no research on this company or what the plan consists of or how it actually improves this corner. Try to educate yourself, then you can give your "expert" advice.

You are babbling again!
A "state of the art" factory, is that your justification for allowing it at the entrance of the PTC. what do you want to build on the other entrances, sewer plants, cell towers and other crap...oh I forgot, you probably think cell towers cause cancer, well atleast in your case it melts away gray matter in the skull!

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