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Silly String incident vs. citizenship model

How sad for us all that a public display of intolerance can so easily be cloaked under the guise of politics, patriotism and freedom of speech.

What are we teaching our children through our words, our actions, our complicity? That it’s okay to lob candy, insults or Silly String at another person?

It’s not. Pure and simple. The ammunition may appear benign; however, the delivery method and intention behind it are toxic to our children and society as a whole.

A child doesn’t distinguish between Left and Right. They seek our approval and blossom under the blanket of it, regardless of subject.

So we best take a hard, critical look at what behaviors we are modeling ourselves and endorsing in our kids. Do these actions foster acceptance, tolerance and respect for others or breed malice and contempt?

A favorite educator of mine at a nearby elementary school coined a phrase to describe students who exhibit good work habits, responsible behavior and strength of character as a “solid citizen.”

Let’s model what we dream of our children becoming. Solid citizens.

Regina McKenzie

Peachtree City, Ga.



Silly string is "a public display of intolerance"? Do you actually know what silly string is? The Citizen defined it for you in the Presberg article last week if you don't know. While I agree with your piece on many levels, you lack perspective in this case. Here's an actual example - An artist displays an image of a crucified Jesus laying in urine and covered with ants offending half the people on the planet and our fine progressive friends call it "courageous" and "free speech". BUT a kid shoots silly string at an Obama banner offending the 16 people in the parade and the same progressives call it "intolerance" and "a personal assault". See my point? What you and many others forget is that tolerance is supposed to work BOTH ways. AND who are YOU to tell us that we need to tolerate a terrible President? Good citizens shouldn't tolerate bad politicians. Part of the problem with your piece is that you dont really know the basic facts about the silly string incident.
One last thing - many kids DO understand the difference between Left and Right (politically speaking). And many kids at 12 years old are smart enough to recognize an inneffective President. Too bad many adults are not. THAT is really the sad part of this whole parade incident.

First of all I find it hard to believe that anyone should find having silly string aimed at you would consider it an assault. I did not see the incident so I do not know all the particulars, only what i have read here.

Was the young man right in aiming the silly string at the float? Probably not. Was the father right in high fiving, if indeed he did so? Probably not.

What I personally find wrong is that you should feel that the sad part of the whole parade incident is that some people would fail to recognize in your words "an ineffective" president. Lest we forget, the purpose of the parade was to celebrate our freedom and the country we live in. Everyone, you included, has the right to their beliefs. If they disagree with yours you just have to suck it up and bear it--or show your true feelings at the ballot box.

On another note, I am sure the young man in question is super intelligent and a great kid---but I really don't think there are many 12 years olds who care one way or another about candidates.

...by booing President Obama at a 4th of July parade. How ironic.

I'd propose that the PTC crowd was responsible for the incident, as they created the environment of hatred as the Obama supporters marched. The young boy got carried away hearing the crowd's boos, and acted like an immature kid. Sure it was disrespectful, but not harmful and not worth getting into a fight over.

Ryan's dad showed bad judgement by letting his kid shoot silly string at parade participants in the first place, and made things worse by encouraging Ryan after he sprayed the Obama supporter; but Skip was probably likewise caught up in the negative emotions being displayed by the majority. One mistake doesn't mean he's a bad father, and he's entitled to raise his kids as right-wingers, just as I teach mine to be militantly middle-of-the-road. :)

I guess that makes me a bad guy too. I wasn't the only one in my area I heard booing as Captain Kangaroo went by.

Don Haddix's picture

Actually, we heard you. Only you booed. In the whole parade.

Had a lot of people calling my name, waving, smiling and thumbs up.

Also had people running out to talk, not liking what the Councilmembers had done and even to get a picture with me, etc.

You hardly represent the majority in PTC.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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...FC. If you did, your boy who ran against Imker that you(and Dienhart) so fervently backed wouldn't have lost significantly. Oh yeah, you wouldn't have people asking for their 10K back either or for you to resign.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Please resign or pay back the $10,000 you stole from the city or both OK?

Live free or die!

to solidify opinions of his leadership.


Mike King's picture

"Had a lot of people calling my name, waving, smiling and thumbs up."

Wow! This fool now is thinking about reelection.

Run for reelection Mayor and you'll see what the majority of PTC thinks of you.

BTW, have you got around to returning the ten grand or are you intent on repaying via Councilman Imker's monthly plan?

Please consider the source in this forum Mayor. I sometimes wonder how so much hate can be spoken but then stop and realize these are the types of people who must always keep it stirring; they never stand up and serve. Casting stones make these mongrels feel big and no positive actions or understanding can come from their mouths or duty to their fellow man. These guys will always be here running their mouths and SHOUTING hate. Though I do not agree with all you do I appreciate you are a man who will.

It is what is.

NUK_1's picture

WAAAGGGHHHH! People are picking on Don! Glad he always takes the high road and never picks fights through The Citizen or on the blogs with everyone else on Council or anyone who disagrees with him. Don's a VICTIM!

As far as who here has served the public or not or in what capacity, you have no idea whatsoever and a totally ignorant guess isn't much of an opinion.

Don Haddix's picture

Good points and no one ever agrees with everyone all the time.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

And we have said that on here before. No one ever agrees all the time.

So are you accepting the pay cut or going to return the 10K to our fair City?

What about the nice stand of weeds on the 74 sound wall just north of Kelly Drive. They look nice, don't you agree? The new landscaping just gets weedier and weedier. For the life of me, I don't understand creating more "beds" and planting more when we don't maintain the plantings we have now.

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It expresses how you, I, Mike King, sugarfoot, mudcat, NUK, Birdman, the staff at city hall, Joey Grisham, the ARC, Joel Cowen, Herb Frady, Robert Horgan, Peter Pfeifer, Jim Webb, Terry Garlock, Cal Beverly, Kim, George, Vanessa, Erica and hundreds of others feel about this silly little man who has become our mayor. I am embarrassed that he is our mayor and I can't wait until he resigns or is replaced in an election or a Putsch (at Y-nots).

Live free or die!

Not sure how booing a bad President's supporters is hypocritical? Maybe you can clarify. I'd call it cause and effect. Bad politicians should not be tolerated regardless of their skin color.
Blaming the crowd for the incident? Caught up in the negative emotions? Teaching kids to be right wingers? SERIOUSLY? You are so off the mark with your assumptions that you should stop. It's one thing to state an opinion based on fact or first hand observation, but your assumptions are reckless. If you know the family involved then have a conversation with them. If you don't know them or the facts of the incident then it only makes you look ignorant.

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Would anyone in their right mind criticize a lady for writing something like this?

[quote]their right mind[/quote]

No intolerance in FAYETTE COUNTY? Geez, there are people here who are hesitant to celebrate Christian actions - <cite>do unto others as you would have then do unto you</cite>. . . as I have celebrated on occasion regarding citizens of Fayetteville. Thanks for sharing the opinion of many in your letter. Ideology has very little to do with exhibiting good manners. It is easier to express your dislike for ideas, concepts, etc. in an ignorant manner - but MLK taught Americans that to exhibit non-violence and love works better than violence or hate. Silly string? Not exactly 'violent' - but the booing, high fives, etc. - well not exactly expressing tolerance.
When observing the KKK walk through a town, we were told to remain silent (I often did this out of fear) - but watching old news reels, I see that the effect of the crowds silence was far more effective than the anticipated violence. <cite>We've come a long way baby - but we still have a little way to go!!</cite>

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