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Men of Senoia UMC build handicap ramp for resident

The United Methodist Men of Senoia United Methodist Church carried the ministry of the church outside the walls into the community on Saturday, June 23.

Long time member Mrs. Eron Crook had become homebound due to her declining health. Access to her home required negotiating stairs at every entrance making it nearly impossible for her to leave her home — even for doctor visits.

The men of the church contacted the family and arranged to provide the labor to build her a ramp providing access into and out of her home. Under the leadership of Ken Hazelton, the men met at the home and began construction. As a further assist, the men (along with several of the women of the church) trimmed the shrubbery around the home so that it will look kept as well as improve safety by making the home more visible.

A great day of service was had along with grand fellowship, some good food, and hard work. By the end of the day the yard looked nice, and Mrs. Crook can now enter and exit her home with relative ease.

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