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City-county cooperation is good

I had the opportunity to represent Peachtree City along with Councilman Eric Imker in a meeting with the county government and the cities. I have developed a solid working relationship with the county and I can truly say the spirit of cooperation is excellent.

Chairman Steve Brown and the other commissioners are doing their best to reach out to the cities and find ways to build better working relationships so we can all succeed. I have been able to share some ideas on economic development and transportation improvements with the county.

Chairman Brown shared with us that Peachtree City’s share of the Core Infrastructure SPLOST proceeds will increase in the neighborhood of $1.7 million.

For those keeping track, this is an increase of $1.2 million over simply defaulting to the population distribution as mandated by law.

This incredible display of cooperation shows the value of having a good working relationship between local government officials. I am grateful for the trust and the rapport with the county government that results from open communication.

We can accomplish far more together than we can alone. This new level of cooperation proves that fact.

George Dienhart
City Council Post 2
Peachtree City, Ga.



I believe you and Brown are running for election. You for Mayor and Brown is up on the county commission. I read this as political folly. So Peachtree City's share of the Core Infrastructure SPLOSt for PTC will increase some $1.7.million. I believe the PTC taxpayers will be paying for it. It means a tax increase. Can't vote for either of you


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The Letter misrepresents the facts.

Councilman Dienhart did not represent PTC any more than Councilman Imker did.

I authorized neither to represent me and Council had instructed the City Manager to speak with the other City Managers and the County Administrator.

The Office of Mayor represents PTC, Councilmembers are Legislators, not Administrators (City Manager) or Executives (Mayor). Chair to Chair issues are handled by the Mayor. Staff to Staff by the City Manager. Chairs do not go to Staff and Staff does not go to Chairs, unless authorized by the Chair.

If anyone wishes to dispute, read the Charter.

Jim Pennington reported back to us the new distribution proposal provided by the County Administrator at the last Council Meeting. Councilman Dienhart played no role in any way.

Chairman Brown and Councilman Dienhart are working together for political reasons and goals. Naturgrl, you are correct in seeing the politics here.

People should note that for PTC, the SPLOST funds are projected to last plus or minus five years. For the County about the same, with the Stormwater Fee resuming after the fourth year.

The SPLOST is about $200.00 a year on the average household.

Once spent, then what? Another SPLOST?

For PTC, there is also projected another Infrastructure Bond, next year, meaning a tax increase. Also, in 3 years, the recent Stormwater Bond funds will be spent, meaning more debt on top of the existing debt and a higher fee.

The Reserve will also continue to be spent down.

The current path the PTC Council Majority, including Dienhart, has us on, is no end in site for tax increases.

The claim is with home prices increasing, that will stop the tax increases. But it won't, since without a tax roll back you tax bill will continue to rise without any millage rate increase.

There is a lot to think about.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Glad to hear you are attending these meetings. It's important that Peachtree City keep good relations with the county,

You keep on meeting with the county the same as the other council members do.

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