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Funding now assured, Senoia charter school to open in August

The Coweta Charter Academy in Senoia will open in August after all. Despite being turned down for local funding by a near majority of the Coweta County Board of Education, the Georgia Dept. of Education (DOE) announced July 14 that the school operated by Florida-based Charter Schools USA will receive the local share equivalent in funding for the school year that begins in three weeks.

Charter Schools USA spokesman Richard Page said his company was notified of the decision during the late morning hours July 14.

“The State will forward fund the bricks-and-mortar, state-chartered special schools for an amount equal to the average local share in their attendance zones,” said Louis Erste, Charter Schools Division Director for DOE. “This will bring state-chartered special school revenues to the same amount they would have received as (Georgia Charter) Commission schools.”

Page said the state’s decision means that the Coweta Charter Academy will open for grades K-4 in August.

“We’re very excited that the Governor has demonstrated leadership in support of school choice initiatives,” said Page. “We’ll be opening on time and as planned and we look forward to continuing to operate the Senoia school.”

Some of the state’s charter schools recently learned that state funding would be available for the coming school year. The Coweta school board, however, subsequently voted on a measure that essentially denied local funding for the school. Only board member April Parker opposed the decision, having sided with parents on the issue.



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The cowetta BOE gets an F for not only not supporting but resisting the future of local children. Congrats Senoia Charter. Let the bullies go play on their own playground.

A group of kids get together & decide to take the lunch money, who's the bully? The BOE is not responsible for giving taxpayer money to every group or parent that believes they have found a better way. Before you say you want your tax dollars to follow your child(ren), Please, Please show me your property tax bill where you've paid the approximate $5,000 + per child it actually cost. Next there will be a mob wanting their tax match to home skool. If you want your child to wear a uniform, send them to school in tan slacks and a blue shirt everyday. If you want change in your child's school, go volunteer 20 hours a year. Did you do any of this before deciding you could just demand the BOE give you my Coweta property tax money? Given what we deal w/ in Fayette Co, you should count your blessings for the leadership you have had and I might add, they serve gratis. How dare AnyDeal find $10 million to pass out while cutting programs.

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The BOE should've never had any say or power to vote on this in the first place.

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REALLY...That's what they were elected to do. Oversee the local educational system.
Please read my earlier posted links especially staff analysis and LEGAL ANALYSIS.
The state is run by morons.
P.S if you read the academy's charter they failed to meet their contracted goals and obligations
Therefore the board had grounds on that alone.

"Invincibility lies in the defense. The possibility of victory in the attack."

Well, I guess the Charter School can rely on the whim of the state govt for their funding. Good luck w/ that 2012-13 year. As Coweta taxpayer, I want the BOE to fund the public schools & I want AnyDeal to find another $10 mil for the rest of the state school system.

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178 of APS employees are told to either resign or they're fired. Should they keep their pension? I say no. What's your opinion? Take poll at www.splostopinion.com

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I'm curious, are there any state/local rules that govern this?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

What is needed in APS situation is a grand jury--but not by the current Atlanta D.A.

Official papers were forged and destroyed by these people and supervisors.
That is a felony.
The chance to tutor those who failed is now gone, they are too old now.
Their civil rights were destroyed again!

This culture and heritage comes from the very top---all the way to the Mayor and Governor, who all knew what was happening for a long time.

Very similar to Rupert Murdoch's empire. And George Bush's Wall Street empire!

as far as I'm concerned, if it was up to me, it would
be as though you never existed. No paycheck or pension.
You deserve nothing.

Even O.J. gets his footbsll pension. George gets his, also.

Paying them after they are fired with no charges by a Grand Jury, is stupid, however.

They will simply do it again.

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Please read the Coweta County Boe press release and both links on that page. Also attached are a few links to make you aware of current corruption and concerns of corruption with charter schools. Just google charter school corruption,junk charter schools etc and you will be amazed at the number of past and current issues.

http://www.cowetaschools.org/2011/2011_6_24_charter.htm (most important to read staff analysis and LEGAL ANALYSIS)




Form your own opinion but do it with factual knowledge and understanding.

"Invincibility lies in the defense. The possibility of victory in the attack."

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Where's the link to the largest public school scandal in American history?
Probably won't be in the public school history books either.
If California is the trend setter then you can expect the gay, lesbian, transgender forced here into the public textbook and curriculum sooner or later.

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It's obvious you lack the mental capacity to get it. No link about APS because any half wit can read that in every paper and news channel. You don't have to be captain obvious to know that. I have nothing against charter schools just ones run by entities with the sole purpose of gaining access to tax payer money for personal gain. Read the coweta links and Staff and LEGAL analysis and anyone with a functioning intellect can see the BOE made the right call.

My links just show corruption abounds in charter schools as well with the current crisis facing APS.

"Invincibility lies in the defense. The possibility of victory in the attack."

Charter Schools = Subsidized Private Schooling

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The public school system : evolution + global warming = socialized junk science.

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